Welcome to Week 9. You are 0-9 or 9-0 or somewhere in between. I know, that’s me going out on a limb. But we are all in different positions and if you have multiple teams which I know you do then we have to look at each team differently. If you are in dire straits you have to play with a little edge and risk. If you are in the lead you have to prepare for the future which can also mean taking risks.  We are now past the halfway point and you need to get your affairs in order people!

In our Week 9 Best Lineup Challenge the top 5 picks by y’all for each position are looking like this right now:

Of course there is a good chance the winner will have a player or two not from this list. My top 4 for this week are — Eli Manning, Arian Foster, Brandon Lloyd, and Jimmy Graham. You can join on up until game time so get at it.

Hot Links and Players Who Don’t Stink:

There are a ton of fantasy relevant injuries this week. Check out Clint’s in-depth injury report here.

Grantland’s AFC and NFC Midseason Report.

Greg Cosell on the Shutdown Corner Podcast. The best in the business.

I’ve gone into a FanDuel Frenzy!! I’m way more interested in my FanDuel teams than most of my redraft teams. I know, it’s sad, but I love thinking about matchups and having a huge player pool to choose from. Anyway, we have our $1 Contest and if you beat me you get 5 crisp one dollar bills. There’s also this Friends Of FanDuel Freeroll that is free, so that’s free.

Here are the updated overall standings for the Razzball Commenter Leagues. See where you are and then mock yourself if you are near the bottom because I am way too tired.

Tarvaris Jackson: He’ll have trouble with Ware, but I think the Seachickens will run the ball about 5 times in this game. Dallas will get their sacks and interceptions, but Jackson who just came off his best game yardage-wise should put up respectable fantasy numbers.

If you are fan of defense or the 49ers or the 49ers and defense you’ll enjoy this piece: 49ers Run Defense Putting Up Historical Numbers

Studies show that leather helmets may reduce concussions. Let’s do it!

Jim Brockmire does the Top 10 Plays of October. It’s the bee’s knees.

Santonio Holmes: Holmes is the Jets best receiver, but they hardly target him. I think they come out of the bye with some semblance of brain power and target him a lot more.

Peyton Manning rips Phil Simms a new “Simmshole.” Tee hee.

An interesting note from Chargers beat writer Michael Gehlken about how Philip Rivers fares in the rain.

Adrian Peterson is seeing the most 8 man fronts in the league with Frank Gore second. Hopefully Christian Ponder can take advantage of this. Not so sure about Alex Smith.

I’m all about the bullet point stats. Check out Stats That Stand Out and Just The Facts.

Mike Williams: Freeman has been targeting Williams quite a bit already, but he showed signs of coming out his funk in London and didn’t drop any passes like he has been this season. The Saints at home should play better than they did earlier in the season in Tampa and the Bucs will most likely have to throw a lot to come from behind.

Pete Prisco takes a look at the tape from Week 8. This is easily one of my favorite pieces of the week because it is full of good info and is also short and I’m a lazy s.o.b.

Eli Manning’s second half declines are historically bad and his fake football playoff schedule won’t help this season.

Chris Johnson as you know is sucking up a storm. Take a look at some of the stats to make yourself feel worse.

Jake Ballard: Really just start any Giants receiver against the Patriots. This is set up to be great for Eli and company. The Patriots are home and just came off a loss so the chance of them losing is about nil which will most likely mean the Giants will be trailing and will be pass happy. Ballard is seeing more targets each week and the Pats DVOA against tight ends is 27th. That ain’t good.

Fantasy Omatic takes a look at some players to acquire. Yes to Mario Manningham!

College football and I don’t get along so I like reading articles like this to give me a perspective on some of the top talent: A closer look at Andrew Luck.

Brandon Lloyd: I’m super high on Lloyd this week. Even if Feeley is still the quarterback he is in love with Lloyd and has thrown to him 25 times in 2 games. The Cardinals are awful against #1 receivers. I mean just rotgut rotten.

Fred Jackson’s own wife didn’t take him until the 5th round.

You can check out some crud I wrote at other sites not as cool as Razzball – here, here and here.

This here is one of the best Stone Cold Locks of the Century: Of The Week

  1. tourinct says:

    Really scraping the bottom of the barrel here, .5ppr, MJD on bye, Mathews looks out… Ringer, Tiawan Jones or Ware?

  2. Pepe Silvia says:

    Better flex play: Ringer or Antonio Brown? If it matters, I own CJ2K and Mike Wallace too, so basically I’m trying to figure out where I should double down here. Also: assuming Ogbonnaya is a better start than either Ringer or Brown, right?

  3. Cole says:

    1 PPR flex spot, J. Battle or Decker? Thanks!

  4. paulzone says:

    Do you think Starks is droppable. I’ve held him on my bench all year…

    my rb’s are: gore, murray, bradshaw, battle, starks
    my wr’s are: megatron, welker, brown, floyd right now.

    i want to drop starks or floyd for jon baldwin this week.

    Drop Starks?

  5. Pepe Silvia says:

    I wouldn’t drop Starks at all. Definitely drop Floyd before you drop Starks.

  6. Marty Funkhouser says:

    @Doc: Two questions:

    1. Who is the flexiest out of CJOKay, Manningham, or Ogbonnaya?

    2. Need to make room for a DEF and K in my eight man league (these are always the hardest leagues for me for some reason). Which two would you cut out of Jacobs, Hillis, Manningham, Jordy Nelson, and Julio Jones?

  7. surfmonger says:

    tough starter decisions…gimps and matchups (anyone?)

    Schaub vs CLE or Freeman VS NO

    D. Nelson vs Jets or Julio Jones vs IND

    Starks vs SD or R. Mathews vs GB

    assuming my opponent decides to sub out allday and stafford (on byes), I will only have a slight advantage. (sad, right)

  8. Carl says:

    Who do I start at my second WR slot after Wallace, non ppr league: Manningham or Green? Before Nicks injury Id go Green, but now Im not so sure. Thanks

  9. papafrog says:

    @doc Good stuff, Chet, and thank you for not using the phrase “fake football”, “fake team”, “fake wins” or “fake” or “faux” anything in this article. Our teams are all very real! :)

  10. johnny rot says:

    Start daniel Thomas, Addai, or ogbonnaya?

  11. Steve says:

    Good morning Doc,
    Brees/J.Baldwin for my S.Jackson/Ponder (+ defensive player maybe). I’ve got Vick, Foster, Forte and Mathews for example. Good move to go for Brees or is it unnecessary with Vick and Ponder? Dynasty league. Thank you very much.

  12. Ballfoot says:


    I’m in a keeper league with a $235 salary cap. We start 2 QB. I’ve been offered Decker ($5) and Aaron Hernandez ($7) for Bradford ($17). Other players on my team worth consideration for keeping next year include: Blount ($9), Addai ($7), Demaryius Thomas ($7), Little ($5), and Jon Baldwin ($7). Elite QBs usually go for $50-$60. Is this a deal I should make, or do you think Bradford will bounce back next season and be a great deal at $17?

    Thanks for any advice.

  13. Chris says:

    Need a win badly. I start 2 rbs, 2 wrs, and a flex. My rbs are CJ2k, Blount and McGahee. My wrs are Marshell, M. Williams(TB), Little and Baldwin.

  14. Marty Funkhouser says:

    @Doc: Thanks. I was leaning Hillis and Nelson so I have no quarrels with that. I’ve just about given up on my first three picks in that draft. CJ, Fitz, then Hillis. Bustiest team of all time? (Busty in a bad way, which I didn’t even know existed until recently)

    Am I crazy to want to start Manningham over Fitzgerald?

  15. Anthony says:

    @Doc: Is this a good deal? I offered Mcgahee, Mathews, Packers D for Turner and Lions D?

  16. surfmonger says:

    curses! It’s an extra hour to wait until kickoff!

  17. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Anthony: If you don’t trust Mathews to turn it around it’s the safe move.

    @Marty Funkhouser: Hah! I could see playing Manny there. Should be a little safer.

    @Chris: I’d sit Little and Baldwin

  18. Chad says:

    Which Thomas, Daniel or Pierre? Non-ppr.

  19. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Steve: No need to own both those QBs.

    @Ballfoot: I think you have to give Bradford another season with McDaniels at that price.

  20. Nick says:

    Non PPR league. Start DHB or Dez Bryant. Starting Victor Cruz and Brandon Lloyd otherwise. Loving DHB’s matchup.

  21. Mike B says:

    Really bad situation…..ppr need 2 torrey smith addai torain TAIWAN

  22. Ballfoot says:


    Not sure if my question got missed, here it is again.

    I’m in a keeper league with a $235 salary cap. We start 2 QB. I’ve been offered Decker ($5) and Aaron Hernandez ($7) for Bradford ($17). Other players on my team worth consideration for keeping next year include: Blount ($9), Addai ($7), Demaryius Thomas ($7), Little ($5), and Jon Baldwin ($7). Elite QBs usually go for $50-$60. Is this a deal I should make, or do you think Bradford will bounce back next season and be a great deal at $17?

    Thanks for any advice.

  23. Dan G says:

    times are tough, Which Rb to start: Addai, Kendall Hunter or DJ Ware

  24. David says:

    Syd rice or Brandon Marshall? And other league miles Austin or Brandon Lloyd?

  25. Antonio romonio says:

    Non ppr flex spot. Start Moreno or Julio Jones?

  26. Jeff says:

    In a situation where if I lose, I’m out of playoff contention.

    Here’s my Team:

    QB: Big Ben
    WR: Julio Jones
    WR: Brandon Lloyd
    RB: James Starks
    RB: Demarco Murray
    TE: Jimmy Graham
    Flex: ???
    Marsahwn Lynch
    Michael Crabtree
    Ryan Mathews
    Greg Little
    Ryan Torain
    Roy Helu

    Need help figuring out who to throw in my flex. Thanks for all the help.

  27. Shmorgie S. Board says:

    Chet, Daniel Thomas, Ringer, or Ogbo-nah-nah-naya for my Flex? (Battle is my RB2.)

  28. Doc

    Doc says:

    @David: Lloyd, Rice

    @Dan G: Close call. I think Addai will play, but I’d probably lean Ware for safety.

    @Mike B: Ugh, Taiwan and Smith

    @Nick: Going to lean Dez because I think the Raiders will run a ton and Champ could be on DHB

  29. MJD Took A Knee says:

    You would still start St.Louis D over Buffalo? It is just scary. Wish I had held onto SF a few weeks ago.

  30. Doc

    Doc says:

    @MJD Took A Knee: That’s pretty much a coin flip because of Skelton.

  31. Tim says:

    Flex? McHahee vs Oak or P Thomas vs Tampa?

  32. Antonio romonio says:

    Seems obvious, but start rivers or tebowner?

  33. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Tim: Would lean PT

    @Antonio romonio: Yeah, Rivers may struggle, but I do worry that Tebow may lose his job midway.

  34. Tam says:

    Kevin Faulk or helu ?

  35. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Tam: Helu

  36. amscalone says:

    @doc or whomever:

    non ppr. with nicks out, start cruz over nelson or boldin?


  37. Mr2Bits says:

    Doc : Looking for a last minute RB flex, who do you like?

    Helu – Just saw he s starting
    Addai – is active but not “starting”
    D. Carter – Is starting but has Addai back

  38. Sawx10 says:

    Hey Doc,

    in PPR D. Baldwin or J. Starkes for flex?


  39. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    Doc:16 team flex spot spot….Avant or Donald Brown?

  40. friar says:

    Torain or Helu today? They both stink, but I’m in a desperate situation.

  41. Mr2Bits says:


    yea ughhh is about right

  42. Jeffito says:

    Flex PPR spot to Fill…. PT Bruiser, Stevie Johnson or Roy Helu…. I feel like playing Helu as my opponent traded him to me, but would that just be just asking for karma to kick me in the face?

  43. Brian says:

    OD or F.Davis now that Davis is expected to start? I am praying to not see another Dreessen TD.

  44. Mr2Bits says:

    Doc : Salas or Baldwin in PPR league?

  45. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    Doc:I just saw that Helu is starting,so would you start HIM over Avant?

  46. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    @Oilcan Giuseppe: its a ppr league.

  47. Rob says:


    12team ppr league:

    Start Addai or Torain


  48. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Rob: Addai, sigh

  49. Mr2Bits says:

    Doc : Faulk is also available. You like him or D Carter for PPR league flex?

  50. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Mr2Bits: Hard to trust that he’ll even see the ball this week, but he probably has higher upside in PPR. It’s a crap toss

  51. Rob says:

    Thanks Doc,

    helu and taiwan is available on FA.

    Do you think either of them are better options than addai?

  52. Van Haggard says:

    Bradford or cassel?

  53. Mr2Bits says:

    Last question…pick 2 PPR league

    D. Carter
    K. Faulk
    D. Baldwin
    G. Salas

  54. friar says:

    @Doc: Thanks for the help, Doc. I also have a question about my TE situation.

    I have Hernandez (vs NYG at 4:15, questionable), Gonzalez (@ Ind at 1:00, probable), and Celek (vs Chi on MNF, probable). Should I roll with Hernandez knowing that if he’s a late scratch I can fall back on Celek, or should I go with Gonzalez?

    Also, would it be worth playing two of these guys and using one in my flex spot instead of Darrius Heyward-Bey? I think all three TEs could be in for a good week, but DHB has been solid.

  55. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    Doc:8 team points league,flex spot….Julio Jones or Gates?

  56. Steve says:

    Who is the “hail mary” today? Ford, Obomanu, Washington, Hankerson, Benn or V.Brown?

  57. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Mr2Bits: Salas, Baldwin

    @Van Haggard: Cassel

    @Rob: Tough call. Jones has breakaway speed, but will only get 6-8 touches. I might lean Helu.

  58. Scott says:

    Two tough decisions this week:

    Start Bradford (game-time decision) or pickup C. Palmer?

    Need two receivers and one flex between: Julio Jones, Mario Manningham, Mike Williams (TB), Pierre Garcon, Victor Cruz, Darren Sproles, DeMarco Murray

  59. friar says:

    @Doc: Tony Gonzalez or DHB as a flex? 0.5 PPR.

  60. Drew Crew says:

    julio jones or crabtree ppr?

  61. paulzone says:

    @Doc: who do you want ROS, helu or starks?

    need to pick up before games start…

  62. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Scott: I’d get Palmer for safety. Jones, Manny, Murray (non-ppr) Sproles (ppr)

  63. Antonio romonio says:

    Thank you for the Julio Jones advice

  64. docs fan says:

    mcgahee or ringer in standard league?

  65. Alex says:


    Any idea on if Austin’s injury is serious? I just got offered Austin for Marshall. Should I pass?

  66. Guy Jantic says:

    I have Murray on my bench and need a WR. Turner for Jennings straight up?

  67. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Guy Jantic: Yeah

    @Alex: Hard to tell with a hammy, but since it is an reinjury I’d say no

    @Steve: Nickelback need to do something else.

    @docs fan: Hope you went with McGahee!

    @Antonio romonio: Glad it worked out

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