Congrats to Whippersnappers and CGDoc (yours truly) for winning the FanDuel Razzball Leagues last week.

Here are three leagues for us to do battle inside.  Put on your cup and click and join Razzball 1, Razzball 2, Razzball 3.

QB Philip Rivers: The guy is on pace for 40,000 yards or somewhere near and this week he has the worst pass defense to throw against in the form of the Houston Texans.

RB Adrian Peterson: He gets the Arizona rush defense at home and is easily the safest running back going in the NFL right now.  He’s expensive at 9,900, but I’m willing to pay for the security.

RB Michael Turner: The Burner is also at home sweet dome and gets the Tampa Bay rush defense which is a bottom feeder in the rankings cesspool.

WR Greg Jennings: This is where I have to skimp after spending big on my QB/RB/RB.  Jennings isn’t much of a skimp because he should be a pimp against the Dallas gimps, but those guys below are kind of wimps.

WR Patrick Crayton: Antonio Gates is the true #1 in San Diego, but the Texans are so poor at being defenders of the pass and the fact that Buster Davis was just thrown onto IR makes it a nice gamble for the price.

WR Nate Burleson: Burls is probably the biggest risk of this lineup.  The Jets haven’t been great against #2 receivers and should try hard to keep Megatron from killing them.

TE Jacob Tamme: For his price Tamme has the most value in the TE slot.  If I could afford to have Gates I’d have Gates, but after him there are no sure things, so I am happy with JTam.

K Ryan Longwell: Cheap.

D New Orleans Saints: They have a nice matchup against Matt Moore and they fit my price range.

  1. Hennessey says:

    Who won the weekly contest? I had a lot of time on my hands and I think it’s Nuke Ladouche (spelling?) with 68 points from Manning, Foster, and Calvin. I followed this closely because I was doing well with the same guys except Gore instead of Foster. Tell me I got second Doc! And then tell me there’s a prize for first loser!

  2. barker says:

    was offered reggie wayne and witten for hillis and shiancoe ina 12 team league

    RBs are rice charles hillis forsett
    WRs maclin fitzgerald white moore britt
    TEs zach miller shiancoe

  3. barker says:

    lineup settings are

  4. Jordan73 says:

    Rolling out with Zach Miller at TE, but Tamme and Owen Daniels are in the pool. You think either one of them would be the better play?


  5. 24hourjack says:

    non ppr league…….Im considering dropping McGahee to p/u Sproles,since he looks to be relevant again in the SD offense….

    currently,either would be a flex play at best,but if something bad happens to my starting RB’s-which always happens to me-I dont want to be stuck….

  6. 24hourjack says:

    doc….Im in a keeper league,I have Stafford as my QB right now,w/ Favre still on my bench….Im not crazy about Stafford’s matchup w/ NYJ this wk,so should I give Favre a shot against a pretty weak AZ defense,or drop him for Freeman,since he’s going against a REALLY bad ATL pass D……..

  7. Mr2Bits says:

    Doc : Vick or Ryan this week? I;m leaning Ryan because I have White and Gonzo. Do you play the double dip or run Vick out there this week.

  8. Plainville says:

    Due to bye weeks, I may have to start Marshawn Lynch. Would you hold your nose and hope for the best or try to pick up one of these from waivers:

    Kevin Smith

  9. Harley says:

    @ Doc: 2 QB league, someone just dropped Kolb. Is he more valuable than holding onto Donald Brown? It looks like Addai is going to miss a few more games and now Hart needs an MRI.

  10. Nick says:

    @Doc: For flex this week I have T.O. in my lineup but should I have Grenne, R. Brown or D. Brown slotted there?

    Also Hart is on the waivers, do I swap out D Brown? And M. Lynch is also on waivers but I don’t see much value in 10team league and my bench is stacked with RB’s (Greene, R. Brown, D. Brown, Torain- starters for the week include McCoy & Blount

  11. Jason Maynard says:

    Doc my non-PPR team, that is talented, but not firing on all cylinders on a weekly basis. Its making me question my sanity, Im seriously talking to myself aloud. :) Start Big Ben or Flacco? Start 1… Best, F Jones, Woodhead? Start 1… M Austin (I just dont know) , Maclin, Meachem (@ CAR) , Weelker? Thanks, now Im going to blow out the pilot on the oven and stick my head in it. :)

  12. Rookie Season says:

    Matt Moore vs NO or Colt McCoy vs NE? Bye week filling in for Bradford.

    Sorry, I read the article wrong. Bills have #1 priority for Moss. Rams have #1 priority between Rams, Raiders, Titans. Moss would be great for Bradford, bad for clubhouse.

  13. dingo says:

    been offered moss for maclin, should i take it?

  14. D Gross says:

    Would you trade Santana Moss and receive Jahvid Best and if so would you start Best over Beanie Wells this week?

  15. Don Tom says:

    3WR, 2RB, 1Flex .5ppr

    My roster

    Aaron Rodgers

    Greg Jennings
    Steve Johnson
    Davone Bess
    V. Jax

    Beanie Wells
    Reggie Bush
    Woodhead (also a WR)

    I traded Hillis, Steve Johnson, and Woodhead for Roddy White. good or no bad?

  16. Matt Leinart says:

    I know that Fisher says that Britt won’t be out for the year, but should I drop him for Heyward-Bey, Sims-Walker, Green-Ellis or some other hyphenated player?

    Heyward-Bey (@JAC, DEN, IND) and Sims-Walker (OAK, @IND, WASH) both have nice playoff matchups in weeks 14-16. My current WRs are pretty set (Megatron, Marshall, Wallace, TB Williams, and we only play 3), but I wouldn’t mind some depth. Should I grab one or wait and see with Britt?


  17. MJD Took A Knee says:

    I didn’t put in claim for Tamme and if Hernandez is hurt I’m going to cry.

  18. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Hennessey: I haven’t run all the numbers, but that’s probably right. Did you see my prediction?

    @barker: That’s close. I’m leaning toward the Wayne side.

    @Jordan73: I’d stick with Miller

    @24hourjack: He is getting more work. I could see going for it.

    @24hourjack: I had the exact same dilemma and went with Freeman because I wanted to keep him long term with Favre’s injuries.

    @Mr2Bits: I’d roll with Vick.

    @Plainville: I’d rather have Tolbert for this week. Wouldn’t want to drop Lynch though.

    @Nick: I’d stick with TO for now, but id someone emerges healthy for the Colts I could see going with him.

    @Jason Maynard: Ben, Jones, Maclin – Hang in there!

    @Harley: I’d keep Brown for now.

    @Rookie Season: McCoy might not be the starter. So I’d keep an eye on who gets the job. NE’s pass D is poor.

    @D Gross: I’d make the trade, but I’d probably go with Wells for this week.

    @Don Tom: I like it.

    @Matt Leinart: I’d grab MSW

    @MJD Took A Knee: Don’t cry, it’ll be okay!

  19. MJD Took A Knee says:

    Best D for week 9? Could of had MIN or CHI but I am not sure if it’s worth to waste a high waiver on a DEF.

    BAL vs MIA
    BUF vs CHI
    ATL vs TB
    DET vs NYJ
    KC @ OAK

  20. Tourist History says:

    Would you drop Shonn Greene for Johnny Knox in a PPR League?

  21. Max says:

    Brady @ CLE or E Manning @ SEA?

    T Gonzalez v TB or Tamme @ PHI?

  22. Mark says:

    Ajitotutu, a Gonzalez, or branch this week?

  23. ALbert says:

    I am in a PPR league- I drafted and have held onto Reggie Bush- BenJarvis- Ellis Green in a FA- should I drop Bush and pick up Green Ellis?

  24. Rookie Season says:

    The premature reports say that Campbell and McCoy are starting. Campbell now on the WW.

    Assuming these guys start, can you rank these matchups?
    Campbell vs. KC, Moore vs. NO, McCoy vs NE
    At least, they’re all home games.

    Titans got Moss. Oh well.

  25. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Rookie Season: I’d lean Campbell

    @ALbert: I would

    @Mark: Ajitotutu

    @Max: Gonzo and Manning

    @Tourist History: If you have good RB depth.

    @MJD Took A Knee: Hate to double down on Baltimore, but they did have a bye and are at home. They should be focused.

  26. bfeels says:

    Hey Doc, pick one for flex positions this week: B Wells or M Williams (tb). Thanks for the advice!

  27. Dingo says:

    Doc you skipped my question, would you take moss for maclin, he would be my wr3 so I figure worth the risk. I have aj, Marshall and Knox, 12 man league

  28. Gambler says:

    Who do you like to start in the final flex spot from:

    Mike Williams (TB)
    Ryan Matthews

    After last week most people would start Blount easy, but I think the Bucs fall behind and have to pass more than last week, so i like Williams.. Also Matthews and J-Stew have easier matchups this week.. So I really have no idea who to start..

  29. Gambler says:

    I was outwaivered for Tamme.. Do you drop Owen Daniels to get Pettigrew or Todd Heap?

  30. Roger Lodge says:

    Hola Doc,
    Considering the Randy Moss fallout, should I drop my newly acquired QB2 (standard league options), aka my back-up, Matthew Stafford, in order to pick up Vince Young? Does VY gain top-10 QB status with the Moss waiver claim this afternoon?


  31. Mark says:

    Hey Doc,

    Here’s the dilemma I’m facing. We start 3 WR, 2RBs, and a flex. 0.5 PPR. I have Chris Johnson, Foster, MJD, and Blount as my RB. I have Megatron, Welker, Santana Moss, Branch, Ajitotutu, James Jones, and Sidney Rice as my WR. Deep bench, I know. This week I have CJ and MJD on byes. I’m thinking about trading MJD for either Andre Johnson or Roddy White. Same guy has both and needs a RB. Problem is I love the idea of having MJD for the playoffs since he has a great schedule. I dont NEED a win this week, but I’d like to move up from 4th place.

    What do you think? Sacrifice giving up MJD’s nice playoff schedule for some extra security this week (projected to lose this week with MJD, CJ, Santana Moss all on byes)? If so, AJ or Rowdy Roddy White?

  32. Dakota says:

    Flex Question: Steve Smith (CAR) or Donald Brown? It appears Hart and Addai are still hurt.

  33. Hennessey says:

    I have if your predictions are based on your weekly rankings. Manning, AP, and AJ?

  34. Hennessey says:

    @Hennessey: Ohhh nevermind, I just saw them. That’s ridiculously good. And yeah, probably is a record!

  35. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Dakota: He’s not playing great, but he should get the start. I’d go with Brown.

    @Mark: I’d give Roddy a try. AJ keeps hurting his ankle.

    @Roger Lodge: I’d rather have Stafford.

    @Gambler: I’d hold for now.

    @Gambler: I’d choose between Williams and Blount. PPR Williams, non Blount

    @Dingo: I would give Moss a shot.

    @bfeels: I’d lean Williams

  36. sluggo says:

    Schaub, Flacco, Freeman or Cutler this week?

  37. Zobmie says:

    PPR League and can start three of the following:

    LeSean McCoy
    Rashard Mendenhall
    Jamaal Charles
    Darren McFadden
    Brandon Jackson
    LeGarrette Blount

    Thanks, Doc

  38. friar says:

    Yesterday, while Randy Moss was still in limbo, I offered Austin and DeAngelo in a trade for Rice and Moss. Now that Moss has landed on a run-first team with shaky quarterbacks, the other guy has expressed interest in doing this deal. Should I go for it?

    10-team 0.5 PPR. I currently have AJ, Austin, Bowe, Smith (CAR), and Britt at WR, McCoy, DeAngleo, Torain, and BGE at RB.

  39. Doc

    Doc says:

    @friar: I’d go for it. I think Rice’s value is a lot higher than Deangelo’s and Moss isn’t going to fall off the face of the earth. Both Young and Collins throw a good deep ball.

    @Zobmie: Wow, that’s tough. I’d go with Mendy, McCoy, and JC

    @sluggo: I think Flacco is your safest bet

  40. heller says:

    Doc…need your mojo! Non ppr.

    Qb-Vick or Eli
    Wr3-M. Floyd or S. Holmes
    Te-Witten or T.Gonzalez
    Rb-pick 2- Foster, Rice, Blount

  41. wietersneverprosper says:

    great, finally signed up for fanduel and i accidentally signed up for two teams in the razzball fanduel league #3. Sorry everyone (if i took your spot) It will be even sadder if i finish 9, 10

  42. Doc

    Doc says:

    @wietersneverprosper: Hah, no worries man. Good luck.

    @heller: Eli, but very close!, Holmes, Witten, Foster, Rice

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