So I went a little crazy with the pass defense stats this week. I added some things including Sacks and DVOA against individual WR1, WR2, WR3, TE and RBs. So there’s a lot of info smushed in here, but hopefully it can be helpful. As usual ll of the numbers here are rankings based. The Patriots have given up the most passing yards per game so they are ranked 32nd. The Jets have given up the least amount of fantasy points to QBs so they have a 1 in that column. Once you get the hang of it I think this chart is great since you can sort through the info you want. I use it more than anything else usually.

So check it out and if you have any questions at all about the stats or see something that looks wrong throw them at me.

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Rank: The overall averaging ranking for each pass defense

Team: The team that is being evaluated for their defensive strength

Opp: The team with your fantasy players

QB FA: Fantasy points allowed to quarterbacks

Comp%: Completion Percentage against

Pa yds: Total passing yards given up per game

Pa TD: Passing touchdowns allowed

Sacks: Number of sacks defense averages per game

TE FA: Fantasy points allowed to tight ends

WR FA: Fantasy points allowed to wide receivers

— DVOA: Defense-adjusted Value Over Average

vs. #1 WR: DVOA ranking against #1 wide receivers

vs. #2 WR: DVOA ranking against #2 wide receivers

vs. other WR: DVOA ranking against non #1 or #2 wide receivers

vs. TE: DVOA ranking against tight ends

vs. RB: DVOA ranking against running backs in the passing game

  1. Plainview says:

    Who do you like better as a bye week fill in at WR:


  2. Matt B says:

    Odd man out for a 12 team roster: Cutler, McCoy, Tebow?

  3. Random Collmenter says:

    Should I trade Torain for Stevie Johnson?

    My RBs are CJ2K, McFadden, Beanie, Michael Bush, Ringer. (wanted Torain as a week 6 fill-in since CJ and Beanie are on byes)

    My WRs are Calvin, Percy, Nelson, and Brown. (so sick of Percy not getting into the end zone)

    .5 PPR. Thanks!

  4. Random Collmenter says:

    I could also package Torain and another one of my WRs for Stevie…


  5. Randy says:

    Could you rank these adds?
    Mike Williams TB
    Mark Clayton


  6. Ro Bauti says:

    Need to pick up a DEF. Wash against Phi, Hou @ Bal or Min @ Chi? Redskins, Texans or Vikes? Thanks.

  7. Ron says:

    Which side would you want?
    A. Johnson and Gore
    Calvin Johnson and Bradshaw

  8. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Ron: Calvin Johnson side

    @Ro Bauti: Minny

    @Randy: Williams, Crabs, MSW, Clayton. Bump Clayton over MSW in PPR.

    @Random Collmenter: I would, but it would suck not to have him against Philly.

    @Matt B: McCoy

    @Plainview: Crabtree

  9. barker says:

    12 team trade

    i give eli jacobs ocho i get colston and garcon

    my current WR dez meachem lance moore antonio brown ocho

    my other QB schaub

  10. sos says:

    Dynasty question…in a $250 league where salaries increase 10% each year, would you rather have Fitzpatrick for 2 years @ $20 or Freeman for 3 years @ $4?

  11. Lubey says:

    Dear Chet,

    So I am a bit worried about my WR2. My roster consists of:
    Rice, F.Jones, F.Jax, Starks, J.Stew and Moreno at RB.
    Mike Wallace, Manningham, Mike Thomas and hopefully Little at WR.

    This offer was made to me. Starks+Thomas for AJ Green.

    Im not sure that Green is that much of an upgrade from Manningham. What do you think??? Also this is a PPR league. Thanks!

  12. Anonymous says:

    In 12 team standard league, I was offered S. Holmes and Hightower for my Fitz. Should I take it?

  13. The Peoples Champ

    Matt says:

    Ike Taylor has been nothing short of a shutdown corner. Easily the Steelers MVP to this point. My unofficial stats…

    Week 1 – Lee Evans, no receptions.
    Week 2 – Mike Williams, 1 catch for 9 yards.
    Week 3 – Wayne, 2 catches for 11 yards. Wayne had a 3rd catch for 13 yards when Ike was not covering him.
    Week 4 – Andre Johnson, 4 rec, 36 yards.
    Week 5 – I do not know the exact numbers. I do know the only TD was to Damian Williams (covered by Keenan Lewis).

    Just nitpicking, your chart has the Steelers as the #10 D vs. WR1’s. Curious where your information is from?

    Also, as a completely unbiased party who has no rooting interest in this weeks game against the Jaguars, do you see Ike following Mike Thomas around the field or just lining up wide right for every snap?

  14. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Matt: Check out they Key for where the numbers come from (DVOA). Lee Evans isn’t their #1, but total yards, receptions and TDs aren’t the only thing they look at. As far as the Jags go I don’t think it really matters so they probably won’t have him shadow one player, both Thomas and Hill are mediocre.

    @Anonymous: I wouldn’t

    @Lubey: I’d want to keep Green there.

    @sos: Tough call. I’d pick Fitz.

    @barker: I’d want to keep Eli

  15. T-Bone says:

    Love the chart Doc, but the RB column is blocked by the ads on the right. Is this a problem on my end?

  16. Doc

    Doc says:

    @T-Bone: Sorry about that. I’ll probably scale it back next week. It fits on my screen in Firefox and Safari, but I’m sure it depends on your browser, etc..

  17. Trick dad says:

    Trade hightower for d. Thomas? Non-ppr

  18. surfmonger says:

    Doc, Mark Ingram is now on waivers! I also need to pick up an emergency sub WR. which two guys would you drop? this torrain/hightower issue is a real headache.

    M. Schaub
    J. Freeman

    R. Mathews
    R. Rice
    T. Hightower
    R. Torain
    S. Ridley

    M. Wallace
    V. Jackson
    J. Jones
    D. Nelson

    J. Gresham
    F. Davis

    M. Nugent

  19. In a PPR league, who do yo like this week?

    D. Nelson
    B. Marsh (Revis factor)


  20. elwood blues says:

    Doc, would you make this trade S-Jax and Harvin for Mendenhall and Victor Cruz?

  21. Doc

    Doc says:

    @elwood blues: It’s fair. I would.

    @kamera26: Ugh, I’d hate to start Marsh against Revis. I’m leaning Nelson.

    @surfmonger: I’d probably drop Ridley and Hightower

    @Trick dad: Yes

  22. Robert says:

    Ok – this is really interesting. If I’m reading this right, my initial reaction would be to bench any OAK receiver given that they are playing CLE, ranked as 3rd best at limited WR points. However, they are ranked 29th versus #2 WRs. Who is OAK’s second receiver? Would that be Jacoby Ford or D. Moore? Assuming D H-B is now the #1…


  23. swalmy says:

    witch is better def match up for me this week
    oakland defense vs cleveland
    chicago bears versus vikings
    houston verses baltimore

  24. unibrah says:


    for week 6. non-ppr league.

    roethlisberger or eli?

    which 3 wrs: santana moss, manningham, david nelson, crabtree, torrey smith?


  25. DeeMan says:

    Gotta love getting blown up by your followers huh. Anywho,

    RB1 Gore
    RB2? Daniel Thomas, or J. Starks?

    I’m no believer in Harvin’s situation anymore. Would you waive him for any of these:
    Decker, Manningham, Doug Baldwin or Meachem?

    I’m good otherwise, just want a good bye week candidate. I have two studs the other times between (Maclin, Austin and Nicks).

  26. ryan34 says:

    is this a good trade steve johnson and rashad mendenhall for brandon marshall and james starks?

  27. ryan34 says:

    I have brandon marshall and james starks

  28. Doc

    Doc says:

    @ryan34: I’d want the Mendy side.

    @DeeMan: I’d lean Starks because DT is hurting still.

    @swalmy: Don’t really like any of those, but would lean Oakland

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