What this post presupposes is, what if we aren’t Game of Thrones? We all know winter is coming. Or wait, isn’t it here already? I feel like it is, but it kinda makes you wonder, like, what are the White Walkers actually up to right now? Furthermore, what have they been up to the last six years… honestly. Look, this site mixes fantasy football with Game of Thrones like nothing I’ve ever seen before (kinda like discovering a new genre of porn), but the more and more I think about it, shouldn’t winter have overrun the entirety of  Westeros? Like, are they just at home watching reruns of Daredevil? Perhaps doing a little gardening? Spring winter cleaning? Regardless, as has been stated in the title, the time to release rankings for the 2016 Fantasy Football season has arrived. Here’s how it’ll all play out, just so you plan your life accordingly!

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Welcome to the final addition of Razzball’s 2016 NFL Draft Preview, covering the final picks (except for pick #29, because of “Deflategate”, and yes, I am biased, but I’m also bitter). I am keeping the same theme from the previous articles, picks #1-10 and picks #11-20, as I will ultimately break down a team’s season in a few sentences, and then go on to determine the biggest team needs of the specific team selecting and then if this impacts their selection.

We’ve had some trades and plenty of other news thus far leading up until Thursday, and the anticipation is building and building as we draw ever so closer to the first night of the draft, and I cannot wait to see how these selections will shake up.

And on that note, let’s get started and finish up this mock draft of ours!

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As we can afford during the football offseason (and eternal search for SEO hits), an entire podcast dedicated to Game of Thrones is definitely the hero we need, not the one we deserve. And now that the new GoT season is here, we can rest the hype-machine and finally talk about an actual episode. But with the special guest Grey Albright in tow, we just sorta-kinda talk about Canada, Drake, and riding segues (segways?) with Nick Capozzi. THEN we get to the season premier and go over all the plot points introduced (or recycled), have some meta-conversations of where the series is going from both the show-watcher and book-reader standpoint. Which was Tehol’s job. I’ve never read the books, so I have no idea if he did a good job, but if I know anything about Tehol, I’m sure it was… yeah… nevermind. Regardless, join Grey, myself and Tehol as we discuss the first episode: The Red Woman! (And there will be spoilers…)

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Hello everyone, and welcome to the second installment of Razzball’s 2016 NFL Draft Preview.

For those of you who read the first installment, picks 1-10, I talked a lot about the two biggest factors that each team will have to ask themselves in the next few weeks until the draft, and even on draft night. “Team needs or individual talent?”

The process is simple. Evaluate the team after the 2015 season, and then evaluate all of the prospects, on the team’s Big Board, to determine the strategy. Will teams select prospects to help the team as a whole at certain positions, or select prospects because they are raw, physical, superb athletes?

Note: This post was written before and during the Philadelphia-Cleveland Trade. Here’s the short and sweet version – Eagles acquire the #2 overall pick, Browns trade back, both teams will acquire picks this year in the later rounds, plus a slew of 2017 first round picks, and Robert Griffin III is a happy man. Sam Bradford is not. In terms of who the Eagles will take, it all depends on who the Rams take. If the Rams select Goff, Wentz will most likely go to Philly, and conversely. I won’t go in-depth, but here’s how I think the rest of the board shakes out, except for the teams who selections I think will stay the same.

Rams – Jared Goff

Eagles – Carson Wentz 

Browns – Ezekiel Elliot (If the Browns really do believe in RGII, which they proved/indicated by trading back, then they want opposing D’s to respect all aspects of their offense. D’s can easily put pressure on RGIII with Isaiah Crowell or Duke Johnson in the backfield. If Elliot is the HB for the Browns, it opens up the field for Griffin, but just a little bit.)

Let’s get to picks 11-20…

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Tehol and I are finally back to prep you on the ins and outs of the NFL Draft. To be fair, I’m not sure about what that means technically, like the NFL Draft is some sort of object that you can be inside and out… this whole thing seems entirely too meta at the moment, but them’s the way it goes. Or I’ve been drinking. OR BOTH! We do go over the big trade between the Rams and Titans, a bunch of fantasy prospects in the draft, and then I ramble for an hour about something. I think it was a Tehol story. Or it was about the Chargers. Who even knows any more?

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Early yesterday morning, the Titans and L.A. Rams completed a massive trade in which both teams acquired a slew of draft picks, and in return, sent a slew of draft picks.

No players were traded, although it felt like Case Keenum was cut immediately. Here’s the full trade…

Titans Receive – 1st round pick no. 15, 2 second-round picks, 1 third-round pick, 2017 first round pick, and 2017 third round pick.

Rams Receive – 1st round pick no. 1, round 4 and 6 picks.

Well, if there is any indication that the Titans want Goff/Wentz, it is now confirmed, as the Rams are giving up an arm and a leg to select a quarterback. Remember, no matter where they finish in their 2017 campaign, the Rams are giving up their first round draft pick. That decision could blow up in their face.

But is it definite that they would select a QB with their first round pick? It is likely, but not set in stone. Carson Wentz and Jared Goff are definitely one of the top options in the draft, but what are the team needs of the Rams? Their biggest team need is definitely QB, as Case Keenum doesn’t really get the job done, and Nick Foles was downright awful. Yet are there any other positions they could address at the first spot? Wide Receiver is another position for the Rams to target in the draft, however top prospects Will Fuller and Laquon Treadwell at the Wide Receiver position are the best in College Football, yet they aren’t Top-5 material. They are definitely 1st-Round material, as there are a few teams that need to address the Wide Receiver position. However, their next team need is where it could get interesting.

As you remember, I had the Titans selecting Cornerback Jalen Ramsey from Florida State in the previous mock draft, yet the Titans no longer have the pick, so where could Ramsey fall to? The third, and next big team need for the Rams is at the Cornerback or Safety position, as their secondary was one to improve last year. So could the Rams select Ramsey, who up until the trade, was one of the top prospects? No.

The Rams were busy in the offseason, and managed to slap a Franchise Tag on Trumaine Johnson, and went out and got Coty Sensabaugh. Their secondary will be a group to fix during the draft, yet during rounds 4, 5, or 6. In the first round, they’ll manage to snag the QB coming out of North Dakota State in one of the biggest blockbuster (draft) trades in the NFL.

I’ll make sure to touch on the Fantasy Impact of Wentz going to Cleveland, and I’ll fix my Mock Draft to accommodate the trade, with new selections for the teams who pick after the Rams.

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Breaking: The Rams have just traded for the first overall pick from the Titans for picks 15, 43, 45, 76 and a 2017 first round and third round pick. Holy sh*tballs that’s a lot of stuff. But look on the bright side, Robert Griffin can’t be drafted twice… (right?) There are a lot of repercussions, and an interesting storyline at work here (a reverse RG-III trade, if you will). My first instinct is, wow, that’s pretty expensive. My second instinct is, if this doesn’t work out, the Rams probably have another solid decade of mediocrity ahead for them. And thirdly… say what you want about the Rams, but they sure knew how to build a defense, mostly with the bundled picks they received from Washington several years ago. Then again, they haven’t really done much without a quarterback, something that high draft positions certainly allow for, and this seems to be their response. Zach will be analyzing the trade more in-depth later today, so stay tuned! All I’ll say is, you do some crazy things sometimes when playing with house money. Seems apt here… Now, back to your regularly scheduled program!

We’re about to jump back into the “Early Rankings” next week, but for now, we do have some leftovers to take care of. Nothing too big has happened (that’s what she said) since our free agency-focused podcast was released, but there are a number of smaller news items that are there for consumption. Mainly because I’m hungry. You can tell because I used the words “leftovers” and “consumption” in the same sentence. I should also add that I’m sleepy. These represent my normal life-state, I think. Regardless, if your biggest wish is to get Razzball’s take on the NFL’s recent day-to-day minutiae, I am here to grant that wish. And to also state that you need to make a better wish. I mean, seriously… I can probably name at least twenty-eight wishes off the top of my head that are better than this one, and they all involve 1990’s Rachel Weisz. They also include 2000’s Rachel Weisz. In fact, the entire epoch of Rachel Weisz is included here…

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Welcome to the start of the NFL Season, the Draft!

Believe it or not, the process leading up to the NFL Draft started last preseason, when all of the team scouts gathered to share the plan for collegiate scouting all across the country. They looked at offensive tackles, inside linebackers, and each and every special teams player to formulate an idea for how their team should attack the draft based only on a big board, an entire list of the top prospects of the country. Next, back at their headquarters, teams missed the playoffs, won the Super Bowl, had injuries, lacked certain depth at certain positions, players performed great, players failed to live up to potential, and everything else happened during the course of the regular season. Scouts, the front office, and the coaching staff have met before the pro days, scouting combines, and other individual training sessions, and have fully formulated a answer to the most crucial question: “team needs or individual talent?”.

Teams always approach the draft differently. However, specific positions have to be addressed in the draft, but sometimes, a player might just have so much sheer talent you can’t afford to let them pass. One example could be what the Patriots did a couple years ago. They drafted Jimmy Garoppolo. One might think to themselves “Oh yeah, quarterback is a pressing need in the first few rounds when you have a such lack of talent at the position”. However, Belichick and company saw something in the young thrower and decided that individual talent trumped team needs, and they could address it in the later rounds.

Below, I will make the decision in a mock draft of what teams I believe will take picks based on team needs, and then individual talent. Let’s get to it!

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Did you know winter is finally here? Well, I mean, it’s spring time, but for some reason, HBO decides to start airing a winter show on the cusp of summer, but whatevs. The world is not perfect. And come to think of it, I’m pretty sure there are only two seasons in Game of Thrones: Alaska and Siberia. That’s it. Two seasons. Regardless, I’m happy to present Razzball’s answer to the SEO gods, a GoT podcast that’ll be weekly once the season begins. Basically because the football season is still far away, which means we can do random clickbait in the mean time. We’ll also have Grey (mustache clickbait!) and “GoT name expert” and former Fantasy Football IDP contributor Kevin Kumpf stop by for this short series as much as possible (with Grey coming by to join us for the season premier), but for our podcast debut, Tehol and I go over the newest red band trailer that you can watch above (quite possibly NSFW), and discuss the possibility of a Clegenebowl, the level of awesome Davos has achieved, how to pronounce Melisandre, and when in the world will Daenerys ever get to Kings Landing… (the answer is quite possibly never.) Game of Thrones hasn’t started yet, but the hype is here. Join us!

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We’re back! That’s right folks, it’s time to wipe the dust off the Razzball Football side with the first podcast of the year. I would have used an exclamation point there, but with the way I’m feeling, some restraint might be wise or you would probably recite this entire post as if it were yelling. WHICH I GUESS WOULDN’T BE THE WORST THING IN THE WORLD. Regardless, the great and mighty (his bedroom moniker) Tehol returned to his normal co-hosting duties (duties… also a bedroom moniker of his that you can ask him about) to discuss the happenings of NFL free agency, including the signing of Robert Griffen, Calvin Johnson and Peyton Manning’s retirements (and the fall out from these events) and other transactions that have taken place.

And for those of you who miss our Game of Thrones content, have no fear, we’ll be doing a separate Pod for the show this offseason, and our first episode will be out Thursday when we talk about the new red band trailer and what it all means… The meaning of life, maaaaan.

So stick around for the resurgence of Football Razzball, in audio form!

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