Dynasty rankings are looking forward and reflect how I think a player will perform for the next 3-5 years.  Age is a major factor.  These rankings will be updated on a regular basis throughout the year.

1.  Aaron Rodgers (GB) 12/2/83

2.  Michael Vick (Phi) 6/26/80

3.  Philip Rivers (SD) 12/8/81

4.  Drew Brees (NO) 1/15/79

5.  Tom Brady (NE) 8/3/77

6.  Peyton Manning (IND) 3/24/76

7.  Josh Freeman (TB) 1/13/88

8.  Matt Ryan (ATL) 5/17/85

9.  Sam Bradford (STL) 11/8/87

10.  Matt Schaub (HOU) 6/25/81

Rodgers is the hands down #1 QB and is the only QB that should be taken in the 1st round.  He will benefit from the return of Jermichael Finley and the emergence of young RB’s James Starks and Alex Green.  Vick is risky because of his injury history and off the field problems but he’s worth the risk.  Just make sure you have a solid backup QB.  Rivers is the most underrated QB in the league and always represents good value.  He’s likely to have #1 WR Vincent Jackson back for a full season.  Age is starting to become a factor for Manning, Brady and Brees but they’re still safe bets for top 10 production for atleast the next few seasons.  I absolutely love Josh Freeman.  25 TD’s and 6 INT’s in only his second season is insane and he will only continue to improve as he matures.  Matt Ryan is a very safe pick and will benefit from the drafting of WR Julio Jones.  Bradford has the potential to be a top 5 QB.  The Rams just need to find him some weapons.  Schaub has yet to live up to his potential.  He should be much better with all the weapons the  Texans have.

11.  Tony Romo (DAL) 4/21/80

12.  Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) 3/2/82

13.  Cam Newton (CAR) 5/11/89

14.  Joe Flacco (BAL) 1/16/85

15.  Jay Cutler (4/29/83)

16.  Matthew Stafford (2/7/88)

17.  Eli Manning (1/3/81)

18.  Matt Cassel (5/17/82)

19.  Mark Sanchez (11/11/86)

20.  Kevin Kolb (8/24/84)

Romo is one of the most overrated QB’s in the league and will be overdrafted because he plays for the Cowboys.  Big Ben doesn’t have much upside but he’s a solid low end #1 QB.  I may draw scrutiny for having Newton so high in these rankings but he has the most upside out of anybody outside the top 10.  He has the talent to be a top 5 QB in a few years and landed in a good spot in Carolina, with a good offensive line and running game.  Flacco is a solid backup QB but I don’t envision him ever being a #1 fantasy QB.  Cutler needs to cut back on his INT’s and the Bears need to land him some more weapons for him to rise in these rankings.  Stafford has the potential to be a top 10 QB but he needs to stay healthy.  The Lions continue to add young offensive weapons through the draft which will help take the pressure of Stafford.  Eli Manning is another QB with not much upside but the Giants have one of the best sets of young WR’s in the league.  I like Cassel a lot and he is very underrated.  The Chiefs are loaded with young playmakers and they just added one of the best WR’s in the 2011 draft, Jon Baldwin.  Sanchez will always be a better NFL QB than fantasy QB.  Kolb is a bit of an unknown considering he has barely played and is currently backing up Vick in Philadelphia.  My guess is he lands in Arizona which would be a great situation.

21.  Jake Locker (TEN) 6/15/88

22.  Blaine Gabbert (JAC) 10/15/89

23.  Christian Ponder (MIN) 2/25/88

24.  Ryan Fitzpatrick (BUF) 11/24/82

25.  Tim Tebow (DEN) 8/14/87

26.  Colt McCoy (CLE) 9/5/86

27.  Andy Dalton (CIN) 10/29/87

28.  Colin Kaepernick (SF) 11/3/87

29.  Carson Palmer (CIN) 12/27/79

30.  Donovan McNabb (WAS) 11/25/76

21-30 is loaded with question marks.

All 5 rookie QB’s landed in good locations and should get on the field within the next year or two.  Gabbert is the best of the bunch but he will likely be sitting behind David Garrard for the next couple of years which should help his long term value.  The Bills failed to address the QB situation in the draft and Fitzpatrick will enter the year as the starter.  He has the potential to put up big numbers in the Bills offense.  Tebow and McCoy are also filled with question marks but they are worth a roster spot.  Palmer and McNabb will likely depart Cincinnati and Washington and should be able to find starting jobs for the next year or two.

31.  Jason Campbell (OAK) 12/31/81

32.  Ryan Mallett (NE) 6/5/88

33.  Kyle Orton (DEN) 11/14/82

34.  Matt Flynn (6/20/85)

35.  David Garrard (JAC) 2/14/78

36.  Matt Hasselbeck (SEA) 9/25/75

37.  Mike Kafka (PHI) 7/25/87

38.  Vince Young (TEN) 5/18/83

39.  Charlie Whitehurst (SEA) 8/6/82

40.  Caleb Hanie (CHI) 9/11/85

Not much going on to fill out the top 40.  I’ve always liked Jason Campbell and he can be a solid #2 fantasy QB if the Raiders continue to improve.  Keep an eye out for Matt Flynn, the current backup to Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay.  He will be a starter in this league within the next year or two.  Don’t give up on Vince Young just yet.  He’s shown he is talented enough to be a starting NFL quarterback.  He just has a lot of maturing to do.

  1. Darin McGee says:

    I absolutely love Josh Freeman as well, and your enthusiasm only makes me more excited, but he is not on my 12 team dynasty roster. I’m preparing for our rookie draft. What pick would you give up in this years rookie draft to acquire Freeman. Flacco is my QB now and I have been offered a 2.8 and a 3.4 for him?

    Josh Freemans Dad

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