Welcome to my way too earlier top 100 fantasy football rankings. Doing this in March is not only fun for Zach and me, but it also builds a base for our rankings going forward as things, both large and small, inevitably happen throughout the offseason. I picked five players after the rankings list that I wanted to highlight further. Feel free to hop in the comment section and tell me how you feel.

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Hey everyone!

As each day goes on, MB and I will be going further and further in our NFL draft content, bringing you only the best as draft day draws closer and closer with each day passing. However, we are taking a short pause in the content to bring our look at the Top 100 for the upcoming 2017 season.

There has been a few notable changes in terms of franchise-tagging players, and different personnel changes that are definitely just beginning in what is going to be another crazy offseason. However, it is still great to have a slight idea of some players you were wrong about last year, but want to target this year, or even players you are still expecting to turn it around before it’s too late.

So, without further ado, here is a way too early look at the Top 100 for the upcoming 2017 season (standard scoring).

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Yeah, this time it’s Tehol’s fault I veered into the political realm, but the good news is, we don’t spend too much time addressing the elephant in the room, aka Rome burning, but we did have a plethora of NFL news to talk about, including the story that broke during the recording sesh, which was Brandin Cooks being traded to the Patriots. The Brock Osweiler trade to the Browns, along with Alshon Jeffery, Kirk Cousins, and Danny Woodhead are all bantered about with Zach, Matt Bowe, and Tehol. Along with a story from Zach about how Tehol stalks him with an auto-tuned rapper. Or something. I already forgot his name, but he dresses like Prince, but without the immense talent to project sex appeal in such garments. And we finally talk about the OA finale and start the hype train on Game of Thrones. Choo choo! (I sexually identify as a train during these times.) Here’s the newest Razzcast, with bonus technical difficulties towards the end of the cast, because #productionvalue!

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Just like that, the offseason is upon us.  Another football season has been wasted with the Patriots winning another super bowl.  I’m just kidding, I’m not going to be that guy who hates a team for winning too many championships.  I don’t need that karma in my life, after all I am a Cubs fan and I am hoping to celebrate the next five world series championships.

I am devastated by the results from a gambling point of view.  After a fantastic 7-3 record against the spread throughout the postseason, I pushed all of my chips towards the Atlanta Falcons money line and it would have been very profitable. The result ended up being my most heartbreaking gambling loss of my so far, young life.

Now it’s time to put that in the past.  The future is now.  Zach and I are the future.  My cohort and myself are going to grind week in and week out to bring you the most useful fantasy relevant draft coverage that we can.  Non-fantasy relevant information will also be shared because we are going to do our best to cover every team.  So, without further ado, let’s continue with a little preview. We are going to review the 2016 seasons of the 16 bottom finishers in the NFL last season.  I will tell you of any GM or coaching changes that I am aware of and I will do my best to cover draft rumors and positional needs.

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Now that we are long past the Super Bowl, it’s established on our newest show that there’s quite the depressingly large gap (that’s what she said) from now until the next officially scheduled NFL event: the Draft. Zach, Matt, Tehol, and I go over some preliminary thoughts on what’s in store, What will the Browns do? Who’s going to trade up? Trade down… sideways even! After that, we finally get to talk about our newest episodic focus by talking about episodes 1-4 of The OA (24:00 minute mark for those who don’t want spoilers). Slight teaser, we dig it!

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Hey everyone, it’s good to be back! After a short break since Week 15 of the regular season, I again will be doing some writing about the NFL Draft into the first couple months of the offseason. However, there is good news! Unlike last year, I won’t be doing this alone! I’ll be getting some help from my good buddy Matt Bowe (Unbreakable MB for those that don’t know)!

For those of you that have followed Matt and his excellent roster strategy series this past year covering streaming, you already know what your getting: great analysis that is short, sweet, and to the point. And for those that haven’t kept up with Matt this past year, you’re in for a treat. Matt is one of my personal favorite writers on this site, and I can’t wait for you guys to see our work. Speaking of our work, what should you guys expect for this series? Great question!

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Since we used all of our creative juices titling last week’s Razzcast as our “Super Bowl Episode”, it would seem apt that we would double-down on said creativeness (art me!) by making this the official “Post Super Bowl Episode”. We rock, we know… MB, Zach, and Tehol join me in discussing our own Super Bowl experiences, and make sure to separate the line between the Patriots and Patriot fandom. Let’s just say it’s a big bold line that seems to not meet all that much. That is to say, we praise the team while condemning a majority of the fanbase. I call that being a philanthropist, but whatever. Enjoy!

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Spoiler alert! We talk about the Super Bowl and nothing much else really. Because what else is there to talk about this week? I mean, there’s still a lot to talk about in general, but why talk about that when you can default to football? That’s what we think too! We’re so a like, maybe we should date. Call me, listeners… But yeah, Matt, Alex, Tehol, and myself go over the matchup, the storylines, and who we’re exactly rooting for, which is a harder task than we thought. Enjoy!

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Well, not really, and the real winners (prize winners) will be revealed after the jump, (even though we announced the winner on our podcast), but I just want to send a shout out to everyone involved before we hit the big Super Bowl weekend. So thanks to all the Razzball contributors who hosted a league, to all of you Razzball readers who hosted a league, and, of course, to all of you Razzballers who joined and played in our league. The Razzball Commentator Leagues are a unique feature that are almost the greatest things in the world. I mean, as long as we have boobs and beer, finishing third ain’t too bad. This “universal” league brings the community together, and sure, yeah, while you’re trying to destroy each other with Aaron Rodgers and Le’Veon Bell, I’d still like to think we’re doing it out of love and togetherness (is that a word?). I look forward to building on our numbers next year (while also improving our content covering these leagues, something that we’ve had issues with, admittedly), and look forward to bigger and better prizes as well. In the mean time, let us recognize the 2016 Razzball Commentator League Prize Winners…

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Period Rank QB RB WR TE K DST
Week 16 4 out of 128 10 22 79 8 6 17
Week 15 31 out of 131 49 14 86 73 11 16
Week 14 58 out of 131 97 51 40 96 45 8
Week 13 105 out of 131 109 12 127 77 30 2
Week 12 52 out of 130 60 44 28 119 43 8
Week 11 35 out of 133 81 24 59 33 19 77
Week 10 59 out of 133 46 40 102 104 15 40
Week 9 2 out of 133 2 20 76 14 33 18
Week 8 46 out of 134 76 13 90 65 73 33
Week 7 5 out of 138 58 2 36 30 22 56
Week 6 92 out of 137 101 60 87 63 18 55
Week 5 9 out of 138 42 32 4 112 56 12
Week 4 5 out of 141 60 15 6 49 4 62
Week 3 22 out of 139 41 18 62 21 7 32
Week 2 96 out of 139 96 116 38 107 13 8
Week 1 66 out of 138 63 73 34 116 32 23
2016 9 out of 125 31 5 27 40 9 4
3-year AVG 21 out of 122 37 28 22 42 16 33
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