Here in the midwest, the first frosty mornings are now in the books. It is an ominous sign for midwesterners (like myself) that winter is right around the corner. Work needs to be done. Much like that fantasy league you are in. There is still time to turn things around in head-to-head games, but you will have to work at it. Always remember, you do not need a record better than the top team in your league, you merely need to sneak into those playoffs and push from there, so focus on the record of the team in 4th place. Everyone could use some weapons upgrades for the cold battles that lie ahead.

It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.

Roster percentages from Fantrax 10/26/2021


This week’s list offers an interesting group of signal-callers. Injuries to Zach Wilson and Baker Mayfield have opened the door (in varying degrees) to Case Keenum and Mike White. P.J. Walker’s opportunity came after a disjointed and troubling performance from Sam Darnold. All of the QBs offer some intrigue.


Case Keenum QB Browns (18% rostered)

Case may not be available in your dynasty league, but I was surprised to see him in one of mine, so I include him here. I think many of us know the story here. Keenum was very good with Head Coach Stefanski in Minnesota when Case stepped into the starters role executing the plays called by then offensive coordinator Stefanski and taking the Vikings to the playoffs. The pair certainly looked up the task on Thursday night. Baker claims he will return next week, but I am putting a claim on Keenum where available. I can always trade him to a QB-starved team for a draft pick when the time is right.


Phillip “P.J.” Walker QB Panthers (4% rostered)

This week’s most exciting player on the list. Walker can run the ball well and he has a very strong arm. He is only 5′, 11″ and 216 lbs, but he has proved doubters wrong throughout his career. He attended college at Temple under head coach Matt Rhule, who happens to be his Head Coach in the NFL. Rhule sees a lot to like in P.J. and I can understand. Phillip led the Owls to their first back-to-back bowl games in school history finishing his career at Temple University as the all-time leader in wins, passing yards, passing TDs, completion, attempts, total yards, and total TDs. For P.J. Walker it’s always sunny in Philadelphia. Phillip signed with Carolina after leading the XFL in passing touchdowns and passing yards. All in on P.J. This is the type of player who could take this opportunity and run with it. He’s only 26 years old, so dynasty upside applies.


Mike White QB Jets (0% rostered)

Eat your heart out Charlie Day! Mike White is the “wild card” on gang green. Mike put up some impressive numbers in college with Western Kentucky Hilltoppers over 8,000 yards passing and over 60 TDs in two years after transferring from USF. Those gaudy numbers and a good performance at the 2018 Senior Bowl got him drafted in the 5th round by the Dallas Cowboys. But Dak Prescott’s Rayne in Dallas had already begun. See what I did there? Dak is his middle name, Prescott’s first name is Rayne. The more you know… I think he made the right decision to go by Dak. At any rate, Mike White is not exactly a slouch. He is 6′, 5″ and has a strong arm. White can get himself into trouble forcing passes into tight coverage, so be wary of turnovers. I don’t think he is going to scramble much, but he can make all the throws. At only 26 years old, White has time to show he can be a contributor. Pick him up and watch what he does over the next four weeks. A great performance could get him a look for QB starved team in the offseason.



Running backs

Sorry, not much to see here. I have a couple of goal-line bruisers who are unlikely to affect your fantasy teams, but hey, the names are worth storing deep in the archives of your runningback memory warehouse. Their presence on this list is almost as confusing as the book/movie “Dreamcatcher”.


Trey Ragas RB Raiders (1% rostered)

Bye week this week, so Trey has that working against him. The bye week offers Josh Jacobs time to mend. Of course, Peyton Barber has looked good as Jacobs’s substitute offering much more than an old movie. But, if both were to miss time, Ragas would be the bruiser/goal-line back.


Johnny Stanton IV RB Browns (0% rostered)

What would have happened if Tim Tebow would have learned/been willing to block? I think we get a glimpse here in Stanton. He was a pretty big Quarterback recruit coming out of Nevada. Nebraska won the battle for his services, but he never saw the field for Big Red and transferred to UNLV. Stanton had a productive college career. Johnny is a strong runner, but his lack of breakaway speed limits his playmaking ability. He makes a wonderful fullback. He is currently replacing the best FB in football another former Husker, Andy Janovich. Stanton has a unique set of skills that are beneficial near the goal line. He will never be a star, and I am not planning to add him in any league, but I won’t be surprised if scores if he scores a few more TDs before the season’s end.


Wide Receivers

WR is deep this week. The bye-week teams (Raiders and Ravens) lack fantasy stars at the WR position. With this in mind, I only have a few WRs who have captured my interest.


Mack Hollins WR Dolphins (2% rostered)

I had Hollins on my list last week. I liked him then and I like him now. He’s big and fast and he might be better than Devante Parker. What is pertinent to our game is that Mack is more available to you and the Dolphins. This roster % is way too low.


Dante Pettis WR Giants (6% rostered)

Another player that was on last week’s list, but I was wrong on this one. I did not think Pettis was worth much attention last week and I was wrong. Pettis has now accrued 16 targets and 10 catches for 82 yards and a TD in the last two weeks. Pettis faces the much-maligned Kansas City Cheifs defense this week. Golladay will likely still be injured and I don’t think you should fear Slayton. Pettis is playing for me this week.


Kevin White WR Saints (0% rostered)

A blast from the past and a collective disappointed sigh from Bear fans. Once the 7th overall pick, White’s career just never got going. He had trouble learning offenses, getting open, and catching passes, but other than that, he was great. White has more talent than most people can dream of. Always bet on speed, Kevin has the speed to burn. I’ll take a waiver on him. The upside is through the roof and he’s only gonna cost you’re a $1 fab.


Dax Milne WR Football Team (2% rostered)

Washington’s final pick of this year’s draft had a few passes thrown his direction last week, so I took notice. Milne lacks speed and athletism, but he has good hands, runs great routes, and is very adept in the blocking game. He’s the type of player the fantasy world ignores at their peril. WFT needs reliable players and Dax can be their shepherd.


Tight End

Have you heard that Sunday was “National Tight End Day”? I don’t know where you would have. I know I didn’t hear it 5,000 times on Saturday. I look forward to the John Oliver show’ “And NowThis…” segment on the phrase.


Josh Oliver TE Ravens (2% rostered)

A super talented kid who is one step away from a golden opportunity. He is from San Jose State and got drafted in the 3rd round (69th overall) by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the 2019 draft. A player has to turn some heads to get noticed at San Jose State and if you get noticed and drafted in the top 75 players, you are spinning scout’s heads into a Linda Blair exorcist tornado. Josh is 6′, 4″ 250lbs and he runs a 4.6 forty-yard dash, so think Noah Fant. Oliver is one Mark Andrews injury away from taking over the TE position in a TE-friendly playbook. Stash this guy on your bench because he could pay huge dividends.


Foster Moreau TE Raiders (9% rostered)

Speaking of golden opportunities. The Raiders have many plays designed for the TE. Moreau stepped into that role last week and performed admirably. Keep an eye on Waller’s health over the bye week and if he’s out, don’t hesitate to crack a Foster in week 9.


Adam Shaheen TE Dolphins (1% rostered)

You will notice all these backup TEs are on teams that heavily involve their TEs in the passing game. Shaheen was a 2nd round draft pick in 2017 based on his athletic skills and a great time (7.09) on the three-cone drill. An opportunity and little sustained health might be all he needs to finally realize that potential. He’s worth a speculative add.