Fantasy Football changes fast.  One year you are fantasy lame, the next you have fantasy fame.  Al Davis has been hamstringing and touchdown blocking Zach Miller for a couple years now by drafting JaMarcus Russell as the Raiders’ quarterback. But even through that Miller has shown glimpses of greatness, but with no help from his team, they could only remain glimpses.  For tight ends, touchdowns are what make them fantasy relevant in most leagues and Miller had a paltry 3 endzone trips last season, which was up from one the year before.  Even with just 3 TD’s he finished the season as the 12th best fantasy tight end with 66 receptions for 805 yards, which of course led all offensive Raiders.

Now bring in Jason Campbell. JC isn’t a savior, wait, yeah, Jason Campbell is not the Raiders savior, but he’s a lot like walking in the desert for a week with no water and all of the sudden coming upon a dirty pool of gutter water.  It’s not what you were dreaming of, but it will do for now!  Add to that Campbell’s familiarity with throwing to a good tight end by the name of Chris Cooley and you have a chance for success.

Jason Campbell is coming off his best statistical year and his first 20 touchdown year.  This was without Cooley who was injured, not much help on the offensive line, and a wide receiver corp that wasn’t exactly going to elevate Campbell’s game.  I am not trying to give Raider’s fans false hope here.  The RB/WR situation leaves a lot to be desired, but they do have an all-pro caliber player just waiting to do his thing.

You are going to see quite a few sleeper posts on Miller this season and I agree with those future posts.  Way to go future writers!  That is why I didn’t call Miller a sleeper.  But I do think people are going to think he is a sleeper and wait on him.  I say you grab him before those ne’er-do-wells do.  His ADP over at Fantasy Football Calculator is around 150 and I could easily see grabbing him in the 120-130 range.

  1. Isles Guru says:

    I already have Finley in my Dynasty league, but I had to get Miller back so I traded back for him in exchange for Hines Ward. Hopefully you’re right about Zach Attack.

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