Well, here we are.

It’s Week 18, which should, under normal circumstances, be pretty inconsequential for fantasy football. But, some leagues (I’ve been in one for 18 years) play through the final week of the season purely on principle, and this year there may be some leagues looking to use scoring at least for Bengals and Bills players from the coming week.

So, here are the rankings for Week 18. I expect significant shifts in these throughout the next few days as we get a clearer picture of who will play and who might be healthy scratches. So definitely come back and check stuff out before your lineup lock time(s) to see how the latest information has informed my opinions.

To those (like me) playing for a Fantasy Championship this week: good luck!

And to Damar Hamlin: we’re pulling for you, man. Here’s to a speedy and complete recovery. Slainte!