I’m no sage. And, as Jay always points out, I’m no expert. I can’t see the future, and I can’t accurately predict the outcome each week. One thing I can do, though? Look to the past to determine what may happen in the future. That’s called wisdom. And in fantasy sports it’s one of the best possible things you can do. Trends and trajectories, consensus and conjecture. It’s all a part of the game, but if you read it right you can get a step up on the competition. Which is why we’re here. Well, I’m here, at least…

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Two things before I get into this week’s FAAB acquisitions, which include The Terrelle Pryor Show and Wendell Smallwood’s supremacy over Ryan Tinytwig (err, Mathews). Firstly, a thank you to all the readers and commenters. Every week there are more FAAB (Free Agent Auction Bidding) specific questions in the comment section and it makes my day to see that. I love FAAB and I think Razzball can be ahead of the curve in addressing the FAAB needs for all of you. Now onto some general FAAB considerations. Specifically, the difference between 10-team leagues and 12-team leagues. Its the quality of player available on benches of 10-team. A much higher percentage of would be stars are available in 10-team leagues. Jordan Howard, Jerick McKinnon and Theo Riddick were all out there in some leagues and that just wasn’t the case for most 12-team leagues. Players like Fozzy Whittaker and Cameron Artis Payne were often still there on the first Sunday morning after the Jonathan Stewart injury. Kenyan Drake was sometimes not acquired even after the news he would start. This latter group of players is nothing really special, but they are decent stopgaps for desperate teams. These type of players are quickly snatched up in 12-team leagues but can linger around the waiver wire in shallower leagues. Now, onto the FAAB recommendations…

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Well, that was something. And if you think I’m referring to the Presidential debate instead of the game, I’d say, why not both? And while I won’t go into politics here, I’ll do one better and I promise not to drop that “special” teams joke that I’m sure will be the go-to joke at your cooler talk-sesh (are water coolers still a thing?), but I would still continue to point out that weekday football is still, to this very day, able to bring one of two things; derpy or boring. There is no in-between, no negotiation, no choice. These two, that’s it. And you add two teams from the NFC South to the mix? Well, just one look above to see the majesty and grace of “wtf?” confirms my aforementioned theory. And while my predicted score was just a tiny bit aggressive, we still arrived at an Arena Football-esque score. And at times, it was pretty hard to believe that there were Saints players on the field at all when the Falcons were on offense. Then again you could say the same about the Falcons, but to a lesser degree. So I guess I just described this game perfectly: Saints really bad, Falcons a little bit less. Really rolls off the tongue…

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I’m pretty sure I could compare tonight’s Monday Night Football game to that of the first Presidential debate pretty closely, but I get kinda stuck at who plays the part of Donald Trump. Like, I think the obvious choice would be Sean Peyton, but then we’d have to inject his skin with Cheetos to get the correct pigment. Hey, if you’re going to do an analogy, you gotta go 100%. But since this is a day where football actually will finish second to something other than it’s own news, I don’t mind going ahead and just talking about the matchup tonight that features two dumpster fires. I’m actually talking about football this time guys. Yes, the eternal battle between two floundering NFC South teams not named the Panthers is on full display tonight as we get to see the idea of defense be dismissed and scorned like the silly idea that it is to both these teams. Generally, I’d usually pick the home team between the two, so the Saints get my vote (see what I did there?), but I think the real debate (did it again, red hot fire they call me folks) is how many points the teams score total. I’m guessing in the thousands, but you’re right, that number sounds a bit too conservative. (WOOOO. Trifecta baby!)

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Contrary to most people, Fantasy Football actually reinforces my belief in a higher power. Because in my opinion, the statistical probability that the Bears would be so uniquely irrelevant for such a long amount time is far less likely than a giant vengeful sky man wanting to live with you when you die. And if we are talking in terms of fantasy (something we do from time to time), it doesn’t seem that long ago when Jay Cutler was doing his best impersonation of Jay Cutler, but with a cast of Matt Forte, Martellus Bennett, Brandon Marshall, and Alshon Jeffery. Sure, they were still full of derp, still kinda bordered the line between mediocre and hilarious, but they had an offense. More importantly, they had an offense that you wanted to draft on your team. Now all that’s left is Alshon Jeffery living in Hoyer Country. (If he throws a Hail Mary, what shall they do about their papist neighbors?) So whats wrong with the Bears offense? Is it: A) Hoyer can’t throw the ball, B) Kevin White doesn’t know what a Route Tree is, C) The offensive line can’t block, D) Alshon Jeffery hasn’t cared since they shipped Marshall off to the Jets, or E.) All the above? And sure, lets give some credit to the Cowboys. Ezekiel Elliott had a terrific game on the ground (kudos to Zach for calling it in his Start ‘Em/Sit ‘Em post), and Dak Presscott looks pretty legitimate. I mean, let’s be honest, drafting a good quarterback by accident is just about the most Cowboys thing ever. But while I deal with my own feelings as a Chargers fan (alcohol is involved), I have to wonder why the Bears even exist right now, but then I remember that the Cleveland Browns are still a thing and it all makes sense.

Here’s what else I saw in Sunday’s Week 3 games…

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It's gonna be a long year for these Cowboys...

I talked about this on the pod a little bit, but when you look at this game, you really wonder why the hell it’s in prime time. Sure, several months ago, this might have looked good on paper… maybe? I don’t blame Jay Cutler as much as Bears fans do, Alshon Jeffery is a lot of star power… but there’s not much else there that your general football fan might recognize. And the Cowboys? Yeah, they usually anchor any prime time game with Bryant, Romo, and Witten… yeah, the match-up would have made some sense if you squinted really hard… but boy, now that we’re here… Wow. Jay Cutler is doubtful for the game, leaving us in the derpiest of all time periods: “Hoyer Time”. Jeremy Langford is not who we thought he was, and even over on the Cowboys side, Tony Romo is out (for his career, if we care about his future aspects to live the rest of his life in a healthy fashion), leaving something called Dak in charger. Ezekial Elliot is suffering from some rookie over-hype (made of phrase, I’m sure), and Jason Garrett is still head coach. I’m sorry, why are we watching this game tonight?

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My reaction watching this game as well...

For some reason this week, there’s a somewhat-crowded slate of games… I’m not sure on the science of this, the when, the how, the meaning of it all (in terms of scheduling, not life), but I’ll take as many games in the afternoon as I can until the bye weeks hit. And today, we’ve got five selections to choose from… Rams at Buccaneers, 49ers at Seahawks, Jets at Chiefs, Chargers at Colts, and the Steelers at Eagles. Okay, now that I’ve listed them, maybe I take it back… wanting that many games, what was I thinking? I could honestly do without four of these, and not even my Chargers bias can keep them in this small group of watchable, including, and definitely limited to the Steelers and Eagles.  A tale of where two teams will go, the Steelers have a chance to go 3-0 with the impending return of Le’Veon Bell, making them seem like a potential playoff team. The Eagles? This is probably a “show me” game, in that the hype of Carson Wentz tries to prove itself for real. Then again, if that doesn’t interest you, I’m pretty sure there will be a good case to make the over/under for the Chargers-Colts game at 100. 100.5 if you’re into that who decimal point thing…

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Well, seeing as how Thursday Night Football once again lowered the bar in terms of “quality”, more specifically, in terms of “nap quality was good because this game was boring as sh*t”, we really have no where to go but up. Granted, I’m seeing a Browns-Dolphins matchup here that’s already triggering me slightly, I’m sure the Ravens-Jaguars game will only… oh geez, who are we kidding? Alright, alright, it’s not all doom and gloom, as the Washington-Giants game should be full of derp, the Broncos and Bengals should be pretty interesting, and the Panthers will try their best to make sure Sam Bradford regresses to the mean. But what my lede presupposes is, maybe they won’t?

Be sure to check out Start and Sits for today’s games here, along with updated projections (which finished fourth overall last week), by clicking here. And as always, our updated rankings are available after the jump!

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Well that was a weird week. When Corey Coleman outscores both Antonio Brown and Odell Beckham, and Justin Hardy outscores Julio, you know it’s time to sit back, and ask ourselves, what on Earth went wrong?

I’d like to take this time in the intro to talk about the most important aspect of Fantasy Football: Patience.

Championships aren’t won at the draft, and they are certainly not won during the first two weeks of the NFL season. We have to have patience when deciding who to add, who to cut, and who to trade for or trade away. We have to have patience, and think for the long term. Take Coby Fleener, for instance. Right now, many are cutting him, trading him, and giving up all hope. I am confident, without a single doubt in my mind, that Coby Fleener is a Top-10, maybe even still a Top-5 TE on the year. Remember, this is a guy that looked solid with Dwayne Allen in Indy, really stellar without Allen (due to injury), and someone the Saints paid over the offseason. They did that for a reason. Now, Brees has come out and said that they are slowly building chemistry, and they can’t wait until it blooms. And unfortunately for us, it means rostering him and waiting.

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Do you remember how amazing Bo Jackson was? He was dominant, the next big thing, and then… his knee exploded and he never recovered. Career over before it truly ever got off the ground. That’s sort of what this fantasy season is starting to feel like.

Two weeks into the year and it’s already survival of the fittest. Most everyone is dealing with the same stuff: at least a dozen running backs are hurt (highlighted this week by Adrian Peterson’s knee injury), Julio Jones and Brandon Marshall are banged up, and names like Rodgers, Gurley, and Beckham are performing woefully below expectations. So, to lighten the mood from this misery, we bring you the latest episode of The Dream League…

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