Predicting how long players will go in week 17 is starting to give me a twitch.  Listening to coaches and players talk about playing time is about as productive as watching Jersey Shore for moral guidance.

Here are some noteworthy happenings in the NFL:

Tom Brady: He says he will play the whole game, but Peyton Manning hinted at similar things last week and was yanked and not in the way he would prefer.

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Week 16 had a lot of big scorers come from odd names: Brandon Jackson, Jabar Gaffney, Darren Sproles, and not Curtis Painter. Hopefully you sat your Colts except for Austin Collie and started only players who scored lots of points!

I know not everybody’s league is over, including the RCL leagues, so we’ll be going into as much detail about injuries and matchups for week 17 as we have for the whole season.

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