A lot of people come to me and ask “How should I go about drafting a kicker?”. And I respond, “Really bro, that’s what you want to talk about?” Actually, not really. None of that ever happens, and there’s a good reason for that. First, I’m always in my mom’s basement, so no one really comes up to me to ask about anything. Secondly, no one actually cares about kickers. Okay, okay, there are *some* people who draft kickers for one reason or another, but all those reasons are wrong. The Razzball approved strategy here is: Don’t be that guy you know. Which I guess is the opposite of Velveeta’s slogan. We aim high here folks. Look, they are what they are, and that’s a low-tier position on the totem pole of fantasy football. And that’s no joke, because the totem pole exists. Somewhere in New Mexico, with the face of Roger Goodell and Cobra Commander. Hail HYDRA!, amiright? Anyhow, let’s go over a few things about this position (that’s what she said), and then rank-o-rama starts. Prepare your alcoholic beverages…

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We all know winter is coming. What this post presupposes is, what if we aren’t Game of Thrones? Actually, based on Hardhome, winter is actually here. Wow. Only took about five years. What kind of seasons do they have? Regardless, as has been stated in the title, the time to release rankings for the 2015 Fantasy Football season is among us. Here’s how it’ll all play out, just so you plan your life accordingly! (If you’d like to get a head start, we do have our Way-Too-Early Rankings…)

June 10th – Kickers

June 12th – Defense and Special Teams

June 17th – Tight Ends

June 19th – Tight Ends (PPR)

June 22nd – Wide Receivers

June 24th – Wide Receivers (PPR)

June 29th – Running Backs 

July 1st – Running Backs (PPR)

July 6th – Quarterbacks

July 8th – Top-200 

July 13th – Top-200 (Half-PPR)

July 15th – Top-200 (PPR)

And don’t worry, we’ll still be covering league news, IDP Rankings, and Draft Strategy in or around those dates above. (Also, projections sometime in July, and auction values as well, if that’s your thing. It’s okay if that’s your thing. Everyone has a “thing”. Boy, you could infer so many things there…) Basically, we’re making another Draft Kit after a great response from last year’s first ever Razzball Kit. The RazzKit if you will. And I guess I could have just told you about the kit earlier and saved all this typing, but them’s the way it goes sometimes. But not really, because I have no idea what I’m saying at this point. The more important question is, do I ever? No. Not really.

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There once was a time that I was a believer in drafting running backs early and often. In fact, I wanted to draft a running back with my first, second, and third pick, even in points per reception (PPR) formats. My goal was to always come away with at least three running backs after my fifth pick. However, as I was prepping for draft season (last spring), I noticed a consistent trend … Once the fourth round came around, I found myself seeing a nice size group of running backs just sitting there. The ability to load up on a more consistent and higher scoring position like wide receiver and the added ability to get a huge advantage at tight end with the likes of Jimmy Graham or Julius Thomas starting looking attractive. All while, you could wait and pluck between two-to-three running backs in the fourth through eight round of any draft. I had a lot of fun (outside the box drafting), and it didn’t hurt to mix in some success with this game plan.

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While I could just copy and paste “Bill Belichick is no longer his coach” say, about 323 times and feel pretty confident about relaying substantial and relevent thoughts on why Shane Vereen is going into the season underrated, I wanted to be better than that. OR I just didn’t want the Razzball front page filled with a plethora of Bill Belichick. Mmm, plethora. That being said, while it’s easy to chaulk up Vereen’s ineffectiveness solely on the fact that the most jolly (and quite the partier) coach in the NFL trolls the running back position like no other, there are also some other factors playing into why Vereen might be a sneaky good pick up. Some might say he’s a sleeper, but I’m pretty sure everyone knows who he is, nor is he sleepy (I think? One can never be sure of another person’s sleep patterns). But underrated? Most definitely…

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NFL Free Agency officially started on March 10th, and most players were signed by the end of the month. But to truly understand how Free Agency impacts the IDP landscape, we need to wait until the NFL Draft is over and the rosters are set. Dannell Ellerbe getting traded to New Orleans may seem like a significant IDP move at the time, but when the Saints drafted Stephone Anthony at #31 overall, it quickly changed the situation. Now that the dust has settled, let’s take a look at how the major moves in March will affect the 2015 season for IDP leagues.

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Tehol and I had a special guest on the show, none other than the Razzball IDP Strategist (it’s all capitalized because it’s a real title) Kevin Kumpf. He joined us to talk about IDP strategy and why you, the readers (and listeners) should try the format if you haven’t already. We also go over Tom Brady’s current value, and if Carlos Hyde and Teddy Bridgewater are considered underrated players at the moment. Then comes our usual Game of Thrones discussion (38:22) where we talk about the last two aired episodes (Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken and The Gift), and try to figure out what happens next, especially to father of year, Stannis Baratheon. Then comes our discussion on Mad Max: Fury Road (1:30:45), probably the best action movie I’ve seen in the past 10 years, if not more. I also say the phrase “sexual maneuvers” twice on the show, so if that doesn’t sell it, nothing else will…

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With the NFL going to more and more of a passing league, the ability to find a signal caller that can provide you not just serviceable production at your quarterback spot, but the ability to give you quality production is ever so easy to spot and find later in the draft. With the quarterback position being littered with so many quality arms a popular avenue to go with this position is the quarterback by committee (QBBC) approach. This is where you wait until at least the 10th round (heck, even later) of your draft and you grab one-to-three quarterbacks (depending on format) that you will play match-ups with each week.

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One of my favorite things about fantasy football is the tracking of average draft position (ADP). I don’t care that it’s only mid May and the NFL draft is only a couple weeks in the books. I am always interested in seeing were the mind of the so called “experts” and the “average Joe’s” (me) are at when it comes to valuing certain players. I believe it’s never to early to being able to spot trends among players or positions that will be of valuable information come your draft or drafts. Now that we got that out of the way, I would like to talk about one trend that seems to have caught my eye in early drafts. It has to do with the wide receiver group, in particular, the older players and them being undervalued that is looming large at the moment.

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It’s been a long time since we’ve had IDP content posted on Razzball. Five months to be exact. The world was simpler back then. Leonard Nimoy was alive, Bruce Jenner was a man, and no one was making jokes about Tom Brady’s balls. Okay there were still jokes about Brady’s balls, but they were in an entirely different context. Since then a lot has changed, not the least of which is the IDP landscape in the NFL. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be taking a look at how free agency and coaching changes will affect IDP in 2015, but today I’m starting with the rookies.

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Yes, my obvious Chargers bias is usually quite obvious, especially in the madness that was my Ryan Mathews love. That has subsided, but only because of circumstances out of my control. In my defense, this is the first Chargers player I’ve spotlighted this offseason, but will Dontrelle Inman be the last? Probably not. Maybe. Okay, definitely not. But he is certainly an interesting player for an interesting team, which, coincidentally, makes him very interesting in fantasy football…

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