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Week 4 Wide Receiver Rankings.  It smells so good.

  1. DeSean Jackson (PHI vs. WAS)
  2. Randy Moss (NE @ MIA)
  3. Roddy White (ATL vs. SF)
  4. Brandon Marshall (MIA vs. NE)
  5. Reggie Wayne (IND @ JAC)
  6. Greg Jennings (GB vs. DET)
  7. Larry Fitzgerald (ARI @ SD)
  8. Wes Welker (NE @ MIA)
  9. Austin Collie (IND @ JAC)
  10. Calvin Johnson (DET @ GB)
  11. Santana Moss (WAS @ PHI)
  12. Jeremy Maclin (PHI vs.
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Joe Flacco @ PIT

So far Polamalu’s protective hair shell has kept him from any season-ending injuries, which means the Steelers defense is about as good as there is in the NFL. If Ray Rice was full strength, Flacco owners could hold out hope that Pittsburgh would focus on shutting down the run, opening room for Flacco to find some yards, but it looks like Rice won’t be 100% if he plays.

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More data, more better.  Just think, if we get 18 weeks of football, we could have even more data!! Maybe more torn muscles and unconscious brains too!!


Yds/Gm: Total passing yards given up per game

QB FPA: Fantasy points allowed to quarterback

Comp%: Completion Percentage against

WR FPA: Fantasy points allowed to wide receiver

DVOA: Defense-adjusted Value Over Average

Yds/c: Yards Per Reception

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Congratulations to Razzball commenter Nate for having the QB/RB/WR with the most points last week.  His picks of Peyton Manning/Adrian Peterson/Brandon Marshall totaled 78 points.  Well done!

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This whole Steve Smith and Mike Williams thing has gone on long enough. It’s time to give them identifiable names and be done with it. Here’s my suggestion: Steve Smith of the Panthers becomes Steve Carolina-Smith. It rolls off the tongue, and would really piss Smith off because it makes him sound like he hyphenated his name for some chick.

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