Every single comment on an article I write here at Razzball gets forwarded to my main e-mail account. And that e-mail account forwards notifications to my smartphone. So where ever I might be, you can rest assured I am reading every single comment you post on something I’ve written. Why is this important? Because November 6th at 10:23 am, Dollabill shared his unpleasantness at not getting into last week’s small, 20-man contest. Since it took until Sunday morning to fill that contest, I’m thinking he didn’t stand alone in hoping for a larger prize pool. Always one to shamelessly pander to the audience I personally drove to FanDuel headquarters this week* and demanded Razzball once again get a large contest for our loyal readers. Since I am very intimidating and forceful*, it happened with ease and we’re back to a $200 contest with a $1 entry you can join by clicking this link. Awesome, right? You can all thank Dollabill for setting it all in motion. I hear he had a pretty good week last week despite not getting in our contest.

*not really

Now, on to the picks (number in parenthesis is opponent’s rank in average fantasy points against for the player’s position. 1 = most points given up)!

Ryan Fitzpatrick ($7,100 at NE – 5th): The fact that Ryan Fitzpatrick (who is not all that cheap himself) is the best of the cheap QBs this week is all the more reason to suck it up and make sure Tom Brady or Matt Ryan is in your lineup. But if you insist on saving the $1,800 from Ryan, then this Ryan is probably the way to go. Sucking in the first half and putting up decent fantasy numbers in the second half is pretty much what Fitzpatrick does. Since the game should be a blowout, you’d expect lots of garbage time for him to use.

Ryan Tannehill ($6,200 vs. TEN – 4th): Again, really. Ryan or Brady. Because who knows what happens when you put a mediocre QB against a bad defense. The defense’s general crappiness could win out and the QB has a great day. Or it could be mediocre. This is the type of “Please, oh please, oh please” play you make when you want to max out at other positions.

Michael Turner ($6,600 at NO – 2nd): He’s coming off a season-high 16.2 points against Dallas and you’ve got a little better than a 50% chance he’ll put up at least 10 points for you. In a game against a poor rush defense his team could well be leading most of the way, the upside play is tastier than chocolate pie (mmm… pie).

Willis McGahee ($6,600 at CAR – 6th): Did you know McGahee is a top-ten back so far this year? Okay, he’s actually 11th, but that’s almost tenth in the same way Mitt Romney almost won the White House Tuesday. He’s very much a boom-bust play – when he’s gone off this year, he’s gone off in a big, big way. That makes him an exceptional value this week with a 20 point output very possible.

Marcel Reece ($5,700 at BAL – 10th) or Taiwan Jones ($5,200): While Marcell Reece isn’t a chocolate candy filled with ‘peanut butter,’ he could very well be the starting running back for the Raiders this weekend against a Ravens run defense that resembles Moses parting the Red Sea. Or it could be Jones. Both have gotten first-team reps, but my bet would be on Jones being the play. Not just because he’s cheaper (though he is, which is nice), but because NFL coaches are creatures of habit and will try to avoid putting a fullback in at halfback if they can avoid it.

Brandon Lloyd ($5,900 vs. BUF – 7th): It looks like he’s going to play this week (and he better, because I kept Cecil Shorts on the bench for him this week) and he’s another boom-bust play. The targets haven’t really been there, but the two touchdowns were last time out against St. Louis. Sixty yards and a score would be a pretty decent return for the price and is quite attainable against the Bills (they’re bad. Like listening to Shakira’s music without getting to see the video bad).

Steve Johnson ($5,900 at NE – 8th): Remember all those garbage time points Ryan Fitzpatrick is going to get? Somebody has to be on the receiving end of them.

Brian Hartline ($5,900 vs. TEN – 11th): Last week proved Hartline is exactly the type of player you want a piece of in FanDuel. Whenever the opponent lacks a true #1 cornerback who is able to limit his production, Hartline goes off for over 100 yards. And look, here the Titans come to town! The best part of Hartline’s production is his Welker-like ability to nab a bunch of receptions, netting you a half point each for your squad. Sure, there’s risk, but there’s risk with any sub-$6,000 player.

Martellus Bennett ($5,300 at CIN – 5th): I don’t really have a good explanation for this one, either. I guess my real advice is to go spend for Rob Gronkowski ($7,500 really does seem like a steal for him).

Justin Tucker ($5,000 vs. OAK):Yeah, Shayne Graham‘s three points really sucked last week, but kicker is pretty much a crapshoot anyways. Tucker seems like a safe bet to at least get a few shots since Flacco and company are all but assured of stalling out on a few drives Sunday. Trust in Flacco sucking and all will be well.

Pittsburgh Steelers ($5,000 vs. KC – 1st): Kansas City is bad. Really bad. Matt Cassel is back for more this week. Don’t think about this one, just do it.