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Gather round the campfire children where we tell the story of how deep running back is this year. Don’t worry, it’s a short story, could almost call it a novella really since no one has played yet. I mean, Darren McFadden isn’t hurt yet so we know it’s too early to even start thinking that way. You’re a seasoned veteran at this, you know better. Like when you caught Santa schtupping your mom on Christmas Eve. You know you’re not Claus, Jr and you put it together that there really was no such thing as ‘ole Saint Nick. Someone is gonna get hurt or dinged up before the draft starts and we’re all gonna panic but that’s for August. It’s May, chillax. I like RB this year much better than I did last year at this time but I still think caution is appropriate. I’d like to get 2 RBs out of the first three rounds. Heck, I might even go 3 if the right wide receiver doesn’t curl up in my lap and purr especially in a one QB league. I said it was deep, I didn’t say you shouldn’t reap the benefits! And just so we’re on the level, I’m looking strictly at PPR since that’s how I rank my players. I’ll be evaluating the non-PPR format here shortly. So with that, let’s see how the rankings are shaping up so far for this 2013 fantasy football season…

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