It’s that time again – and no, we’re not talking about Tool Time with Tim the Tool Man Taylor (insert grunting noises here). No, it’s time to win free money with the Week Three Razzball FanDuel Freeroll. See that link right there? If you go ahead and click that, you’ll be entered to win as much s $100 (and since there are six entries for this week’s contest already, some of you have caught on it’s the same link every week)! If you’re new to this, what do you have to do to win? Almost nothing, since I’m going to tell you right now who all the cheap bargains are this week. Isn’t that nice of me? If it means I only finish 34th out of the 128 people who signed up last week, then so be it. I’ve got plenty of money on FanDuel, so it’s time for you to win some!


Jay Cutler vs. STL ($6,700) and Joe Flacco vs. NE ($6,600): Both of these quarterbacks are high-ceiling plays at a moderate salary. Each comes off a disappointing Week Two after being a pleasant surprise in their openers. Just maybe they have a nice bounce back like the career of Robert Downey Jr. when Iron Man came out. If they do, you’ll want to make like Marvel Studios and get on board.

Russell Wilson vs. GB ($5,400):  This is literally the cheapest you can get a starting QB this week, and I’d much, much rather trust Wilson than this guy “Blaine Gabbert.” What kind of name is Blaine, anyways? It’s like Bane from Batman, but not as awesome. Oh, but I still haven’t seen The Dark Knight Rises, so could we keep the comments away from a discussion about his worthiness as a villain in the movies? Thanks! Anyways, Cutler looked terrible against the Packers a week ago, but I’m much more optimistic about a more mobile passer like Wilson. It’s very difficult to play in Seattle and that could lead to a positive output for Wilson owners.

Running Backs

Kevin Smith  at TEN ($6,000): With Mikel Leshoure finally making an appearance this week, this might be the last time I recommend Smith. Leshoure will probably have to wait for his opportunity the same way Admiral Piett needed Darth Vader to force choke Admiral Ozzel in The Empire Strikes Back to earn his own promotion. And Smith will find himself injured at some point. But until then, he’s the featured back in a high-powered offense, going against an opponent his team should easily defeat. You should trust him this week.

Donald Brown at JAX ($5,500): Is it the chicken or the egg? Do winning teams rush the football more often, or is it that teams which are already winning go to the ground more late in games? I firmly believe it’s the latter and am also confident in the Colts ability to get ahead over the hapless Jaguars. That would put Brown in for a lot of work in the fourth quarter, even if his stats early on in the game might not inspire.

Wide Receivers

Pierre Garcon vs. CIN ($5,700): This pick comes with the huge caveat that Garcon has to actually play. But if he does, you have to love the price tag on a #1 WR with an incredibly competent quarterback going against a suspect defense.

Torrey Smith vs. NE ($5,400):  Yes, New England’s pass defense much less resembles swiss cheese this season, but the results have come against a Titans team missing Kenny Britt and a Kevin Kolb-led Cardinals team (which we all know means Larry Fitzgerald turns into some sort of ghost). So I’m not quite buying the turn around quite yet and am willing to give Smith a run at this low price tag.

Kendall Wright vs. DET ($5,200): Detroit is another team not allowing a lot of points to opposing wideouts this year that hasn’t faced the most imposing competition so far (San Francisco and St. Louis). You might say Britt’s return will cut into Wright’s targets, but Britt is hardly back at 100% and the game situation will probably require Tennessee to throw with abandon in the second half. That could benefit Wright.

Tight Ends

Brandon Pettigrew vs. TEN ($5,700): Already this season, San Diego has given up more TDs to tight ends (5) than Brittney Spears has had husbands. With the Titans keyed in on Calvin Johnson, you should expect Pettigrew to get targeted more than Legolas went after Orcs in The Two Towers.

Scott Chandler vs. CLE ($5,100): Chandler has been more surprising than Cabin in the Woods (it just came out on DVD. Seriously, go watch it). With David Nelson out for the year, Chandler appears to be the solid second option in the Buffalo passing game. The Browns secondary is still without Joe Haden, so feel free to exploit this matchup like the Native Martians were exploited on Futurama.


Connor Barth at DAL ($5,100): Tampa Bay could be like a ‘lite’ version of last year’s 49ers: A hungry defense combining with a competent enough offense to keep them in games (or win a bunch). That’s a recipe for great points from your kicker (right, David Akers?). The Cowboys improved secondary could make touchdowns difficult Sunday, which is great news for Barth.


Pittsburgh at OAK ($5,100): Yes, they’re missing some key players, but that didn’t stop the Steelers defense from rolling over the Jets like a bowling ball. And just what about the Raiders offense this year makes you think they’re any better than the Jets? Darren McFadden hasn’t adopted to his new blocking scheme, Carson Palmer looks like he still hasn’t unretired, and there’s a whole lot of nothing downfield. Take the points and run.

  1. Bermingham says:

    Hi Josh,

    I’m being offered Brandon Marshel for Brandon Lloyd. My other receivers are Percy, Hartline, Anquan, j Jones and Alshon.
    What say you?


    • Josh Carey

      Josh Carey says:

      @Bermingham, I think I’d jump on that. I’m a pretty big fan of Marshall with Cutler (last week nonwithstanding), while Lloyd is listed as questionable for this week, which suggests he might struggle to take advantage of Hernandez’s injury. Given the rest of your roster, it makes sense to trade Lloyd’s lower floor for Marshall’s lower ceiling.

  2. Thrilla says:

    Is there a promo code we need?

    • Josh Carey

      Josh Carey says:

      @Thrilla, Nope, you should just need to click that link above. Let me know if you have any issues and we’ll try to sort it out.

  3. Josh Carey

    Josh Carey says:

    So obviously Kevin Smith is somebody you should get out of your lineups in the next ten minutes. Hankerson makes a good replacement for Garcon if you were hopeful for the latter to start.

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