Keep an eye on them because they will be updated often. You’ll be able to see the last date it was updated on the left side of the tier sheet and there will be a link to it at the top under 2011 Fantasy Football Rankings.

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  1. LMack says:

    Interested in the Finley over Gates ranking.

  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    @LMack: You cant go wrong with either as your #1, but I don’t like the accumulation of injuries for Gates over his career. Finley was hurt as well of course, but is younger and I think his body shape is less conducive to nagging injuries.

  3. Bravo, Doc. You are correct about drafts being conducted. Crazy, but in an e-mail/message board draft you need to start early. This will be helpful, but if they would settle the damn lockout, life would be much sweeter.

  4. Brian says:

    I have a question about Shonn Greene why is he not ranked a lot higher. I am a believer in what Rex is saying about him being the bell cow and I believe he can live up to that. I will be picking from slot 3 in a 12 team league. I know if I want him I have to get him in the 3rd round is that to early??

  5. sam says:

    Just an FYI, you left off Ochocinco, Braylon Edwards and Mike Williams (Sea).

    There may be more I missed.

  6. DSimms says:

    Doc, curious on what you think of mike williams (bucs). ive been trying to get djax at the 3/4 turn but sometimes he’s gone so ive been going with m williams. i noticed tho that you have him quite a bit lower, are you worried about him this year?

  7. Tom says:

    Any idea on when the PPR tiers will be released? I have two drafts next week and both are ppr! :)

  8. Twizz says:

    can you please update this i have a draft tomorrow

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