As you get further and further down the receiver rankings you start seeing guys who will be battling in preseason for starting jobs, which makes this list somewhat tentative.  I will update it as events unfold.

Check out 1-55 here.  No really, if you move that little arrow over the word “here” and press on your mouse it will take you to a wonderful world of receivers that are better than these guys.

56.  Donnie Avery 26 — Hmm, always injured, but has speed and skills. Lots of WR’s in St. Louis though.

57.  Devin Thomas 23 –He has some ability and McNabb should make the Natives better.

58.  Laurent Robinson 26 — He looked good before being injured. He will compete for the #1 spot.

59.  Mardy Gilyard 23 — Has a lot of competition in St. Louis, but could end up starting in the slot soon.

60.  Derrick Mason 36 — Old, but still productive.  Productively old.

61.  Mario Manningham 24 — Lots of receivers in Big Blue.  M then M will probably be the odd man out.

62.  Chris Chambers 32 — Re-signed and will stay the Chiefs’ #2.

63.  Lance Moore 27 — In that offense it’s hard to tell, but he has shown he can produce.

64.  Roy Williams 28 — Dez Bryant will win.

65.  Josh Cribbs 27 — In return yardage leagues he’s gold, but he should also see more work in the offense this season.

66.  Josh Morgan 25 — Will continue to be the #2 receiver in an improving offense.

67.  Anthony Gonzalez 26 — His injury cost him big.  He’s been Garcowned.

68.  James Jones 26 — Should slowly see more work as Driver decays.

69.  Mohamed Massaquoi 23 — The QB prospects in Cleveland are slim, but Mo Mass has skills.

70. Ted Ginn Jr. 25 — Braylon Edwards wannabe. Deep threat in SF.

71.  Jabar Gaffney 29 — The Old Gaffer should have a decent year target-wise.

72.  Chaz Schilens 24 — JC helps.

73.  Louis Murphy 23 — What he said

74.  Mike Thomas 23 — Should, I repeat, should be the #2 in Jax, but Williamson and Dillard could be breathing down his neck.

75.  Davone Bess 25 — Good in ppr , but we just don’t know who will line up across from Marshall yet.

76.  Reggie Brown 29 — The Bucs aren’t going to be very good, but he’ll compete for the #1 or #2 receiver position.

77.  Bernard Berrian 29 — Should be healed from an injury plagued ’09, but Harvin/Rice have ousted him.

78.  Sammie Stroughter 24 — With the Bucs receivers having the depth of Brittany Spears, Stroughter has a good chance to start.

79.  Earl Bennett 23 — Any Bear receiver is worth a look in Martz’s offense.

80.  Troy Williamson 27 — Will compete for the #2 job.

81.  Kevin Walter 29 — I like Jacoby more.

82.  Jason Avant 27 — In a good offense, but down the pecking order.

83.  Jordy Nelson 25 — Think Tom Waddle.

84.  Early Doucet  24 — Early is a bit late to the Air-Warner scene, instead he gets Douche-Leinart.

85.  Brandon Tate 22 — Has speed to spare and Brady throwing to him in the future.

86.  Eric Decker 23 — Might not be ready for the start of the season, but could be a steal in the long run.

87.  Devery Henderson 28 — Mainly just a deep threat, he has too many people taking away his targets.

88.  Justin Gage 29 — He was injured a bit of last season, but should return to his stable, veteran boringness next season.

89.  Taylor Price 22 — If he gets a shot he has Brady and Belichick in his corner.

90.  Nate Washington 27 — He has the ability to be a decent receiver in the NFL, but not in the Titans run first offense.

91.  Deon Butler 24 — He has yet to prove anything, but Housh and Branch are falling apart. We could see Tate and Butler soon.

92.  Steve Johnson 24 — Decent chance he’ll be the #2 receiver in Buffalo.  For what that’s worth.

93.  Greg Camarillo 28 — Has a chance to be a fill-in in ppr leagues.

94.  Brian Hartline 23 — Another Dolphin that needs a lot of chips to fall right for him, but that also means he could be a starter next season.

95.  Brandon Gibson 23 — Has a lot of competition. We’ll have to see how things shake out in St. Louis.

96.  Andre Caldwell 25 — Should be the slot receiver.  Won’t blow anyone’s doors off, but worth a late round boring ass pick.

97.  Brian Robiskie  22 — It would be nice to see what he can do with a decent QB, but he has a chance to start.

98.  Harry Douglas 26 — When my douglas got harry I got some laser hair removal, but the Falcons are sticking with their Harry Douglas.  He has the ability, but will need to prove himself after an ACL injury.

99.  Jarret Dillard 24 — His season ended with a broken ankle, so he’ll have to really shine to beat out Thomas, Williamson, etc…, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

100.  Derrick Williams 24 — Schwartz hasn’t given up on him yet and Burleson is injury prone.

101.  Malcolm Kelly 23 — Has the size, but will still be behind Moss, Thomas and Cooley.

102.  Kevin Ogletree 23 — Dez moves him down here with Crayton.

103.  Patrick Crayton 31 — Needs a trade to be worth anything.

104.  Domenik Hixon 25 — Would need some of his fellow receivers to go nightclubbing with loaded firearms.

105.  Michael Jenkins 28 — A fairly steady 50 reception receiver, but should be pushed by Harry Douglas, and nobody likes that.

106.  Deion Branch 31 — Could actually be worth something next season if he can stay healthy, but his age and deteriorating skills aren’t worth much in dynasty leagues.

107.  David Clowney 25 — Is that his real name?

108.  Brad Smith 26 — A slim chance he’ll see more wildcat, but doubtful he’ll be worth much as a receiver anytime soon.

109.  Ramses Barden 24 — At 6’6” he’s worth a very late flyer.

110.  Johnnie Lee Higgins 27 — Down the depth chart in Oakland.  Not where you want to be.

111.  Matt Jones 27 — With Bryant, Ocho, and Caldwell in front of him, Jones won’t be worth much with the Bengals.

updated — 5/9/10

  1. Matthole says:

    Can you please be the man and make the razzball baseball iPhone app…would be greatly appreciated by many…

    No disrespect, but how can you give an 8 month long OFF-season analysis on a sport that only has a 4 month duration….why/how can you be making rankings if the draft and trading season hasn’t happened yet…seems like you may need to re-do alot…

    Matt leinart a sleeper???

    What’s the deal with the interview from the guy NFL redzone? Sounds like you’re trying to score a reach around…Were you nervous during your first broadcast? Any live on air gaffes?? Who cares? Doesn’t seem like one legit fantasy question was asked. As I’m sure you know the baseball site posts interviews; why not adhere to their line format/line of questioning?

    No disrespect; just some honest feedback.

    Beisbol begins next week….please hook it up for the masses; thx


  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    Mr. Hanson isn’t a fantasy expert. I wanted to know about his job. I was interested in it.

    I’m not an app designer, sorry.

    I like football and I’m not going to stop writing about it. Not sure what you would have me do.

  3. Dirt Road says:

    Okay, when I put your 2 and 2 together, I understand how you got 4.
    Kevin Ogletree at #51. What? He caught seven (7!) passes for 96 yards last year and then I’m thinking that you’re smoking something illegal.
    That’s when I noticed the picture and the hat on the head.
    I guess you’d have to be a Cowboy fan to come up with that one.
    You’ll stand alone on that ranking. Ogletree may improve his game, but no way he goes above Derrick Mason, Chambers, Gaffney, Berrian, Bennett, Avant, etc. etc.

  4. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Dirt Road: Remember these are dynasty rankings and you have to think long term. I see him taking over that #2 position in a high power offense in the long term. I won’t have him that high in redraft rankings. And I’ve never been called a Cowboys fan. Makes me feel icky!

  5. Ryan says:

    pick three for reserves in a very deep dynasty league, aromashodu,jacoby jones, ten ginn, devin thomas, hartline, louis murphy and schilens

  6. Doc

    Doc says:

    Aromashodu, Jones, Thomas

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