Welcome to the Fantasy Playoff Semifinals! Unless you’re in a league full of absolute sadists who make you play Week 18, when half the star players in the league will be rested before the actual playoffs begin, this should be the penultimate week of the 2022 Fantasy Football season. If you’re still alive, congratulations! For me, I think I have just two of my dozen-or-so teams still playing meaningful matchups.

Hopefully, y’all have done better than I have this year. REMEMBER, when it comes to setting your lineup: because Christmas lands on a Sunday this year, the schedule of games is a little unorthodox, with the standard Thursday and Monday Night games but just three games on Sunday, and the bulk of the action, 11 games, on Saturday. So get those lineups set up accordingly, as the action is spread out over the weekend much more broadly than usual. Good luck, semifinalists!

On to the week’s rankings…