The best wide receivers usually stay that way, thankfully, but us fantasy footballers have to roster quite a few wide receivers which means we have to grab value late.  Here are the first 55.  As you go down the list the players get more iffy as to the role they will play.  Preseason will shake up the list a bit. Go to —> 56-111 for the 2nd part of the list.

Tier 1

1. Andre Johnson 29 — The best receiver with the best situation.

2. Larry Fitzgerald 27 — He will make Leinart better.  He makes me better and I live on my couch.

3. Calvin Johnson 25 — Too young and talented not to rank high.  I think Stafford will pan out.

Tier 2

4. Vincent Jackson 27 — In a holding pattern.

5. Reggie Wayne 31 — He’s rock steady.

6. Brandon Marshall 26 — Henne is no slouch and now the Dolphins have a real receiver.

7. Miles Austin 26 — I liked what I saw out of Austin last season and Romo continues to improve.

8. Roddy White 28 — He’s the main man in Atlanta.  Not much competition for catches.

Tier 3

9. DeSean Jackson 23 — He’s very young and very fast, but Maclin should steal from him.

10.  Greg Jennings 27 — He’ll be the main man in Mr. Rodgers’ hood for years to come.

11.  Randy Moss 32 — He’s old, but has a few good years left.

12.  Marques Colston 27 — Great skills, but Brees spreads the ball around a little too much, bastard.

Tier 4

13.  Michael Crabtree 23 –  He looked good even after couch sitting for part of the season.

14.  Sidney Rice 24 — If his QB sitch was more stable he’d be higher.

15.  Hakeem Nicks 22 – He looks poised to break out and continue to do so.

16.  Santonio Holmes 26 — He drops after the trade and suspension, but still has long term value, even in NY.

Tier 5

17.  Dez Bryant 21 — He’s too good and too young not to grab early in your dynasty drafts. Romo and company are going to score and score some more.

18.  Wes Welker 29 – Too good too drop far because of his injury.

19.  Steve Smith (CAR) 31 – How do I trust him? Dunno, but I know Moore does.

20.  Dwayne Bowe 26 – He has his troubles, but he is still good.

21.  Steve Smith (NYG) 25 –This other Steve will go higher in ppr leagues.

22.  Anquan Boldin 29 – Hard to put him this low, but he’s aging and been beat up.

Tier 6

23.  Mike Sims-Walker 25 – He has the skill to thrill, but needs a better QB.

24.  Percy Harvin 22 – His potential will be hard to live up to, but he has the potential to, uh, you know.

25.  Pierre Garcon 24 – Looks like he Pipped Gonzalez.

26.  Mike Wallace 24 – Wallace should be next in line now that Holmes is gone.

27.  Jeremy Maclin 22 – Young and on a pass first offense.

28.  Chad Ochocinco 32 – Getting oldish, but he should continue to do what he do.

Tier 7

29.  Robert Meachem 26 – Saints’ receivers are scary, but he showed his worth last season.

30.  Golden Tate 22 — He’ll be used early in multiple formations, which will make him useful before he peaks.

31.  Johnny Knox 23 – He will be the deep threat for Cutler and with Martz he should get his shots.

32.  Demaryius Thomas 22 — He can easily grab that #1 slot with a good, healthy preseason, which would probably push him up the rankings.

Tier 8

33.  Kenny Britt 22 – He’s currently behind Gage and Washington, but not for long.

34.  Steve Breaston 27 – The #2 in Zona won’t be as productive as recent years, but he’s still good.

35.  Eddie Royal 24 – McDaniels pulled a McDaniels on him, but he should turn it around.

36.  Braylon Edwards 27 – He is who he is.

37.  Mike Williams  23 — Tampa Bay could easily have two rookies lining up across from each other week 1.

Tier 9

38.  Hines Ward 34 – I love old, steady players in redrafts, but tough to foresee how long they’ll be around in die-nasties.

39.  Donald Driver 35 – Look up a centimeter.

Tier 10

40.  Devin Aromashodu 26 – I like him in the red zone, but Knox has caught Martz’s eye.

41.  Jerricho Cotchery 28 – Still relevant, but Holmes hurts his value.

42.  Arrelious Benn 22 — There will be rough seas in Tampa, but he’ll be starting for a long time to come and Freeman can throw the ball.

43.  Jacoby Jones 26 – Bringing Kevin Walter back hurts, but I think he’ll beat him out or up.

44.  Damian Williams 22 — Will be worthwhile in return yardage leagues early on, and should be lining up opposite of Britt sooner than later.

Tier 11

45.  Malcolm Floyd 29 – He’s the #2 WR in a pass heavy offense.

46.  Julian Edelman 24 – Tough to gauge his worth, but he can catch

47.  Austin Collie 24 – If he’s in the slot and Peyton is throwing to him, well, you get it.

48.  Devin Hester 27 — Should work out of the slot and Martz will spread the ball around.

49.  Nate Burleson 29 – He should be happy to be across from Megatron.  Just hope he stays healthy.

50.  Lee Evans 29 — Has the skills, but no QB.

51.  Santana Moss 31 — McNabb helps him out quite a bit, but will still be inconsistent.

52.  Antonio Bryant 29 – I like him as long as he’s healthy, even if he is a freak.

53.  Terrell Owens 36 – Depends on where he ends up, but he’s TOld.

54.  Brandon LaFell 23 — Should end up as the #2 in Carolina before the end of his rookie year.

55.  T.J. Houshmandzadeh 33 – Not even sure he should be this high, but Carroll’s offense will be pass happy.

updated 5/9/10

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12 years ago

I flippin’ love that you guys are already all over 2010. Good for you…I am sitting here on a rainy, cold, Minnesota sick-home-from-work-day (still snow on the ground with thunderstorms in the sky??), and this is like that chicken-soup-for-the-soul crap without all the “sisterhood of the traveling pants” sappiness.
Well done, boys, my new favorite fantasy football website.

12 years ago

twitter…are you cogresha, or are you chetrazzball? or are you neither? gotta have that tweet.

12 years ago

@freeland26. fresh account just out of the oven.

12 years ago

how come i get a fancy announcement when you follow me, but not others? are you twitter royalty?

12 years ago

I like Floyd, yet he’s still competing with Vincent Jackson and Gates for touches. Gates is still only 30 next year and should have at least 2-3 years left of productivity.

Isles Guru
Isles Guru
12 years ago

Time to give up on Jacoby Jones since they resigned Walter?

Isles Guru
Isles Guru
12 years ago

Based on your rankings I guess you don’t like this: Marshall ($9) and Nicks ($3) for DJax ($9). I am a little worried about Marshall. short and long term.

du doan bong da
12 years ago

Gates is still only 30 next year and should have at least 2-3 years left of productivity….. I think so

12 years ago

First, I just wanted to say I love this website, now to my question. I am in a serious keeper league that has gone on for years with my friends. Out of out 16 roster slots, we keep 13 every year. I managed to draft Chris Johnson, and literally everyone wants him, of course. I obviously need a starting RB in return, as well as another #1 receiver to go along side my man Vincent Jackson. My most recent trade offer has been Mendenhall and Colston for Cj. I don’t like that trade because Coloston is not consistent throughout the season being on New Orleans. Would you do that trade? And can you give me an example of a RB and WR that would equal CJ’s worth, some sort of guideline that I can go by.
Thank you

12 years ago

The funny thing is the guy that offer the trade has Megatron, and that’s the first thing I said to him; give me your CJ. He of course refused. But a #1 fantasy back, and a #1 fantasy WR is not too much to ask for you’re saying?

12 years ago

My advice – hold on to CJ unless ou get Metatron and high-level RB.
I traded Colston and Brees last year around week 5 for CJ, and he out-performed BOTH of them combined. Too much upside for CJ to let him go…he could lead you to the promised land!!!

12 years ago

I think Vincent Jackson and Reggie Wayne should fall below Roddy White. There are some suspension talks swirling around Jackson and Wayne’s getting older and there is a lot of young talent around him to worry about.

Good list though!