There comes a point during the baseball season where the NFL ramps up and my ADD can’t handle the two tracks. Inevitably, as my fantasy baseball teams fade away, I get so pumped in all the early drafts for fantasy football. The draft and holds, regular draft prep, training camp buzz… And here we sit in NFL Week 6, and I’m back in the baseball pool. Cubs possibly getting screwed over by a rain postponement, the Yankees taking down Kluber in Game 5. What the hell is going on?!?!? With a great first round of MLB playoffs and the clusterf*ck that has become my fantasy teams with all the injuries, it’s hard to resist the baseball pull. But just remember that it’s not just you suffering through the injuries and ineffectiveness. You may have that one dude in your league who’s dodged all the bullets, drafted all the late round guys that ended up hitting.. But this game is a fickle bitch that comes for our pride and dignity just when we think we’ve got it beat. Stick with us, and we’ll help you pull it out. All of the phrasing intended with that right there. Let’s go streaming! As always, I focus on guys owned in less than 65% of leagues after waivers run on Thursday mornings in Yahoo leagues. Bring your green hat Snoop-aloop!

Kevin Hogan I know what you’re thinking. “He must be extra level don’t give a f*ck to put a Brownie in here.” But Hogan has looked good this year, even extending back into the preseason (cue the “but it was against seconds stringers” comments). The Browns run game is terrible and there’s a probability that Hogan leads the team in rushing yards. But there’s also the factors on the other side of the ball that make streamers tempting plays. Houston will be playing their first week sans J.J Watt and Whitney Mercilus, plus they are still working through some injuries in their secondary. And we know the Browns will be playing from behind because the saucy Deshaun Watson will be racking up the point totals on them. If Cleveland has a snowball’s chance in hell of staying competitive in this game, it will be because of Kevin Hogan.

Jacoby Brissett Back on the list for a second straight week, Brissett could have really used at least one passing touchdown to live up to what I wanted last week. I’ve crapped on the Titans defense before in this space and I’ve seen Brissett play well in tough primetime games (or at least half of one in Seattle). I know people are stoked about the Marlon Mack attack, but Brissett is still on my streaming radar as we navigate these bye weeks. The points he adds with his legs are valuable for the streaming conversation, and I have no problem going back to the well with Jacoby.

Tyler Kroft I know he’s on a bye, but with the news that Tyler Eifert is going to undergo season ending back surgery, I’m surprised that Kroft’s ownership percentage sits here at 11% on Thursday morning. If you can get ahead of the rush next week where his ownership percentage will most likely creep up into the 50% range, I would advise doing so.

Darren Fells I would have also liked to put Tyler Higbee’s name here as I continue to go completely off the radar, but Eric Ebron is not playing good football. The Lions get the cherry Saints matchup and I think Stafford could be in for a big day. And if in the big day Fells can go for 40 yards and a score, it’s all gravy baby. What more can you really expect from a streaming TE? Can’t be expecting Week 5 Ed Dickson numbers. Roll those bones.

Austin Hooper If you’re looking for someone a little more mainstream, may I suggest Austin Hooper? The Falcons are a bit banged up, especially in their receiving corps. Mohamed Sanu missed Wednesday’s practice entirely and if Hooper is going to see anything in the way of the 7 targets he saw in Atlanta’s last game, he’s someone I’d be interested in deploying. Or maybe it’s just the Falcons bias. Who knows.

Atlanta D/ST – MOAR BIAS! Barely makes the 65% cut, but you can’t pass on a Miami matchup. Cutler will provide many opportunities for the Falcons D to rack up sacks and INTs. Smoking Jay hasn’t thrown for over 250 yards this season and the only white line the Dolphins can find is apparently on a stripper as they’ve scored 3 offensive TDs in 4 games. Hopefully the Falcons come out with a little bit of intensity seeing as how they’ve rolled over in the second half of almost all of their games and actually ended up losing against the Bills. Quinn should have his boys fired up coming out of the bye week against a Dolphins team that already looks worn out from the season, even with the Week One bye. The words of Robert Frost come to mind for Miami – “and miles to go before I sleep”. It’s gonna be a long season.

Green Bay D/ST – The Packers D is still vulnerable to good offenses, as we’ve seen in their tilts against the Falcons and the Cowboys. But they’ve been streamable in their matchups against subpar offenses, which is where I would classify the Vikings as of right now. I expect Case Keenum under center this week again. The 369 and 3 TD game against the bruised Buccaneers seems to be the outlier for Keenum as he has thrown just one 1 TD in his other 3 starts and has yet to eclipse 220 yards in those other games. Plus, Minnesota doesn’t have a history of putting up large point totals on the Packers in the first place. Hopefully a lot of Jerick McKinnon (lo siento if you blew all that FAAB on Latavius Murray), or else this could be a long day for Vikings fans, even with the game in Minnesota.

Harrison Butker – May not be as cool of a name as Fairburn from last week, but Butker is kicking butt (seriously, sometimes the poetry just flows right out of me). And we’ve already spent too much time on kickers. Until next week!

  1. Benny says:

    I have Mariota and since he’s playing on Monday night, I probably can’t risk it. So I’ll need to roll with either McCown against the Pats or Hogan against the Texans. Who ya got??

  2. EasyE

    EasyE says:

    Hey Benny.

    I’m going Hogan. There was a point during the broadcast of Jets/Browns last week where they showed a side by side of McCown and Hogan and Hogan had the same stats as McCown despite sitting the first half. Now it’s not as cut and dry as that. But I do think Houston is in trouble with their D (phrasing). They just gave up 320 yards and 3 scores to Alex Smith after all…

    • Benny says:

      @EasyE: Thanks! I shall roll with Hogan. Looks like Hoyer is out there too, I don’t suppose you like him better than Hogan, do you?

      • EasyE

        EasyE says:

        @Benny: Nope. Hogan’s still my guy.

  3. Brent

    The Fantasy Dick says:

    12 tm standard, start 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 flex

    my rbs: gore, mack, mckinnon, mcguire, ellington, david johnson
    my wrs: Hogan, Jeffery, K Benjamin, Garcon

    Would you trade:

    Gore/Garcon for Breida/Fuller? or Collins/Fuller
    Ellington/Garcon for Collins/Fuller? or Breida/Fuller

    What about Garcon for Fuller straight up?

    There is a guy in my league I think I can get a deal done with…which deal do you like the best or should I hold Garcon and Gore/Ellington?



    • EasyE

      EasyE says:

      @The Fantasy Dick: Hey diddily ho!

      I think I’d swap Garcon for Fuller in standard. The Texans offense is obviously more dynamic and while Garcon probably gives you the better chance for more yards week to week, Fuller has the better chance to hit paydirt. I think I’d hold steady with your RBs though.

  4. Allan says:

    Allan says:
    October 12, 2017 at 9:39 am (link)

    My team right now looks like this
    QB Brady
    RB Ingram Stewart
    WR Jones Cooper
    Flex Cupp
    TE Ertz
    Bench Gallman A. Jones Jaron Brown Baldwin Cohen
    It’s a ppr so I’m kinda leaning toward sitting Stewart for Jones except Stewart goes tonight and I’m worried Montgomery comes back and then Jones isn’t the play. Also got Cupp at flex. Any of my bench guys better there?

    • EasyE

      EasyE says:

      @Allan: Que pasa Allan?

      I would play Stewart over Jones.

      As far as your flex – before I give my thoughts I will caveat them as such. I answer every question as if it were my own team playing for money. That being said, I would rather play Baldwin and Kupp over Amari Cooper. Cooper has been terrible, I’ve been on his case all year because I could never grasp why people kept drafting him over Michael Crabtree. His last three games are piss poor to put it nicely. I don’t care if Carr is playing, I don’t want Amari Cooper in my lineup.

  5. BAC says:

    Hogan or Brissett?

    • EasyE

      EasyE says:

      @BAC: Hey there BAC.

      Had to make me choose? Brissett please.

      • BAC says:

        Thank you! Struggling through a 2QB league without Luck. Have really liked what Hogan has put out there and I think that Hou defense will suck without a pass rush. Will go with Brissett though! Pretty tough call between the two I think.

        • Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

          @BAC: yr lucky in a 2 QB league you don’t have to shove out at least 25% of FAAB budget for hogan (or maybe you did have to do that).

  6. DT says:

    with the zeke news, would you make this trade in a 10 team ppr league?

    give up thielen and jameis…. get zeke and k. Benjamin?

    I already tried offering tyrell Williams and martavis Bryant in place of thielen but they were rejected. I really don’t want to give up thielen as I lost OBJ and only have Michael Thomas, cooper, and the above mentioned in a 3 WR league.

    I have hunt, lamar miller, j. white, McKinnon, and cohen at RB currently.

    appreciate your thoughts!

  7. EasyE

    EasyE says:

    Hey DT.

    If this offer is still on the table I’m in.

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