Well, not all of us got fake football chocolate cake, but week 8 was a good one for this old fake footballer.  Unfortunately it’s time to say goodnight once again to the super charged football day and start preparing for next week by taking a quick look at what happened today. Let’s do that. Ok? ok.

Steven Jackson: The Predator preyed on the Saints defense and set the tone for an amazing upset. I’ve always been a SJax fan and wished he had been with a better team during the height of his abilities, but thankfully he’s still doing his thing and we can watch him run people over a couple more years.

Frank Gore: Frank and Steve were on many a be wary list this preseason, including mine. And early on they looked like the poster children for the be wary list, but they both are playing well and Gore has topped 125 yards 4 games in a row! That’s some good fake and real footballin. He just missed 2 touchdowns and as long as the 49ers defense continues to play well and he can stay healthy he’ll be a huge part of the game plan.

LeSean McCoy: McCoy has been a fantasy stud all season, but to put up 185 yards and 2 touchdowns on one of the best run defenses is the league is quite an accomplishment. His 10 total touchdowns was what I figured his ceiling was this season! He’s stepped up his game and if he’s on your team just hope that Andy Reid doesn’t try to get him back for punching him in his over-sized gut.

Chris Johnson: If I could explain this 2011 Chris Johnson I would. Sure, he could be letting up some now that he’s been paid or he could have lost a step because of the long lay off or the offensive line might just be that bad, but whatever it is we can’t fool ourselves anymore. I traded for him in a league and I’m pretty pissed about it, but we’ve got to move on. Right now it’s turned into a “hot hand” backfield between him and Javon Ringer. There needs to be a better name for that. Ringer continues to outplay CJ which isn’t all that difficult so at this point “hot hand” is referring to Ringer, so he’ll be on the waiver wire post of course. Can you drop CJ? In 10 team leagues I’m not going to stop you for the right guy. In 12 teamers I’m going to hold onto him until he rots I guess.

Fred Jackson: It’s easy to overlook him, especially when he’s up hosering around in Toronto, but this dude just does not put up bad games. This was his first game since week 1 without a touchdown, but he still rushed and received over 200 yards. That’s nothing to scoff at even if you are pro-scoff as I am.  Be happy you own him.

Brandon Jacobs: After his team won, Jacobs was elated and to prove it screamed at the top of his lungs, “I’ve got nothing positive to say. The most positive thing: I got family at home and I got a fast-ass car being delivered on Tuesday. That’s it.”!!!!! Hmm, now that I look at this again I can’t be for sure how happy he was to win.

Tarvaris Jackson:  Tarvaris had one of the best games of his career and it came after Charlie Whitehurst had crapped the bed enough that Carroll couldn’t stand the stench and had to send TJax in to clean things up. I think this metaphor needs to come to an abrupt halt. So Jackson threw for a career high 323 yards and from what I saw looked pretty good in doing so. He didn’t get any touchdowns which killed his fantasy day, but he also didn’t get to play the whole game.

Antonio Brown: He had a crazy 15 targets and 9 receptions and is easily Rothlisberger’s go to guy. I think he doesn’t mind getting Brown killed so he can keep Wallace alive for the big plays. At least that’s my twisted logic. Of course the Patriots pass defense is nothing to write home about, or even talk about in polite company, but you can’t get past Brown’s targets and the pass first attitude by the Steelers. Make sure he is owned in your leagues, preferably by you.

Tim Tebow: Blurgh. That was painful to watch. His rushing ability still keeps him near the top 12 fantasy QBs each week, but that performance was just bad on so many levels.  There were layers and layers on top of layers horridness. It was like a great work of art that each time you return to it you can get something new out of it, but in this case it is new depths of terrible.

Hakeem Nicks: He left the game with some hammy troubles and will get an MRI to see what is is going on there. It doesn’t sound like a multi-week injury, but with hamstrings you never really know. This would really help Manninham and Cruz and a little bit of Ballard. And would make Nicks owners sad.

Your all surprise week 8 fantasy team:

QB: Curtis Painter: There really wasn’t a good option here since all the leaders in fantasy points were actually supposed to be the leaders, weird. Painter had zero touchdowns and 2 interceptions, but still managed a decent day because he ran 7 times for 79 yards. Which of course blew away his opponent Chris Johnson’s numbers.

RB: Beanie Wells: It looked like he wouldn’t play and then it looked like he would see limited action and then he gets 22 carries for 83 yards and a touchdown. Jerk.

RB: Reggie Bush: He has only run for 100 yards in a game 3 other times and not since 2008, so him getting 100 yards on the ground is similar to seeing the Chupacabra.

WR: Laurent Robinson: He has really stepped up as the #3 WR in Dallas and with Romo avoiding Dez and Miles like the plague against the Eagles Robinson was the target whore and ended up topping 100 yards and a TD. Usually games won’t go this way, but keep Robinson on the radar.

WR: Nate Washington: His 2 touchdowns saved his game and many fake footballers, but I actually left this one feeling worse about him. Damian Williams looked quicker and was able to separate easier so I think this is a good time to sell Nate.

TE: Brent Celek: Your TE leaders so far are Scott Chandler, Brent Celek, Greg Olsen and Tony Scheffler. Go figure. Celek had the most targets out of those dudes with 9 and is gaining some trust with Vick. He’s worth a look.

K: Pfft.

D/ST: Detroit Lions: They have been solid all year, but their huge game was an indictment of Timothy Tebow. Oakland may be a good start next week.

  1. AL KOHOLIC says:

    damn,the cowgirls def,was horrible and down 30 points with 6 minutes left,1st and goal at the 4,you gotta give the rook the rock there.Id say felix,s days as a starting rb are over

  2. Nick says:

    Hey Doc, is it time to let Torrain go for D Carter? Or Maybe Breaston if he has annotger decent game? (10+pts)….i just dumped B Scott for Ringer and backup CincyD for L Moore….Carter is only guy I think has value on waivers…maybe that 3rd string Cleveland back but in 10 team league I have better backs than that…

  3. Nick says:

    T Smith also available….my RB are forte, murray, starks, ringer, best. torrain (mentioned above, ready to drop, haha). And WR are Megatron, Holmes, D Thomas, L Moore

  4. @Doc Looking for a viable RB3. Right now I have Ridley. Do you think Hillis would be a better option ROS?

  5. Eng says:

    Give up Painter to get Vernon Davis? 2 QB league, Curt is my third guy/inj insurance behind Brady and Tebow. Tebow’s job is safe right? that’s the main thing Painter has going for him.

  6. Eng says:

    Also, who is Tebow’s primary backup now; Quinn or Orton? Thanks and hope you had a good vaca.

  7. Wilsonian says:

    Need a fill-in for Cam this week. I’ve got Teblow right now, but could go with any of the following:

    Freeman, Cutler, Sanchez, Hass.

    Who you going with?

  8. Steve says:

    Another Tebow-Question. Got Freeman and Ponder as my QB 2/3. Tebow is on WW. Would you drop anyone of them (or rather dropping a def player and ride with 4 QBs for some days)? Thanks, doc.

  9. Mr2Bits says:


    Dudes name is Tebow and he’s still a top 15 QB. If you are going to act like a 10 year old then don’t own him.

  10. Wilsonian says:

    @Mr2Bits: Wow! Really? Are you seriously calling me out on my Tebow question because I made a joke pertaining to his terrible performance on the football field yesterday? It was nothing short of a mockery of the sport, if my memory serves me right.

    I actually like the guy as a person, and he is a good leader, but not sure how much he can be trusted in real (and fake) football land.

    You might want to quit snuggling with a picture of him when you sleep, however.

  11. Killer Joe says:

    Doc, when do you expect Andre Johnson to get back healthy again? Will he see the field before the Texans bye in week 11?

  12. TJ says:

    Has anyone heard any recent news on Jamaal Charles, as far as his recovery is concerned?
    He’s floating out on my league’s waiver wire, and if I pick him up, I could conceivably keep him as my 15th round pick next year.

    Not sure if it’s worth the empty roster spot for the rest of the season though.

  13. Eng says:

    In a keeper league, pickup Jamaal for sure. He shouldn’t be out there unless it’s a small 8 or 10 team league. Stud.

  14. B.o.B. says:

    10 team, H2H non keeper league…we have the same 10 GMs for the past decade so we enable draft pick trades. I currently have Matt Schaub as my QB and one GM that is now 1-7 and starting to plan for next season has both Cam and Vick. He offered me Cam and a 10th for my 4th next year. With already having Schaub, is losing my 4th next year worth the upgrade for Cam? My instincts say yes

  15. Wilsonian says:

    @TJ: in my 12 team keeper I’ve had Charles’ lifeless corpse on my roster all season (no IR spot) and there’s no way I’m dropping him. I see no reason he can’t make it back, and worst case scenario, I keep someone else if I find out next August that he’s not coming back for longer. I think you’ve gotta do it.

  16. TJ says:

    Nice, thanks for the advice.
    The league is a 10-teamer, pretty shallow rosters. But I agree, I think the potential gain is worth it.
    Worst case scenario is that some negative news comes out in the off-season, and I keep someone else.

  17. Doc

    Doc says:

    @B.o.B.: For sure.

    @TJ: Go for it

    @Killer Joe: I hope so, but news isn’t great right now. I’d say week 10 or 12.

    @Steve: It’s a tough call, but there’s a chance Tebow only gets one more game at most. Ponder and Freeman will keep their jobs. If you can carry him without hurting your team it’s worth it since he is a much better fantasy QB than reality right now.

    @Wilsonian: Freeman

    @Eng: Thanks. Looks like Orton would get his job back if they give up on Tebow.

    @Eng: Tebow’s job isn’t safe. Fox said he hasn’t decided on the QB for next week. It will be hard to keep Tebow in there if he has the same kind of game.

    @Howard: Yeah, drop Ridley for Hillis pronto.

    @Nick: I could see doing that, but I do think Addai will come back and hurt Carter’s value. So it’s pretty much a lateral move.

    @AL KOHOLIC: Agreed. Murray should have gotten more opportunities for sure.

  18. Ken Plane says:

    Looking to trade J. Graham for a RB. Would Turner be about right? Dad is great, he gave us chocolate cake, Love that Cos reference.

  19. CL says:

    Hey Doc:

    Bad weekend for me. oooof.

    Who’s worth owning right now… 1pt PPR, we can start a WR/TE for flex… I start Roddy and Reggie Wayne at WR.

    Celek or Sid Rice?


  20. MattTruss

    MattTruss223 says:

    Nice lineup in the Razzball FanDuel tourney Doc, a good night out of VJax and you’ll hit the money. I’m in 40th and figured I was a shoe-in for $5, looks like not many people are grabbing that Lincoln. I love the razzball tournies btw, hope they keep up all year. Thanks for getting me hooked on there.

    I’ve got VJax in a lineup and wouldn’t mind about 20 points out of him for a cash. Good luck tonight.

  21. Rags says:

    Comments from anyone are welcome, as I need all the help I can get.

    Unless Jackie Battle gets 17 points for me tonight, I’ve lost my third in a row (now against a 1-6 team) to become 3-5. Somehow I’m still leading my division and perfectly happy to Seahawks it into the playoffs. I just feel like my team should turn it around any moment now, and they haven’t been.

    Should I be worried?

    It’s 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 RB/WR/TE flex, 1K, 1D. Non-PPR

    QB: Big Ben, and Eli.
    RB: McFadden, Hillis, Torain, Battle
    WR: Calvin Johnson, Austin, Little, Denarius Moore and Demaryius Thomas
    TE: Finley and Olsen
    K: Hanson
    DST: GB

    I’ve been trying to trade Hillis plus someone to move up to better 2nd RB, but with most of the bye weeks passed it’s getting harder to find people trading for depth. Nobody in my league wants Eli, Ben or Olsen, and I’ve only gotten lowball offers for Finley. I’m just stumped as to what to do next. I probably don’t have enough FAAB left to get Ringer, either.

    So what do I do next? Stand pat and hope Hillis, Austin and Finley return to form? Or keep annoying my fellow owners with trade offers until someone caves?

    Any comments welcome.

    Thanks guys!

  22. Nick says:

    @Doc: Dump D Thomas for Breaston, T Smith, Doucet, Heyward-Bey or Simpson, Robinson in 10 teamer? If you see someone in there thats better than Torrain, or if you think B Scott is a better option than Torrain, let me know!

  23. TRADE says:


    I was offered Boldin and Antonio Brown for my Fitz and F. Davis in a 12 team standard league.

    I kind of like Boldin and Brown’s playoff schedule. Fitz looks sort of doomed with Kolb and Davis the same as WAS looks horrendous.

    What do you think?

  24. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Nick: I’d want Heyward-Bey. Tough call on who to dump for him. I suppose Scott with Benson coming back.

    @Rags: I’d most likely hold, especially since you are still in contention.

    @MattTruss223: Oh, I hadn’t even checked. Didn’t know I had VJax still going. I have him in my money league too and need a few points to win there so I’ll be rooting hard for him! Glad you like the tourneys. I am hooked for sure!

    @CL: Tough call. TJax really likes Sid and Celek’s target numbers will fluctuate. Overall I’d lean Rice.

  25. B.o.B. says:

    My RB position needs a boost. Mendenhall has been a complete bust with 1 good game half way through the season, S Jax just had a break out game but isn’t very consistent, who knows what Felix Jones will bring if anything fantasy worthy once he comes back and I have McGahee out another couple weeks perhaps. With all that I have zero top 10 RB and I find it very difficult to win a championship with that.

    I previously told you about our league involving draft picks and going after Cam for a 4th next year. Another team selling has Sproles, Mathews, Beanie, Blount and CJ at RB. Who do you like amongst those to go after and what draft pick should I offer up to get him? Thanks again Doc!

  26. Joel says:

    Houston’s bye is coming up soon. I’m looking at a potential DeAngelo Williams fill-in for Arian Foster. I’d like something better. Any under-the-radar guys looking for a surprise performance?

  27. Howie says:

    @Doc: Here’s one for consideration in a non-PPR. I’m thinking of offering Romo and Forte for Cam and the washed up CJ? Thoughts?

  28. Rocky says:

    I have Tebow as my starting Qb, and really scared to start him against decent teams. I was offered Freeman for my 49ers defense. Would you do it? Freeman seems to have a pretty easy schedule left. I already have the Ravens D too.

  29. debar says:

    12-team league starts 1 qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, 1 te, 1 rb/wr/te flex, 1 k, 1 dst – non-ppr

    have a little depth at rb & wr, who should i target first:

    stafford, roethlisberger, or gore? or a legit wr2?

    qb – fitzpatrick
    rb – ap, blount, battle, torain
    wr – jennings, sidney rice, tb mike williams, antonio brown
    te – daniels
    k – hanson
    dst – packers, texans

    guy who has gore has no other rbs so was thinking of doing a 3-for-1 with battle & blount & one of my lesser wrs for gore. probably won’t go for it though.

    also, julio jones got dropped during his bye week. is he a better bet ros than any of my skill players?

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