Why hello there, fellow fantasy football enthusiasts! As you can tell, I am indeed NOT a cartoon donkey, here to give you rankings advice. I’m just a dude. If you read the fantasy baseball content here at Razzball, you may know me from my world-renowned Two-Start Dive Bar column. I’ve been tapped to take over for our very own Donkey Teeth on this here rankings beat… since I am, y’know, the top-ranked Razzball ranker according to FantasyPros this season (as of this writing, number 22 of 191, it’s no big deal).

My rankings are derived from my projection system, called CRAIG (Calculations Resulting in Analysis of Individuals on the Gridiron), named after the 49er great. I update them on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays each week, and thanks to the magic of the FantasyPros ranking widget below, this article will always be up-to-date with CRAIG’s latest opinions! Isn’t that something?! What a world!

OK, on to the rankings. Enjoy, Razzballians!

Rankings were updated at 8:05am PST on Sunday.