There aren’t many must adds this week. I’m going to split these up into two groups, Ok Fine! and Fliers. I’m not happy abut any of this!

Ok Fine!

Tim Tebow: Orton is a sad sack, neck bearded, post-grunge, pre-emo, practice perfecter QB-type and Tebow is a Glee cast member, soul saving, no necked, virgin QB-type who has enough energy to light up Vegas if it weren’t for the pillar of salt it would turn him into. It was obvious that he made the Broncos at least look like they were trying again. As we saw at the end of last season Timmy Ballgame can be a fantasy asset. He’s not accurate, but will scramble and allow Brandon Lloyd to get deep and Lloyd can make the tough catch on a ball that looks like my Uncle Bob just heaved it to his kids and in turn tore his rotator cuff. He’s a must add for anyone in QB trouble and really for anyone who can find room. I’d take him on as a third QB right now at the expense of your upside wide receiver that most likely will have one good game out of five. I’m looking at you Denarius Moore, David Nelson, Dexter McCluster, Jacoby Jones, Preston Parker, Antonio Brown, Laurent Robinson, Plaxico Burress, Kevin Walter, Dane Sandwich Maker, etc…

Earnest Graham: At this point we don’t know the extent of LeGarrette Blount’s knee injury, but if he’s out, Graham will pick up the bulk of the work and would work in passing downs as well so is a nice add against the Saints if Blount is out.

Pierre Garcon: You can’t argue with success. Curtis Painter looked as good as any quarterback in the league in the first half against the Chiefs and then looked like Garo Yepremian in the second half. But he targeted Garcon like the #1 receiver and he put up numbers like one once again. I’m not super crazy in fake football love with him, but he’s a must add if he’s still out there anywhere.

Jackie Battle: I went back and watched all of Battle’s runs to see what he was up to and really he wasn’t up to much besides having a big body, legs that haven’t been overused and massive holes to run through. Thomas Jones also had a good game running the ball and that tells you more about the Colts run defense than anything. Battle has more speed than Jones, but has zero lateral movement to speak of. He won’t make anyone miss, but he can drag some dudes along for a ride.  His upside is last Sunday and it will most likely stay there, but as long as he’s getting the opportunities he’s worth an add.

Marshawn Lynch: He’s probably sitting on the end of most fake football benches where he deserves to be, but if he was dropped, which he also probably deserved, I think it’s time to give him another shot. He had a little extra something something against the Giants. It was his first 90+ yard rushing game since 2008. That’s a while ago. But he looked good enough and the Seahawks are playing a little better as of late. I’d grab him, especially with the byes here.

Delone Carter: Donald Brown out played him, but Carter is going to be the goal line back and Donald Brown has proven over and over that he is not much of a football player. They will most likely use Carter and Brown fairly equally outside of the goal line while Joseph Addai is out. Carter is the add here for his goal line targets and potential. Add Brown if you are in a deep league where any running back who has a pulse is owned.

Victor Cruz: He’s strung two big games together on skill, grit, smoke, tips, mirrors, etc… I just don’t see him keeping these numbers up, but he’s getting targets and add that to his innate ability to make shizz happen and he’s a must add.


Michael Crabtree: He didn’t have a huge game, but Alex Smith and Frank Gore have stepped up and Crabs has been getting targets again and actually looked good. I almost put him in the Ok Fine! group because his talent level is worth waiting on.

Greg Little: He’s been named a starter, which he should have been anyway. He has tremendous ability, but McCoy throws the ball all over creation and I’m not going to break the bank for him until I know he’s going to actually get the targets he deserves.

James Jones: In the Green Bay offense anyone can have a good fantasy outing or also a bad one. When you are looking for a guy to fill in for a bye you might as well go for one in a high powered offense and Jones has been moving up in target numbers each week.

Harry Douglas: He has ability, well, speed and Julio Jones is hurting. How much he is hurting is yet to be revealed, but keep him on your radar.

Darrius Heyward-Bey: DHB had his second good game in a row and that doesn’t happen all that often for him (i.e. he’s sucky). He’s worth a flier, but with the Raiders in run mode mostly, as they should be, there won’t be that many targets to go around. They have quite a few good young wide receivers (which I am in the process of dropping even though they are really good). It all depends on the target distribution and if DHB continues to get the targets he’ll be worth owning.

Steve Breaston: Dwayne Bowe is playing some outstanding football right now and will continue to get more coverage pushed his way and as that is happening Breaston is building a rapport with Matt Cassel. Right now the Chiefs are riding high off a come from behind win against the Colts and are showing some life, but we have to remember this was against the Colts. They aren’t good.

Doug Baldwin: He is looking like a solid player for the Seahawks and should continue to see targets, but will be inconsistent just like the Seattle offense. I’m liking his overall ability and he has ability to fight for the ball and eat up some yards after the catch.

Damian Williams: He’s scored in his last two games and in the right matchup should have value with Hasselbeck throwing to him.

Guys to keep an eye on for bye week shizz:

Andy Dalton, Alex Smith, Curtis Painter, Matt Cassel, Joel Dreesen, Jake Ballard, Kevin Walter, Jason Hill, Jason Avant


Kyle Orton, Denarius Moore, Jacoby Ford, Dexter McCluster, Robert Meachem, Donald Jones, Nate Burleson, Jacoby Jones, Antonio Brown, Plaxico Burress, Josh Morgan, James Casey, Preston Parker

  1. Jimmy says:

    Hey Doc,

    Great column. I have $63 left (out of $100) in my waiver budget and am considering blowing it all on Tebow. Do you think this is a good idea? I’m in a Two-QB league and currently have Jason Campbell starting as my QB2, so I could really use some help at that spot. I also don’t have a QB3 rostered, so once byes hit I’m going to need to trade for a QB if I don’t land Tebow. Thanks for your help!

  2. Lubey says:


    Would you add Cruz and drop Manningham. Thank you

  3. barker says:

    12 team league

    bey carter breaston scott karim

    would u drop ocho or antonio brown for any of these — i m really short at wr

    ( dez lance moore meachem ocho brown )

  4. Megatron Lives says:

    0.5PPR, I’m looking for a TE for Week 6. Watson @Oak, Dickson vHou, Dressen @Bal, Walker @Det, Shiancoe @Chi, Miller (inj?) vTenn. Thanks!

  5. Justin says:

    Bradford or Smith for bye week?

  6. barker says:

    12 team league trade
    just traded brees marshall s jackson for rice hernandez schaub

    i give eli jacobs ocho i get colston ingram campbell

    my team after trade
    qb schaub rb rice cj2k wr dez colston lance moore te graham wrt ingram
    bench campbell ridley hernandez a brown j stew

    i like eli alot better than schaub (bal) for next week, kid wants to get it done quick, but i really need the upgrade at WR and ingram is an upgrade over jacobs right?

  7. @Doc How do you rate these Adds: Battle, Carter, DHB, Little, Baldwin, Tebow
    Drops: Antonio Brown, Eric Decker, Torrey Smith, Titus Young, Josh Freeman?

  8. @Doc Best flex play week 6: D. Thomas, Hightower, D. Carter, Torain, Lynch, J. Jones, DA Williams, Manningham? Thanks!

  9. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    Doc:couple ww questions….

    10 team ppr,better RB p/u?….

    Donald Brown or Ernest Graham?

    same league,WR p/u….

    Avant,Heyward-Bey,Roosevelt or Walter?


  10. Josh says:

    Is Mike Williams droppable? The Bucs Suck.

  11. Matt says:

    Is Tebow worth a number one waiver priority? My QBs are Schaub and Fitzpatrick, and id only have to drop Dickson to get him.

    Also, is Meachem worth dropping for Greg Little?

  12. huckleberry says:

    man, i thought i was early to the party. i’m picking up dalton as a fill in for my less than stellar rivers(he finishes stronger right?), but i’m the only team riding 1 qb and i want tebow. Am I really going to use dalton or tebow the rest of the season? (barring injury, not even sure thats correct there b/c i’m going to say it…rivers will not get hurt, not even a hangnail.

    d thomas (hammy should be fine right?) v. what seems like an appalling Jets runD or Javid allornothing vs. the 49erD?

    great blog as always

  13. Megatron Lives says:

    Scratch Dickson from above.

  14. flyinhawiianpizza says:

    Got a trade offer in a 12 team PPR league – give up Mike Wallace, get CJ2K. I’m thin at RB and stacked at WR, am I crazy to do this? My team:

    QB: Big Ben
    RB: Mendy/Greene/Tolbert/Ridley/Hardesty
    WR: Nicks/Wallace/Rice/Crabtree/Henderson
    TE: Graham

    The guy offering has no TE. Would it be smarter to offer Graham + Rice for CJ? Is CJ even worth targeting in a trade?

  15. Plainview says:

    Would you do this trade:

    Shonn Green and Brandon Lloyd for

    Peyton Hillis and Reggie Wayne

  16. Kwadjo says:

    Pick one: Lance Moore, Denarius Moore, Victor Cruz, Michael Crabtree, Heyard-Bay.

  17. Random Collmenter says:

    Drop Antonio Brown and Meachem and pick up Torrey Smith and Greg Little?

  18. EK says:

    Please rank for bye week replacement:

    Bradford vs GB
    Dalton vs IND
    McCoy @ OAK
    Grossman vs PHI
    Campbell vs CLE
    A. Smith @ DET

  19. Random Collmenter says:

    Or Heyward-Bey.

  20. The Vaporizers says:

    Who has a better week? David Nelson or Naaman Roosevelt?

  21. friar says:

    I’m thinking of giving up either MJD or McFadden in exchange for Maclin and either Gronk or J. Graham. Should I do this and, if so, which RB for WR+TE combination should I push for? Thanks!

  22. superfly says:

    Need wide receiver for bye week was offered
    R. Wayne and Lt to handcuff my s. Greenefor w. Mcgahee and Jacoby jones 1 point ppr league what do you think

  23. BA says:

    Doc, I’m really thin at RB — Charles (IR), Blount, Starks, Ridley, Helu, Scott.

    If we don’t know the severity of injuries to Blount and Addai by today, who would you rather pick up…D. Carter or E. Graham?

  24. hideousmutants says:

    Who do you like better going forward: Manningham or Brandon Lloyd?

  25. Child PLEASE!!! says:

    shoulda went with the gut and dropped helu for battle last week when i posted that question. could’ve had him for $1 then. damn……..

  26. alaugh says:

    Need a QB for the Week 7 bye… Cassel, Tebow, or Bradford? Who do you think I should add? THX

  27. herschel says:

    @Doc: in a ppr league i own felix jones and ben tate. foster owner wants to swap his demarco murray for my tate. pull the trigger or just wait for him to possibly drop murray (which i could see happening with upcoming bye weeks).


  28. Hey Now! says:

    Heya Doc, Love the site.

    Of these WR’s which 3 would you start this week (standard scoring, really small amount of points for return yards) ?

    K. Walter
    D. Nelson
    M. Manningham
    E. Decker
    M. Sims-Waler
    M. Crabtree


  29. theguarantee says:

    Better Mendenhall handcuff at this point – Redman or Dwyer? I know Dwyer did most of his damage on one run, but I’m thinking his upside is a lot higher and feel like I have to try to grab him. Mendy should be back this week, but with no Dwyer on your list are you saying it’s not even worth the flier?

  30. Donruss says:

    Should I accept a trade for WR-Dez Bryant in exchange for RB-Earnest Graham and RB-Reggie Bush? This is a PPR league. Graham is a backup but might start for Blount being out this week and the Dolphins cannot seem to use Bush in the right way. Thes 2 players are backups for the most part. I have Ray Rice and Fred Jackson as my starting RBs.

  31. MrHappyTime says:

    Do you like Tebow better than Bradford from this point on in a 2 qb league?

  32. Jhern says:

    I am in need of a RB. Would you trade Nate Washington for Graham and Michael Bush?

  33. websterman says:

    I was offered l.fitz for sproles in my PPR league. Either guy would be my flex play. Should I do it? I like having sproles since my rbs (felix jones and best) like to get injured.

  34. JT says:

    Hey, Doc:

    Would you drop Flacco for Tebow?


  35. poop says:

    AJ Green vs colts or steve johnson vs giants for my WR 2



  36. poop says:

    standard scoring non ppr

  37. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Jhern: As long as you don’t have to drop anyone good

    @MrHappyTime: yeah

    @Donruss: I’d want Dez

    @theguarantee: They will split looks if Mendy is still out, but Dwyer did look capable. Redman would probably get goal line looks though.

    @Hey Now!: Manningham and Nelson

    @herschel: Choice is more of the backup there.

    @alaugh: If you put who they play I can answer it easier.

    @hideousmutants: Lloyd

    @BA: Graham

    @superfly: I’d want to keep McGahee

    @friar: MJD for Maclin/Graham

    @The Vaporizers: Leaning Nelson

    @Random Collmenter: I’d drop Brown for Little

    @EK: Dalton, Smith, Bradford, Grossman, McCoy, Campbell

    @Kwadjo: Cruz

    @Plainview: I’d probably go with the Lloyd side

    @flyinhawiianpizza: CJ is worth targeting, but not for Wallace. I could see doing it for Graham if you have a good backup.

    @huckleberry: I’d try hard to get Tebow and DT looked “tentative” in practice today. I’d be leaning Best for now.

    @Matt: Yes and yes

    @Josh: He’s not droppable in 12 teamers yet

    @Oilcan Giuseppe: Graham, DHB

    @Howard: For the adds, pretty much as I have them in the post. All those guys are droppable.

    @barker: I don’t think it’s worth it

    @Justin: Tough call, Bradford

    @Megatron Lives: Watson

    @barker: I’d grab Carter and Scott

    @Lubey: No

    @Jimmy: I’d think about going all in, but I’d probably wuss out and go 50-75%

  38. Donruss says:

    I pulled the trigger on that trade. Thx for the advice. It was along what I was thinking. Dez will be a beast the rest of the year.

  39. Project badass says:

    Non-ppr, non-keeper, waiver budget $200 ($114 left)

    I’m looking to pick up 3 FA’s for McCluster, Gibson, and Clark. How much would you bid on Tebow, Delone Carter, Heyward-Bey, and James Jones?

    QB- Ryan, Fitz
    RBx2- Hightower, Daniel Thomas
    WR/RB- Tolbert
    WRx2- White, Stevie Johnson
    WR/TE- Rice
    TE- Fred Davis

    BN RB- Starks, McGahee, Hunter, McCluster
    BN WR- Jordy Nelson, Gibson
    BN TE- Dallas Clark

  40. BA says:

    One more question. I have #1 ww priority and since I have Blount don’t know if I use it on E. Graham or Tebow. My QB is Brady.

    Thinking about packaging Tebow with one of my RBs for Felix Jones. My RBs are Blount, Ridley, Scott, Helu, Starks.

    His RBs are Felix Jones, Bradshaw, Tolbert, M. Bush. His QB is Freeman also.

    Packaging Blount and Tebow for Felix a good trade for me?

  41. mike jones says:

    Looking for some pop wanna drop Mike thomas and D moore for
    DHB, Greg Little in ppr…crazy or not? Also PPR would you drop Keller for Fred Davis or Cook. Last question rest season Alex Smith or Grossman?

  42. Dan says:

    I’m trying to decide if i should stash tebow or pick up someone else.
    my roster set up for this week:
    qb: big ben
    rb: adrian peterson
    rb: hillis
    wr: brandon marshall
    wr: manningham
    wr: lance moore
    wr/te: gronkowski
    te: jimmy graham

    BN qb: rivers
    BN rb: beanie and ridley
    BN wr: larry fitzgerald, antonio brown, denarius moore
    BN te: Gates

    almost certainly dropping denarius moore and possibly brown and ridley. the options im considering for pickups are tebow at qb. doug baldwin, james jones, kevin walter, damian williams, jason avant at wr. delone carter, hardesty, jackie battle, bernard scott at rb. what moves would you make? sorry for the lengthy post. thanks so much for your help doc!

  43. Dan says:

    sorry add greg little into that list of possible wrs.

  44. elwood blues says:

    i have v-jax on a bye week. start knox.. or pick up
    James Jones, Baldwin, DHB, or Little? How would you rank ’em.
    (breaston and da. williams are available too, but on bye weeks)
    .05 ppr league.

  45. Anthony L says:

    Hey Doc!
    I’m trying to see who should I start this week.
    Non ppr. 2 rbs 1 flex 2wr

    Eli or cam, both look like they can have good games.
    Arian foster, lesean mccoy ryan grant or j battle
    Calvin johnson wes welker desean jackson julio jones santana moss mario manningham

    I’m kinda lookin at cam over manning
    Rbs foster n mccoy
    Wrs megatron welker
    But flex is what’s just up in the air. What do u think?
    Thanks in advance!

  46. elwood blues says:

    i also have danario.

  47. elwood blues says:

    Hey Doc, one more question.
    Start Sanchez against MIA’s weak offense and hope Mark doesnt suck.. or pick up Alex Smith vs. DET??

  48. James Jetson says:

    Hi Doc, should I pick up Breaston, Little, or Damian Williams? I’ll probably drop Plaxico for one of them. Thank you in advance!

  49. Gavin says:

    I just traded Hillis to a basement team with his RB’s on bye this week for Andre Johnson. Should I be stoked?

  50. Gavin says:

    Oh and I have Hardesty

  51. Blain Train says:

    Dump A. Brown or B. Scott for Tebow? Also, is E Graham or D Carter a better one week pickup. I have Blount, but I heard Graham also has some hammy issue, so he way not get the full load in Blount’s absence. Thanks!

  52. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Blain Train: Morris said Graham would be his feature back if Blount is out so I’d lean his way.

    @Gavin: It’s a good trade.

    @James Jetson: Little

    @elwood blues: They are extremely close, but I’m leaning Sanchez.

  53. elwood blues says:

    Doc, would you do this trade.. trade Steven Jax and Percy for Mendenhall and V.Cruz?

  54. DeeMan says:

    I’ve got Nicks, Austin and Maclin as solid WR’s. Harvin is the other. Should I drop Harvin for Garcon? Harvin is mediocre due to his supporting cast.

    Also, I’ve got the #2 waiver claim: Tebow or Cutler?

  55. Spliff says:

    Would you do this Trade?
    F. jax
    P. Hillis.
    Run DMC
    My team (12 team PPR) Romo, Stevie J., Felix. Jones, Rob G. Flex is either Mike Thomas or Dexter suxMccluster.

    Appreciate your greatness.

  56. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Spliff: I wouldn’t. It looks good, but you are gving up the best 2 players in the deal.

    @DeeMan: Tebow and I would drop Harvin.

  57. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Anthony L: I agree and would go with DJax

    @elwood blues: I’d go Jones then Little.

    @Dan: I’d try to get Tebow even though you are set at QB. Then I’d probably go after Battle, Little and Carter.

    @mike jones: I could see making those moves and going with Cook. I don’t like either QB, but Smith is safer week to week, but Grossman has more upside.

    @BA: I think it works for your team.

    @Project badass: I’d bid 60-80 on Tebow, then scraps on the rest.

  58. Doc

    Doc says:

    @JT: I would if he is your backup

    @poop: Leaning Green

    @websterman: If sproles is your main backup to them I’d probably keep him in PPR.

    @MrHappyTime: Yeah

  59. zandercage says:

    Can you rank these WRs available on my wire? In dire need of a FLEX player rest of the year. Thanks!!!

    Damian Williams

  60. Doc

    Doc says:

    Baldy, DHB, Doucet, Damian, Breaston

  61. alaugh says:

    @Doc – Here’s who they play… Tebow @ Miami, Cassel @ Oakland, Bradford @ Dallas. Who’s the Week 7 fill in?

  62. tony says:

    Thanks a lot.
    Ur advice has delivered a victory the past 3 weeks.

  63. Doc

    Doc says:

    @alaugh: Tough, but I’m leaning Tebow

    @tony: Glad to help.

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