What a time to be alive if you drafted your franchise QB at the top of the 2018 NFL Draft. You had Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Josh Allenand Josh Rosen all to pick from and all of whom went out and won this week. Imagine if your team had an aging QB who was 37 years old showing significant decline in play and with the 2nd overall pick in this past draft, you decided the clear choice was a running back. Man. That team would be crazy to do something like that. So guess what Giants fans? I have started the preliminary work on a mock draft (to debut at the end of the season) and I have you guys actually taking a QB. But enough of that for now, let’s see what happened in a couple of the games yesterday.

Falcons @ Steelers

Lol the Falcons defense is absolutely atrocious. The new rule for this season: ALWAYS play whatever RB is going up against the Falcons. They can’t stop anything. James Connor went off for over 100 rushing and 2 TD’s as well as 75+ receiving yards. Antonio Brown finally got over 100 yards on a boat load of targets and 2 TD’s from Ben RoethlisbergerJuJu Smith-Schuster had a relatively quiet game in this one as he wasn’t really needed. This game got out of hand early and somewhat died off in the 2nd half. If the Falcons had been able to keep up with scoring, Connor might have had 50+ fantasy points in your fantasy leagues. For now, you’ll have to settle with the 34ish points he got you.

The offense for Atlanta was… interesting. Austin Hooper had 12 targets in this one and brought in 77 yards receiving. Mohammad Sanu still had another TD in this one as well as 73 yards receiving. Julio Jones came from the dead of the first half and ended with 62 yards on 9 targets. We finally saw a down game from Calvin Ridley as he only put together 38 yards on 5 targets in this game. Devonta Freeman returned to the lineup only for Ito Smith to get the rushing TD for Atlanta. The game script was pretty against what you needed for Freeman to be successful.

Titans @ Bills

LOLOLOLOL this game sucked to watch. Josh Allen is further cementing himself as a poor man’s White Cam Newton with another rushing TD (it actually was a real Cam Newton-like run). LeSean McCoy had 108 scrimmage yards in this one (with 3 targets in the passing game) as it seems like the Bills really want to get him a ton of touches in this one (26 in this game). Zay Jones was the best WR for the Bills, but holy god you cannot start him with a straight face. There’s not much in this offense you can like until something drastic changes.

Tennessee went from being the SB Champs to losing to a Bills team that had less than 90 passing yards. Marcus Mariota did not look comfortable throwing the ball. Derrick Henry and Dion Lewis looked average at best. Taywan Taylor ended up with 5 targets in this one and also lost a fumble early in the game. Corey Davis ended up with 4 receptions for 49 yards, most of which were when Tredavious White was not covering him. Mariota ended the game with 129 passing yards as this game was a complete dumpster fire for offense.

Raiders @ Chargers 

So this game was essentially a home game for the black and silver. But the Raiders struggled to learn the lessons of Pete Carrol in the SuperBowl. On a play from the 1 yard line, instead of giving the ball to Marshawn Lynch, Chucky decided to throw it, only for Derek Carr to get picked off. Amari Cooper had 1 target in this game (10 yards) and is doing exactly what everyone thought he would this year. Jordy Nelson and Martavis Bryant led the team in fantasy points from the WR position and are the only ones you can really even consider starting at this point. Lynch struggled in this one as he only had 31 yards on 9 carries. Carr did have 268 passing yards and a TD and an INT in this match as the Raiders were playing catch-up for most of the evening.

The Chargers were much more methodical in their approach this game. Phillip Rivers had fewer incompletions than he has children as he threw for 337 yards and 2 TD’s in a really efficient game. Austin Ekeler had a 44 yard TD catch and that was about it from him. Melvin Gordon had 120 scrimmage yards and a TD in this game. Keenan Allen put up 90 yards on 9 targets to lead the Chargers in this match. Again, very efficient game from the Chargers offense as it looks like the Raiders defense is absolutely a unit you should be excited to have your players play against.

Vikings @ Eagles

Kirk Cousins had over 300 yards in a game where he was highly efficient in throwing the ball. His only TD went to Adam Theilen, who had 116 yards and a TD on 11 targets. Stefon Diggs was a PPR god in this game, tallying 10 catches for 91 yards as well as 2 carries for 25 yards. Otherwise, that’s about it from the offense in this game. Not really much else to speak on for this one.

The Eagles were a 3-man show in this game. Carson Wentz was pretty good in this game and he threw almost everything to Zach Ertz, who ended his day with 11 receptions for over 110 yards and a TD. The third player in this show was Jordan Mills, who was abused over and over by Theilen in this one and frankly has looked awful this entire season.

Cardinals @ 49ers

Josh Rosen looked very good in this one as he connected with Christian Kirk for a 75 yard TD bomb in the very early stages of this game. The issue with Rosen is that his team had 4+ drops in this game and that will put a hamper on his ability to put up elite numbers. David Johnson had 55 yards on the ground and 2 rushing TD’s to help salvage his statline in this game. Otherwise, there wasn’t a whole lot going on for the Bird Gang here.

CJ Beathard should be on 0 fantasy radars this season. That being said, he was trailing all game and threw like it. Beathard ended with 349 passing yards, 2 TD’s and 2 INT’s. Matt Breida left this game with an ankle injury as Alfred Morris picked up the slack in the backfield and ran for 61 yards on 18 carries. Famous French WR Pierre Garcon had 12 targets in this game, only to come away with a measly 5 receptions for 47 yards. This was another great George Kittle game as he is the only 49er I think you can start at this point. Kyle Juszczyk was also effective in the passing game, but it’s so hard to justify using FB for any format at this point.

Rams @ Seahawks

So the Rams finally faced adversity late in the game and Sean McVay decided it was the right decision to go for it on 4th and 1 (it is ALWAYS the right decision when playing to win) as Todd Gurley was more about TD’s (3) than he was about yardage (77 on 22 carries). Robert Woods was an animal with 53 rushing yards and 92 yards receiving. Before exiting the game with an injury, Cooper Kupp had 6 catches for 90 yards and a TD as Jared Goff had a little bit of a down game in this one. Goff threw for 321 but had 1 TD and 2 INT’s as this game was much closer than it needed to be.

Looking over to Seattle, Russell Wilson had mediocre yardage but found a way to throw for 3 TD’s to wide open receivers against a porous secondary. David Moore had 38 yards receiving and 2 TD’s while Tyler Lockett had 98 yards on 3 catches and a TD. The running game is by far the most hilarious part of this match. Chris Carson had 19 carries for 116 yards. Mike Davis carried the ball 12 times for 68 yards and a TD. First-Round pick Rashaad Penny had a total of 0 offensive snaps this week. I honestly cannot believe they drafted a RB in the first round. But Carson and Davis both looked good. I would lean towards Carson as a safer play than Davis, but I’m probably not playing either unless one gets hurt.

That’s it for the fantasy leftovers this week. Comment below if you have any questions. Enjoy the MNF game tonight!

  1. Agreatfullne says:

    In a 2 qb league, which rookie rb would you prefer ROS?

    IN THE same 2 qb league, keeper league.. would you trade

    Stefon diggs ($15), ekeler $1, coutee $1 for $50 CMC, $14 russel Wilson, $3 Ronald jones?



    • For An Armenianless Vacation Come to Akron says:

      @Agreatfullne: the first question doesn’t seem to be asked fully. don’t know budgets but that’s a LOT better value on diggs vs CMC, probably hold for that reason. also don’t know how many people you can keep per year, in addition to what the budgets are. RW3’s value might be really damn good at that price, but taking on that much more budget, is it even feasible?

  2. For An Armenianless Vacation Come to Akron says:

    down to 30/100 (morris, fear of not having RB’s creating other FAAB wins all year, most injured team i’ve had in many years, probably first time this roster doesn’t get at least 3rd in the 4 years i’ve owned it. only keep 2 players per year (AB in the 4th round)). played ty-mont over crowell (WOW where did that come from) and m.davis (thinking with cobb/allison out, others hurt we’d go back to ty-mont having a ton of short catches like we’ve seen before), still won anyway (weird), now 2-3.

    QB (1) luck
    RB (2) mixon (oh thank jebus he’s back), ty-mont, m.davis, ivory, crowell, morris
    WR (3) AB, callaway (damn shame CLE’s jerking him around), jeffery, baldwin, a.wilson
    TE (1) vance, doyle
    1 flex
    IR (2) goodwin, burkhead (put goodwin in here over doyle thinking it’s more likely i’d use doyle than goodwin coming up, goodwin was my 2nd keeper (last rounder)), it’s yahoo so as long as i put in claims before goodwin loses his “out” tag (probably in next 5ish hours) i’m all good.

    only moves i can see are:
    1. losing ivory for smallwood (bid how much? 5ish?), only other options here being: sproles, wilkins, blue, hamster, ito, ware, rod smith
    2. maybe losing a WR for mart bry (OAK), which one? only other WR options being: d.moore, richardson

    • Reid

      Reid says:

      @For An Armenianless Vacation Come to Akron: I would try and move Callaway for a RB instead of dropping Ivory. I have this weird feeling that McCoy isn’t long for the Bills roster and Ivory would be the lead back then

      • For An Armenianless Vacation Come to Akron says:

        @Reid: brings up a good point, as i’m seeing those “mccoy back to a non idiot racist ran PHI team” blurbs myself. for a 20 team PPR where i have mixon, drake, ekeler, ty mont and ivory drop ivory for gio B or no (he was just dropped). in that one if i KNEW that doyle was back and ok i could drop the 2nd TE spot to just add gio B (assuming i win with a waiver, which ISN’T at all guaranteed in that league anyway) but i don’t know that.

        i love the part of “it doesn’t make sense for BUF to have mccoy anyway as they know the are losing”, but um, exactly when/why did the previous regime think anything else was ever the case during their tenure when they acquired mccoy in the first place?

  3. Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo says:

    a super injured mess of a money league PPR team (12 team). just had to spend up on a reliable TE (only time this year) in walker. return yards worth same as scrimmage here. 6 PT passing TD’s as well. weekly reset waivers, but even with that most of the possibly useful RB’s are gone before it’s my turn somewhere in the 6-9 waiver spot most weeks. here i’m actually 3-2 somehow, so not good waiver. need to add at least 2 RB to this, ajayi and somebody else the drops (mariota probably i’ve now owned him at start of year to start over wentz, and just after week 4 when he was awesome, so he’s only complete garbage when he’s on my roster thus far)
    QB wentz, mariota (winston and some others out there)
    RB (2) barkley, ajayi, royce, chubb (i dropped clement for him last week, that’s nota looking so hotta right now), coleman (maybe i get lucky and freeman gets hurt again)
    WR (2) k.allen, fitz (good lord he’s a waste), callaway, shepard,
    TE (1) doyle, watson
    IR (1) cobb

    what’s best order of: clement, smallwood (i’ll be lucky to get one of them though now, just HAD to get cute with popping a chubb), foreman (could use the IR slot), rid dick, richard (3 weeks of over 11.6 points here), austin (2 weeks of over 12.99 points from returns), gore, juscyuck (SF, only has value when breida is out)

    2. drop fitz for any of these (fitz since week 1 has scores from 2.9-5.8, the floor and ceiling are busted): sanu, TT (TEN), mart bry (OAK), r.anderson, richardson

    • Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo says:

      @Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo: throw juszcyzk in there too, as it’s looking like breida is out this week, so i might even need to start somebody of his caliber. guessing clement is the better ROS value, but smallwood now?

    • Reid

      Reid says:

      @Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo:

      Actually think Smallwood ROS.

      Will say that I’d hold onto Fitz as I’m not sold on those other options

      • Reid

        Reid says:

        @Reid: If you wanted to move on from Fitz, I think Sanu is the best bet as Atlanta is going to have to throw it 10000 times a game

  4. Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

    12 team half PPR.
    QB RW3, bortles (streamer, played over RW3 last week)
    RB (2) mixon, gurley, michel, both TB guys
    WR (2) landry, kupp, jeffery, allison,
    TE (1) rudolpho
    1 flex
    1 IR slot

    1. drop either TB guy to try for one of the PHI guys or just hold?

    2. drop bortles to nab winston for this week (and maybe backup in general), winston ranked about 5 slots higher than RW3, and if not bortles could be dropped for one of the PHI RB guys or one of these: kirk, cole, doyle, brate (for TE/WR depth).

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