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  1. Ken Plane says:

    Doc – Pierre Thomas, sell for anything, hold or cut outright?

  2. Wilsonian says:

    Thinking about making an offer of Keller and DMC for either Mendy, Foster or Turner. What do you think, and is any of that attainable?

  3. Nick says:

    Would you start Cooley (against a chicago D in which Donovan will have to throw) at flex over R Brown? I Have H Miller as my TE and am thinking Brown will be shut down

  4. Nick says:

    …obviously pending he starts

  5. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Ken Plane: Hold

    @Wilsonian: Kind of doubt they will go for it, but you can always try.

    @Nick: I could see doing it.

  6. Wilsonian says:

    @Doc: that’s kinda what I was thinking. Think I’ll probably have to add something to it.

  7. Penguin says:

    I’m overthinking this, right?

    Have 3 RBs, and have to choose which 2 to start (no flex).

    – MJD vs. KC (lack of a QB should give him lots of carries, but they’re the #5 run def, gonna stack the box, and he hasn’t exactly been explosive this year)
    – Knowshon (an obvious start, in my mind)
    – Chris Ivory (facing the #23 run def)

    Do I really start Ivory over MJD, my first rd pick? Surely I’m just thinking this through too much, right?

  8. emceeperiod says:

    @Doc (and of course other people’s opinions are welcome), I was hoping you could give me your opinion on this trade (1 PPR):
    Cutler, Torain, Felix
    Brees, Jerome Harrison

    My team:
    Cutler (Brees if deal is completed)
    M. Williams (TB)
    Bradshaw (flex)

    It’s essentially a trade for Brees, but I had him throw in Harrison because he’d just drop him anyway and he’s McCoy’s handcuff. I’m losing value here, but Torain and Felix just sit on my bench and rack up points most weeks. If I made this trade, I’d be thin a couple weeks because of byes, but my starting lineup would look real nice.

    Thanks Doc.

  9. friar says:

    In a 10-team 0.5 PPR league, I’m trying to deal some of my QB depth (Ben, Flacco, Vick) to bolster my weak RB situation (DeAngelo, Addai, Torain, BGE). Ideally, I’d like to trade one of my QBs not named Roethlisberger in addition to one of my RBs and a flex-level WR (I have Bowe and would like to sell him high after last week) for a stud RB and a WR upgrade. The problem is that in a 10-team league, there’s no real shortage of QBs and no one wants to give up starting players for a backup QB.

    What kind of value can I expect my quarterbacks to hold in a trade?

    Is it too ambitious to think someone (with Romo at QB and no backup) might give me McCoy and Santana Moss for Torain, Bowe, and either Vick or Flacco?

  10. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Penguin: Yeah, I think you have to go with MJD.

    @emceeperiod: I’m liking the Cowboys second half schedule quite a bit and would hate to give up Jones there. I feel good about selling high on Torain. I wouldn’t want to give up that much RB depth. It looks good now, but I think it weakens you long term.

    @friar: It probably is a bit ambitious. You can always try. Vick does have value even in a ten teamer. Maybe throw out a message that Vick/Torain are on the block for a RB. And see if anyone wants to deal and go from there.

  11. Black Beard says:

    Doc, Vincent Jackson has been dropped in my non-ppr league. Is it worth grabbing him and dropping Tate? Thanks.

  12. Black Beard says:

    @Black Beard: Hey Doc, I found per Tate earlier. Assume the same still applies. Thanks!

    “I could see dropping Tate, but you should look at your byes and see how easily you think you can hold him for 6 weeks.”

  13. Short Stuff says:

    Who do you think would be the better pick up just for this week, I’ve got R. Wayne and A. Johnson both on their BYEs this week, Buster Davis or Patrick Crayton with all the injuries SD are dealing with? 0.5PPR.

  14. Gavin says:

    Need 2 WR slots to fill from the following:

    -Mike Williams (TB)
    -Mike Williams (Sea)
    -Woodhead (WR eligible)

    I’m leaning Crayton and Woodhead. Cheers.

  15. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Gavin: agreed

    @Short Stuff: I like both. In PPR leaning Crayton

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