What’s going on everybody, and welcome to another edition of my weekly rankings! Well we have another full slate on our hands, now with the 9:30 am EST start time in London between the Jaguars and Ravens, so make sure you wake up a little earlier than usual to tinker with those lineups.

Week 2 was definitely head and shoulders above the first week of the season, so let’s take a look at what Week 3 has to offer, but before we do, let’s recap the week that was!

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Hopefully you took my advice from last week’s post and grabbed Chris Thompson. He was the fifth highest scoring running back with 25.9 points in PPR leagues. Tarik Cohen also had himself a day against the Bucs. The loss of WR Kevin White lead to Cohen getting 8 receptions again. Mohamed Sanu again had a pretty nice game with 13.5 points against Green Bay. And even old dog Philip Rivers had another 17+ point day for the Chargers.

Below you’ll find your under-owned players who you should either grab for this week — or for the long term. If you’ve got any league-specific questions, hit me up in the comments section!

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Well the top guys of a week ago did not live up to their hype, did they?  Here are their stats from Week 2:

Javorius Allen – 5 Rec, 35 yards, 66 rush yards, 1 TD.

Kerwynn Williams – 22 rush yards.

Kenny Golladay – 1 Rec, 8 yards.

Tarik Cohen – 8 Rec, 55 yds, 13 rush yards, 1 fumble lost.

Nelson Agholor – 1 Rec, 9 yards, 1 TD.

Williams was quiet this week as the Cardinals looked bad against Indy and Chris Johnson definitely took carries. The whole Cardinals offense still doesn’t look right; let’s hope they get back on track Week 3 but Johnson & Ellington were on the field in overtime and that worries me. On the bright side: Williams is also their return man to add to his value. Don’t cut bait after one week…

Allen looked good on his TD run and is settling in as Woodhead light, which is a hoppy sardines-infused dark chocolate almond butter IPA with less calories. Flacco likes to throw so Allen should remain a flex play, although West is still the bellcow there.

Cohen could have looked better, but Howard was also terrible and the Bears simply got owned, so that Cohen salvaged some fantasy value is good to see. Cohen clearly benefits from being on the field for all the passing the Bears will do. So hold him if you added him last week because better days are coming.

Agholor salvaged some value catching a garbage time TD (though based on that score the Eagles actually had a chance to win (on a Hail Mary), so was it really in garbage time?)

Razzball Football’s partner FantasyDraft is starting a new sign-up promotion this week, all new depositing signups receive a free $4 “Everyone Wins” NFL GPP ticket for the upcoming Sunday slate along with offering all players 4% cash back on their initial deposits! 

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Crowd chants: “WE WANT JEN! WE WANT JEN!” I know, I know, sometimes real life gets in the way. You probably woke up this morning expecting your usual Hit it or Quit it article and were disappointed to see the picture of Diddy at the top of the football blog but I promise you that we will get through this together. Jen will be back next week and if you would like to check out my regularly scheduled Monday programming, you can find it here.

And now, are you going to Hit it… or Quit it?

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Welcome to another edition of Jay’s (hey, that’s me!) Review of all things Week 2. Except for Monday Night Football, just as bad as Thursday Night Football, but now without Chris Berman. So slightly better. Maybe. Who knows actually? I’m just waiting for when the NFL figures out how to have a game on every night and additionally draw out the NFL Draft for entire offseason. You think it might not happen, but Roger Goodell is already telling Robert Kraft to hold his beer (usually it’s his penis). So yeah, that was basically me saying that MNF is too late for this existential journey, maaaan. And sure, what I just typed may have come off as sassy, but that’s only because MB RSVP’d (so many acronyms, so little time!) probably the best GIF from Week 2 with the Lynch Safety Dance. You probably only understood that reference if you’re a member of AARP, but hey, on the bright side, more acronym dropping. So instead, I have chosen Todd Gurley to shine my light upon with the utmost care and love. Which is what I also refer to as a boner. And behold above, if that GIF doesn’t turn you on, I don’t want to be off. I feel like this could be the new Dyson’s vacuum cleaner slogan. Or the first last line I’ll ever say to a first last date. The possibilities are endless, just like a world with a functioning Todd Gurley. Is he back? (Maybe?) Was he ever gone? (Yeah.) (Vague) Answers to these questions and your usual daily allotment of hot takes, yokes (jokes in egg form, or I guess I could have just corrected the typo instead of typing this long sentence out… wait, am I still typing?), and your Week 2 Top Plays in GIF form are all after the jump!

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Welcome to the second edition of my Sunday game reviews. This Sunday was definitely more fun than what we went through last week. We actually had a couple of nail biters yesterday. I’m also enjoying the fact that a lot of the games are finishing in under three hours. The NFL is doing something right! Now if we could just get rid of the rest of the bullsh*t we’d be on the right track!

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If you tuned into last week’s primer, you’ll know that the beginning of the season began the right way with large amounts of New England schadenfreude, which is pretty much the best kind of schadenfreude if you’re into that whole German thing. And I only mention this not as another opportunity to give my best to the Northeast (well…), but to segue into Week 2, where once again, things are starting off right (depending on how much you enjoy Skyline Chili) with the Cincinnati Bengals already in full playoffs mode. I’m not sure firing your offensive coordinator (and quarterbacks coach Bill Lazor, pew pew!) after your second game is the best thing to do, only because any time previously two weeks ago would have been gajillion times better. If the Bengals organization went into this season saying “Gee, Ken Zampese (and Bill Lazor, pew pew!) sure seems like he’s right on the cusp of something awful or something great. We’ll just gauge where he’s at on the awful-to-great scale on a week-to-week basis…” then maybe the actual problem is Mike Brown and the Bengals front office. And that Andy Dalton is a ginger…

Here’s your updated Razzball Fantasy Football Rankings for Week 2 (STD, Half-PPR, PPR, IDP) including our Staff Consensus, player updates, and an opportunity to ask those all so important roster questions to myself, MB, and Zach in the comment section!

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Last week my six start selections scored 99 fantasy points. That includes one of whom scored 0 points. Don’t look at me — look at Hunter Henry. That’s on him. How did my ‘sit’ selections do? 51 total points. That included a bold pick of Ezekiel Elliott who the Giants held to an average of 11 fantasy points in 2016. Elliott netted 18 fantasy points. What does it all mean? I’m a great lucky guesser.

If making week 1 picks is difficult because you don’t have any real in-season data from which to make your predictions, week 2 is nigh impossible because you have some fluke games like the Bengals being shutout in week 1 only to lay another turd on Thursday night against the Texans. The same Texans who in week 1 only scored 7 points against the first place Jaguars! What’s a fantasy football prognosticator to do?!

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Over the years, I probably haven’t been as active with my Rest of Season Rankings as my peers. The simple reason is: I dislike shoot-from-the-hip reactions, and not that ROS Rankings are that, but they are certainly a tool for that. I’m fairly conservative (not really suffering from economic anxiety though) in terms of the first month. But sometimes I wonder if that’s too slow a reaction time in Fantasy Football. I don’t think we’re sitting here waiting for an exact number of games, and one complete football season will never offer a large enough sample size to draw concrete data from, so this year I’m giving in and going ahead and releasing our Rest of Season Rankings here in Week 2. While I still think a wait-and-see approach for most teams is the right way to go, I’m also empathetic to all the David Johnson and Allen Robinson owners out there who will be needing to do a bit triage work on their respective teams. So in that regard, here are our Rest of Season Rankings, which will be updated every Thursday from here on out, unless there’s a case of breaking news or Josh Gordon gets reinstated. Whichever comes first…

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What’s going on everybody,! Hopefully you all had a better Week 2 than I did. Granted I won some leagues, but I did expect some huge games from players that really let me down. I’ll tell you who had a great week though…

Rudy and the Tools! I said it a few times during my rankings post, if you are waiting to subscribe to our fantastic season-long and DFS tools, you are simply wasting money. If Week 1 is any indication, and I think it is, this should be a huge year for Rudy and the rest of the gang here at Razzball. And if it is going to be a huge year for us, why shouldn’t it be a huge year for you guys as well?

Well without further ado, let’s get into some Razzball certified picks for Week 2, with some DFS knowledge at the very end thanks to our great lineup optimizers. Let’s get to it!

Note: Projections are based off of standard scoring leagues.

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