Tight ends are barely above kickers and defenses on my fantasy totem, but that is more because of the need to only start one.  With tight ends becoming more and more offensive, I don’t see any reason not to make 2 TE leagues more prevalent.  That will be my goal next season, to join a 2 TE league, then all my hopes and dreams will have finally come to fruition.

Tier 1

1. Vernon Davis 26 — He’s always had the skills, but now he’s got the stats.

2. Antonio Gates 30 — He’s the second target in a pass first team and is probably the best TE now.

3. Dallas Clark 31 — He’s getting up there in age, but still has Manning.

4. Jermichael Finley 23 — Too young and good to pass up.  I could see gambling on him earlier.

5. Jason Witten 28 — Had a bit of a down year, but he hasn’t lost it.

Tier 2

6. Brent Celek 25 — Looked great last season and is in a great offense for TE.

7. Owen Daniels 27 — He’d be in that top tier if it wasn’t for his injury.

8. Kellen Winslow 27 — He’s the focal point of the Bucs inept offense right now.

9. Chris Cooley 28 — He’s consistent and should rebound from his injury and association with OCNN.

Tier 3

10. Zach Miller (OAK) 24 — On just about any other team he’d be a lot higher.

11. Greg Olsen 25 — Olsen is good, but now has Martz to deal with.

Tier 4

12. Brandon Pettigrew 25 — I grabbed Brandon “Peter” Pettigrew in my dynasty league.

13. Dustin Keller 26 — Keeps showing flashes of brilliance. He goes as Sanhcise goes.

Tier 5

14. Tony Gonzalez 34 — Wow, this guy keeps on going.  Make sure you grab an upside young guy to pair with him.

15. John Carlson 26 — He’s good, but Seattle is bad.  Carroll will be the big factor in how many touches he gets.

16. Heath Miller 27 — Solid and steady sometimes wins the race.

Tier 6

17. Tony Scheffler 27 — Depending on where he ends up, I see him having a comeback.

18. Vinsanthe Shiancoe 30 — Favre really boosted his numbers.  Could do that again, but I believe he needs the old man.

19. Kevin Boss 26 — He will be a good TE #2 for years to come.

Tier 7

20. Zach Miller 25 — The last game of the season saw Zach Millers scoring a bunch of TD’s.  Miller should start to cut into Mercede Lewis’ playing time.

21. Ben Watson 29 — Going to the Browns doesn’t sound like an upgrade, but Watson needed to get out of Belichick’s dog house.

22. Jared Cook 23 — With the resigining of Scaife, Cook will probably need to wait another season, but he has the skills to be good in the long term.

Tier 8

23. Marcedes Lewis 27 — Will have to fight Miller off.

24. Bo Scaife 29 — Still a starter, but (insert Scaife sucking joke).

25. Todd Heap 30 — He’s not even close to the player he once was.

26. Jeremy Shockey 30 — Nagging injuries and grossness keep him in the basement.

27. David Thomas 27 — The founder of Wendy’s will once again be filling in for Shockey.

  1. YouthofToday says:

    Doc, have you thought of starting a Razzball commentator dynasty league? That would be fracking awesome. Perhaps participants chould be Razzball bloggers, commentator league winners and anybody who finished in the top 8 in the overall standings last year… just to start.

  2. Greg says:

    A Razzball dynasty league would be entertaining. Doc, I gotta call ya out on Witten. I really don’t feel he is a tier 1 TE at this point. They keep moving him into more blocking schemes and using Bennett more in passing schemes. I would def put him low on the tier 2 scale.

  3. Jim Parkey says:

    I know this is probably an obvious question, but why do the NYJs cut Thomas Jones and pick up LT, Jones seemed to have more in the tank. Was it $$?

  4. Doc

    Doc says:

    @YouthofToday: Sounds like a good idea. I’ll think on it.

    @Greg: I think they played better toward the end of the season when they were getting Witten the ball. He ended with 94 receptions and over 1,000 yards. He was 7th overall for TE’s because of his pitiful 2 TD’s. If he gets 90+ receptions again he’ll have more TDs than 2.

    @Jim Parkey: I really don’t know. I think it was timing and conflict between Jones and the Jets. I believe Jones is a better back right now, but it’s close since the Chargers o-line was poor last season and the Jets was elite.

  5. Isles Guru says:

    Jermichael Finley is going to be the man! Thanks Greg. Heh heh.

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