Tight ends are getting Gillooly’d left and right.  Antonio Gates is the only elite TE left and he is questionable. I believe he will go, but it is a late game, so I might grab McMichael or another late gamer, just in case he can’t . . . Aaron Hernandez is going to go off soon. I’m thinking it might be in SD, but the guy is going to have a long touchdown soon . . . With Campbell likely to start I’m not extremely high on Zach Miller, but I couldn’t put many ahead of him . . .

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  1. Antonio Gates (SD vs. NE)
  2. Aaron Hernandez (NE @ SD)
  3. Vernon Davis (SF @ CAR)
  4. Tony Gonzalez (ATL vs. CIN)
  5. Zach Miller (OAK @ DEN)
  6. Jason Witten (DAL vs. NYG)
  7. Brent Celek (PHI @ TEN)
  8. Tony Moeaki (KC vs. JAC)
  9. Todd Heap (BAL vs. BUF)
  10. Benjamin Watson (CLE @ NO)
  11. Chris Cooley (WAS @ CHI)
  12. Kellen Winslow (TB vs. STL)
  13. Heath Miller (PIT @ MIA)
  14. Marcedes Lewis (JAC @ KC)
  15. John Carlson (SEA vs. ARI)
  16. Visanthe Shiancoe (MIN @ GB)
  17. Jeremy Shockey (NO vs. CLE)
  18. Fred Davis (WAS @ CHI)
  19. Jermaine Gresham (CIN @ ATL)
  20. Greg Olsen (CHI vs. WAS)

I’m loving me some KC defense with Todd Bouman coming to town . . . The Broncos get either Campbell or Boller; either are pretty crappy . . . Philly has burned me this season, but I do like that Kerry Collins gets the start . . . The Ravens are at home against Buffalo with Ed Reed back in the fold . . .

  1. Baltimore Ravens (BAL vs. BUF)
  2. Kansas City Chiefs (KC vs. JAC)
  3. Denver Broncos (DEN vs. OAK)
  4. Pittsburgh Steelers (PIT @ MIA)
  5. Seattle Seahawks (SEA vs. ARI)
  6. San Francisco 49ers (SF @ CAR)
  7. New Orleans Saints (NO vs. CLE)
  8. Philadelphia Eagles (PHI @ TEN)
  9. New York Giants (NYG @ DAL)
  10. Tennessee Titans (TEN vs. PHI)
  11. Green Bay Packers (GB vs. MIN)
  12. Atlanta Falcons (ATL vs. CIN)
  13. Chicago Bears (CHI vs. WAS)
  14. St. Louis Rams (STL @ TB)
  15. Washington Redskins (WAS @ CHI)
  16. Minnesota Vikings (MIN @ GB)
  17. New England Patriots (NE @ SD)
  18. Dallas Cowboys (DAL vs. NYG)
  19. San Diego Chargers (SD vs. NE)
  20. Carolina Panthers (CAR vs. SF)
  21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (TB vs. STL)
  22. Cincinnati Bengals (CIN @ ATL)

Kickers, Schmickers

  1. Rob Bironas (TEN vs. PHI)
  2. Robbie Gould (CHI vs. WAS)
  3. Matt Prater (DEN vs. OAK)
  4. David Akers (PHI @ TEN)
  5. Matt Bryant (ATL vs. CIN)
  6. Stephen Gostkowski (NE @ SD)
  7. Billy Cundiff (BAL vs. BUF)
  8. Mason Crosby (GB vs. MIN)
  9. Garrett Hartley (NO vs. CLE)
  10. Ryan Longwell (MIN @ GB)
  11. Sebastian Janikowski (OAK @ DEN)
  12. Mike Nugent (CIN @ ATL)
  13. Jeff Reed (PIT @ MIA)
  14. Ryan Succop (KC vs. JAC)
  15. Josh Scobee (JAC @ KC)
  16. Nate Kaeding (SD vs. NE)
  17. Olindo Mare (SEA vs. ARI)
  18. David Buehler (DAL vs. NYG)
  19. Dan Carpenter (MIA vs. PIT)
  20. Graham Gano (WAS @ CHI)

  1. Derrick says:

    Who should I start in the Flex between Gaffney and Fred Jackson?(0.5 ppr).

  2. Wilsonian says:

    Would you drop the NYG for Den, or just ride the G-Men?

  3. Wilsonian says:

    @Wilsonian: man, that sounded pretty disturbing…my apologies.

  4. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Derrick: Gaffney

    @Wilsonian: Hah! I would probably stick with NYG. Should be solid.

  5. Howie says:

    @Doc: Beanie or Marshawn in a non-PPR the rest of the way? Or is it a tie?

  6. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Howie: That is a close one. I’m putting my money on Beanie, but it’s close right now.

  7. Hennessey says:

    @Doc: Same question as Wilsonian but with the Titans…ride them or drop for Denver?

  8. Louis says:

    PPR league, pick 2: Hillis (@NO), Moreno (OAK), Bess (PIT)

  9. Harley says:

    @ Doc: Pick 4 for this week, .5 ppr league – Wes Welker, Steve Smith (Car), Mike Williams (TB), Tony Gonzalez, Zach Miller

    Also, with the uncertainty of McFadden and Bush situation, which do you start if McFadden plays (obviously Bush is a good start if McFadden is inactive)? Or, if he plays, do you avoid altogether and drop Bush to pick up Woodhead?


  10. Joe John says:

    Danny Woodhead or Justin Forset as a flex play?

  11. Abo says:

    I need a flex and a te for this week out of hernandez, z. miller and s. smith (car). I’m thinking hernandez at te and smith at flex. Don’t like miller’s qb situation. What do you think?

  12. Wilsonian says:

    Moeaki over Heap or stick with the injured Heapster and hope he finds the end zone against the Bills?

  13. Steve Mc says:

    Knox or Crabtree? Giants or Titans D?

  14. bfeels says:

    Wondering what you expect from Jacob Tamme with Dallas Clark going down? Also, I have a slew of guys bunched up in your rankings. Need two: F Jones, B Wells, Crabtree, M Williams (tb). Thanks for the advice!

  15. Clyde Prompto says:

    Howdy, Doc. Who would you rather have for the rest of the season: Britt, Meachem, or Seattle Mike Williams?

  16. MJD Took A Knee says:

    2-4 team has Chris Johnson. Not sure if he will win this week and not sure if he would trade but what would be a good offer. NonPPR 2WR/2RB/Flex – Trying to use the PFF trade value

    My team:
    Ben – Cutler
    AJ – Colston – Garcon – Crayton (Vjax still on waivers)
    SJax – Hillis – Charles – Torain – Lynch

    Eli – Henne
    Ocho – Branch – Bowe – Gaffney
    CJ – Pierre Thomas – Benson – Maroney

    Sjax Torain Colston for CJ? I would maybe offer a trade for next week so some of these guys values could change.

  17. D.A. says:

    Pick 2: Felix, Moreno, Ivory (.5ppr)

    Pick 3: Carolina Smith, Meachem, R. Moss, Chad Ocho (.5ppr)

    Pick 1: Big Ben or Cutler (.5/comp, 4/TD, 1/20yds)

  18. Dave says:

    I’ve been benching Witten in favor of Zach Miller. In a 0.25PPR league, is this the week to start witten?

  19. Nate says:

    Just lost clark for the year, who do you think i’m better off with going forward


  20. herschel says:

    @Doc: PPR league, santana moss or crabtree?

  21. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Dave: It might be. I’m worried about the QB situation.

    @D.A.: Moreno/Ivory/Moss/Meachem/Smith/Ben

    @MJD Took A Knee: YEah, I’d feel good about that trade and it might get it done.

    @Clyde Prompto: Meachem

    @Steve Mc: Was going Knox, but weather may be bad in Chicago. Leaning Crabtree right now. NYG

    @Wilsonian: I like Heaps chances against the Bills

    @Abo: Agreed

    @Joe John: Woodhead

    @Harley: I’d probably sit Miller and go with Bush.

    @Louis: Hillis/Moreno

    @Hennessey: I’d lean going with Denver

  22. herschel says:

    @Doc: thanks….for TE, moeaki over h. miller in a PPR league too?

  23. Doc

    Doc says:

    @herschel: Miller could be the safer lay in PPR. Moeaki has more upside.

  24. bfeels says:

    Pick two? f Jones, b Wells, Crabtree or M Williams (TB)

  25. Randy says:

    Knox or Forsett? Thanks

  26. Doc

    Doc says:

    @bfeels: Crabtree/Wells

    @Randy: Knox

  27. Damion says:

    Ok Doc, I need help early, my whole roster seems gutted this coming week

    Here are my boys presently
    qb-ryan, kolb, and vick….started kolb instead of ryan….got torched for that
    rb-bush, lynch, rice, mccoy
    wr-floyd, bowe, austin
    te-kellar, heap
    def-san fran

    who is reasonable to get off the waiver wire…since all 3 qb’s I have are on byes? plus, who should I toss, vick or kolb?

    and rbs?

    is kellar good enogh to start every week….need more bench

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