Ayyo, Razzballians! How’s it going? Week 14 is here, which for many of you, is probably the final week of your fantasy football regular season. I mean, I’m in a couple of absolutely brutal leagues that only allow four teams into the playoffs, so they don’t begin until Week 16, but for many of your leagues and mine, this might be your last chance to pop the bubble and get in!

So I’m back for the second week to give you my rankings, and while I have absolutely no idea how good ol’ DonkeyTeeth went about creating his, I can tell you exactly where mine come from CRAIG, my projection system. At that link, by the way, is an updated-along-with-this-widget extension of the rankings, with full stat projections and a “Min Rank” and “Max Rank” for each scoring system (standard, PPR, 1/2 PPR) to give you a sense of each player’s range of outcomes. For instance, take a look at the Kicker and Defense projections there, and see how wide a range of outcomes each of them has. In other words: don’t sweat the K or D.

I hope you took my advice last week and supplemented it with Rudy Gamble’s tools available right here on the site: according to FantasyPros, my rankings were the 20th-most accurate in the field, and Rudy’s were the 9th-most accurate for Week 13. Stick with Razzball, and you’ll never go hungry again!

Anyway, these rankings were generated on Tuesday, but they will be updated both on Thursday and on Sunday morning, and this post will reflect those updates. Good luck in your (maybe) last regular season week, fellow Razzpersons!

UPDATE: Rankings below were updated on Sunday 12/11 at 9:00am PST

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1 month ago

Is everything okay with donkey teeth? Seems like he just fell off the face of the earth.

1 month ago

Do you believe Perine’s performance the last 2 weeks is going to cut into Mixon’s production this week? Who will have the better week, Mixon or Pollard?

Water Boy
Water Boy
1 month ago

Hey man!

I locked up the 1 seed + bye last week

I’m 10-3 my points for: 2595

2 seed is 8-5, his PF: 2396

3 seed is 8-5 , his PF: 2358

4 seed is 8-5, his PF: 2055

5 seed is 7-6, his PF: 2217

6 seed is 7-6, his PF: 2138

I would get the winner of the 4 vs 5 matchup

2 seed would get the winner of 3 vs 6

A couple predicaments:

1.) the 5 seed isn’t setting his lineup & looks to be taking a L, he faces the 4 seed. The seed guy will be w/o Lamar Jackson & his fields on his bench has a bye & we can only roster 2 QBs max , also his Aaron Jones, mclaurin & Cole Kmet have byes & nico Collins may not play.
If he does in fact take an L the 4 seed will now be 9-5, 5 seed guy will be 7-7.

Rooting interest for the 4/5 seed to not have a ripple id need 3 seed to win , 2 seed to win.

Do I go into this week get the W vs my opponent who is the 6 seed he’d fall to 7-7.

However, a scenario that could have a big ripple the 4 seed wins , 3 seed loses that would mean 3 seed would be 4 then 3 now 3.

If the 5 seed sets his lineup by Sunday (friggin Hopkins is on his bench & Collins is starting i know hop had a bye) then he would be 8-6 then 4 seed guy would be 8-6

Would you just let it ride & still set my lineup this week like this wasn’t week 14?

Water Boy
Water Boy
1 month ago
Reply to  Steve Paulo

Sorry lol too much caffeine today