Quick. Go open up your change drawer. Or dig into your couch. Or go look under the seats in your car. What you’re looking for is 100 cents, one measly American dollar. Why? Because that is all it takes to enter this week’s Razzball FanDuel Tournament (just click that link). There, you can turn that one dollar in spare change you just found into $100 by beating everyone else who’s trying to do the same thing. It’s not as hard as it looks (that’s what she said) because I’m going to tell you the cheapest players with the highest upside you can use right now. Except for one wide receiver, you’re on your own for that. Otherwise, right here. This very moment. Just as soon as I finish this paragraph. Which I promise is coming soon. Very soon. Okay, here we go. For realsies.

Brady Quinn ($5,400 at TB): This isn’t your toddler’s Tampa Bay Bucs defense we’re talking about here, no this one is all about your newborn. Last year the NFL’s version of the Pirates let runners steamroll them like Rosie O’Donnell in a buffet line. Now, Greg Schiano has them just below average in passing defense. Quarterback is not a place you really want to skimp on FanDuel – the value in decreased salary just isn’t there like it is in other positions – but if you do, you want to focus on spot-starters who don’t have a string of recent results propping up their cost. That’s Quinn this week. Considering the man is quite literally playing for the future of his career, a big day is possible (worked for Kyle Orton last year, didn’t it?).

Vick Ballard ($4,500 at NYJ): Now comes our trio of new, cheap running backs. This was a Boondock Saints level of killing for running backs on the waiver wire this week (so much so that I blew my entire FAAB in one league over all of them). Ballard is the one in the best situation this week. He’s going to start, he only has Delone Carter to take carries from him (a sentence it pains me to write as a Syracuse fan) and the Jets give up the 7th most fantasy points to running backs. Considering the Jets are pretty much as bad as Battlefield: Earth, Indy could be running out the clock in the second half. That means Ballard.

William Powell ($4,500 vs. BUF): If Ballard has the best setup, Powell’s matchup is better than seeing Nathan Fillion matched up with Felicia Day in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog (warning: it’s a[n awesome] musical, for those of you Googling). Buffalo is getting trounced by opposing defenses (3rd most fantasy points against) which could mean huge production for Powell. The trouble is, it could also mean huge production for LaRod Stephens-Howling. That’s the rub on Powell. He doesn’t have the role locked down yet. But Thursday was Stephens-Howling’s first full day of practice back from injury, which makes Powell the Arizona runner I want to ride this week.

Alex Green ($4,500 at HOU): Green has the biggest long-term upside of the bunch (Think Alison Brie rather than Gillian Jacobs or Yvette Nicole Brown), but he’s the weakest option of the three in a potentially terrible matchup against an above-average rush defense. Plus, Green Bay isn’t exactly noted for using their running backs. Still, Green has a dynamic skillset, should be ahead of James Starks, and is a bargain at the price.

Denarius Moore ($5,700 at ATL): Quick, without thinking much, predict the final score of the Atlanta-Oakland game. Got it? Odds are you went all 1984 Reagan and picked some number where the Falcons double the Raiders score, right? That’s the point. It’s not a great matchup by the numbers (quite the opposite, actually), but Oakland should be down early and often. That means Darren McFadden owners will be as disappointed as the nerd asking out the cheerleader, but Moore could have potential to put up huge garbage time numbers (note: “garbage time” here likely refers to the entire second half). If you can nab 100 yards and a score at this price, it’s a very good day.

Jeremy Kerley ($5,000 vs. IND): Don’t let anyone down in New Jersey fool you, the Jets could give any three-ring circus a run for its money right now. But here we are with Mark Sanchez still at quarterback, no free agent signings at wide receiver, and Stephen Hill still sitting on the sidelines. Add it all up and somehow Jeremy Kerley is the best wide receiver active on Sunday. Sure, that’s like saying In A Mirror, Darkly was the best episode of Star Trek: Enterprise, but American Dad showed us even a turd can be golden sometimes. And so it could be with Kerley going against the defense giving up the sixth most fantasy points to opposing wide receivers. Somebody has to score those points after all.

Kyle Rudolph ($5,800 at WSH): This is where I get towards the end of the column, having already written more than 800 words (most of which you’re probably skipping over anyways) and get really lazy. So I take a player with a slightly higher salary, tell you he’s got four touchdowns in five games this year and is going against the defense giving up the second most fantasy points to TEs this week, and make some reference to an obscure TV show to prove I can be funny (yay Cougar Town!).

Shayne Graham ($5,000 vs. GB): I don’t know why FanDuel keeps Shayne Graham at $5,000 week after week, but I’ll sure keep using him as long as they do.

Arizona DEF ($5,000 vs. BUF): Any time the Bills have faced a halfway decent defense this season (Jets, Patriots, 49ers), said defense has scored in double digits. Whereas Arizona’s defense has been the third highest scoring, remarkably consistent until last week’s loss in St. Louis, and gets to go up against turnover machine Ryan Fitzpatrick this week. Did I mention you get them for the minimum, too? Right, you get them for the minimum too. This pick writes itself.