The waiver wire carousel continues. Sometimes we can get too trigger happy with drop-picking players, but this isn’t friggin baseball! We only have a few weeks to get into the fake playoffs and can’t wait on some of these lifeless turds to reanimate and sing show tunes for us. So let’s do what we do and pick up some dudes!


Matt Hasselbeck: The loss of Kenny Britt hurts his upside, but he’s been extremely accurate, completing 70% of his passes so far. As long as he keeps getting time to throw he should be a safe play in good matchups and a good bye-week fill in. He’s only been sacked 4 times and he’s old, so that’s good.

Jason Campbell: So these Raiders aren’t too crappy. They can turn back into pumpkins at any time, but Campbell has only been sacked twice and has two rushing touchdowns and gets the Patriots abysmal pass defense in Oakland this week.

Vince Young: Who knows if Mike Vick will play next week and if he does how long he will last. Sadly there is no easy answer as to who would fill in for him and since Mike Kafka and Young are different types of quarterbacks there’s a good chance Andy Reid won’t name a starter unless it’s Vick. But with that said I think it is prudent to grab an Eagles quarterback if possible. Vick is getting smacked around a ton and there is a good chance he will miss games eventually. My first choice is Young, but it’s about 51% to 49% confidence in him over Kafka.

Tim Tebow: I don’t like him, but his rushing ability makes him a good speculative add in 2 QB leagues. Kyle Orton isn’t really getting it done and Tebow probably couldn’t do much worse.

Running Backs

Bernard Scott: As long as Cedric Benson’s appeal falls on deaf ears, Scott will get to face BUF, @JAX , and IND. Scott has always shown a lot of promise and he finally gets a chance to show his stuff. Let’s see what he can do.

Kendall Hunter: Jim Harbaugh is now saying that Gore is ok, but I’m sure he’ll be questionable and after getting shut down all game I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hunter start to see more work and he’s got more life in his legs than Gore right now.

Stevan Ridley: I love me some Ridley and he’s finally getting work. And thankfully he has looked good, albeit in limited touches. It’s hard to trust a Belichick running back, but they have been known to put up numbers and I believe Ridley is a better runner than BenJarvus Green-Ellis.

Montario Hardesty: Hardesty looked better than he has all season/preseason. He averaged over 4 yards a carry compared to Peyton Hillis who is averaging just 3.4 yards a carry. There is a very good chance that this turns into a committee attack sooner than later.

Earnest Graham: He is averaging 10 points a game in PPR leagues with 20 receptions so far. His upside is nil, but there’s no way LeGarrette Blount is ever going to get 3rd down reps, so Graham will continue to get receptions and I don’t think Tampa is going to get big enough leads to not be in pass mode in the 4th quarter. He’s not a starter, but if you need a 10 point PPR fill in, grab and go.

Wide Receivers

Nate Washington: With Kenny Britt done for the season Nate Washington is the #1 receiver in what has become a more efficient passing game in Tennessee. He doesn’t have the ability of Britt so he’s not going to become a fantasy #1 receiver, but he will get plenty of targets, and targets placed where he can actually catch them.

Lance Moore: Drew Brees trusts him. His 9 targets and 9 receptions proves that it is deserved. If he can stay healthy I see him leading the Saints wide receivers in receptions this season.

Denarius Moore: He’s an explosive talent that needs to be on your fake team. He leads all the Raiders in targets (only 15, but still). He has earned the #1 receiver job and he better keep it or I’m going to find Al Davis, dig up his coffin and punch him in the face.

Sidney Rice: Rice is an amazing talent who is hurt and on an awful football team. But as long as they realize he is their best chance to gain more than 4 yards on a single play, he should continue to get 8+ targets a game. That should allow him to be ownable.

Antonio Brown: Sunday night he put a little daylight between himself and Emmanuel Sanders. This is important because Hines Ward is mostly the 3rd receiver right now. If Brown can become the clear #2 receiver he has value. Fake value, but value nonetheless.

Donald Jones: That #2 receiver job in Buffalo is all flippity-floppity between him and David Nelson. Both are getting enough targets to have value, but they will continue to limit each others long term upside for the season. Jones is an add in deeper PPR leagues.

Torrey Smith: He’s going to get picked up a ton this week, but there are better adds out there. He’s still a rookie that only got his start because Lee Evans was out. Of course his insanely productive game should get him more looks, but his skills right now are speed and deep routes. That can be stopped by a half way decent pass defense not named St. Louis.

Randy Moss: I’ve been reluctant to add him to any waiver wire posts because he annoys me, but he’s still out there and with the right team could make some noise. He’s worth a speculative add if you have room and can stand his jerk-holeness.

Randall Cobb: There isn’t much room for targets in Green Bay, but Cobb is moving ahead of Donald Driver as we speak. It may take a while, but his talent level is off the charts as long as he can continue to learn the offense and excel.

Tight Ends

Ed Dickson: He continues to get targets, but like most tight ends his fantasy production relies on getting into the end zone. His upside isn’t sky high in the Ravens offense, but he looks like he is going to continue to be a steady producer.

James Casey: It’s hard to deny this last game. Five receptions for 126 yards and a touchdown is not too shabby. It’s also hard to be high on a tight end who is on the same team as another #1 tight end, but it looks like Bill Belichick is doing his best to change that with Hernandez and Gronkowski. With no real #2 receiver the Texans could easily start to utilize both Casey and Daniels together from here on out. Of course it’s not a sure thing by any means, but what is in life? His upside in that offense, if he gets the looks, is very high.

Brandon Pettigrew: Pettigrew was the answer to pressure the Vikings defensive line was giving Matthew Stafford on Sunday. That means he won’t get 13 targets every week. He’s still just a high end backup tight end, but there’s value in that.

  1. a1rfann1ng says:

    in desperate need of RB help (starting deangelo and tolbert, with hightower at flex) and own bernard scott and javon ringer. solid at WR

    do i drop any of the following for hunter and ridley:
    jacoby ford
    mike thomas
    demarco murray
    denario alexander

  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    @a1rfann1ng: I would drop Ford for him

  3. Angela Mia (Nests Are Best) says:

    Thank you… good read, as always.

    What is your take on Jordy Nelson (just had a bad week?) and Willis McGahee (did OK, but with Moreno back…)? Certainly not “lifeless turds” but do you think they are worth keeping, or would you drop one/both for Robert Meachem and/or Shonne Greene? Or maybe for Roy Helu or Nate Washington for possible gold down the road?

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this. And thanks for last week’s advice – I won. :)

  4. RB’s Why Ridley get all this hype? Lawfirm seems like he was good enough to have insurance in case a trade is offered imo

    WR’s Im liking Mr. Brown (returns & targets) but Id like to know thoughts concerning Kealoha Pilares (fast version of Welker w a high ankle sprain?) over adding like R. Moss

    TE’s I really like Rudolph, hoping I can hold off on acquiring until next Season. How do you feel Rudolph compares to the TE’s listed next Season?

    Would you suggest its wise to hold onto a player like TB’s A. Benn, almost the only player kept that I wasnt starting on a reguliar basis from last Season. In other words, drop Benn for Bernard Scott?

    How would you adjust this team, w players mentioned (only caution being trades not often)


    Kevin Kolb (ARI)
    Ryan Fitzpatrick (BUFF)

    Donovan McNabb (MINN)
    Christian Ponder(MINN)


    Michael Turner (ATL)
    James Starks (GB)
    Kendall Hunter (SF)

    Shonn Greene (NYJ)
    Montario Hardesty (CLE)

    Roddy White (ATL)
    Damian Williams (TENN)
    Randall Cobb (GB)
    Antonio Brown (PITT)

    Arrelious Benn (TB)
    Marques Colston (NO)

    start two RB, max 4
    start two WR, max 5 (one is flex TE/WR)

    *Lets say you can keep @ 15 of the players fyi R Moss only WR available of those listed

  5. Mike says:

    Nicely done as per usual. (14 team .5ppr, 1 pt for 25 return yards) going between Antonio Brown and Burleson as my WR 2. Garçon is a FA. Worth spending major FAAB $ to knab Garçon?

  6. Marty Funkhouser says:

    @Doc: Would you rather attempt to trade for Forte or CJ98 at this point? Thinking about packaging off Santana Moss + Shonn Greene or Felix Jones for one of them, but I’m honestly not even sure if I’d rather hold on to Felix with his shoulder issues or Shonn Greene with his mediocrity issues.

  7. Marty Funkhouser says:

    @Doc: Another question for another league… Would you trade Hillis and Tolbert for Arian Foster?

  8. Mike says:

    @DOC…..So I am 3-0 but I am a a PAT homer and have a man crush on Brady. How much should i offer to get him because I think this year will be unreal Tecmo stats for him.
    PPR Redraft
    B Marshall
    Titus Young
    Start 4 total RB/WR

  9. atcdav says:

    would you trade away felix for mendy is a non ppr redraft? mendy infor down year after too many touches, too many games last year?

  10. Ickey Shuffle says:

    @atcdav: I think you have the right idea, but I would try to get someone a little more reliable than Felix for Rashard. Pittsburgh’s O line is not as solid as in previous years and their injuries are piling up; they are held together with shoestrings and bubble gum.

  11. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    Doc:could you rank these RB’s for 10 team ppr AND non ppr?


    also,10 team non ppr….D. Moore or Washington?

    one more question….are you concerned w/ Brandon Lloyd?….I drafted him higher than I wanted to in a non ppr league because there was a sudden run on WR’s.Anyway,since Britt is done for the season,Lloyd is my WR2 and Im not too comfortable w/ that.

  12. Shane says:

    10 team PPR … have Branch (already have Fitz, VJax, Marshall)

    stay Pat or drop him for Rice, Lance Moore, Nelson, or Nate Washington?


  13. Child Please says:

    .5 PPR

    Who do you think better, Steve Smith (PHI) or Torrey Smith?

  14. Al-D says:

    Jacoby Ford or Meachem rest of the year?

  15. Project badass says:

    standard non-PPR

    Dallas Clark or Pettigrew

  16. Bill says:

    Do you think think Jared Cook will be enough of a beneficiary of Britt’s misfortune to be a useful add?

  17. trick dad says:

    we start 2 WRs, and i have depth there but i’d like to consolidate my options. which 2 of my WR would you trade away and which 1 WR should i go for:

    guys i have: Marshall, Plaxico, S Rice, D Moore, D Nelson
    guys to target (all on different teams): Vjax, Wallace, Maclin

    or i can hold. thanks doc!!

  18. A.J. says:

    Would you drop Mike Thomas or Burleson to pick up Nate Washington?

  19. Gavin says:

    Lost Charles.

    Also have Gore. would it be too much of a freak out to trade Burleson for Hunter?

  20. Mr2Bits says:

    Doc : Of the QB’s who do you like as a Vick filler in PPR league?

    Sanchez, Hasselback,Campbell.

    Also, who are you playing on D?

    Atl vs. Seattle
    NO vs Jax
    TB vs. Ind.

  21. mwhyte72 says:

    I’ve lost JCharles & now it looks like I’ve lost AGates, too. The only moves I’ve made thus far is to pick up DSproles. Do I dump Gates as it looks like he’ll be out for significant time w/ my other TE being JGresham? I’m leaning towards yes and I’m looking at Ed Dickson or homeboy Tony Scheffler. Thoughts? Also, do you think w/ Peyton out that ACollie is going to see much this season from Collins?

  22. Mikey says:

    I’m in a TE bind Doc.

    I own Hernandez and just dropped Lewis for Chandler. With Aaron out, I’m going to ride Chandler until the Bills sked gets tough, but then out of nowhere this RB/TE option Casey begs consideration.

    Drop Candler and take a flyer on the upside? Last factor—Pats and Bills have same bye-week.


  23. DDT says:


    Drop Jordy Nelson for Lance Moore? V-Jax, Dez, B-Marshall are my other receivers. I have been starting Jimmy Graham as my WR/TE flex.

  24. Big League Chew says:

    @Doc First, thanks for the Daniel Thomas endorsement! I have Clark at TE, but he’s not looking so hot in that offense. Should I hold him, or drop him for Casey, Olsen, Dickson or Pettigrew? I have an open spot to add one if I hold on to Clark. Thoughts?

  25. yuppie says:

    1 point ppr whose side you on sidney rice and big ben for a. rodgers?

  26. FishMan says:

    Doc, I can only keep 4 RBs, and right now I have Gore, Felix, Best and Tate. What to do?

  27. Random Collmenter says:

    drop reggie bush for hunter/ridley/hardesty/graham? thinking ridley if anyone…

  28. Random Collmenter says:

    here’s my .5 PPR team:

    CJ2K/Ringer, McFadden/Bush, Beanie, Reggie Bush
    Megatron, Percy, David Nelson
    TE: Gates, Evan Moore

    I need some WR help. Do I drop reggie bush or nelson for nate washington?

    do i drop nelson for washington AND reggie bush for ridley (or anyone else you are advising to pick up)?


  29. Doc, help.

    Charles owner..0-3 start the season. Should i trrade Bowe for Best? then pickup d. moore from waivers?

  30. Mungfisher says:

    I can’t imagine how you have the time to answer all of these questions, but thanks for the effort. Much appreciated.

    Would you trade McGahee for Nate Washington?

    PPR. Start 3WR + flex (rb/wr/te). I have Rice, Mathews, Fred Jax, Dan Thomas, McGahee, Bernard Scott and Helu at RB. Mike Wallace, Marshall, Steve Johnson and Burleson at WR.

  31. Random Collmenter says:

    also, i want to drop evan moore.

    should i pick up gresham or dickson?

    thanks for all the real help with my fake team.

  32. Joel says:


    in my non-ppr, I can trade mendy and DJax for Forte and Santana Moss. Should I do it?

  33. Random Collmenter says:

    i could pick up james casey too… (over gresham/dickson).

    sorry to have an annoying number of posts this morning, but i’m 0 – 3 and panicking.

  34. Matt says:

    Hey Doc,

    In a 12 team PPR league where we start 1QB, 2 RBs, 1 RB/WR, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 K and 1 Def with only 6 bench slots.

    QB – Romo / E. Manning
    RB – Felix Jones, Reggie Bush, Brandon Jacobs, Mike Tolbert and Bernard Scott
    WR – Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall, Nate Burleson and Eric Decker
    TE – Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham

    I am obviously looking to upgrade my RBs do I move one of my elite WRs or TEs for a RB. Who should I target in return for someone like Marshall or Gronkowsi (want to sell high before Hernandez returns)? Should I look to move one of the Johnsons?

    Lastly even with it being PPR is it safe to drop Reggie Bush? Who would need to be on the wire to justify that kind of move?

  35. DSimms says:


    I lost Britt for the year but should i keep him as a round 9 pic next year or just let him go?

  36. microwave donut says:

    @Bill: I was going to ask the same thing. Seems like Jared Cook could be a sneaky add if you have the space.

    I wouldn’t feel great about playing him right away, but it looks like I’m going to need a Dallas Clark replacement for ROS.

  37. Cole says:

    Since McCluster can be used as a receiver for bye weeks and injuries to my WRs (Wallace, S. Johnson), would you drop Austin Collie for Ridley or Dickson?

  38. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Cole: I would for Ridley.

    @microwave donut: Agreed, Cook should see more looks and is talented.

    @DSimms: How many can you keep? Deep rosters?

    @Matt: You should be able to target a RB1 for the pair of Marshall/Gronk. I can see dropping Bush for an upside guy like Helu/Ridley

    @Joel: I wouldn’t in Non-PPR

    @Random Collmenter: I’d lean Dickson, but they are close

    @Mungfisher: It’s fairish, but I think I’d try to buy low on a receiver with more upside. Maybe Harvin?

    @dr.feelgood: Yeah

    @Random Collmenter: I would drop them for Ridley and Washington

  39. herschel says:

    @Doc: 12 team ppr, i was offered mendy for my cj. assuming i need to hold for now, correct?

  40. Doc

    Doc says:

    @FishMan: Not sure I understand the question. I see 4 RBs there.

    @yuppie: Rodgers

    @Big League Chew: I’d probably pick up Casey and Dickson and drop Clark.

    @DDT: Tough call, both have good upside. I’m leaning Moore right now.

    @Mikey: Since Chandler is risky because of his low targets I’d probably grab Casey because I think his ceiling is higher.

    @mwhyte72: I’d hold off on dropping him until we know more. Collie will probably put together a few good games, but I don’t believe he’ll become consistent.

  41. atcdav says:

    i was offer a rogers and msw for fitzpatrick and holmes, may can do big ben and holmes. take the trade or pass on rogers? redraft

  42. Doc

    Doc says:

    @herschel: In PPR for sure hold.

    @Mr2Bits: I’d grab Campbell for week 4 and go NO

    @Gavin: Maybe a tad, but not out of the question.

    @A.J.: I’d probably drop Thomas for him

    @trick dad: It would be tough to pry VJax or Wallace away with that group. I would just give him the option of two of your non Marshall WR for Maclin.

    @Bill: Yeah, I wouldn’t want him as my starter until we know he’ll get targets, but I’d grab him if I had room.

    @Project badass: They are close, but Pettigrew has more upside.

    @Al-D: Meachem

    @Child Please: PPR Steve, Non-Torrey

    @Shane: I’d drop him for Nate

    @Oilcan Giuseppe: Washington. I still like Lloyd if healthy. Scott, Hunter,Ridley, Hardesty – Same in Non/PPR

    @atcdav: I’d make that trade in non-ppr.

    @Mike: You’d probably need to do something like Schaub/BMarsh

    @Marty Funkhouser: It’s risky, but I would

    @Marty Funkhouser: I’d shop Greene for CJ in some way.

    @Mike: I wouldn’t go after Garcon

    @@Dismattle: I’d drop Benn for Scott

    @Angela Mia (Nests Are Best): Tough call there. I hate Greene, but he did show a little life last week. I’d rather own him than McGahee right now.

  43. Timmy riggins says:

    @Doc: Who do you like more as a stash in a 10-team .5ppr w/flex league going fwd: Pierre Thomas or Stevan Ridley or even jacoby ford?

  44. Rob says:

    I am in a very deep league but Smith, Cruz, and Casey are on WW. I am willing to burn my high WW slot at this time. What would be your order on bidding here. I do notice that Casey is RB eligible which is a greater area of need.

  45. MattW says:

    @Doc: I got offered his Holmes for my McCluster…non-PPR, thoughts?

  46. quimmy says:


    My Hightower
    His Steve Smith CAR

    Also, is Smith a legit WR1 now? Did Hightower cement his job last night or is Helu still looming large? Thanks

  47. Damion says:




  48. Joe B says:

    Who would you rather hold onto in a 1/2 PPR league… Lee Evans or Mike Sims-Walker?? I’m dropping one of these bums for Lance Moore this week.

  49. Anthony says:

    Well after locking up my first every pay league in fantasy baseball im going to try my best to lock up my first ever pay league in fantasy football.

    I need RB Help. Legarrette Blount & Benjarvus Green Ellis havent given me much in terms of production. I need those points!!!! My bench consists of LT who had a big game the other day but ofcourse i didnt start him and I have Ben Tate. Im losing patience for blount and Green ellis.

    What advice would you give me for week 4? Who should i be starting? Should i put in a claim for kendall hunter or bernard scott?? helppppp

    I also put in waiver claims for Rian Lindell ( Bills Kicker ) and Ed Dickson ( TE Ravens ) good moves? My starter Gates will be out for a few weeks at best.

  50. JP says:

    Hey Doc,

    Any plans on doing rest of the year rankings? I find them extremely useful but the only ones I know are now behind a paywall at espn.

  51. Heraldo says:

    Hey Razzball Dudes, just wanted to let you know that the your Razzball Football Feed on Google Reader has not updated since August 31st. And I can’t seem to find the up-to-date feed, so you’re making it tough to read your articles at work (how insensitive!). Please help me out!

  52. k says:

    Doc – In a league where you can only roster a max of 4 WR, would you drop Decker for Nate Washington or Lance Moore? 0.5 PPR.

  53. The Sequential Hermaphrodite says:

    Please rank Nate Washington, Nate Burleson, David Nelson, and Antonio Brown.

  54. Plainview says:

    Doc – I have Brady and Cam Newton but weak WRs. Are any of these plausible:

    Cam and Lance Moore (or Mike Thomas) for Andre Johnson;
    Cam for VJax (could throw in Moore or Mike Thomas);

    Both potential trading partners are hurting at QB.

    Also have David Nelson and Dez Bryant at WR so you see why I need a WR1 so badly.

    Appreciate your thoughts.

  55. Sean says:


    I need some trade advice. I’m the run away first place team in a money league. It’s PPR 2WR, 2RB, 1Flex. My team looks like this:

    QB – Fitz/Cutler
    WR – Welker/Bowe/Harvin/Thomas/D. Moore
    RB – Rice/McFadden/Forte/Mathews/Benson
    TE – Witten

    I’m looking to upgrade at WR2 and have excess depth at RB but am unsure of who to trade. Is it too early to trade Mathews? I have a feeling he’s going to have more value next week after he solidifies his RB1 value. In that case should I try packaging Forte for Roddy White now (to the Charles owner)? It’s a nice problem to have but I’d appreciate some guidance. I’d like to turn the team from great to unstoppable. Thanks!

  56. DrPepper says:

    10-team league, standard scoring. An owner has offered to send me Chris Johnson and Desean Jackson for Andre Johnson and Fred Jackson. I’m in first, he’s in last. I have to do it, right?

  57. timSTi says:

    @Doc: Hardesty, Ridley, or Caddy in a .5ppr?

  58. Megatron Lives says:

    .5PPR, 16-team. TE: I have Gates and McMichael as backup. Are there better choices than McMichael? Cook, Dickson, Heap, Boss, Celek, Watson/Moore, Shockey, Miller

    There are some owners still interested in Gates. Should I try to trade for someone of value while still have the chance or ride out the Gates rollercoaster? Thanks!

  59. Ken says:

    Who would rather put your waiver on this week? Garcon or Ridley?

  60. rascal says:

    What comparable WR would you expect to get for Daniel Thomas? I need some help at RB, and I have WRs of Holmes, Steve Johnson, Manningham, Lloyd, and Harvin. We start 2 RB, 3 WR, 2 RB/WR. My RBs are Mendenhall, DMC, McGahee, Moreno, Ingram, and Stewart.

  61. Project badass says:

    Non-PPR, Waiver wire budget of $200 (I have $142 left)

    How much would you bid on Kendall Hunter and Pettigrew?

    My RBs are Greene, Hightower, Daniel Thomas, Tolbert, McGahee, and McCluster

    My TE is Fred Davis, back-up is Dallas Clark (who Pett would replace)

  62. timSTi says:

    Also, what’s the deal with James Casey? One week fluke? He has TE eligibility in my non PPR and I’m starting Dallas Clark *puke*

  63. djbooyah20 says:

    Roster looks like: Vick, Eli, DMC, Forte, Best, FJones, TJones, Roddy White, VJax, BMarsh, Meachem, Mike Thomas, V.Cruz, and Owen Daniels.

    Someone just dropped DeAngelo..Is that an waiver worthy? I think so, and I have the 4 spot so I can probably snag him.

    Also available: Bernard Scott, Fred Davis, Scott Chandler, Cadillac Williams, James Casey.

    Who would you suggest I drop and pick-up? I just picked up Cruz and Thomas Jones and I’m not very attached to either, I think B.Scott and DeAngelo are my best bets. I’m also weaker at RB than WR I feel.

  64. Marty Funkhouser says:

    @Doc: Thanks for the input. Guy made a counteroffer of his CJ for my Felix and Santana Moss. Gonna try Shonn Greene/Knowshon/Santana for CJ, but assuming he makes the same counteroffer in return would you be okay with giving up Felix for CJ?

  65. Anthony says:

    @DOC what do you think of my questions ??

  66. Mikey says:

    Easy Anthony. The good doctor is a busy man and gracious enough to answer us between witty and insightful articles.


  67. slew says:

    Can you rank these receivers- Rice, D.Moore, L.Moore, and Washington – non ppr?

  68. timmy riggins says:

    @Doc: Who do you like more as a stash in a 10-team .5ppr w/flex league going fwd: Pierre Thomas or Stevan Ridley or even jacoby ford?

  69. PF says:

    thinking of offering Cam, Felix, meachem for brees. too much, too little? We are both 1-2 in a twelve team lg, non ppr, QB TD is 4 pts

    Mine – Matt Ryan, Cam Ryan
    Adrian Peterson, Feiix Jones, Brandon Jacobs, J Stewart, B Scott, D Carter
    VJax, Dez, Manningham, Meachem, Decker, G Little, B Gibson

    His – Brees, Campbell
    DeAngelo, Reggie Bush, J Norwood, R williams, L McClain, T Choice
    DeSean, K Britt, MSW, Collie, Braylon,

  70. herschel says:

    @Doc: i know its a little early for lineup questions, but in ppr leagues, who do you like more between:

    d moore vs ne
    p harvin @ kc


  71. timmy riggins says:

    @Doc: same format as above: who’d you rather start this week: Keller vs Bal or Gresham vs Buf

  72. Doc

    Doc says:

    @The Sequential Hermaphrodite: Nate Washington, David Nelson, Nate Burleson, Antonio Brown

    @Plainview: I think after last week’s game Cam has lost some trading power. Those probably won’t be enough.

    @Sean: Tough call. I’d try Mathews for White right now.

    @DrPepper: That’s dang close. I don’t mind selling high on FJax, but AJ is an every week #1 and DJax is iffy with that QB situation right now. CJ should rebound. I’d say it depends on your depth at RB/WR

    @timSTi: Ridley for upside

    @Megatron Lives: I’d see what you can get for him and I’d stick with McMichael

    @Ken: Ridley

    @rascal: Going to be tough to pry him away after 2 good games. You’ll probably need to give a pair of receivers for him. Harvin and Manningham could work, but depends on how his owner values him of course.

    @Project badass: I’d leave Pettigrew on the wire and bid 25 on Hunter.

    @timSTi: He could be a fluke, but i like his upside. I’d give him a try.

    @djbooyah20: I’d drop Cruz and Jones for them.

    @Marty Funkhouser: Yeah

    @slew: Washington, D.Moore, L.Moore, Rice

    @timmy riggins: Ridley

    @PF: I’d do that if he accepts

  73. Nick says:

    @Doc: Dump Collie, Sims-Walker or Helu for Moore, Scott, Brown?

  74. Nick says:

    @Doc: Throw Hardesty on that list of available players…10 team league!

  75. Stink Nuggets says:

    What’s up doc? Bet you’ve never heard that one.

    Who do you think I would have to offer up to the lucky Gronkowski/Graham owner? I have RB depth I’m not starting and his #2 is Reggie Bush.

    ppr league. I have:

    Thank ya

  76. Stink Nuggets says:

    in addition – which would you go after? I have Fred Davis at the moment and the Redskins’ love of Cooley has me nervous. I need an automatic start.

  77. B.o.B. says:

    Is Dallas Clark droppable in a standard 10 team league? I also have Aaron Hernandez…Pettigrew, Winslow and Chandler best available, can I drop Clark for one of these? Is Hernandez worth holding onto?

  78. Drew says:

    I want to offer Chris Johnson and V-Jax for Beanie Wells and Calvin Johnson. I already have welker and hightower/ tolbert for decent rbs. Go or no go?

  79. Benny says:

    Would you trade Brees and Gore for Austin and Mathews? I have Stafford on my bench so Brees is a prime trade chip and I’m worried about Gore. 10 team ppr league.

  80. mark says:

    Had Charles ppr league limit 20 moves…need rb help got (hightower, starks, tate, moreno and jacobs i know right) need rb help can get ridley or hunter would you drop

    Mike Thomas
    Denarius Moore
    David Nelson
    Nate Washinton
    or any of my rbs..

    Also got a trade offer for David Nelson for Rothlisberger I go Matt Ryan
    would you do it????

    Thank ya!

  81. Anthony says:

    I need RB Help. Legarrette Blount & Benjarvus Green Ellis havent given me much in terms of production. I need those points!!!! My bench consists of LT who had a big game the other day but ofcourse i didnt start him and I have Ben Tate. Im losing patience for blount and Green ellis.

    What advice would you give me for week 4? Who should i be starting? Should i put in a claim for kendall hunter or bernard scott?? helppppp

    I also put in waiver claims for Rian Lindell ( Bills Kicker ) and Ed Dickson ( TE Ravens ) good moves? My starter Gates will be out for a few weeks at best.

  82. debar says:

    should i drop any of these shmo’s: mccluster, sidney rice, burleson, dallas clark, meachem for any of these shmo’s: ryan grant, nate washington, jacoby ford

  83. cd says:

    In ppr 1 pt per reception rank these guys on waivers: s rice,l moore,washington,m thomas,j nelson,n burleson for rest of season.

  84. Joel says:


    in my non-ppr i can trade Mendy and get Best and Owen Daniels (who id play in the flex based on matchups). What do u think?

  85. billy ray says:

    washington,denarius moore, david nelson and lance moore, how do they rank rest of season, thanks

  86. Ryan says:

    PPR league: 2WR, 2RB, 2FLex: F.Gore, S.Jackson, R.Bush, K.Hunter, W.Mcgahee, D.Murray, B.Marshall, P.Harvin, Manningham, D.Henderson, T.Smith, F.Davis. Ridley,A.Brown, Spiller on waiver wire….if picking them who should I drop….

  87. wiudavis says:

    trade offer – 10 man auction keeper league $300 cap
    Andre Johnson – $96 & Arian Foster – $13
    for Chris Johnson $84 & Matt Stafford $10

    I have CJ2k and Stafford. I also have McFadden and Daniel Thomas at RB. WR I have Bowe, D. Nelson, Manningham, Decker, and had Kenny Britt. Flacco would be my QB. What do you guys think?

  88. Doc

    Doc says:

    @billy ray: PPR or no?

    @Joel: Not high on Best in Non-PPR

    @cd: washington, l moore, m thomas, n burleson, j nelson, s rice

    @debar: I’d drop McCluster and Clark for Grant and Washington

    @Rob: Casey, Smith, Cruz

    @MattW: Holmes for sure

    @quimmy: Hightower helped his cause for sure, but I think Helu will continue to chip away. It’s pretty even, but I like Smith’s upside more

    @Damion: It’s solid and All Capsy

    @Joe B: I’d drop Evans

    @Anthony: You do need RB help for sure. I’d try to get both Scott and Hunter if you can and wouldn’t waste a waiver claim on Lindell. Dickson is an ok fill-in for Gates. I’d think about trying to trade for a RB if possible.

    @k: I like Decker quite a bit in PPR. It’s really close, but I’m like Nate just a little bit more.

  89. stumanji says:

    Auction draft where I blew my budget on Manning and Foster. Team is 0-3 and I need to shake things up. Was offered his Mendenhall & either Finley or Gronkowski for my Foster & Tate. My current TE is Gresham and there isn’t much on the WW. Pull the trigger or hold? Which TE should I ask for?

    12 team 2RB/2WR/Flex:
    Starters-Fitzpatrick, Tolbert, Tate, Desean, Wayne, Fitzgerald, Gresham
    Bench-Foster, Sproles, Delone Carter, Bernard Scott, McCluster, Grossman

  90. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Nick: I’d dump Collie for Scott and MSW for Moore (whichever one)

    @Stink Nuggets: I’d go after Gronk and I could see giving Thomas for him

    @B.o.B.: I’d drop Clark for Winslow and hold Hernandez

    @Drew: I don’t like it for you. Beanie is too injury prone.

    @Benny: I would

    @mark: I’d take Roethlisberger as long as you need a backup. And I think I’d hold off on the others.

  91. Wilsonian says:

    Drop F. Davis for Dickson or Casey (I also have AHer)?

    Different league (0.5 PPR) where I’m slightly worried about my RBs. Would you deal any of these WRs for an RB and who would you target?

    QB: Rivers
    WR: Roddy
    WR: VJax
    WR: Smith CAR
    RB: CJ
    RB: Forte
    TE: Finley
    W/R: L.Moore
    BN: Holmes
    BN: Helu
    BN: Starks
    BN: Ingram
    BN: Keller
    BN: Schaub

  92. emceeperiod says:

    Kendricks: patience or panic?

  93. Randy says:

    I have Helu and Scott.
    Ridley and Choice are available.
    Should I change or hold?

  94. a1rfann1ng says:

    someone just dropped ochocinco in my league, do i drop demarco murray for him?

  95. TJ says:

    – WR: Start 2/ non-ppr, can roster 5 now: have Megatron, Holmes, L Moore, D Nelson, Washington.

    Dropped Manningham when he got hurt and he’s still out there- worth grabbing him or D Moore/ Ford for any of these guys? Holmes nearly cost me the win this week…..

    – TE: while AHern is out, who to keep: Gonzalez, Chandler,Cook, FredDavis?

    – Hou (vs Pit) or TB vs Indy this week?

  96. Raj says:

    Helu or Ridley for rest of the year ?

    Would you drop Starks for Ridley ? I have Jacobs imgrham Tate

  97. MVP says:

    Who would you rather have on your team? .5 ppr, 10-team league.

    Denarius moore
    Jordy Nelson
    Jacoby Ford

  98. timSTi says:

    Is DeAngelo Williams droppable yet? 12 tm non ppr 2rb 2wr 1 flx

  99. Child Please says:

    .5 PPR non-keeper league, $100 waiver wire budget (I have $98 left)

    QB- Eli and Flacco
    RBx2- Gore, Best
    WRx3- Vincent Jackson, Welker, Lloyd
    Flex- Felix Jones
    TE- Witten
    Bench RBs- Hunter, Spiller, Thomas
    Bench WRs- Titus Young, Collie

    I am dropping Thomas for Ridley …How much would you bid for Ridley?

    I am also dropping Collie for either Donald Jones or Michael Jenkins…How much would you bid for each of them?

  100. Chet:
    Any chance we will see an IDP weekly post again, like last season? I play in a ton of IDP leagues (the leagues I run are all that format, except for the Razzball Commenter league, and while I consider myself something approaching a knowledgeable IDP guy, it is always helpful to have another set of eyes looking at things. Just askin’.

  101. strugz says:

    PPR League. Lost Britt. My WR core down to Maclin, L Moore, Stevie Johnson.

    Looking to buy low on Dez. What do you think of Ahmad for Dez, Starks?

    Would leave me with RunDMC, Foster, Forte.


  102. Art Vandelay says:

    Hey Doc, a few WW questions (PPR league):

    1) Sadly, I own Dallas Clark. I feel like I have to roll with him for a little longer given the draft pick I spent on him, but there are non-terrible options: along the lines of Dickson, Watson, and Greg Olsen. Hold tight with Clark for now?

    2) Thomas Jones vs. Reggie Bush? I feel like Bush is droppable, but I’m a bit hesitant. Would you drop either of them for Kendall Hunter, Meachem, Cadillac, or Bess (PPR standout)?

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