All of Sunday’s games have been canceled.  With the Monday night game taking precedence there really was no reason to play any other games which might distract from the main event.  All the scheduled games will automatically be scored as ties which will probably make quite a few teams happy; I’m looking at you Detroit!  That’s two non-losing games in a row!  Matt Millen must be turning in his grave.  What? He’s on ESPN? Oh, I figured he had passed.

Anyway, the game we do get to see has the Brett Favres taking on the Green Bay Packers.  There are a lot of storylines running through this game. 1. Brett Favre  2. Brett Favre  3. Brett Favre walking off the plane  4. Brett Favre denying he wants Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy to catch bird flu, swine flu and the highly contagious fish flu.  5. Brett Favre’s take on Chicago’s Olympic bid.

There are also rumors that John Madden will come out of retirement to broadcast this game. And that Elvis might play the halftime show.  Madden was seen stomping out an ignited Favre jersey earlier in the week outside Lambeau, but had to get the Tinactin out to spray on his burning feet.

The Brett Favres have never beaten the Green Bay Packers, but they have beaten every other team in the NFL, including three teams that they played in the future, The Favre City Wranglers, The New York Bretts and the London Brettles.  They even played the future Brett Favres, but it tore a hole in the space-time continuum which sucked them into a world only populated with Brett Favres, which of course led to too much competition so they returned to our time to play this game.

There is little to no chance that Green Bay can gain a first down in this game, but I guess they still have to play.  I am looking forward to Mr. Favre’s retirement/Hall of Fame/Super Bowl MVP speech after the game. The NFL will save his tears for posterity.

  1. Drew says:

    I just pulled of a Mario Manningham for T.O. trade. I’m getting T.O. He’ll be my WR3 behind Megatron and Roy E. Williams. I should be thrilled, right?

    Great site. Thanks for what you do!

  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Drew: Hope so! Miami will be a good test. He should have a good game there. If he doesn’t I would worry.

  3. Tankass says:

    Wait a second, I don’t have espn, is Brett Farve playing this weekend?

  4. Christopher says:

    I’m flush this week, with MJD, Brown and Bradshaw. What’s the best combo out of these 3???

  5. Christopher says:

    Thanks Doc!
    In my PPR league, I have this decision to make:
    Forte @ DET
    Coffee @ STL
    C Johnson @ JAX


  6. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Christopher: Just one? Tough. CJ.

  7. Christopher says:

    Sorry about that Doc. I need two from Forte/Coffee/CJ…

    I’m leaning Forte/CJ. You?

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