Ladies and gentleman, America has played its Trump card. Just goes to show you just how much this country dislikes Hillary Clinton. They were willing to elect a man with no political experience over one with a lifetime. Good riddance Killary, and congratulations President Trump. You know what they say, every dog has its day. Well, here are my dogs. Speaking of dogs, has anyone gone to or plan to attend a Temple of the Dog show? If so, I’m jealous. While this might not be the best lineup I have presented, 172 points should be more than enough to bring home a win.

QB: Colin Kaepernick (23.22, 19)
RB: DuJuan Harris (20.7, 30)
RB: Tim Hightower (16.7, 54)
WR: Rishard Matthews (21.3, 30)
WR: Taylor Gabriel (16.1, 1)
WR: Cole Beasley (14.6, 58)
TE: Vance McDonald (15.9, 8)
FL: Kapri Bibbs (14.5, 5)
PK: Matt Prater (15, 18)
DST: Chargers (14, 39)

Colin Kaepernick – I guess the game plan of opposing teams playing the national anthem on third down so that Kaepernick would take a knee didn’t work out as expected. He ended the game two yards shy of 400 yards passing. For those of you deficient in math that would be 398 yards. He threw for 2 touchdowns, racking up over 23 points. I think he’s going to be a sneaky play the rest of season with some big games and some not so good games. He does have top ten potential every week. As a person, however, I think he’s a shithead.

DuJuan Harris – Usually when it comes to San Francisco and running backs the discussion is about the opposing running back being a must start. That’s still pretty much the case, but last week it turns out even the 49ers running back was a good start. While Harris only ran for 59 yards, he also tallied 83 more in the air, catching 5 of 6 targets. With over 100 yards from scrimmage and a receiving touchdown, DuJuan was a top five back! While Carlos Hyde is out, Harris should be owned. Not a great matchup this week against Arizona, but I still think he had made a case to be rostered.

Tim HightowerI love it when a plan comes together. Last week I picked Hightower to earn this honor and it looks like I picked a winner. Feels good to get one right every now and then. With 23 carries Hightower rushed for 87 yards and a touchdown. Here’s the interesting thing, Mark Ingram ended the game with 15 carries and 158 yards. Now, that includes a 75-yard run which has the tendency to skew the numbers. For shits and giggles, let’s ignore that run. That leaves Ingram with 14 carries and 83 yards. While that’s still slightly better than Hightower, I think Hightower is showing that he is just as good as Ingram. Timmy boy needs to be owned as I think you are looking a 50/50 time share.

Rishard Matthews – Did this dude’s parents just not know how to spell Richard? Is Dick still short for Rishard? Either way he had his best game of the season with 6 catches for 63 yards and 2 scores. Is it a coincidence that he had his best game and he also saw a season high ten targets? I think not. Even though he does have 5 touchdowns on the season, I still would not feel comfortable starting Rishard. Spell checker doesn’t like his name either.

Taylor Gabriel – Why do I have the constant urge to sing “In Your Eyes” every time I say this guy’s name. Gabriel caught all 5 passes thrown to him for 55 yards. He has now caught his last 8 targets over the last two games. Five for fifty-five isn’t all that great, but what got him in today’s post was a nine yard touchdown run. I’d watch Taylor, but I wouldn’t be adding him quite yet. Love I get so lost, sometimes…

Cole Beasley – Beasley has been about as consistent as it gets. Every game he gets about 6 receptions and 60 yards. Here are his game totals in yards for the season: 65, 75, 73, 66, 53, 58, 53 and 56. In PPR leagues you are looking at about 12 points. He does have 4 touchdowns on the season. If he finds the end zone you are looking at 18 points. Otherwise, a 12 point floor is not too shabby. You can drive through it Cole (name that movie).

Vance McDonald – Old McDonald scored some points. E-I-E-I-O. When your tight end has 84 yards and a touchdown you’re going in the right direction. Vance had a 65-yard touchdown. End of story. I’m leaving McDonald on the farm. I would like to mention that last week I predicted Jason Witten to earn this honor. Technically he did. Witten was the second best tight end last week (behind Jimmy Graham). However, between the time I wrote last week’s post and today, Witten’s ownership has risen to 79 percent rendering him ineligible.

Kapri Bibbs – First of all I like to say “funk you Devontae Booker”. Thanks for taking a big sh!t on my lineup last week. Bibbs finds himself here because of a 69-yard touchdown reception on a screen play, but pair that with Booker’s flop, he might have just earned himself more touches. If I had the roster spot I might take a flyer. He has a nice matchup this week against the Saints.

Here are my picks for next week:

QB: Joe Flacco
RB: Chris Ivory and Kapri Bibbs
WR: Quincy Enunwa, Kendall Wright and Kenny Britt
TE: Dennis Pitta and Jesse James

  1. Brian says:

    I have debated starting JJ Nelson or Kendall Wright over D. Thomas this week would that be foolish ? Also would you start Flaco over Andy Dalton this week ? Thanks

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Brian: I’d start JJ over Thomas. I’d love to start Kendall over him too, but that would take major cajones.

      Sure, I’d go Flacco over Dalton this week…

  2. omar says:

    12 team 1pt PPR.

    Currently rostering Gronk and Eifert. Thinking about making the following offer:

    Nuk Hopkins

    AJ Green
    Delanie Walker

    Current Roster:
    QB – Big Ben
    WR – A-Rob
    WR – Nuk
    RB – Lamar Miller
    RB – Ajayi
    TE – Gronk
    Flx – Diggs
    Bn – Eifert
    Bn – Dion Lewis
    Bn – Tyrell Williams
    Bn – R Kelley
    Bn – Deangelo Williams
    Bn – Prosise

    Rationale: Got a feeling Eifert will go off ROS, and I don’t trust Hopkins or A-Rob (well, their QB’s at least). Love Gronk, but I feel like I could maximize my potential by moving one of my TE’s. Walker would give me some security and be a solid contributor should Eifert go down.

    Thoughts? Should I switch A-Rob for Nuk in the deal? I trust A-Rob a little more based on volume alone and the hope that Bortles can show some of that 2015 productivity.


    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @omar: It’s a fair deal. I’m not sure why you’d want Walker. You’ve got Eifert. You think you could pull off Gronk for Green?

  3. Bobby says:

    Howdy man!

    I got up early this AM & checked to see if my waivers went through; they did but minor problem. I accidentally dropped paul Perkins to add IDP Patrick Chung. Grr, i of course must’ve hit Perkins by accident & set the claims & didn’t check them.

    What should I do?

    1.) try & reclaim Perkins (I’m 10/10 on waivers he clears tomorrow so that’s unlikely)

    2.) try & trade him back to me

    3.) just forget about Perkins & drop Chung ? I don’t need Chung my starter I already added is vontaze burficit. If I do just forget about Perkins here are available players

    Available RBs: Starks (he also clears Thursday AM), Damien Williams, Mike James, Alf Morris, Ronnie Hillman, jaquizz Rodgers, Deandre Washington, Dwayne Washington

    Available WRs: JJ Nelson, Coates, Eli Rogers, Inman, Kendall wright, Tajae sharpe, marqise lee, cordarrle Patterson, Chris Conley, tyreek hill, Robert woods

    Available Defense/ back up D to play matchup: Chargers D(they clear Thursday AM), Chiefs D (they clear thurs AM), redskins D, Giants D

    My RBs: David Johnson, Melvin Gordon, Jeremy hill, Bibbs, Kenneth farrow (cuff for Gordon), andre Ellington (cuff for DJ)

    My WRs; (we start 3) Hopkins, sanders, Doug Baldwin, Chris hogan, moncrief, Hilton, Watkins, and Sterling Shepard too

    My Defense is Patriots D/st

    Thanks man!

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Bobby: Wow, that sucks.

      I would try and reclaim him, but I doubt you will succeed. Trading back for him doesn’t seem like a good idea as I don’t expect it to work out well. If you can’t get Perkins then I’d grab the following in this order:

      Starks, JJ Nelson and then maybe Rodgers and Morris.

      • Bobby says:


        Lol tell me about it. Well I did talk to the league mate who’s first in the waiver he will agree to add him to then trade him to me for my lowest bench player which would be Chung.

        I may actually hold off on doing that because I’m sure league mates would say something.

        I’m going to aim for Starks /Nelson first though .

        Lol it does stink but that’s what happens on minimal sleep & running on fumes. Hey I’m just glad it was only Perkins & not my better players lol

        Or another idea, wait & see who is dropped this week? I’ll need a QB next week with Ryan on a bye I can wait & see if any league mates drop a QB.

        For example I have a feeling this owner may drop one of his 3 QBs; he has Mariota, Wilson & carr.

        Another owner has tom Brady with dak Prescott on the bench .

        If dak, or one of Wilson/Mariota/Carr are dropped are you adding those for the week 11 matt Ryan bye week filler?

        Avail FA QBs: flacco (week 11 at dallas)

        Cutler (@ Giants)

        Bradford (vs cardinals)

        Wentz (@ Seattle)

        Tannehill (at Rams)

        Thanks again

        • malamoney

          malamoney says:

          @Bobby: Sure, I’d add one of those. And by the way, the little transactions with the guy with the top claim is called cheating…

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