Good morning, evening, etc Mr. and Mrs. Razzballer. Here are some possible waiver adds if you are into that kind of thing. Sickos.


Kyle Orton: It’s hard to believe Tim Tebow can improve enough to not get benched at some point. Yes, they need to assess his ability, but he’s making it difficult to assess the ability of the other offensive players and he’s keeping the defense on the field an awfully long time. I know they aren’t in must win territory, but I don’t think anyone really wants to see this go on. Orton is not great by any means, but he’s reliable for 10+ fantasy points a game and the Broncos have a great fantasy playoff schedule.

Tarvaris Jackson: No, you can’t trust TJax, but he has been improving quite a bit from week to week and with no running game he’ll have to sling it. He’ll make a decent bye week filler against Dallas and could have matchup value.

Mark Sanchez: He has a nice schedule coming up and since he might have been dropped for his bye week he could be of some use even though I hate to say it out loud.

Christian Ponder: He’s impressed me so far and if he can continue to improve he could have some decent value. He’s more of a 2 QB leaguer, but upside of a bye week filler in standard leagues.

Running Backs

Javon Ringer: What can I say about Javon Ringer? He’s not Chris Johnson. Enough? Well, I don’t know if Johnson can get his groove back or not and that means you have to get Ringer. JR took over as the #1 back toward the end of the game on Sunday and he will continue to get his chances as long as CJ is struggling and I like a bulk of the matchups the Titans have for the rest of the season.

Michael Bush: He’s most likely not on waivers, but Darren McFadden isn’t assured to play this week and Bush is the bell cow when Run DMC be illin’.

Maurice Morris: He has shown that he is the best option for the Best-less Lions. He can’t be relied upon to lead your team to fake wins, but he is a good stop-gap measure.

Curtis Brinkley: He showed some nice hands, decisiveness and lateral movement in relief of Ryan Mathews last night and is worth a speculative pickup in deeper leagues. Mike Tolbert will most likely be back, but news on Mathews’ groin injury has yet to develop.

Wide Receivers

Antonio Brown: The Steelers are a throw first team and Brown is the guy Roethlisberger is throwing it first to. He’s all over the field and even though Emmanuel Sanders is a crisper route runner and better blocker Brown is Big Ben’s kind of guy. He goes all out and constantly is on the move trying to make backyard plays as Ben scrambles. He’s a must own in all formats.

Sidney Rice: Tarvaris Jackson loves chucking the rock at him. With TJax back it’s once again safe to start him.

Victor Cruz: He’s going to be inconsistent, but he keeps pulling out of the poor weeks to have big weeks. I’d want to be able to play matchups with him and this week he gets a great one against the Patriots.

Eric Decker: Tebow went back to Decker after targeting Demaryius Thomas 10 times in the previous game and targeted Decker 12 times and he caught his 5th touchdown of the season. After Tebow’s snubbing of him last week he may have been dropped. It will be hard to trust him with Tebow in there, but if Orton comes back I think he could be a WR2.

Damian Williams: Nate Washington is just not a #1 receiver. His 2 touchdowns were really nice last week, but they came near the goal line and I just don’t see that happening too often. He’ll need yardage to be able to make up for games without touchdowns and I worry that Damian Williams is their best bet now. He had 4 receptions for 60 yards and I like his upside the most out of the receiving corps. He’s not a must pickup by any means, but I like him in deeper leagues.

Greg Salas: I really like Salas’ upside in PPR leagues once Sam Bradford returns. He loves having the slot receiver as his safety valve and should be coming back this week.

Laurent Robinson: He had his second 100 yard game of the season which is one more than Miles Austin and Dez Bryant combined. It’s hard to see much consistency in his future as the the fourth option on the team, but he’s looked good and will continue to get playing time.

Emmanuel Sanders: Sanders is going to continue to be productive on a per target basis because he is a smart player who runs great routes which get him open so he doesn’t have to fight for the ball. The problem is he’s just not going to get the targets that Wallace and Brown get.

Tight Ends

Brent Celek: Brent had a big game when the Cowboys tried their best to take out the outside receivers and gave up the middle of the field/underneath routes. But besides that Celek has been seeing more work of late. And now he gets the Bears cover 2 that is susceptible to tight ends.

Greg Olsen: I have been wary of Olsen because of his reported turf toe, but he looked good against Minnesota and Cam Newton targeted him 7 times.

Jake Ballard: Jake continues to put up respectable numbers and is the 4th best fantasy tight end in the last 5 weeks. And this week he saw 7 targets which is his highest of the season. He’s also worth a start this week in what should be a shootout in New England.


Oakland Raiders: The Raiders defense isn’t the greatest by any means, but it looks like Tebow will get another start, this time in the Black Hole.

  1. Scott E. says:

    I heard that Curtis Brinkley may have suffered a concussion late in the game, so buyer beware.

    And I’m actually considering benching Miles Austin in favor of Victor Cruz in one league.

  2. Nick says:

    Julio Jones on the waiver wire right now in my league–healthy enough to count on for some big points this week?

  3. I was offered Miles Austin for Beanie Wells. I love Beanie this season and how much the Wiz is feeding him the ball (despite being behind every week). But Beanie is my RB4 behind Rice, Gore, and S-Jax. Should I take it or try for more?

    • Doc

      Doc says:

      I’d go for it.

  4. JT says:

    Should I roll with Maurice Morris, Mark Ingrahm, or Javon Ringer? I own CJ0K.

    • Doc

      Doc says:

      This week?

  5. GB says:


    Trade Larry Fitz for Forte? My back situation is a mess with DMC, Best, Ingram, Starks, Jacobs, Michael Bush. At WR I have Fitz, Austin, Sid Rice, and Nate Washington. I don’t know if I’m strong enough at WR to make this deal, even if Forte is simply better than Fitz. Thanks for any input!

    • Doc

      Doc says:

      You have to do that.

  6. Scott says:

    Jonathan Baldwin looked impressive…would u take him or mike williams(tam) on waivers? Standard league

    • Doc

      Doc says:

      I wouldn’t. Too many drops and they are still a run first team.

  7. Howie says:

    @Doc: Here’s one for consideration in a non-PPR. I’m thinking of offering Romo and Forte for Cam and the washed up CJ? Thoughts?

    • Doc

      Doc says:

      Too risky.

  8. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    Hey Doc….10 team ppr,which RB would you grab for this wk and ROS?

    Ringer or Ogbannaya?

    also,10 team non ppr,could you rank these WR’s for me?….

    A. Brown,Gaffney,Crabtree and Manningham.


    • Doc

      Doc says:

      Ringer. Manny. Brown. Crabs.

  9. Ray says:

    Are these in order of preference? I have Ballard, but would you drop him for Celek?

    • Doc

      Doc says:

      That’s a close one. I’d rather play matchups with those two but would lean Ballard overall

  10. Berserc says:

    No love for Baldwin?

  11. timmy riggins says:

    Hi, would you start tebow this week @ OAK as a bye-week fill in over the likes of a.smith, t-jax, flacco (@pit), cassel? hes expected to start and even tho he sucks, he should still post decent fantasy #s. just a little concerned that he could get pulled mid-game. what are your thoughts on tebow/who to start? thanks

    • Doc

      Doc says:

      Tough call. I’d roll with him or tjax. Both are risky.

  12. TRADE says:


    I was offered Boldin and Antonio Brown for my Fitz and F. Davis in a 12 team standard league.

    I kind of like Boldin and Brown’s playoff schedule. Fitz looks sort of doomed with Kolb and Davis the same as WAS looks horrendous. I also have Nicks and Finley btw

    What do you think?

    • Doc

      Doc says:

      I don’t like it for you.

  13. sit bits says:

    Torain has single handedly been ruining my season. Last two weeks used him in my flex… excuse me while I go stick my head in an oven.

  14. Donald Trump says:

    What league are you in where any of those guys are available (except the qbs)?

  15. nugjuice says:


    Julio Jones on the waiver wire? Can I join your 8 team league with 2 bench spots if you have an open slot? I hope you picked him up before you even typed that message.

  16. Benny says:

    Can you rank these three receivers for ROS? I plan on offering trades for one or two guys on this list. I’m paying particular attention to matchups in fantasy playoffs. Playoff opponents in parenthesis. :

    Colston (MIN, ATL)
    Fitz (CLE, CIN)
    Julio Jones (JAX, NO)
    Dez (TB, PHI)
    AJ Green (STL, ARZ)

    • Doc

      Doc says:

      Green has the best playoff schedule there.

  17. Crazy Gabey says:

    Nick: I would go for it. Jones is a big time talent and I would want him on my team for sure.

  18. Dr. Venkman says:

    Doc, I need a quaterback this week. Who is the pick-up? McCoy, Sanchez, T-Jax or do I roll the dice on Palmer against the Broncos?

  19. Steve Stevenson says:

    Which RB do you drop – Helu, Jacobs or Tate (not a Foster owner)? Need to clear room for Beanie to come off IR and start against the Rams.

    • Doc

      Doc says:


  20. Nate says:

    Would you add Salas over Torre Smith in a .5ppr League

    • Doc

      Doc says:


  21. JT says:

    Sorry, Doc, but it’s very hard to see who’s question you’re answering here….

    • Doc

      Doc says:

      Sorry guys. Trying to answer from this WordPress app. Thought it would show who I was replying to.

  22. Eric H. says:

    @Doc: I think I asked about a similar version of this last week, but is it OK to ship Philip Rivers & DeMarco Murray off to get Ryan Mathews? 12-team PPR league. Starting lineup would be: QB Big Ben, RB Lesean McCoy, RB Ryan Mathews, WR Hakeem Nicks, WR Steve Johnson, Flex Mario Manningham/Jahvid Best.

    Is that too steep of a price?


  23. JT says:


    Don’t worry about it! You’re the one giving us advice. I just wanted to save you duplicated effort.

  24. zandercage says:

    Waivering DST’s this week, can you rank these please?

    ATL @ IND
    OAK vs DEN
    KC vs MIA


  25. Jon says:

    Hey Doc,

    My Cam for his Andre Johnson & Beanie.

    I have Vick. Should I aim higher?

  26. Mr2Bits says:

    Hey Doc : Would you lose any of these guys for Laurent Robinson or Greg Salas in a PPR league? If so who and which one?

    Doug Baldwin
    Em Sanders
    Preston Parker

    Also, would you drop Helu at this point for Javon Ringer?

  27. Scott says:

    Wasn’t sure your response…do u like mike Williams(tam) or Baldwin (kc) to pick up on waivers this week in standard league

  28. Cobby says:

    Who would you rather have for the rest of the season: Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, or Mike Williams? PPR league.

  29. Clueless says:

    I have Stafford on bye this week and Tebow is my backup QB, not feeling good about using him against OAK.

    QB’s on waiver – who would be my best option to use Wk9

    T Jackson

  30. Nick says:

    Thanks for the advice about Julio Jones!

  31. farcus says:

    would you rather have ringer or demarco?

  32. Wilsonian says:

    Drop JStew for Ringer if I already have CJ-No-K?

    Drop Santonio for Sidney?

  33. Wilsonian says:

    Or would you lose JStew for Tolbert?

  34. Art Vandelay says:

    Any reason to deal for Chris Johnson at this point? Do you think offering Sidney Rice for Johnson (PPR) is a good idea? I own Roddy, Garcon, and Manningham already, so I am strong at WR.

  35. B.o.B. says:

    My RB position needs a boost. Mendenhall has been a complete bust with 1 good game half way through the season, S Jax just had a break out game but isn’t exactly consistent, who knows what Felix Jones will bring, if anything fantasy wise, once he comes back and I have a recovering McGahee. With all that I have zero top 10 RB and I find it very difficult to win a championship with that.

    It’s a regular 10 team league that allows draft pick trading. A team selling has Sproles, Mathews, Beanie, Blount and CJ at RB. Who would you aim for (if any) and what draft pick should I offer up to get him? Thanks Doc!

  36. Eng says:

    Doc, not questioning you as you have a far deeper knowledge of FF than my good self, BUT are you positive Orton is the backup add ahead of Quinn?

  37. james d says:

    Mendenhall/AJ green for my CJ0k/turner.
    AJ would start over gaffney; CJ is benched. PPR 12-team.

    Ok value? Better in a week?

    I’m leaning towards sitting on it until week 10 and then accepting

  38. james d says:


    That looks like a great deal to me.
    I’d think long and hard about mitigating risk by giving up Vick instead of Cam, though

  39. Ryan says:

    Cassell,Ponder,or Bradford rest of season? Need a backup and they are all on waivers this week

  40. Alex says:


    I got offered Chris Johnson + Jimmy Graham + Plaxico Burress for Arian Foster + Jermaine Gresham

    Normally I wouldn’t even think about doing this but I’m sitting at 4-4 and have Andre Johnson and Arian Foster on bye week 11, should I consider this deal since I will probably lose Week 11 without it?

  41. Fernando says:

    Hi, Doc. How was your vacation? Hope your relaxed and ready to continue offering great advise.

    > I can go te committee or trade for Witten, Antonio, Graham, Davis (Davis will be the cheapest, but he’s hurt). Owners want a rb. Mine are Peterson, Gore, S. Jax, Bradshaw, Murray, D. Thomas, Battle, Helu. My te is Gresham. Te committee waivers; Watson, Pettigrew (someone just dropped), Keller, Cook, Miller, Shiancoe, Ballard.

    > Would you make a trade for team def, before the trade deadline? Does it make sense to trade a rb? I change every week, but I need one solid enough for the playoffs (14-16). I don’t carry more than one until playoffs, but other teams have stocked up all the top team def.

  42. DWU BWEEES! says:

    Drop Tebow for any of the QB’s you mentioned?

  43. Jay says:

    I have Tebow as my starting Qb, and really scared to start him against decent teams. I was offered Freeman for my 49ers defense. Would you do it? Freeman seems to have a pretty easy schedule left. I already have the Ravens D too.

  44. Nick says:

    @Doc: Dump Tebow in a 10-team for Sanchez, Orton, Hasselbeck, Flacco, Smith, Kolb, Dalton? Also would you hold onto D Thomas and Torrain or drop one of them for Doucet, T Smith, Heyward-Bey, Breaston? RB avail. are B Scott (just dropped him), D Carter, J Addai, D McCluster…

  45. Chiirish says:

    Hillis or Shone Greene in a standard league?

  46. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Jay: I’d do that

    @DWU BWEEES!: I’d probably grab Sanchez

    @Fernando: I’d get Pettigrew. I’d take a look at the schedule. Even if you had a sold defense you wouldn’t want to start them against the Packers.

    @Alex: I wouldn’t. If you feel desperate enough then shop Foster for a better deal.

    @Ryan: I like Cassel’s schedule so I’d give him a shot.

    @james d: Tough call, but I’d lean toward yes.

    @Eng: Well, it’s not clear cut. Orton was the backup last week while Quinn was inactive. They could go to Quinn to see what they have in him, but I wouldn’t want to own him. Orton would be the only one I’d want to gamble on.

    @B.o.B.: If it’s PPR I’d go after Sproles for his consistency. I don’t love him long term so I wouldn’t want to give up too much for him, but maybe a 3rd rounder? I never know how to judge future pick value though.

    @Art Vandelay: I could see it for Rice, but I’m not going shopping for him by any means.

    @Wilsonian: I’d want Tolbert for JStew.

    @farcus: DeMarco

    @Clueless: Cassel

    @Cobby: Jones

    @Scott: Williams

    @Mr2Bits: I’d get Salas for Baldwin. I’d grab Ringer for Helu.

    @zandercage: Oak, KC, Atl

    @Jon: I think it’s good.

    @Eric H.: I would like to hear more about his groin injury before I made any trades.

  47. timmy riggins says:

    @Doc: what do you think about beanie and abrown for DJax, 10team.5ppr w/flex. Thx

  48. timmy riggins says:

    @Doc: for this week: tebow, bradford, cassel, tjax? thx

  49. Wilsonian says:

    So you’d rather have Tolbert over Ringer if I had CJ already? What about dropping Santonio for Sidney?

  50. B.o.B. says:

    @Doc: it is not a PPR league

  51. Doc

    Doc says:

    @timmy riggins: I’d at least wait until Beanie gets the Rams this week.

    @timmy riggins: Cassel

    @Wilsonian: You know, let me ammend that to Ringer since you have CJ. I’d keep Holmes because they have a nice pass schedule.

    @B.o.B.: I’d lean Beanie then.

  52. timmy riggins says:

    @Doc: re: wells/brown for djax: I own Rice, Fjax, Beanie, and Greene. Was looking to trade one and i think Wells is the guy to trade bc of inj concerns and Greene’s nice schedule. do you see a big drop off from Beanie to Greene (@ BUF)this week and ROS? Thx

  53. james d says:

    he accepted my counter:

    vjax/turner/cj0k for maclin/aj green/mendenhall

    good deal for a 12man ppr league imo

    vote of no confidence trade. Poor rivers/cj0k.
    Afraid turner will break down, but he’ll be missed for the next 2 weeks

  54. Project badass says:

    no-nPPR, non keeper, $200 waiver wire budget ($55 left)

    I have Keiland Williams and Kendall Hunter (I don’t have any other DET or SF RB), would you drop one or both for Ringer and Brinkley (I have Tolbert)…if so, how much would you bid on them?

    Also, who do you like better ATL @IND or ARI vs STL?

  55. Plainview says:

    Would you give Helu and Decker for Starks?

  56. Rags says:

    McFadden owner who couldn’t snag Bush at the draft. Now the Bush-poacher is trying to extort a trade from me.


    Would you do Finley and Torain for Bush and Pettigrew?

    I have Megatron already, but I also have Olsen who’s been pretty good for me at TE. I was also hoping to use Finley against my division rival, who has Rodgers.

    If McFadden doesn’t go, I’m left with Hillis, Torain and Battle as my RBs and Flex. So I kind of have to do this deal, right?

  57. MrHappyTime says:

    Sidney Rice or Plaxico Burress for this week and the rest of the season?

  58. MrHappyTime says:

    @MrHappyTime: Or Deion Branch?

  59. Randy says:

    My RB’s- Mathews, Best, D Williams, Morris, Ringer, Faulk
    WR’s- CJ, D Bryant, Garcon, N Washington

    Due to Mathews injury and the others on byes I might have to start Ringer and Faulk this week

    Heywerd-Bey, Nelson, and Ogbonnaya are available.

    I’m thinking ablout dropping N Washington or D Williams for Heywerd-Bey? and waiting on Hillis and Mathews updates to see if I should add Ogbonnaya. I grabbed Faulk just to have someone to play…
    Any advice would be great.

  60. chewy says:

    Hey Doc,

    Who to start of the following, 2rb and a flex:
    McCoy (must start), Blount, Battle, Beanie, Shonn Green.

    I’m leaning McCoy, Blount, Battle but with the potential to swap in Beanie for Battle.

    In case you couldn’t tell I went for crazy depth at RB and so far its worked. Cam, Steve Smith, Battle, and Demarco all off waivers gave me lots of trading opportunities. I only carry 1 QB (most weeks), 1 TE, and 1 DST.


  61. woosah says:


    1) S. Rice or F. Davis for ROS in 12 team standard league.

    2) F. Davis or J. Finley for ROS in 12 team standard league.

  62. chewy says:

    No way I do that deal. Here’s the thing, when McFadden comes back what are you going to do with Bush? This is why I believe handcuffs are a waste of roster space. Torain is the foreseeable starter for the rest of the year. While he might not put up huge numbers, he shoudl be reliable. Even crappy starting RBs go 7-10 points every week with a couple above.

    In terms of trading a TE, I always do it. By and large they have inflated average and can be easily replaced week to week. An improved RB is worth way more than the potential decrease in TE.

  63. chewy says:

    rock, have you met hard place? between the two I would go Rice, but would see what else is out there.

  64. atcdav says:

    looking to trade away Jimmy Graham for top WR or RB. Trying to keep it realistic,

    Based on your week 8 ROS rankings where would you draw the lines for RBs and WR you would consider?

    Is Matthews worth it with Tolbert getting healthy and Matthews hurt? Bradshaw? I can see his production dropping 2nd half. Turner maybe available or is that unrealistic

    Avoid Austin? VJax? Roddy? I have Julio.

  65. MrHappyTime says:

    @chewy: Thank you sir!

  66. JT says:

    Sorry, Doc, but I never did hear whether I should roll with Maurice Morris, Mark Ingrahm, or Javon Ringer as the CJ0K owner. Thank you.

  67. Nick says:

    @Doc: Dump Tebow in a 10-team for Sanchez, Orton, Hasselbeck, Flacco, Smith, Kolb, Dalton?

  68. Randy says:

    #72 cont…
    Raiders signing Housh. Think it hurts Heyward-Bey at all?

  69. Wilsonian says:

    Well someone beat me to Ringer, so looks like I’ll put my claim in for Tolbert.

    What do you think about dealing VJax and CJ for someone like Gore-ish level? I’ve got Smith, DJax, AJ Green, Holmes, and VJax at WR.

  70. Gametime says:

    I’m a Chris Johnson owner. Drop Delone Carter for Ringer?

  71. Rob says:

    Who do you like better for the remaining season for standard league?

    J Addai, J Ringer, or Jon Baldwin?


  72. Random Collmenter says:

    I’m 3 – 5 and panicking about the next two weeks b/c my RBs are Mathews (who is hurt) and CJ (who sucks). I’m thinking about offering Megatron (who’s on a bye) for Fred Jackson, since my WRs are pretty deep. You like this deal? .5 PPR.

    My other WRs are Fitzgerald, Miles Austin, Jerome Simpson, and Harvin.

    My other RBs besides CJ and Mathews are Maurice Morris and Ringer.

    I’d hate to lose Megatron but I need a win this week and now seems like the time to sell high. I’ve already tried snagging Peterson, Arian, Forte, and Ray Rice, with no takers…

    Am I crazy for thinking about dealing the best WR in the league? I could also try to get another one of his players in the deal like Lloyd, Torrey, Antonio Brown, etc.

  73. Van Haggard says:

    Why are my posts not posting?

  74. Van Haggard says:

    Ope there it is…
    Mason Crosby or dan bailey? (I know, pfft)
    San diego or Jets defense?
    Drop anyone of these for Ringer?- Carter, Jacobs, Ridley, Torain, little?
    Also, drop who from above to pick up a fill in for Newton?

  75. MJD Took A Knee says:

    Is it worth using the 9 out of 12 waiver for Seabass? Sad I need to drop Hanson.

  76. Anthony says:

    @DOC – Seriously something needs to be done with my team. Im now 3-5 and im just pissed. MY team:
    QB Rodgers
    RB. Mendenhall
    Rb. Mathews
    Flex. Lawfirm
    WR. Mike Williams
    WR. Miles Austin
    TE. Gates
    K. Cundiff
    D. Packers
    Bench: Best, Mcgahee, David Nelson, LT

    What should i improve in? I have a surplus of RBS so i can use them to maneuver a trade. Please let me know im so agitated with this team!!!

  77. Benny says:

    Would you trade Bradshaw for Mendenhall straight up in a ppr?

  78. Fernando says:

    > I just looked at Celek’s schedule. It looks great. Do you think he’ll remain a part of the offense. His potential is there, but from a fantasy point of view he’s been M. I. A. the past year with Vick?
    > Do you think Kevin Boss should be considered? Will Carson Palmer use Boss enough to eventually start him (Oak- pass def strategy)?

  79. B-Real says:

    Should I drop Tebow for Sanchez or Cassel? If so which one or should I ride Tebow out for a few weeks? He has so much upside.

    Thanks man,

  80. robert says:

    Is vincent jackson better off on the bench with julio jones and victor cruz available?

  81. paulzone says:

    would you offer these trades (if so, which order):

    vick / bradshaw for forte
    vick / bradshaw for foster
    vick / bradshaw for fjax

    current team (10 team, 0.5 ppr):
    qb – cam, vick, stafford
    rb – gore, bradshaw, murray, starks, battle
    wr – megatron, welker, antonio brown
    te – finley


  82. Jason says:

    Tebow is a backup to Romo. I’ll play Romo regardless. Do I need Tebow or any other qb or use that bench slot for someone else?

  83. zandercage says:

    Thanks for your DST reply. Who do you think has more value ROS, but also more importantly NEXT year? This is a Keeper league.

    Dezmon Briscoe
    Jon Baldwin
    Leonard Hankerson


  84. Hey Now! says:

    I have been offered Chris Johnson and Reggie Bush for Antonio Gates and James Starks.

    I have Jimmy Graham and don’t need Gates, should I do it?

  85. DeeMan says:

    Standard League Doc. Would you trade Miles Austin for Chris Johnson?

  86. Steve Stevenson says:

    Top 3 playoff QBs out of this crew? Flacco (IND, @SD, CLE), Cassel (@NYJ, GB, OAK), Palmer (@GB, DET, @KC), Ponder (@DET, NO, @WAS), Smith (@ARI, PIT, @SEA).

  87. emceeperiod says:


    You may consider this a no brainer…but bear with me:

    My current squad in a 3 keeper league:
    Q: Stafford
    W: DeSean
    W: Anquan
    R: Arian
    R: AP
    T: AHer
    F: LeSean
    F: D. Thomas/Torain

    3 player keeper. I kept AP last year and drafted McCoy and Foster. Not a bad combo to start this year HOWEVER the suckers in my league (because of my dominance) voted to change it to a 2 player keeper next year so I’ll lose AP or McCoy. In an effort to not just let them fall into the draft pool, I’ve made an offer to a team who knows he is not going to make the playoffs. I can hook him up with McCoy or AP, and get a ton in return to solidify my team. My questions are thusly:

    Who would you want next year in a PPR league…McCoy or AP (or keep them and trade Foster?)?


    The offer I’m giving him is quite ridiculous, but he’s out of the playoffs and would be upgrading his keepers for next year by getting AP/McCoy…so I’m offering:

    R. Bush



    This is a no brainer eh? Upgrading from Boldin to Welker, D. Thomas/Torain to Turner, and downgrading from AP/McCoy to SJax.

    You take it?

    Thanks homie.


  88. Jay says:

    Would you trade Steve Johnson for Murray? I have Greene, Mendenhall, Forte, and D. Thomas as my other rb’s, along with Andre Johnson, Crabtree, A. Brown, Little as other wr’s. I like Murray’s running style a lot and thinking of using him as a flex.

  89. Doc

    Doc says:

    @timmy riggins: I can see that and I like Greene’s schedule, but I’m not quite as low on Beanie.

    @james d: agreed

    @Project badass: Atlanta. I’d drop Williams for Ringer and bid 15.

    @Plainview: Tough call, but I’d give Helu a couple more games.

    @Rags: I’d lean toward no.

    @MrHappyTime: Rice

    @Randy: I’d drop Williams for DHB. Mathews isn’t looking great right now. Hillis has a better shot. I’d probably drop Faulk for Ogbonnaya.

    @chewy: I’d go with beanie against the Rams over battle.

    @woosah: I’d lean Davis and Finley

    @atcdav: I wouldn’t want to dip below Sproles in PPR or Brandon Lloyd.

    @JT: Ringer

    @Nick: Sanchez

    @Randy: I don’t

    @Wilsonian: I would go after Gore there

    @Gametime: Yeah

    @Rob: Ringer

    @Random Collmenter: No other way to fill the gap? It’s not an insane trade, but it’s hard to lose CJ.

    @Van Haggard: Drop Little and Ridley and go with the Jets and a kicker of some sort.

    @MJD Took A Knee: Yeah might as well

    @Anthony: Ugh, nothing sticks out. I’d hold for the most part but i do think I’d try to trade Gates.

    @Benny: No

    @Fernando: Celek will be inconsistent, but I like him still. Boss has been hurting off and on. I’ll need to see him get his targets.

    @B-Real: I’d go after Cassel

    @robert: I’d keep rolling with VJax

    @paulzone: I’d do them in that order

    @Jason: Depends on who is there.

    @zandercage: Baldwin

    @Hey Now!: Hmmm, don’t love it. I’d shop Gates and see what else is out there

    @DeeMan: No

  90. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Jay: It’s risky, but I’d go with your gut there

    @emceeperiod: I think it’s worth it for your team.

    @Steve Stevenson: Not really in love with any of them. I’d probably lean Cassel right now even though they have the Jets.

  91. Jay says:

    Would you trade Steve Johnson and Gronkowski for Murray and Julio Jones? I have Greene, Mendenhall, Forte, and D. Thomas as my other rb’s, along with Andre Johnson, Crabtree, A. Brown, Little as other wr’s. Gates is my starting TE too.

  92. Lubey says:

    Doc welcome back!

    Who do you like better ROS in PPR?

    Brandon Lloyd, Fred Davis, Santonio Holmes?

    Btw I wanted to give you props on your ranking of Mike Wallace in the pre-season. Have him on all of my teams and its paying off. Great call.

  93. schlitzy says:

    I can deal Andre Johnson for Gore – should I? My Rbs suck (Murray, Tolbert, Stewart, Lynch, McGahee). I have Manningham to start alongside Mike Wallace (we only start 2 WR).

  94. Mikeyb says:

    Looking for a backup WR. Who do you like between M. Floyd, G Salas and J Hill ROS

  95. Mikeyb says:

    Question 2: would you drop Helu for Choice?

  96. Ryan says:

    Would u drop Antonio brown and pick up mike williams(tam)?
    Hit waivers this week
    Standard league

  97. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Ryan: Anybody else you could drop?

    @Mikeyb: No

    @Mikeyb: Straight PPR I’d gamble on Salas. Otherwise Floyd.

    @schlitzy: Do it

    @Lubey: Glad it worked out. I’d lean Lloyd.

    @Jay: Hard for me to trust Gates to hold up. I think I’d shop him rather than Gronk.

  98. Dollabill says:

    Hey Chet, I hope you’re doing well. Im looking for some advice on a trade…

    I’m looking to get Brady and Lynch/Jacobs for BigBen, NWashington, and Battle/Murray.

    my team is (1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1Flex):
    ..some other scrubs

    am I giving up too much? Should I ask for Jacobs or Lynch? Should I offer Battle or Murray?


  99. Ryan says:

    My wrs are aj green, mike Wallace,Holmes,Jon Baldwin,and Antonio brown.
    Mike williams(tam) was dropped last week on waivers….tough call as I like upside spec of Baldwin….looked real good..but Williams is sitting there
    Do I drop brown? Or stay put?

  100. Big Nate says:

    Doc, looking for trade advice in a league where we start 2 RBs and 3 WRs. Here’s the lineup:

    QB – Rivers
    RB – Arian Foster
    RB – SJax
    RB – Greene
    WR – Lloyd
    WR – Stevie Johnson
    WR – Decker
    WR – Little
    TE – F Davis

    Do we move Greene (who will probably only start in Week 11 for Texans bye) for Starks and Garcon? Garcon then becomes an every week starting WR3.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  101. Steve says:

    hillis or BJGE this week as my flex position..thanks

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