Here are our quarterback rankings. Live them, love them.

RankPlayerTeamPa YdsPa TDsINTsRu TDsRu YdsRe TDsFumbPoints
1Michael VickPHI40002513670003334
2Aaron RodgersGB44503211230003320
3Drew BreesNO4600351413501303.5
4Philip RiversSD4500331217501299.5
5Tom BradyNE435032715001297
6Peyton ManningIND4450321413000287
7Tony RomoDAL44003114110001286
8Matt SchaubHOU4450281115303273.3
9Ben RoethlisbergerPIT41502311222501268.5
10Matt RyanATL40002610112501260.5
11Eli ManningNYG4050291517502257.5
12Matthew StaffordDET4100281517502255.5
13Josh FreemanTB36002310230002254
14Jay CutlerCHI38502616220003252
15Joe FlaccoBAL37002412212501242.5
16Sam BradfordSTL4000241417002237
17Ryan FitzpatrickBUF34002318130002224
18Matt CasselKC35502212117503223.5
19David GarrardJAC32501812230002216
20Kevin KolbARI3700201113001213
21Jason CampbellOAK34001714225001211
22Mark SanchezNYJ34501914110002198
23Cam NewtonCAR29501217445002197
24Kyle OrtonDEN3550201201002195
25Donovan McNabbMIN3550181515502191.5
26Colt McCoyCLE33001621222501186.5
27Matt HasselbeckTEN3350181002002184
28Chad HenneMIA3500161717504175.5
29Tarvaris JacksonSEA25001314335002173
30Andy DaltonCIN34001420110502164.5
31Charlie WhitehurstSEA28001214120002154
32John BeckWAS2800131518300148.3
33Alex D. SmithSF2100131015000127
34Tim TebowDEN10007832000286
35Christian PonderMIN1200131811500085
36Rex GrossmanWAS1200750200068
37Colin KaepernickSF10007120500049
38Blaine GabbertJAC750690250136.5
39Matt MooreMIA500461500133
40Vince YoungPHI2001211000024
41Jake LockerTEN350340500023
42Jimmy ClausenCAR600380200022
43John SkeltonARI20012010009

  1. Tommy says:

    Campbell is higher than I was expecting him but the numbers don’t look really crazy.

    I guess most forget about him because his upside isn’t that high. Whereas, if you draft Kolb you’re thinking there’s a chance you’ve found a breakout star.

    I was saying this last year too but I think Flacco could be a value in the draft because I think he can mirror Matt Ryan’s numbers and he’s definitely going to be drafted later.

    Great rankings. Look forward to updates after the QB carousel.

  2. Bourne says:

    Jay Cutler’s INTs. #NumberMostLikelyToBeDifferent

  3. Frank Rizzo says:

    ::Surprised face emoticon::

    Vick throws for over 4,000 and 28 TD’s? He would be lapping the competition. Those are insane numbers when you consider he’ll run for 6 more.

    Has there ever been 12 QB’s that have thrown for over 4,000 yards in one year? I get the feeling you think offenses will really be slinging it around this year Doc.

  4. The talented Mr. Dope man says:

    Let’s try this again…

    I’m a first time poster to the football side of RAZZZZZZ, but i’m all over that baseball shizz.


    I’m in a 1 player keeper league, I may be able to pry michael vick away from the guy who gets to keep him (we can only keep players who were drafted after the 8th round). I have 7th pick, i offered him my 4th, 7th, and 11th round picks. Is that too much?

    (I have VJAX as my keeper)

  5. Dakota says:

    Matt Stafford question – it looks like you’ve basically taken the Lions production from 2010 and placed that on Stafford’s line. Given that the Lions had Drew Stanton and Shaun Hill behind center for most of the year do you think that there’s a big upside possibility here for Stafford? Not top five upside, but top ten upside – Matt Ryan/Big Ben numbers? The Lions attempted 633 passes last year, third behind only Indy and New Orleans. Clearly, I don’t think Stafford is Manning or Brees, but he’s got the best red zone target of the three and a team that will probably be involved in a bunch of shoot outs.

    Stafford in the 9th (twelve team league, standard scoring) is where I’m looking to pick him up. Either as a backup or as my starter depending on availability up the board. This make sense? Should I shy away from him as a starter and continue to target value drafting earlier on?

  6. agarthered says:

    Hey quick question, im in a keeper league, dont know where i’ll be drafting in the first round yet

    my keepers are between

    Finley, Bradshaw, Lynch, Stevie Johnson

    get to keep 3

    im thinking finley, bradshaw for sure, who would you choose between the other 2?

    Most likely will be taking another rb depending on draft position (otherwise wr)

  7. Doc

    Doc says:

    @The talented Mr. Dope man: Hmm, tough to tell really. Thinking of guys you could get there and if they’ll an out or not leans me toward saying go for it, but Vick is still a risk and an early 2nd rounder in my opinion. But we don’t win by playing it safe.

    @Dakota: I think Stafford has a ton of upside, but his injury risk is real. I have no problem grabbing him in the 9th.

    @agarthered: I’d go with Stevie. Lynch could have some value this season, but I’d rather replace him in your draft.

  8. Wilsonian says:

    Welcome back Doc and Commenters!

    I’ve got a question regarding keepers for this season. I’m not 100% sure on the scoring settings because they aren’t set in stone. But assume 0.5 PPR, 6 points per TD (rushing/receiving), 4 points per TD (passing) and then throw in a couple bonus points here and there. Anyway, here are the keeper worthy players:

    Matt Ryan, Romo, Bryant, Austin, Wayne, Moreno

    Who do you keep if we keep 2? Who do you keep if we keep 3?

    I’m leaning Romo, Moreno and then either Austin or Bryant (but I don’t know in which order I’d keep those last 3).

    Thanks Doc! Looking forward to a kickass season!

  9. Wilsonian says:

    @Wilsonian: throw Bradshaw in the mix, too, but I personally like Moreno more than him.

  10. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Wilsonian: I’d hold off on Moreno. If the Broncos get DeAngelo Williams he loses a lot fo value and they really don’t seem too keen on him right now. Romo/Wayne and then Austin as long as it’s PPR. I like Bradshaw, but I do worry about him staying healthy. If the Broncos don’t do anything with RB in free agency Moreno would be worthwhile.

  11. Bluety says:

    12 team keeper: Can only keep two players 1 rounds 1-5 and 1 rounds 6 and on. If you keep a player it in the round that he was ranked on cbs top 200. I have the 10 pick—L. McCoy (1st) Vick (1st) MJD (1st) and Mendenhall (2nd) Do I keep on of the 1st if so which one or do i keep mendenhall in the 2nd and hope to get vick with the 10 pick. I also have Dez as my other keeper. thanks

  12. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Bluety: If it’s PPR I keep McCoy. Non, I keep Mendy

  13. dhaab says:

    When will fantasy “experts” learn. Michael Vick is a freak athlete but he’s proven that he simply cannot stay healthy for 16 games. Also, his o-line is WEAK this year and that spells bad things for the “dream team”.

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