Wes Welker has been practicing like it’s 1999, and that’s good news for a long list of fantasy players up in the New England region.  All the news seems to be pointing toward Welker not starting the season on the PUP list which hurts Julian Edelman who was really hoping to adopt a pup from that list.  But it does help Randy Moss and Tom Brady quite a bit.  We still need to see Welker go all out in preseason, but just a few weeks ago it seemed like a foregone conclusion that he wouldn’t be 100% until mid-season.

Here’s a look at some other business going on around the league:

Marshawn Lynch: The guy isn’t the keenest keen-like thing in the keen box.  He isn’t showing up for practice and he has no trade value because teams are afraid of him scaring children with his grill (I hear he isn’t safe with the lighter fluid).  If he doesn’t get traded, he won’t have much value in Buffalo, but can only hurt Jackson and Spiller’s value.  There are plenty of teams that could use a 24 year old former 1,ooo yard rusher, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Sam Bradford: Adam Schefter says it would be an upset if Bradford wasn’t starting by week 3 or 4.  They might as well start the season with him because his competition is depressing.  Even with rookie growing pains Bradford will be better than Null or Boller last season and Steven Jackson still played well with those schmohawks.  Bradford won’t be on many fantasy radars at QB, but he should help SJax and really that’s all we need from him.

Felix Jones: He has bulked up his upper body so he can star in the remake of Over The Top. This is the kind of crap you are going to hear until the season starts.  Don’t buy the hype, buy information like, Jones is getting all the 1st team reps, or Jones just found an alien crystal in the Arctic that gives him super strength.  It’s hard, especially if you are high on a guy, not to feel good when reports like these come out, but try not to let them raise your expectations so high that you reach too early in a draft.

Donald Driver: He had two knee scopes after the season last year.  This wouldn’t be that bad of news if he wasn’t so old.  Add to that Jermichael Finley taking away targets and taking up two names in one, and you have trouble.

Vincent Jackson: He is one of the many big names looking for a little extra cash to get them through the lean times.  The Chargers signed Josh Reed today to add to their receiver depth so it looks like they are ready to play hard ball.  With his impending suspension I doubt he has much leverage, but who knows what he’ll do. Chris Johnson and Andre Johnson are the biggest names to ask for more money and with no collective bargaining agreement all parties are on edge.  We’ll need to keep an eye on this, but I’m going to guess that everything will work out amazingly!

Jermaine Gresham: He’s getting praise from Carson Palmer.  This of course doesn’t mean too much, but getting the love of your quarterback is something pass catchers need.  The Bengals haven’t used tight ends well, but they haven’t had a Gresham on their side! With all the depth at tight end there is no need to draft him, but he could end up being a bye week/injury fill in if he gets targets.

Michael Bush: Tom Cable has been on the side of using just one primary back, but has changed his tune recently.  He’s praising both Bush and McFadden as being #1 backs and that they complement each other well.  I agree with the complementing part and in that complementing Michael Bush should get the most complements.

Jacoby Jones: Kubiak says Jones’ maturity has been his biggest problem and that he’s finally matured like a good cheese (I added the cheese bit).  Let’s just hope he doesn’t go bad and stinky before he gets his shot.  This “maturity” comment is one that I told you not to pay much mind too, but I like Jones so I’ll mind just a little.

I was going to do a post on Twitter and fantasy football, but it was sounding pretty lame.  I figure actually following good fantasy football folks on Twitter is more relevant than reading why I think it could help you, so check out this link to people I follow.