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Buying low and selling high is quite simple: getting players whose actual value is more than their perceived value, and trading away players whose actual value is less than their perceived value. This works best on impatient owners who just look at box scores, and don’t actually watch players or pay attention to their situation.

Before we get started, there are a few common pieces of advice that I gave to many readers about trading and adding players. I’d like to share them with you:

  1. Trading away two decent/good players for one great player is almost always a great idea. Usually, the person getting the one (presumably better) player wins the deal.
  2. NEVER lead with your best or final trade offer! Instead, start small, even offer deals they probably won’t do to start with. This doesn’t mean offer Mason Crosby for Ryan Mathews, but you never know what a person may say yes to, it’s often quite surprising. If you lead with your best offer, you have nowhere to go but down. Start by being a little optimistic…
  3. If there are quality players on your waiver wire that you want but you do not know whom to drop, let go of your kicker and/or defense for that player. You can always make a trade to make roster space, or make a game-time decision on whom you want to drop. A lot can happen in a week, and you don’t want to miss out on the next Miles Austin or Brandon Lloyd just because you think Sebastian Janikowski will average 1 more point per game than Olindo Mare.
  4. Target owners who are close to the bottom of the standings – they are probably the most willing to do a desperation move in order to shake up their team. Also, make sure to target players the owner is likely frustrated with.

And here we go with this week’s buy lows and sell highs:


Peyton Hillis, RB, CLE- Before the season, I wasn’t a big fan of Hillis for two reasons: 1. He isn’t a special talent- he doesn’t explode in the open field and doesn’t possess an adequate second gear. He really needs a large workload to be a good fantasy option. 2. He broke down at the end of last year due to overuse. Both of these things have changed. It was speculated that Hardesty would maintain a role in this offense even when Hillis was healthy, but this notion has likely gone by the wayside. In Hardesty’s golden opportunity, he averaged under 35 rushing yards per game and dropped a multitude of passes- on top of that, he tore his calf muscle on Sunday. This injury will put him out for at least a month. Even the Brown’s 3rd RB Chris Ogbonnaya hasn’t impressed in his limited role. Simply put, Hillis’s workload is going to be enormous on a team that has been very unsuccessfully trying to get its passing game going. He’ll maintain value in PPR too: in the 3 games he’s finished, he’s averaged 5 receptions per game; combine that with Colt McCoy’s weak arm and you’ve got a back who will flirt with 25-30 touches per game. And about the worry of him breaking down? He’s played a total of two games since week 2 and hasn’t played at all the past two weeks- hopefully this has been enough rest. Keep in mind that he faces some brutal rushing defenses from here in out- don’t give away the farm for him, but I can guarantee you there are some owners who severely undervalue him. He’s in line for some big workloads, and he’s shown that’s all he needs to be an RB2.

Desean Jackson, WR, PHI- This trade target is not for those with light hearts or weak stomachs. There is no denying it: Desean Jackson puts up clunkers quite frequently. As you probably know, that’s because he only does one thing- run deep. But aside from maybe Mike Wallace and Calvin Johnson, arguably no one does it better than him. His schedule is really easing up as well- here are the rankings of his next 6 opponents in the passing yards per game category: 28th, 30th, 13th, 32nd, 18th, and 27th.  The offensive line is really starting to gel, which should give a surging Michael Vick more time to use his cannon-of-an-arm to chuck it for his deep threat. With a total of 6 catches for 77 yards in his past two games, there will be plenty of owners pining for a more consistent option. Please keep in mind he will have off games and that he faces the Jets in week 15, but in fantasy you want explosive guys laden with upside on your squad, and Desean Jackson fits that billing. There will definitely be weeks where his 5-177-2 line wins it for you.

Percy Harvin, WR, MIN- An explosive WR/RB hybrid kind of talent from Florida, Percy Harvin has dazzled fans with his electrifying moves and breakaway speed. So far this season Harvin has been limited by a lack of snaps and various injuries, but it looks like there is light at the end of the tunnel. Even with his low snap totals, Harvin has produced 64.6 total (rushing and receiving) yards per game. The coaches have little choice but to realize he needs to be more involved, and with only one TD there’s definitely room for improvement on the stat sheet. Ponder has shown the ability to pass in an Adrian-Peterson-lead offense and the Vikings are on bye this week, giving Harvin a chance to rest his ailing ribs. Things really look to be coming together for the preseason breakout candidate, and his owners are likely looking to sell him for something significantly less than he’s worth. There’s no doubting his on-field abilities and if Harvin gets the opportunity, he will deliver at least high-end WR3 production.

Aaron Hernandez, TE, NE- At the beginning of the season Aaron Hernandez was overlooked and underdrafted in a crowded New England receiving corps. The best part is, owners still may not realize how special he is. The second-option in the Patriots passing attack whom never blocks, Hernandez had at least 5 catches and 56 yards in every start until last week’s loss. Really a wide receiver, Hernandez is too fast for linebackers and a tough cover for cornerbacks – he is a nightmare for defenses and Bill Belicheck takes complete advantage of it. His consistency has been fantastic for a TE as well, with TDs in four of his five starts. Target teams who have Hernandez as a second TE who see him as a luxury- there are probably plenty of teams who drafted a TE before him or picked him up from the waiver wire. Don’t let Hernandez go under-appreciated after a bye and a clunker: there’s ample opportunity and talent here.



Reggie Bush, RB, MIA- Frustrated fantasy owners, this is your chance to free yourself of the ball and chain. After a solid 120-yard performance, some onlookers may see the big name and think Bush is breaking out. But this is Bush’s first 100-yard game since Week 16 of the 2006 season- not exactly a model of consistency. Everyone said he wasn’t an every down back, and the Dolphins appear to agree. This is evidenced by their usage of Daniel Thomas when he is healthy. Thomas, the lead back that Miami gave up multiple draft picks for is likely to come back this week and makes for a fine trade target himself. Bush will be relegated to some passing down work, leaving him with low end-flex with little upside in PPR leagues only. Trade Bush to an owner who chases hype (many leagues have one) for someone like Harvin and forget he was ever on your squad.

Maurice Jones-Drew, RB, JAC- Time and time again this season, Maurice Jones-Drew has overcome doubts- first about the health of his knee, and about how productive he could be without David Garrard. He’s put up a stellar first half filled with remarkable consistency: this past game was the first time he was held under 84 yards rushing. But Blaine Gabbert has somehow managed to not meet incredibly low expectations, and teams are beginning to stack 8 men in the box. With Gabbert seemingly going backwards, this is a trend that is going to continue. His per carry averages in games have already been trending down:  4.5, 4.4, 3.5, 3.5. Now is the perfect time to sell high on MJD- you could likely get a pretty penny in return. He’ll still put up at least RB2 value, but it’s a wonder if he can sustain the pounding his large workload with require, especially on his “bone-on-bone” knee. Its not like he doesn’t have value- his worst case scenario is probably mid-low RB2 production from here on out. Don’t trade him for nothing, but this is the golden time to sell because many owners won’t give his awful situation enough credence to justify a major drop-off. It might be too late in a few weeks.

Jackie Battle, RB, KC- Like the aforementioned Maurice Jones-Drew, Jackie Battle differs to players like Reggie Bush in the sense that he has some decent value- he has the majority of the carries behind a very strong offensive line. But take a second to watch the Chief’s new feature back on film or television- he brings nothing special to the table. Yes, he can find the hole and fall forward consistently, but that’s where the decent-to-average attributes end. He has no second gear to rely on if he makes it to the secondary, and his first gear isn’t anything special to begin with. I believe I’ve said this quite a few times: In fantasy, you want talented, gamebreaking guys on your team with the potential to explode every week. Battle does not come close to fitting that description (neither does Hillis, but he at least will get a larger workload and produces in the passing game). He will likely continue to be a decent low end RB2/flex guy, but who knows if he can even physically handle being a bellcow back, let alone produce good numbers. There are likely plenty of teams in need of an RB in your league- you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a good deal.


KEEP BUYING- Mario Manningham, Ahmad Bradshaw, Julio Jones, Miles Austin, Matt Ryan, Roddy White, Brandon Lloyd

KEEP SELLING- Anquan Boldin, Michael Turner (after this week if possible), Shonn Greene, Demarco Murray

I hope you are all enjoying these columns, thanks for reading! Happy trading, and give me a follow on Twitter: @AsherMolk

  1. elwood blues says:

    So would you argue against a Harvin for DeShaun trade?

    My starting-o in a standard league:
    QB: Rivers
    RB: SJax and Bradshaw
    WR: 60 Minutes, V=Jax, and Harvin (bye)
    TE: Daniels

    BN: Sanchez, Best, Dam. Williams, Little, Helu.

    And what do I do with Best? I am looking to bolster my team for playoffs, not just for a win this week.

    The guy who has DeShaun also has Blount, Sproles, MJD, James, and Winslow. (target one of those backs, go after Hillis on another team, or hold onto Best?)

  2. Cheeeeeze says:

    what do you think of stafford/demarco for an elite qb like brady or rodgers…. both guys in my league with brady and rodgers are struggling and might go for it. stafford’s a good replacement and demarco’s got a lot of upside…

  3. Trevor says:

    Thinking of offering Boldin for DJax. Do I win that? Or am I just trading low updide-but-consistency for high-upside-but-volatility?

  4. Salty Balty says:

    Should I be starting Michael Bush (even if D. Mcfadden comes back) over Chris Johnson this week? I patted myself on the back for buying low on Johnson in week 3 or 4. Genius!

  5. Salty Balty says:

    I could also start Julio Jones over either Johnson or M. Bush.

  6. Plainview says:

    Shonn Green and DeMarco Murray for Arian Foster?

  7. Chris says:

    10 team league, +1 PPR…..2 RB, 2 WR, 2 FLEX

    I’m starting Steven Jackson and Fred Jackson at both RB for sure, but who would you start for the remaining 2 WR/2 FLEX?

    Mendenhall vs BAL
    Colston vs TB
    Williams (TB) @ NO
    Decker @ OAK
    Garcon vs ATL
    Floyd vs GB

    I’m thinkin Colston/Williams and Mendenhall/Garcon, but I don’t really know which of these WRs to trust.

  8. and1mcgee says:

    @Plainview: If someone is offering you that, your league is dirt. Foster wins there in a monumental landslide. Tiger at the Master’s type of win there.

  9. HotCorner306 says:

    Picked up Battle and now I’m being offered Jahvid Best for him straight up. Is this a good deal even with Best’s concussion issues?

  10. Corey says:

    Alright, so I got this offer:

    I get Hillis and Santonio
    I give CJ2K and Malcom Floyd

    Buy Hillis and sell CJ?

  11. Earl says:

    Ogbonnaya sustained a concussion? Haven’t seen any word anywhere else on that. The latest on rotoworld mentions that if Hillis can’t go Ogbonnaya would get the start, nothing about a concussion.

    Ogbie has been a valuable desperation RB in my team the last two weeks and his 6 points have been valuable for victory both times. I’ve grown quite fond of him! :)

  12. DWU BWEEES! says:

    Would you trade Greene for Manningham?

  13. Art Vandelay says:

    Two questions:
    1) How do you know Hillis is playing this week, given his hamstring held him out last week? Also, is Ogbonnaya not playing? I hadn’t heard about his concussion.

    2) Have you seen updates that D. Thomas is going to play next week? That affects my calculus of whether I would try to move Bush now or wait a week.

  14. Johnny Five says:

    PPR-I’ve been offered one of either V.Jackson, Fitzgerald or DeSean Jackson along with MoMo or Helu for my DeMarco Murray and Fred Davis. Seems like a no-brainer, but both Murray and Davis are starting for me right now. Thoughts?

  15. Ryan says:

    Would u drop antonio brown and pick up mike williams(tam) off waivers this week?
    Standard league

  16. Dollabill says:

    Im looking for some advice on a trade.

    I’m looking to get Brady and Lynch/Jacobs for BigBen, NWashington, and Battle/Murray.

    my team is (1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1Flex):
    ..some other scrubs

    am I giving up too much? Should I ask for Jacobs or Lynch? Should I offer Battle or Murray?


  17. Joe says:

    I disagree with Battle. He does suck, but he wasn’t touched for 15 yards at all on Monday Night. That O-line looked great and as long as he’s the #1 back and goal line back, he’s gonna be a great RB2.

  18. jonnycat says:

    I tried to package Michael Turner with a WR2-3 for a top 10 RB but all of my offers were rejected. I don’t see any point in trying again. It isn’t a lock that Turner will get hurt or produce any worse than a RB2 (I have Fred Jackson). I’m sticking with Turner.

  19. Asher Molk

    Asher Molk says:

    @Earl: Ognbonnaya did not sustain a concussion- that was a mistake on my part. Sorry if I concerned you!

  20. Asher Molk

    Asher Molk says:

    ATTENTION: Chris Ognbonnaya did NOT sustain a concussion- that was my mistake. Sorry about that! The post has since been corrected.

  21. DP says:

    Is Hillis really a buy low? He only has 2 really good matchups the rest of the way…STL and ARI. Other than that he has Balt twice, Pitt, Cle, and Jax.

  22. DP says:

    Cincy, Not Cleveland.

  23. Eric from Kzoo says:


  24. barker says:

    thinking about offering this in a 12 team league

    i give graham CJnoK decker garcon i get jennings ryan mathews keller

    i have hernandez at te
    other rbs rice jstew helu felix
    other wrs colston manningham mike williams tb

    he offered jennings and sid rice for jstew and garcon last week but it got vetoed

    would it be crazy to try graham for jennings ??

  25. EH says:

    I have been offered M.Colston & R.White for McFadden in a PPR league. F.Jackson and D.Thomas are my two other backs. Current receivers M.Austin,C.Johnson,S.Smith. We start 2 backs, 3 or 4 receivers. Would you do it?

  26. Jay says:

    Wondering if it’s a good idea to trade Shonn Greene and Gates for Steven Jackson? I have Gronkowski as my backup TE and S Jax will be my flex.

  27. zandercage says:

    In the hunt for a championship run…

    Would you trade Antonio Brown and a 3rd rounder for Miles Austin? 3rd round WR last year netted DeSean Jackson/Mike Williams in that similar slot.


  28. Asher Molk

    Asher Molk says:

    @elwood blues: If you are getting Desean, I like the deal. I like Harvin, but Desean is a more valuable guy to have. As for your bolstering your lineup for the stretch run, I’d wait until the bye weeks are over (or at least until after week 10) to make a major trade unless its one you cannot resist. Best is due back after week 10 anyways, so you’ll be able to get a better read on him. But if you could trade him for Hillis, I’d do it in a standard league.

  29. Asher Molk

    Asher Molk says:

    @Cheeeeeze: I like the idea, just not for Brady- the drop-off from him to Stafford isn’t enough to justify giving up Murray. However, I’d do that trade for Rodgers or Vick, assuming you have other decent RBs. But don’t panic if you can’t get an upgrade, Stafford is plenty good.

  30. Asher Molk

    Asher Molk says:

    @Trevor: In my view, you definitely win that. If you can stomach the inconsistency, Desean is going to explode some weeks. Boldin is holding up OK so far, but his ceiling isn’t what Desean’s is.

  31. Asher Molk

    Asher Molk says:

    @Salty Balty: Sadly, thats how fantasy football is- nothing is a guarantee. But its really looking like McFadden isn’t going to play, so definitely Bush over CJ. Check later in the week for injury updates, though. And Bush over Julio if DMC can’t go.

  32. Asher Molk

    Asher Molk says:

    @Plainview: Whoever is getting Arian wins by 1000 miles

  33. Asher Molk

    Asher Molk says:

    @Chris: I think you have it right

  34. Asher Molk

    Asher Molk says:

    @HotCorner306: If its in PPR, Best is way more valuable. If its non-PPR, its kinda close. I’d wait until I knew Best was going to be back, but there’s no doubt he’s way more explosive. If you have other good RBs and Battle is a luxury, then I’d do it.

  35. Asher Molk

    Asher Molk says:

    @Corey: Do that trade for sure. Santonio is probably going to start producing, and at this point I’d much rather have Hillis than CJ.

  36. Mike says:


    When you make trade suggestions, I always wonder what would be an acceptable target.

    I have MJD and Battle, but I don’t want to piss off everybody by aiming too high.



  37. Asher Molk

    Asher Molk says:

    @DWU BWEEES!: Only do that trade if you have crazy RB depth and are hurting at RB. I do not like Shonn Greene, but RBs are more important than WRs.

  38. Asher Molk

    Asher Molk says:

    @Art Vandelay: Hillis is looking like he’s playing this week. And my bad on Ogbonnaya- he doesn’t have a concussion, I believe he’s fine. And I haven’t heard anything about Daniel Thomas, but it may be a good idea to sell high while there’s still speculation. Just my two cents.

  39. Asher Molk

    Asher Molk says:

    @Johnny Five: I’d probably do that deal for Helu and Fitzgerald. Its still a good time to sell on Murray- the Cowboys have said Felix Jones will still have a role. If your 2nd TE is decent and you have RB depth, pull the trigger.

  40. Asher Molk

    Asher Molk says:

    @Ryan: I think they both need to be rostered- don’t drop Brown.

  41. Asher Molk

    Asher Molk says:

    @Dollabill: I think you should hang on to Ben- you are giving up too much for not enough of an upgrade. Big Ben has been on fire recently, and that figures to continue. He has convinced his offensive coordinator to switch to a pass-happy, spread offense and its worked. I wouldn’t do that deal, Ben’s in for a good finish.

  42. Dollabill says:

    @asher. But NE has much much easier of a schedule, not to mention PIT hasnt had thier bye week yet.. still not worth it?

  43. Asher Molk

    Asher Molk says:

    @Joe: I think that was only one play, though. But I do agree- his offensive line is very, very good and he gets goal line carries. But Monday Night is probably his ceiling- he can’t make anyone miss and he contributes nothing to the passing game. He certainly has value as a low-end RB2, but its quite possible his perceived value is too high right now.

  44. Asher Molk

    Asher Molk says:

    @jonnycat: Thats definitely fine. If you tried to trade him and cannot, then he’ll probably be a good RB2. My main point was that he doesn’t have a second gear when he gets into the open field anymore, and that he began to break down at the end of last year: not by getting injured, but by fumbling twice and averaging 3.5 yards per carry over the last 5 games of 2010. But you are correct in the notion that he still has value and you shouldn’t trade him for nothing.

  45. Asher Molk

    Asher Molk says:

    @DP: There’s no doubt that his schedule is a concern- its very tough. But he will be getting monster workloads and be involved in the passing game, and with both of those things he will be at least an RB2 when healthy no matter what. I doubt he’ll be a megastud, but I’m sure his perceived value is incredibly low right now, you may be able to get a steal for him.

  46. Asher Molk

    Asher Molk says:

    @barker: I love that trade for you, especially since you have Hernandez. And if it came down to it, I’d give away Graham for Hernandez. Like those moves a lot.

  47. Asher Molk

    Asher Molk says:

    @EH: Definitely not. Thomas is a huge drop-off from McFadden, and if you did it it looks like one of those WRs would have to sit on your bench. McFadden is a megastud when healthy- elite RBs are the most valuable thing in fantasy. Besides, your WRs are already serious studs, no need to make that move.

  48. Asher Molk

    Asher Molk says:

    @Jay: That looks like a pretty fair trade to me. If you have Gronk as your backup its probably worth it, just keep in mind Gates is a top 2 TE when healthy (but as a mentioned last week, that may continue to be a question mark).

  49. Asher Molk

    Asher Molk says:

    @zandercage: Thats tough…I’m not an expert in trading draft picks and such, but a 3rd rounder is a top 36 guy for next year. It really depends on how good your team is right now and how good your WRs are. I would recommend asking Chet Gresham aka Doc considering trading draft picks isn’t something I know too much about.

  50. Asher Molk

    Asher Molk says:

    @Mike: I agree and understand how that can be confusing. But finding a trade target is different for everyone. How knowledgeable/impatient are some of the owners in their league? What are their team needs? What place are they in? There are too many factors involved to recommend a universal trade target. If MJD is involved though, I’d shoot for the stars.

  51. Asher Molk

    Asher Molk says:

    @Dollabill: I still don’t think its worth it. Giving up RB depth is never a good idea, especially considering you don’t have an elite RB. Big Ben looks like he’s going to put up monster numbers for the remainder of the year, be comfortable with him as your starter.

  52. Scott says:

    Would u drop Holmes for mike Williams (tam)?
    I have Wallace and aj green starting with Antonio brown and j Baldwin on bench
    Want to give Baldwin a shot
    Thoughts? Thanks!

  53. Steve says:

    Hey Bro,

    Last time I posted u helped me make some trades for Mendenhall, Fitz, Tebow, D Thomas and practically a whole new team. The team has been playing well as a whole and have added a great amount of depth, but I’m still looking for a more solid Flex/RB.

    I was just talking to a kid in my league and offered him Felix Jones and either James Starks or Daniel Thomas for Cedric Benson. It wasn’t an official offer, but I’m pretty sure I can convince him to go through with it. Benson has a tough next few weeks, but his schedule during fantasy playoff time is beautiful: Hous –> Stl –> Ari

    Do you think this is a wise trade to try and push, or do you think I should hold on to what I have now. My RB’s at the moment are AP, Mendenhall, Starks, D Thomas, & F Jones

    And since AP has a bye this week, who do you think would be the best option at RB for the week if I don’t make the trade (I was thinking Starks)?

  54. Jacob says:

    12 team standard format (1 QB, 2 RB, 1 FLEX, 2 WR, 1 TE)
    Current RBs – A. Foster, M. Forte, J. Stewart
    Current WRs – C. Johnson, S. Holmes, S. Rice, M. Crabtree
    Current TEs – J. Ballard, D. Keller

    I got offered J. Stewart for A. Hernandez. What do you think?

    I was thinking about countering and giving J. Stewart, M. Crabtree and S. Holmes for A. Hernandez and B. Lloyd.

  55. Steve says:

    Also………I’m torn at who to play at WR this week. Only a two WR leage; Last week I played, Larry Fitz and Manningham at WR and Antonio Brown in the Flex (return yards and receptions count in this league) and they all were money for me. I now have Jordy Nelson coming off a bye and I don’t know what to do.

    I feel like Manningham is a must against NE

    With Sanders and Hines Ward shaken up and not to mention how many looks Brown was receiving in the Red Zone, how could I not play him even against Baltimore. However, I also have Steeler D and Mendenhall though which makes me nervous playing that many Steelers against the Ravens

    And how do you bench Larry Fitz against St. Louis, however if Kolb doesn’t play it might be possibility

    And Jordy Nelson along with the whole Green Bay passing attack has been on point all season.

    What do you think?

  56. elwood blues says:

    @Asher Molk:

    What about Percy and Best for DeSean and Blount??

    It would give me 3 decent RB option w/SJax and Bradshaw.

    Again, he has MJD – but will he hold up for that nice matchup at the end of the year vs. Indy??

  57. Wilsonian says:

    I’m wondering if I can get Hillis for CJ, and maybe have a little throw-in. Do you think I should even attempt a straight CJ for Hillis deal?

    What about a Hillis/Tolbert for JStew/CJ deal? Hillis side?

    My RBs right now are Forte, Beanie, Blount, JStew, CJ.

    Thanks man, I appreciate your help.

  58. bert says:

    Just traded… h nicks, bradshaw, crabtree, and shonne green for Ryan mathews, mcfadden, brandon lloyd, and Austin

    Already have ap, gates, fred Davis, vjax,
    Wallace, m bush,

    Need a qb tho i only have flacco and tebow who should I trade now for a qb and how do u think I faired in this trade

  59. Cole says:

    How do you feel about plax as a buy? His schedule softens up the rest of the way.

  60. Big Nate says:

    @ Asher Molk:

    Looking for trade advice in a league where we start 2 RBs and 3 WRs. Here’s the lineup:

    QB – Rivers
    RB – Arian Foster
    RB – SJax
    RB – Greene
    WR – Lloyd
    WR – Stevie Johnson
    WR – Decker
    WR – Little
    TE – F Davis

    Do we move Greene (who will probably only start in Week 11 for Texans bye) for Starks and Garcon? Garcon then becomes an every week starting WR3.

  61. Gametime says:

    I need a good TE as Dickson is my current starter and I can’t go into the playoffs like that. Would giving up Sidney Rice to get Aaron Hernandez be a good trade? Thank you.

  62. Brian says:

    Do you think I can sell N.Washington high for Harvin straight up? The owner is pretty stingy and rarely trades.

    Also, what the heck do I do with Felix and DeMarco? My other rbs are DMC, M.Bush, Blount, and Helu. I really like DeMarco too. DeMarco > Felix ROS?

    Keep up the great work and thanks as always.

  63. Frank says:

    I put up Welker on the trade block in my league because I have a dearth of quality RBs, so hoping Welker can net me something of substance and so far I’ve been offered:

    Welker + DeAngelo for:
    Mendy + Fitz

    This was offered by my upcoming opponent and I’m in desperate need of wins to finish up.

    Also offered:
    Welker for McFadden

    Any suggestions? Take one or the other? Stick for better offers?

  64. Rocky says:

    I am looking for a better WR and thinking about offering Steve Johnson and Gronk for Bowe or Miles? Which one would be the better target? Bowe seems to have a favorable schedule and has been a bit cold last two weeks and Miles is getting back in form from the hammy issue. I have Gates as my starting TE.

  65. TD's n Beer says:

    Just put together a trade Im offering Garcon, Mendenhall, and Washington for Roddy and Ran Mathews. 12 team league and its extremely hard to trade in.

    My Team: Linups are 1 QB, 1RB, 2WR, 1Flex, 1K, 1DF
    A. Rodgers, QB
    R. Mendenhall, RB
    D.Thomas RB
    J. Best, RB
    J. Battle, RB
    H. Nicks, WR
    B. Marshall, WR
    P. Garcon, WR
    N. Washington, WR
    R. Laurent, WR
    F. Davis, TE

    Good Trade? Am I offering too much?

  66. HotCorner306 says:

    @Asher…I went ahead with the trade. He threw in Michael Bush after some intense bartering. Hoping it will work in my favor.

  67. Chad says:

    @Asher…My team:
    RB: Wells, Blount, Greene, SJax, Mendenhall, Tolbert
    WR: Bryant, Boldin, Brown, Decker, Williams

    10 team non-PPR league that starts 2 of each.

    I’m sick of dealing with Wells not knowing whether or not he will play each week and don’t think he can keep up his pace he’s started. Would I be giving up too much to offer him for Roddy White straight up to try and upgrade my receiving core?

  68. Van Haggard says:

    Pick up Addai over any of the following? (Nonppr )
    Jacobs, Torain, Carter, Best

  69. Andy says:

    Huge trade offer on the table… Gore Antonio Brown and Pettigrew for Greene Maclin and Witten
    My roster(12 team standard scoring) is
    QB: Brady
    RB: Foster Rice Gore Hunter Ricky Ringer
    WR: Austin VJax Brown
    TE: Pettigrew Olsen
    DST: 49ers Pitt

    I am 6-2 right now, i love my lineup as it is right now as i think Austin and vjax will wake up at some point but i am looking towards the playoffs. Greene has some very easy matchups coming up and is starting to get 20+ carries a game and he has philly and NYG in the playoffs while gore has pitt and sea. Do you think this trade helps or hurts my team. I am leaning towards standing pat but getting maclin and witten and only going from gore to greene is very appealing. Thanks for the advice, im going with your recommendation!

  70. Benny says:

    Would you trade Bradshaw for Mendenhall? I have Bradshaw and the trade was proposed to me. Taking into account future schedule and bradshaws foot problem, what do you think? This is a PPR league btw. I also have Fitzgerald at WR and his QB/offense are utterly frustrating. Would you rather do something like trading Bradshaw and Fitz for Mendy and steve smith? let me know what you think on each trade just in case the other owner doesnt want to include receivers.

  71. Van Haggard says:

    This just in: I traded Jacobs, Torain, and Crabtree for Chris Johnson. What do you think on that one? Non-ppr

  72. Super says:

    Wow, in my league, I just trade Crabtree for CJok….. The owner was fed up….. He’s going to be my #5 RB…… CJ looks terrible this year and I did the trade just for the fun of it…… maybe he’ll get back to form……

  73. Peter says:

    Fitzgerald for Mendenhall in a PPR league (I’d get Mendenhall)? I lost Jamaal Charles and have still been working on a decent replacement (currently sporting DeAngelo). My WRs would be Austin, Manningham and Decker/Wayne/Holmes.

  74. Peter says:

    Neither Ftiz or Mendenhall has a great schedule ahead, but with Kolb’s injury and facing SF twice, Philly and Cincy in the last few weeks…seems like a good value at the moment.

  75. Clueless says:


    which 3 would you want for ROS – Crabtree , A Brown, B Lloyd, VJax

  76. Chad says:

    Me again, I’ve just been offered a blockbuster deal in my other league (12 man, non-PPR, 2 RB, 3 WR starting). My team:

    QB: Newton, Roethlisberger
    RB: SJax, Greene, Benson, D Thomas, Ringer
    WR: Wallace, Nicks, Green, Manningham, Edwards
    TE: Witten

    I’ve been offered Ryan, S Smith, R Rice, S Holmes, & D Carter for Roethlisberger, SJax, Benson, Wallace, & Green. I would obviously be upgrading my RB core, but I’m concerned about losing my solid WR core. He said he would substitute take Nicks instead of Green so I wouldn’t have 2 Giant WR’s. I am tied for first place in the league so I don’t need to make a huge swap, but it’s definitely intriguing! What are your thoughts?

  77. Chad says:

    By the way, his other players are:

    QB: Palmer
    RB: D Williams, Moreno
    WR: Wayne, Branch, D Moore

    If you think I should offer a counter, let me know

  78. Johnny Ringo says:

    Would you trade Shonn Greene and Darrius Heyward-Bey for CJ2K and Jabar Gaffney? Keep in mind I wouldn’t start DHB (unless there were an injury to one of my starters)

  79. Alex says:


    Should I trade Mike Tolbert for Chris Johnson straight up? Or is the Johnson situation too much of a mess?

  80. genghis chone says:

    You’d do Dez Bryant + DeMarco Murray for Adrian Peterson, right?
    We start 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 RB/WR. I’ve got
    RB: Forte, Murray, Felix Jones, Ben Tate, Roy Helu, Mark Ingram, Javon Ringer
    WR: Hakeem Nicks, Dez Bryant, Julio Jones, Antonio Brown, DHB, Greg Little
    2-6, a game out of the playoffs, need to start winning now. Thanks!

  81. Clueless says:

    PPR – would this be a good trade – I give Vjax and M Bush for B Lloyd? My other RB’s are Rice, Greene and Sproles

    The team with Lloyd has McFadden and is in desperate need of an RB as their other RB’s are Hardesty who is out and D Carter.

    I see Lloyd as being a significant upgrade to Vjax or am I wrong in that thinking.

  82. barker says:

    12 team trade

    i give rice and mike williams i get austin and vick

    my rbs rice CJ jstew grant felix
    my wrs colston garcon manningham williams decker
    my qb schaub

    currently in third place kid behind me is offering this — he has cam newton — i currently have no backup and would prolly go bradford in week 11 — the owner of forte and peterson said he would do vick for either but who knows what he will do with the cards on the table

    and to think last week i coulda had vick straight up for CJ and by the time i was going to accept it was gone

  83. barker says:

    he has ringer also should i try to add him

  84. Wilsonian says:

    @Clueless: too much. Even in PPR, you should get more for those 2.

  85. djbooyah20 says:

    My BMarsh and Jackie Battle for his Stevie Johnson and Peyton Hillis?
    Its a PPR keeper league. Jackie holds a 13rd value next year, and Hillis and Stevie hold 10-12th round value.

    I like the trade for this year, and it’ll give me a keeper or two for next year.

    Also, he has said he’d throw in Antonio Brown as well.

    My other RBs are Forte, McFadden, Best, and Mendenhall
    My other WRs are Roddy, Miles, Cruz, and

    What do you think??

  86. GeorgeWomp says:

    Hey Asher, who do you think has more value the rest of the season, manningham or julio jones?

  87. Adam says:

    Eagles or packers defense this week?

  88. Asher Molk

    Asher Molk says:

    @Scott: I would definitely keep Holmes. He hasn’t lost any playmaking ability- the Jets just aren’t getting him the ball. That will likely change after the bye, I like Holmes the rest of the way.

  89. Asher Molk

    Asher Molk says:

    @Steve: I may give up Felix and Starks for Benson, but I’d wait and see what happens this week. Bernard Scott may begin to eat into his workload- Benson has little playmaking ability left. And yes, I’d probably go with Starks. Also, wait to see what Felix looks like.

  90. Asher Molk

    Asher Molk says:

    @Jacob: I like the counter offer better. RBs are always more important than TEs, and I like JStew going forward a lot. The Panthers are starting to show that they know he’s the better back than Deangelo. If you don’t have Ben Tate to back up Arian, I wouldn’t do it until I got him, and even then you’d still want to make sure you get some sort of backup RB just in case.

  91. Asher Molk

    Asher Molk says:

    @Steve: Some good points you are making. I can see your concern with playing too many guys against the Ravens, but when it comes down to it- your best guys are your best guys, gotta trot them out there. Fitz is a must play as well as Manningham, and since you get return and reception points, I like Brown a lot. His floor is high because he’ll return some kicks, and that Steelers passing game is beginning to roll. Jordy Nelson is a great WR3, but if he isn’t open on that particular day, Rodgers isn’t going to force it to him- he’ll just throw to his other bazillion weapons. I think Brown and Nelson are both good, but Brown’s upside is just as good and his floor is much higher.

  92. Asher Molk

    Asher Molk says:

    @elwood blues: MJD will likely still be good by the end of the year- I’m just predicting a dropoff because defenses will routinely put 8+ men in the box. His perceived value is too high right now, I wouldn’t give up too much for him. And since it isn’t PPR, I like Blount more than Best. If you are getting Desean and Blount I like the deal.

  93. Asher Molk

    Asher Molk says:

    @Wilsonian: Try and keep JStew if possible, but at this point I’d gladly give CJ for Hillis. Hillis is in like for monster workloads, and CJ is becoming a flex option, maybe worse.

  94. Asher Molk

    Asher Molk says:

    @bert: You absolutely destroyed that trade- you got an elite RB1 (who you have the backup for), an RB1 when healthy, and two borderline WR1s. Love it. As far as QBs go, I’d target Matt Ryan. You may be able to get him for cheap. But at this point, you have upgraded your team so much that its not a vital need. Throw some offers out there to guys who are looking to trade away a QB- I’m sure there’s at least one team like that in your league.

  95. Asher Molk

    Asher Molk says:

    @Cole: Really don’t like it. He was on my sell-high list last week. He has zero separation or after the catch skills anymore. His upside is a red zone score, incredibly inconsistent. Target Holmes if you want a Jets receiver.

  96. Asher Molk

    Asher Molk says:

    @Big Nate: I wouldn’t. I don’t like Greene but he still gets a lot of carries- same can’t be said for Starks. Garcon is a good WR3, but I’d recommend packaging Greene and Steve Johnson for a really good wideout.

  97. Asher Molk

    Asher Molk says:

    @Gametime: If you aren’t starting Sidney Rice, I love it. Even if he’s your WR3, still do it.

  98. Asher Molk

    Asher Molk says:

    @Brian: Thanks! At this point, its definitely Demarco over Felix, but it may be subject to change. As for Washington for Harvin, I doubt he’ll do it because Harvin just scored a TD, but its always worth a try. Go for it

  99. Asher Molk

    Asher Molk says:

    @Frank: If you have a lot of quality RBs, then I’d keep Welker. But I have a feeling you meant WRs. If that’s the case, then Welker for Fitz and Mendy is a pretty good deal in my view.

  100. Asher Molk

    Asher Molk says:

    @Rocky: Honestly, I may prefer to keep Gronk over Gates. Gates’s foot is a time bomb waiting to go off. He is always a fantastic play when he’s on the field, but who knows how long he will be healthy for. Gates and Johnson for Austin is a pretty fair trade. I prefer Austin to Bowe, but its getting close.

  101. Asher Molk

    Asher Molk says:

    @TD’s n Beer: I don’t think you are offering too much. I like Roddy as a buy low.

  102. Asher Molk

    Asher Molk says:

    @HotCorner306: If its PPR, you definitely made the right move. In non-PPR its becoming close.

  103. Jason says:

    I’m working with the program. A couple weeks ago I picked Manningham off waivers. Made a trade for R. White. And then last week, I made a trade for Bradshaw and he gets hurt. 2 out 3; not bad. Now What? Jacobs is owned, so I dropped Helu for Ware. With the hopes Jacobs takes his new car for a drive and misses the turn to the stadium. Any thought sof where to go trade (what would I get) wait it out. I hate to have dead bench space. Playoffs are around the corner.

  104. Asher Molk

    Asher Molk says:

    @Chad: I think that’s too much for Roddy. They are both borderline top 12 guys at their position, but RBs are more important that WRs. I’d package Greene and Boldin for Roddy or another elite WR though. Wells still has value, and Blount is coming back for you.