I’m getting this week’s rankings out early. Player notes, flex rankings and updates are on the way!

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  1. barker says:

    trade offered to me 12 team league

    i give cj2k i get vick

    my RBs rice cj2k jstew hardesty felix
    QB schaub

  2. herschel says:

    @Doc: in ppr league, who what range of wrs should i target in exchange for finley? i have gronk and am trying to get whatever i can for finley’s name value….thanks.

  3. Lubey says:

    Senor Doc,

    Who would you drop—PPR league

    Starks, Daily Show, Little

    My team is loaded at RB and hurting at WR so I am leaning either Starks or Stew unless you think Little is clearly the weakest of the three. PPR

    Gracias hombre!!!

  4. Brian says:

    Doc, two trade questions — would you trade Blount for Maclin? I have DeMarco, Felix, DMC, M. Bush, Helu, Scott and probably picking up Delone Carter on waivers.

    Also I am looking to trade O. Daniels or F. Davis for Rivers to upgrade at QB. Who would you rather trade? Davis?


  5. Nick says:

    @Doc: Hey Doc, this week I have to many byes that I actually have my WR3 blank at the moment…you had recommended dump M. Thomas for A. Brown which I don’t disagree with but that does not help my WR situation seeing as I have M. Thomas in the WR2 slot at the moment… In a 10-team would you drop DHB or Best (what are chances he is done for season) for Baldwin, Gaffney, D Thomas or Breaston? I will drop M. Thomas for A Brown but like I said, I’m still short a WR unless I dump a bye candidate like DHB or an injured Best (dont want to do unless 100% done for season)

  6. HotCorner306 says:

    @Doc…Needing to make a trade for a RB, a position that I’m very thin at. Would you be more willing to part ways with Schaub or Stafford at this point for a higher tier RB? Thanks again!

  7. frog says:

    hmm, finley seems to be missing in the TE listing.
    like hershel, i have both gronk and finley. whom do you see having a more productive 2nd half?

  8. Doc

    Doc says:

    @frog: Finley is on a bye this week. It’s close. I’s still with Finley.

    @HotCorner306: Schaub

    @Nick: You’ll have to go with DHB. Tough to call on Best. You need to keep him. I’d lean Gaffney.

    @Brian: I’d trade him for Maclin. Those two are really close. I’d lean toward keeping OD, but Davis has more upside.

    @Lubey: I’d probably drop JStew.

    @herschel: Brandon Lloyd .. Holmes?

    @barker: I think I’d go for it

  9. Nick says:

    @Doc: Gaffney literally got picked up 1 minute before me!! DAMNIT!! I took D Thomas..could be a bad week for him though up against Detroit..would you have gone with Breaston, Bureleson, Simpson, D Nelson?

  10. Nick says:

    Also Doc, do you really think Helu, K Williams, A Smith and D Brown are better starts than Bernard Scott!!?? I picked up Scott to start at flex but all of the aboves guys are available in my 10 team (I have torain also starting)… And you put Delone Carter below all of these guys when he looks like he is in line for the start with his performance this past week! Doc, giving me your reasoning and advise if you would dump Scott for any of these guys you ranked up in week 8

  11. BA says:

    Need 2 between Helu, N.Washington and Little.

  12. bryce says:

    Doc – Looking to cash in on Demarco Murray’s huge day…I was offered Benson and V Cruz. I counter offered Murray for VJax. No word yet but should I look for more or keep the kid? My other RBs are McCoy and Bradshaw. Thanks!

  13. fleet says:

    12 team league, must roster 4, u start 2. (10 pt. rushing td)

    My running backs:

    1. AP bye 9
    2. McFadden bye 8
    3. James Starks bye 8
    4. Felix Jones (Injured)

    I’m struggling for a rb. On the waivers we have Morris, Helu, K. Williams, B. Scott, Ringer, and lower rbs. If I hold, I only have one rb this week and maybe next.

    Would you hold? Drop? If so, who for who

  14. fleet says:

    One more 12 team, must roster 2, start 1.

    QB: 1. Stafford bye week 9, injury
    2. Carson Palmer bye week 8

    Would you dump palmer for Dalton, Ponder, T. Jackson, or S. Hill, McCoy? what order.

  15. Doc

    Doc says:

    @fleet: I probably would just dump him for Hill and then grab a matchup guy when you need him next week.

    @fleet: I wouldn’t go without a RB. I’d probably drop Starks for Helu.

    @bryce: I’d do it for VJax.

    @BA: Helu, Little

    @Nick: I think he’s in that tier. Seattle’s rush D is stout and I think Leonard will get a lot of work as well.

    @Nick: I think you’re good.

  16. B.o.B. says:

    What’s your comparative outlook rest of the way between Vincent Jackson and AJ Green? I have AJ and wondering if it’s worth trading him for VJ along with a draft pick for next year. Thanks

  17. Doc

    Doc says:

    @B.o.B.: I like VJax more. I’d try that.

  18. HVP says:

    My starter is Ben my backup is Dalton

    I can trade Dalton for Palmer. Who has more value for the rest of the way in case Ben goes down?

  19. B.o.B. says:

    Is Ryan Mathews someone you’d want to trade for or is he too much of an injury risk to give anything up?

  20. DeeMan says:

    Hillis on the waiver wire and I have a pretty good priority pick. Should I get him and drop D. Thomas?

    Additionally (Standard league)
    Drop Harvin for Damaryius Thomas?
    My other receivers are Maclin, Austin and Nicks (Crazy good right)?

  21. MrGJG says:

    Fred Davis or Aaron Hernandez? PPR league. TE cannot be used as flex.

  22. Tyler says:

    Hey I have a tough call this week between rivers or tebow. Rivers hasnt been playing well but tebow really didnt get much till the 3 minutes. Got any advice or is it a coin flip as to who gets the points.

  23. zandercage says:

    Damian Williams or Antonio Brown at Flex this week? Thanks!

  24. A.J. says:

    In a flex position this week would you drop Hardesty or Tate and pick up Helu or Antonio Brown? Or would you start Hardesty and keep Tate for his potential upside if Foster gets hurt?

  25. John J. says:

    Because of injuries, I’m starting Helu and Scott this week at running back. It looks like Hillis is out again this week, would you start Hardesty over one of them?

  26. bill says:

    good site…i think you should make it easier to find the weekly rankings (week 8 rankings are back to the 2nd page).

    i need a home run play…torain vs buf or sanders vs ne (ppr)?

  27. Clint

    Clint says:

    Doc is on vacation, so I’ll offer answers to your questions for what they’re worth.

    @HVP: Dalton.

    @B.o.B.: He’s an injury risk no doubt, but he’s one of the best when he plays. In this game you have to play to win and gamble a little sometimes. Injuries are unpredictable. If you have a chance to get him on your team, I say go for it.

    @DeeMan: I’d hang on to Thomas and save the waiver priority for a better opportunity. You have a great WR corps for sure. I’d take the risk/reward chance with Thomas. You know what you’ll get from Harvin, which isn’t much. I’d take a chance on Demaryius.

    @MrGJG: Hernandez.

    @Tyler: I trust Rivers a little more than Tebow despite the rough season so far. I’d go with Rivers this week.

    @zandercage: Brown.

    @A.J.: I’d drop Hardesty and go with Brown this week. Hang on to Tate for the reason you stated. His upside is huge if Foster goes down.

    @John J.: No. The 49ers don’t give up much to RBs. Helu and Scott both have a higher ceiling than Hardesty.

    @bill: I’d go with Torain. Big time potential with Hightower out for the year.

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