I have tried to put as much into one document as I possibly could. I couldn’t fit the players’ waist size and favorite liqueur on there, but I tried. These right here are for PPR Leagues. I put up the Non-PPR Sheet earlier and maybe I can get to a .5 PPR if I can wrangle the time. Now that we are inf full draft mode these are going to be my major focus for updating because keeping all of the other rankings updated is beyond all human capabilities at this juncture.

I’ve been doing quite a few auction drafts this season and I can tell you not one has gone the same as another.  So putting down values is a difficult task.  I took a look at other sites to see how they go about it and they were all over the map as well. This is because auction drafts don’t follow the same pattern as snake drafts and they change as the league size does.  You can easily see a player that is obviously below another player in everyone’s rankings go for more money.  It all depends on need and available cash.  This is why auctions are so fun!

I decided to put my player prices around the top of where I would take that player if it was the right situation.  My rough percentages for each position in a $200 Salary Cap, 16 player roster are QB 10% ($20), RB1 20% ($40), RB2 10% ($20), RB3 10% ($20), WR1 15% ($30), WR2 10% ($20), WR3 5% ($10), TE 5% ($10), K .05% ($1), D/ST .05% ($1), 6 Bench 13% ($26)

Those are rough.  Do not blindly follow them.  Auctions are all about staying flexible.  Here is my Auction Strategy Post from over at FanDuel.  I know you want to read it over and over again! But don’t forget to bathe and dress yourself.

  1. emceeperiod says:

    Saw the F&F yahoo results. One thing I can give you is that you’re a man of your articles. Every pick was a guy you’ve written about favorably on this site. In fact I probably could have predicted half your picks from reading your blog for the last month, ha ha. Also I need you to get my buddy a teaching job in Chicago. He just got his teaching degree and just moved there from Seattle.

  2. Lubey says:

    Yo Chet. Just saw your draft over a yahoo; looking good bro! I also took Peyton this yr and got great value on him. I think people are making to big of a deal with his injury. Wish I had these ranks last night for my ppr but I still think I drafted well.
    Quick question, how do you feel about Bush this year. I like him a lot for a ppr and I think he may have a breakout year but your ranks seem somewhat low for him. Do you think he will get hurt or not get that many carries?

  3. djbooyah20 says:

    Trade offered to me today. PPR league, normal scoring. My Felix Jones/Amendola for his DeSean Jackson/DeAngelo Williams. What do you think?

    My RBs are: McFadden, Forte, J. Best, Felix Jones
    My WRs are: Roddy White, Vincent Jackson, BMarshall, Britt, Mike Thomas, Amendola, Burleson

  4. Doc

    Doc says:

    @emceeperiod: I need him to get me a job!

    @Lubey: really hard to tell. He looks better, but he’s going to be on a slower track and getting more carries which is scary for his health concerns. I’m wary.

    @djbooyah20: I’m going to say no. It’s very close to a yes though.

  5. chiasports says:

    gonna update youre top 30-50 and overall ranking lists?

    especially the 2011 Fantasy Football Overall Rankings PPR!

    so yourereally high on mcfadded and Mendenhall with johnson between them? little suprised on m+m rankings

    so all 8 rbs should go first then top 4 wr …forte..then vick
    then..nicks and wallace lol! also pretty high?
    superbowl rodgers 17th overall.

    so does that sum up the top 17?

    new to razzball football but tthe razzball baseball rankings helped me draft 2 teams which are leading their divisions and tied for best records overall! razzball is king lol!

    so doc…. can i trust you like grey lol?

  6. Iceman says:

    Non-ppr, 2 keepers, drafting tonight.

    On a scale from 1(definite keeper) – 10(trade him for picks), how worried should I be about Foster’s hamstring?

  7. Dad says:

    Is foster still #1 with the recurring hamstring problems?

  8. DANgerous says:

    few questions Sir Grey,
    Should I drop Braylon Edwards for Ben Tate? Im in a keeper league Where I own AP and rice, just drafted turner, Felix Jones, Bush, and Jacobs. I have Percy, Colston, Lee Evens, and Mike Thomas? Thank you sir

    Was also offered Vick/JC for AP and ? I already have Romo/Mcnabb…..he also doesn’t want romo back in the deal….seems like a no brainier….but its hard to trade AP……he’s my boy!!!

  9. Marty Funkhouser says:

    @Dad: I’m in the same boat. Honestly wondering if he’s even worth the #2 pick with these problems. Recurring hamstring issues are scary, as does Kubiak (Lil’ Shanahan). Which brings me to my question(s)…

    a) My last draft isn’t until next Sunday. If Arian isn’t showing signs of life/health by that point, would you be open to the idea of taking Rice or Charles with the second pick in a .5 PPR league?
    b) I’m sure you’ve answered this before, but who do you think is the handcuff for Foster? I’m thinking Tate, but I don’t know how the carries would divvy up.

    • Doc

      Doc says:

      I’d probably lean rice right now. He’s looked good and I’m liking the ravens better than the Vikings and chiefs. I like Tate.

  10. Marty Funkhouser says:

    scare me, as does Kubiak.* That one slipped by me.

  11. JamieB says:

    I have an auction draft coming up for the first year of a dynasty league im in. There is a $300 budget and it is 20 players per team. It is a ppr league and we start 1 qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, 1 te, 1 k, and 2 flex players. Do you have any special recommendations for draft budgeting for this league format that differ from your auction strategy post?

  12. Megatron Lives says:

    Hey, Doc. I’m looking for some sleepers. 0.5PPR, 16-team.
    I have on my bench WRs: Jacoby Ford and Jordy Nelson, RBs: Jacquizz Rodgers and Alex Green. Should I drop any of them for Andre Roberts, Eric Decker, Victor Cruz, Kendall Hunter, Bernard Scott, Javon Ringer, Stevan Ridley? I’m thinking Andre Roberts for Alex Green. Thanks! BTW, I owe you a drink from last season.

  13. Badger says:

    Give me some feedback Doc, 12 team PPR Keeper league
    Qb Freeman
    Wr Andre Johnson
    Wr R. White
    Wr Steve Johnson
    Rb Forte
    Rb Felix Jones
    Flex Marshwan Lynch
    Te Pettigrew

    Lance Moore
    CJ Spiller
    Danarious Moore

  14. Badger says:

    Give me some feedback Doc, 12 team PPR Keeper league
    Qb Freeman
    Wr Andre Johnson
    Wr R. White
    Wr Steve Johnson
    Rb Forte
    Rb Felix Jones
    Flex Marshwan Lynch
    Te Pettigrew

    Lance Moore
    CJ Spiller
    Danarious Moore

  15. Denys says:

    need to dump one (for a kicker, goddamnit):

    Braylon Edwards, Mike Thomas, Mike Sims-Walker.

    they’re all backups so i don’t need any immediate action from these guys, but would like to hold on to two that will have most value long-term (over the season and possibly keeper next year).

    i’m leaning towards Sims-Walker, he isn’t guaranteed PT right now.

  16. longbeachyo says:

    Just got offered steve smith (car) for a. Hernandez in a ppr league. I have pettigrew, marshall, fitz, and britt as my starters with burleson on the bench. Should i do it?

  17. Crap says:

    How did I do:
    Hey guys,

    10 team non-ppr redraft league that starts 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1K and 6 pts per TD for QB – from the 4 spot

    QB: Big Ben (Stafford)
    RB: JCharles/DMC (Matthews/Hightower/M.Bush)
    WR: M.Austin/Boldin/Steve Johnson (Collie/Jerome Simpson)
    TE: Graham
    K: Bryant


  18. fred haase says:

    I think I am a pretty decent fantasy player but I need your opinions on this one…I drafted Mendenhall at 12 in the first round, I was not considering Roethlisberger(I was gonna wait for Stafford/Bradford combo) but he fell all the way to round 7 pick 84 so I felt I had to take him for value. So this brings up a quandry… is it ok to have a QB/RB on the same team?

  19. fred haase says:

    So, if it is not kosher to have Roethlisberger and Mende on same team, then what about this trade. The guy who took Roddy White one pick before I took Mende is worried because he did not really address RB until round 5-6 and got stuck with Cedric Benson and Beanie as starters. OUCH!!! Anyway he says he will trade me Roddy for Mende straight up. I think I would normally make this trade however, it leaves my team a bit weaker at RB. My other RB’s are Felix Jones, Blount, Hightower, James Harrison. My current wideouts are Fitzgerald,Steve Johnson, Maclin, Jacoby Ford, Greg Little. If I trade Mende for White am I strengthening wideout too much while leaving RB vulnerable? This is 2RB 2WR 1RB/WR 1pt PPR league…Thanks in advance.

  20. fred haase says:

    LongBeachYo: The two TE’s you own are handcuffed to similar TE’s on their own team which decrease their value. In my office pool Jared Cook was not even drafted and Todd Heap FROM ARI still sits there too. If either are available in your league I would trade away Hernandez and pickup Cook or Heap. Kolb loved the TE in Philly and in a pass happy Whisenhunt offense, he should target Heap mucho. Kolb actually helped make Celek a pretty high draft pick at the start of last season. Cook is a beast if you have not seen him and has no competion. If neither are available I would stand pat.

  21. fred haase says:

    Denys: IMO Edwards with Sims Walker a close second. SF looks like a train wreck.

  22. @Doc: Just had my draft yesterday, here are the results:

    1. (9) Rashard Mendenhall- RB
    2. (12) Darren McFadden- RB
    3. (29) DeSean Jackson- WR
    4. (32) Brandon Lloyd- WR
    5. (49) Matt Ryan- QB
    6. (52) Santonio Holmes- WR
    7. (69) Mark Ingram- BN
    8. (72) Beanie Wells- BN
    9. (89) Lance Moore- BN
    10. (92) Michael Bush- BN
    11. (109) Jacoby Ford- BN
    12. (112) Johnny Knox- BN
    13. (129) New Orleans- DEF
    14. (132) Jared Cook- TE
    15. (149) Stephen Gostkowski- K
    16. (152) Dallas- BN

    It a standard yahoo non-PPR 10 team league with qb td=6. I am very happy with my team got most of the players that I was targeting. My biggest concern is Lloyd who I drafted in the 4th round over Reggie Wayne. I am definatly having second thoughts with Josh McDaniels gone. What are your thoughts on Lloyd? Was I justified in taking him ahead of Wayne? Any other comments on my draft would be helpful.

  23. Denys says:

    @fred haase: St. Louis is not that much better. i think Edwards has a clear-cut role as #1 receiver, and a 1 yr deal to work for better money next year. but it’s definitely between those two, Thomas could step up this season.

  24. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Chicago Mike: I still feel good about Lloyd. Especially with Orton in there. In Non-PPR I can see him outscoring Wayne. I like your team. I’d drop a defense for a high upside backup RB though.

    @fred haase: It all depends on value. If Mendy falls to 12 and Wallace to 24 and Ben to whenever I’m taking them. Take the best player.

    @Crap: Hah, crap. I like it. Your WR are a little weak overall. If Collie stays healthy he could end up starting there. I could also see selling high on Hightower at some point for a WR.

    @longbeachyo: It’s fairish, but I’m a little worried about Pettigrew and I don’t think you need Smith. I’d hold.

    @Denys: Upside wise I’d drop Braylon.

    @Badger: Solid throughout. Pettigrew is the only player worrying me a little so I’d keep an eye out to grab a backup TE at some point.

    @Megatron Lives: I’d get Ridley for Green.

    @JamieB: Not especially. I’d just expand the numbers to $300

  25. CL says:

    Doc: What do you think is going to go down with CJohnson? I don’t own him anywhere, but I did just pick up Harper (dumped McCluster)… which I think is worthwhile. You agree?

    Also, what is your current feelings on Daniel Thomas? Worth owning?

    I’m going to need to dump one of the following to pick up my kicker: Driver, G. Little, S. Rice, Woodhead, Daniel Thomas, or my new guy Harper?

    12 team, 1 PPR league. Thanks!

  26. herschel says:

    @Doc: which duo do you like better in ppr leagues? sjax/marshall or wayne/felix?


  27. Mike says:

    @Doc: Thanks for the advice. Can you give me your thoughts on my recent 12 team PPR keeper draft? Thanks!

    QB: Vick (Keeper), Stafford
    RB: Charles, McFadden, Hightower, Helu, Snelling, K.Hunter
    WR: Welker, Julio Jones, Amendola, Evans
    TE: Finley

    I know my WR’s are a little weak for a PPR, but we only start 2.

  28. KarlJ. says:

    Had a 10 team non PPR draft last night. Tried to follow your rankings and I think I did well. I think the key for me is whether Felix Jones could be a solid #2 RB. What are your thoughts?

    QB Schaub
    RB Rice
    RB Felix Jones
    WR Andre Johnson
    WR Wallace
    Flex Moreno
    TE Daniels
    D/ST Baltimore
    K Crosby

    Bench: Collie, M. Thomas, Tolbert, Ridley, J Cook, Bradford

  29. paulzone says:

    0.5 ppr league, 10 team…start 2 rb and 3 wr

    my rb’s: gore, bradshaw, greene, starks spiller, ringer
    my wr’s: calvin johnson, welker, evans, sims-walker

    should i dump ringer for antonio brown…or too early for the pittsburgh wr?

  30. @Doc: thanks for the feedback. I was trying to grab a RB in the last round but someone took spiller right before me so I just got DAL instead. There isnt a lot of high upside RB’s on waivers. Who would you suggest grabbing of this group? Willis McGahee, Rashad Jennings, Darren Sproles, Roy Helu, Delone Carter, Stevan Ridley.

    Jennings sticks out to me in this group but is his recent injury of concern?

  31. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Chicago Mike: I’d lean Carter

    @paulzone: I’d hold for a few more days

    @KarlJ.: It depends on his health of course, but I feel confident that he can.

    @Mike: Yeah, Id keep an eye on your RBs and see if you can sell high on any for WR help, but I think you’ll be ok for now.

    @herschel: Hmm, that’s tough. They are very close in value. I’d lean Felix/Wayne, but in a trade I’d say it was too close to even trade.

    @CL: Thomas is worth owning because I don’t trust Reggie, but his value is in the dumps right now.

  32. saberguy says:


    Used this sheet for my 14 Team .5 PPR Team (QB, RB, RB/WR, WRx3, TE, K, DEF). I picked 10th out of 14. Ended up with:

    10 Rashard Mendenhall, Pit RB
    19 Darren McFadden, Oak RB
    38 Dez Bryant, Dal WR
    47 Brandon Lloyd, Den WR
    66 Matt Ryan, Atl QB
    75 Joseph Addai, Ind RB
    94 Danny Amendola, StL WR
    103 Jimmy Graham, NO TE
    122 Reggie Bush, Mia RB
    131 Jerome Simpson, Cin WR
    150 Roy Helu, Wsh RB
    159 Falcons D/ST D/ST
    178 Greg Little, Cle WR
    187 Harry Douglas, Atl WR
    206 Vincent Brown, SD WR
    215 John Beck, Wsh QB
    234 Dan Carpenter, Mia K
    243 Texans D/ST D/ST

    I think my WR is a little light in name, but I love the upside. My RBs are super deep as well, I think.

  33. Tom says:

    Just completed our draft. 8 team, PPR, start 1QB 2RB 2WR 1R/W 1TE K DEF 7 on bench. I selected Foster with the #1 pick. My question is who to drop to pick up Tate off waivers (if he is not picked up by someone else first)?

    QB Rivers, Romo
    RB Foster, Gore, Daniel Thomas, Ryan Mathews, Wells
    WR White, Calvin Johnson, Walker, Dez Bryant, S. Rice
    TE Clark, Lewis
    K Gostkowski
    DEF Jets

    I’m leaning towards Marcedes Lewis…

  34. John says:

    How did I do drafting my team?
    Should I drop anyone or trade to make any improvements before the season starts?
    Anyone you think might be a free agent in my leage (it is kind of difficult to show you who is available, although Cedric Benson is…) that I should pick up?

    1st Year of 10 Team PPR Keeper League
    QB: Romo
    RB: Forte
    RB: Shonn Greene
    Flex: V Jax
    WR: Roddy White
    WR: Calvin Johnson
    TE: Jason Witten
    D/ST: Bears
    BE: Lynch
    BE: Mike Thomas
    BE: Reggie Bush
    BE: Stafford
    BE: Jimmy Graham
    BE: Rashad Jennings
    BE: Amendola

  35. Chris says:

    Posted this earlier, but it seems to have disappeared into the recent Razzball comment section abyss —

    I’m gonna be drafting tonight in a 10 team $200 budget PPR. How does it being 10 teams vs 12 teams affect your $ projections (in a general sense)?

    On one hand, there’s less available cash ($2000 overall vs $2400 overall) so one would think that player $ values would decrease. On the other, there’s gonna be more readily available productive talent on the waiver wire, so super studs may go at an even higher premium due to being the only guys that are “irreplaceable.” I really have no idea.

    What do you think?

  36. Leroy says:

    hey doc – thx for all the great work. looking to pickup a TE in my points league (PPR)… moves are limited so trying to hold onto the TE i pickup.

    who you like best from gronkowski, jared cook or lance kendricks? ive read good stuff about each but curious to see ur thoughts…

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