Sunday’s finally here! To start things off we have our “Matchup Savers,” players that you can start today if you’re in a pinch due to the bye week, injuries, etc. I do all of this within the context of 12 team leagues that are competitive. Often there will be more talented/valuable players than these available- take them unless you are really enamored with a certain matchup.

Matchup Savers


Mark Bulger- You have to love the matchup with the hapless Lions pass defense. The Rams really have some nice skill position players and if Bulger gets time to throw the football he could have a big day.

Matthew Stafford- Keep an eye on the injury report but he’s supposed to be playing on Sunday. He gets the Rams and Megatron will be in the lineup.

Alex Smith- This isn’t a matchup to get too excited about (vs. Indianapolis). I know how exciting his play was in the second half of Sunday’s game but we need to tame our expectations. In 2 QB leagues he is a respectable fill in.

Running Back:

LenDale White (Ten)- He is on waivers in a lot of leagues and for good reason; he has been horrible this year. There is another way to think about this situation, however. Last year LenDale was a productive fantasy back and he was fat and lazy. This offseason he got himself in shape (because it’s his contract year) so it’s not unreasonable to think he might have a good second half. You’ll see him below in the “Buy Low” category.

Garrett Wolfe (Chi)- The Bears should be running the football a lot in this game against the Browns. If they build a substantial lead expect Wolfe to get a lot of work in the 4th quarter especially.

Jason Snelling (Atl)- Jerious Norwood’s been injured and Snelling has played really well in his stead. He is a hybrid back with surprisingly good pass catching skills and breakaway speed. The Falcons are playing the Saints so unfortunately it’s not a great matchup for him. He will definitely get some carries and receptions in this game though.

Chris Brown (Hou)- He shouldn’t be getting carries anymore but he is. The Texans are facing a poor run stopping team in the Bills so he might get a chance to punch one in the end zone.

Wide Receiver

Lee Evans (Buf)- He is starting to pop up on a lot of waiver wires due to the Bills offensive struggles this season. They get the Texans this week and this should be an opportunity for them to move the football.

Brandon Stokley (Den)- I spoke earlier this week about how the Ravens defense is a shell of its former self. Stokley might get some really nice opportunities underneath the coverage with Marshall spreading them out.

Hakeem Nicks- Mario Manningham injured his shoulder in practice this week. He’ll still probably play in this game but even so that has to increase Nicks’ value. The Eagles should be focusing on the Giants running game and Steve Smith so Nicks could get some opportunities to make plays in the passing game.

Bess/Camarillo- With “Revis envy” overtaking Ted Ginn Jr. Henne should be looking in the direction of Davone Bess and Greg Camarillo.

Tight End

Tony Scheffler- He has been scooped up in a lot of leagues, particularly with the injury to Chris Cooley. If he is still available I would feel comfortable grabbing him and throwing him in there.

Anthony Fasano- This Dolphins TE hasn’t been that productive thus far but he is a safe bet to get you a few receptions and some yards. You might get lucky and score a touchdown this week.

Todd Heap- This wily veteran is always good for a few catches. I have nothing exciting to say about him otherwise.


Chicago- The Bears are going against the Browns this week. As disappointing as Chicago’s defense has been you have to love the prospects of betting against the Browns offense.

Arizona- The Cardinals are facing the Panthers this week. Carolina’s offense has struggled mightily and turned the ball over a ton this season.

Indianapolis- You have to assume that the 49’ers offense won’t be that explosive against the Colts, a defense that is highly underrated. They get after the quarterback fairly well and there’s a good chance that Alex Smith will have some loose throws.

Buy High

Jamaal Charles- I’ve been telling you to get him all season and now he’s not going to be as cheap. He’s still worth giving up some value for because there’s just enormous upside here. We know that Larry Johnson is going to miss at least next week’s game and it’s hard to tell what the situation will be after that. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Chiefs just decided to move on since Charles is the running back of the future there anyway.

Ronnie Brown- I have covered this one for several weeks in a row. STUD.

Jeremy Maclin- It looked like the Eagles were going to take DeSean Jackson and turn him in to a Torry Holt/Marvin Harrison type of receiver; giving him 90+ catches and running all the routes with him. Now it is apparent that the Eagles are going to feature him as their deep threat/playmaker because they have a lot of faith that Maclin can and will be the short to intermediate route runner for them. I absolutely love him in PPR.

LeSean McCoy- We still don’t know what’s going on with Westbrook’s concussion. Either way it’s clear that McCoy is the running back of the future in Philadelphia so expect him to keep touching the football more and more. This week it looks like Westbrook won’t play.

Shonn Greene- His owner might be unreasonable in terms of asking price. Look he’s not going to go for 140 yards and 2 TD’s like he did last Sunday all the time. But he is the future there and with Washington out you have to imagine Greene being the recipient of all those touches.

Marques Colston- Elite WR’s have been a disaster this season. With all of the injuries/ineffective play Colston should end up a top 5 WR by the end of the season fairly easily.

Sell High

Steve Smith (NYG)- I have said this before and I stand by it- he is NOT going to lead the league in receptions, yards, or touchdowns.  Like Cedric Benson below him you need to make sure that you get good value for Steve Smith- he’s a legitimate Sleeper who will put up good numbers .

Cedric Benson- Let me be clear about this one: only trade him if you get close to what he’s worth in return. I own Benson in two leagues this season and I have been attempting to trade him in a multi-player deal to get an elite receiver in return. What I have found from shopping him around is that people want to pay for what his ADP was (around 70th) and that’s ludicrous to me. The guy is a top 10 player. So what I expected (and you should, too) was to get late 2nd, early 3rd round value out of him. If you don’t get that then it’s not worth moving him because there’s no reason to believe he’ll slow down.

Thomas Jones- He continues to stay healthy and has had a really good season so far. I would look to capitalize on that by moving him and trying to get a receiver or something else you need in return. Last week I told you not to move Larry Johnson immediately, to not be greedy.

Ben Roethlisburger- Trading Quarterbacks is always tricky. You can’t reasonably move Big Ben unless you have another great QB or you are getting an elite guy in return. I just refuse to believe that Pittsburgh is going to be able to throw the football like the ’99 Rams all season.

Ray Rice- Same as Cedric Benson and Steve Smith- you probably won’t be able to trade him because people won’t give you near what his value is. But I’d still try and use him to get one of the few elite receivers that are out there right now.

Jeremy Shockey- There’s a lot of depth out there at tight end this season. People are enamored with what Shockey’s done thus far but I just question whether he can maintain the pace he’s on or stay healthy all year. If you can cash him in and get solid value I’d do it.

Hines Ward- I warned about the correction that was coming in Hines’ huge numbers and last week it came crashing down. He has been one of the top receivers in the NFL this year and he’s simply not that good. Plus there are too many mouths to feed in that passing offense with Holmes and Wallace playing really solid football right now.

Buy Low

LenDale White- I covered the logic behind this above in the Matchup Savers section. I’ m not going to rehash it here because I hate when people triple stamp a double stamp.

Brandon Jacobs- Bradshaw is not fully healthy and it doesn’t look like he will be all year. That bodes well for Jacobs owners because it ensure he’ll be the feature back from here on out. I still can’t believe how allergic he’s been to the end zone. I have to believe he’ll start to punch it in more often.

Glen Coffee- Frank Gore wasn’t that great last week. I question whether or not he’ll be able to stay healthy all year. That makes Coffee a great stash and I can’t see his acquisition cost being that high considering he hasn’t done anything for owners in weeks.

Steve Breaston- He has found himself on waivers in a lot of leagues. That is hard to believe considering last year he had over 1,000 yards receiving as a rookie. He’s had some injury issues but he’s shown that he is going to fight through them. I like his chances of getting healthy and being a solid flex option in the very near future.

Jason Witten- It’s only a matter of time before he gets his. I know how twitterpated everyone is with Miles Austin right now but Witten’s going to be the man in Dallas the second half of the season. I thought he would have taken off right at the start of the year with T.O. gone but the production hasn’t quite been there. I’m throwing it out there now- Jason Witten’s about to reclaim his status as the top TE in Fantasy football.

Anquan Boldin- He really is the ultimate warrior. Last season he broke his face, came back, and was a stone cold killer. Anquan Boldin’s not sitting out with turf toe people. He wants a new contract and he is determined to finish the season strong.

Jerome Harrison- It is only a matter of time before Jamal Lewis gets hurt again or is completely useless. Harrison is the guy in Cleveland; maybe I’ll turn out to be wrong on this one but I’m taking a stand.

Calvin Johnson- No one’s really sure what to expect out of Megatron on Sunday. We were initially led to believe that his injury wasn’t a big deal but he’s missed a lot more time than was originally predicted.  The ceiling is so high on this guy that you have to be a buyer if the price is right, however.

Jericho Cotchery- Reportedly he had several days of good practice this week and should be close to full strength if/when he plays on Sunday. The Jets took their time bringing him back which was probably the smart thing to do. I am excited to see whether or not my prediction about the “Braylon Edwards Effect” comes to fruition. Don’t sleep on this sleeper folks!

Sell Low

Jay Cutler- I’m sorry Bear fans but he’s a poor man’s young Brett Favre. That’s not a compliment, in case you couldn’t tell. Jay Cutler is the Santana Moss of quarterbacks. I just refuse to put up with that sort of erratic production from my field generals. I hope you can find someone who still thinks he has lots of upside and that the high turnover games were just exceptions to the rule.

Greg Jennings- As regular readers know we here at Razzball made our minds up several weeks ago that this guy wasn’t going to turn it around and lay out numbers even close to his ADP. What the Packers are doing now is running a lot of 2 Tight End sets (max protection) and only sending out 2 or 3 route runners. This might give Jennings time to get through his breaks but the problem is going to be the coverage. He might be a decent receiver from here on out but I just can’t envision anything close to where he got drafted.

Pierre Thomas- You know what’s awesome about splitting touches between three running backs? Nothing, that’s what. There were nitwits all over the interweb touting Thomas as a “solid” pick  in the late 2nd, early 3rd round. He had a couple big games a few weeks ago; you should’ve traded him then. Now with the deadline approaching (if it hasn’t already) you have to hope that he has a big game so you can unload him. It makes it tough to put up big digits like that when Bush is getting your catches and Bell is getting your goal line carries.

Larry Johnson- “He’ll be on here all season just to remind all of his owners that you’re playing with fire by not dealing him. The production has been decent this season- don’t get greedy!” As Grey would say, that’s me quoting me last week. You still might be able to get something for this scumbag and something’s better than nothing.

Clinton Portis- He will be on here all season. Don’t be surprised if he does/says things along the lines of what Larry Johnson has done/said.

Willis McGahee- For non-PPR this is a little bit different since Touchdown vultures are a lot more valuable. But in PPR get rid of him and get whatever you can out of the deal.

Marion Barber- Injured running backs are terrifying to me. His value has plummeted significantly but if he stays relatively healthy there might be a good game in his future. Once that happens you’d better ship him out.

Terrell Owens- I may just have him in this category until the trade deadline!

  1. xopchipili says:

    last minute decision angst time!

    trying to round out the back end of a couple of my lineups today, advice appreciated:

    Need a WR2 and a Flex out of: Nicks, Knox, Bell, Braylon

    Need a Flex from either: Josh Morgan or Brian Hartline

    and need a Flex in a PPR league from: Torry Holt, Bell, Kevin Walter

  2. Drew

    Drew says:

    @xopchipili: Knox, Braylon (unless Manningham’s out, then go with Nicks)

    Hartline? Ouch.


  3. Jonny says:

    Pulling my hair out on this one: Housh vs the Cowboys, Collie vs 49ers, or Celek vs the Gmen. Really need a win this week.


  4. Drew

    Drew says:

    @Jonny: Housh vs. Cowboys

  5. Jonny says:

    You the man! Gon’ mix up one o them dacquiri’s.

  6. Howie says:

    Jamaal Charles– is he worth a pickup to replace either Moreno or Bowe (non-PPR)? For Moreno, Charles would be my 4th RB and for Bowe, I would still have four WRs– White, South S. Smith, Driver, and Megatron.

  7. Drew

    Drew says:

    @Howie: You can’t drop Moreno or Bowe for Charles. You must be in a really shallow league or be hoarding backup TE’s/QB’s/Defenses to have to drop one of those players.

  8. Matt B says:

    Start which 2 in 10-team PPR?

    D Avery @ DET, P Harvin @ GB, J Knox vs CLE, M Massaquoi @ CHI, J Maclin vs NYG, and M Lynch vs HOU?

    Currently going w/ Marshawn & Avery

  9. Drew

    Drew says:

    @Matt B: You are right on the $ with Lynch, Avery

  10. Bofum says:

    need 2 in non-ppr league

    L. Moore

  11. Drew

    Drew says:

    Avery, Moore

  12. jamiesonmj says:

    I apologize for the novel. Im looking for two opinions here Drew – Ill do my best to keep it short.

    1) I have Forte and Im looking to move him. I want Boldin, with arizonas easy playoff sched. and as him being a buy-low option. Problem: the guy with boldin has Benson and Westbrook has his RBs. Im not really thrilled with either of them. I have Lee Evans and Roddy as the WRs im willing to part with (I just got fitz in a trade).

    How does Forte & Roddy for Benson & Boldin sound? Something tells me Im giving up too much.

    2) would you drop Evans for Maclin? I dont think I would.

  13. Drew

    Drew says:

    @jamiesonmj: Production-wise that would be a good trade for you but you are giving up a little too much value. Do you think you could get Westbrook & Boldin for Forte & Evans? You are giving up a lot less there.

  14. Joe B says:

    Should I start Greg Jennings or Beanie Wells in my flex this week??? No PPR.

  15. vinko says:

    Is it time to drop Brandshaw for Charles in a 10 team, non ppr? Other rb’s are Williams, Johnson, and Thomas.

  16. Doc says:

    Westbrook, Calvin Johnson, and manningham all out

  17. Howie says:

    Only eight teams…with no defense…shallow indeed. Thanks.

  18. danimal35 says:

    after a 2 for 1, i have room for a pickup…these three on the wire:
    Lendale, Mike Bush, Snelling…I’m thinking White is the best stash…what do you think?

  19. Denys says:

    need to start one (1) of these:

    Knowshon Moreno / Ahmad Bradshaw / LeSean McCoy / Willis McGahee

    leaning to Moreno…

  20. ETMcgee says:

    should i play sproles or mccoy over frank gore this week?? (non ppr)

  21. Stumanji says:

    2 QB (PPR) league: An owner has Brady & P. Manning and is hurting for a WR. He said he’d trade me one of them for Matty Ice and Desean Jax. We start 2 WR and a Flex and I also have Steve Smith NYG, Andre Johnson, and Sims-Walker. Three questions:

    1) You like this trade?
    2) Which QB should I ask for?
    3) Which WR should I give up?


  22. matthole says:

    @Drew: youre no grey

  23. matthole says:

    @Drew: large majority of everything you write about is common sense….yes bulger plays detroit thanks for the heads up….get rid of larry johnson, really? ….We get it… about some fresh thoughts

  24. denzik says:

    @Stumanji: i like the ryan,jackson for brady only because indy will have such a big lead,come our playoff time he wont be playing full games,pats and brady probably will be,but i love the trade for you

  25. denzik says:

    @ETMcgee: id have to go with gore,mccoy vs giants not a good matchup and sproles is a time share rb

  26. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Joe B: Wells

  27. Doc

    Doc says:

    @vinko: I’d hold for now

  28. denzik says:

    DREW,,i wanted to go with T.O over massaquoi but probably would not have without support,thanks for talking me in to it,29 yard rushing T.D note to all Owen daniels got hurt,not sure how bad but doubt he returnns today

  29. Doc

    Doc says:

    @denzik: Yeah, nice call Drew. So far Evans is bluh!

  30. Doc

    Doc says:

    Moats getting a lot of work. Slaton fumbles

  31. denzik says:

    @Doc: why is moats getting all the carriers today?is slaton hurt?

  32. denzik says:

    @Doc: damn you fast with that one

  33. denzik says:


  34. jamiesonmj says:

    sjax and AJ are killing me today

  35. jamiesonmj says:

    forte finally scores though… take the good with the bad

  36. Doc

    Doc says:

    Drew has talked about Moats in the past. He’ll be the #1 waver wire pickup this week.

  37. jamiesonmj says:

    theres SJax!!!

  38. Sos says:

    Have an offer of his Big Ben and Braylon for my Eli and B Marsh in a .5 ppr. Thinkin about it mainly because I think Big Ben is an upgrade over Eli and Braylon and B Marsh are a push. Any thoughts?

  39. Drew

    Drew says:

    @Sos: I wouldn’t do that deal. Marshall is a lot better than Edwards. If you are going to upgrade at Quarterback I’d go for someone better than Ben.

  40. Doc

    Doc says:

    Owen Daniels is done for the year.

  41. denzik says:

    @Drew: @Doc: or anyone in football world know if sims walker was hurt or benched for mistakes or why he got 2 catches real early and none the last 3 quarters?

  42. Doc

    Doc says:

    @denzik: i think he was Garrard’d

  43. Howie says:

    What would you think of a Forte for Slaton trade? I’m thinking this might be my opportunity to rid myself of Forte and perhaps the Slaton owner might bite? Or would this be a bad deal for me if he agreed?

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