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Welcome to our wide receiver rankings. They are here for your amusement. Don’t they entertain you? Are you not entertained!? Well, they are just wide receiver rankings. So I’ll understand if they don’t. If I could throw a poop joke in there somewhere I would.

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PlayerPa YdsRe TDsRe YdsRecFumbPoints
Andre JohnsonHOU01014501000205
Calvin JohnsonDET0121300900202
Mike WallacePIT0111250750191
Roddy WhiteATL0101300950190
Hakeem NicksNYG091275900181.5
Larry FitzgeraldARI0912751001179.5
Vincent JacksonSD0101150700175
Brandon LloydDEN081150680163
DeSean JacksonPHI071050550163
Reggie WayneIND071200950162
Dwayne BoweKC081150701161
Greg JenningsGB081125700160.5
Miles AustinDAL071175850159.5
Brandon MarshallMIA071100900152
Steve JohnsonBUF071100750152
Mike A. WilliamsTB071075750149.5
Dez BryantDAL081000640148
Santonio HolmesNYJ071075751147.5
Sidney RiceSEA061100670146
Wes WelkerNE0611001001144
Percy HarvinMIN061025800143.5
Mario ManninghamNYG061050800141
Austin CollieIND07950900137
Kenny BrittTEN07950650137
Jeremy MaclinPHI061000700136
Anquan BoldinBAL07925750134.5
Mike ThomasJAC061000701134
Marques ColstonNO07900651130
Chad OchocincoNE06925650128.5
Lance MooreNO07825750124.5
Pierre GarconIND06850700121
Danny AmendolaSTL05900900120
Jacoby FordOAK05900550120
Julio JonesATL06825550118.5
Robert MeachemNO06800550116
Santana MossWAS05850750115
Mike Sims-WalkerSTL05850650115
AJ GreenCIN05825550112.5
Steve SmithCAR05800650110
Michael CrabtreeSF05800600110
Braylon EdwardsSF05800550110
Lee EvansBAL05800500110
Hines WardPIT05775600107.5
Johnny KnoxCHI05775500107.5
Davone BessMIA04825850106.5
Antonio BrownPIT05750550105
Greg LittleCLE05750521103
Plaxico BurressNYJ05725550102.5
Malcom FloydSD05725500102.5
Denarius MooreOAK05700450100
Andre RobertsARI0475065099
Jason HillJAC0475055099
Roy E. WilliamsCHI0568557098.5
Nate BurlesonDET0473060097
Jerome SimpsonCIN0470050094
Arrelious BennTB0470050094
Jacoby JonesHOU0470050094
Brandon GibsonSTL0470050094
James JonesGB0467550091.5
Mike WilliamsSEA0467545091.5
Earl BennettCHI0465060089
Derrick MasonNYJ0465055089
Roscoe ParrishBUF0465050089
Kevin WalterHOU0462550086.5
Devin HesterCHI0460055084
Eddie RoyalDEN0460050084
Jordy NelsonGB0460050084
Deion BranchNE0460045084
Josh MorganSF0270043082
Victor CruzNYG0455045079
Nate WashingtonTEN0455040079
Golden TateSEA0455040079
Anthony ArmstrongWAS0360040078
Mohamed MassaquoiCLE0360037078
Brandon LaFellCAR0357550075.5
Titus YoungDET0355045073
Leonard HankersonWAS0355040073
Donnie AverySTL0355040073
Louis MurphyOAK0355040073
Steve SmithPHI0260050072
Jordan ShipleyCIN0260050072
Steve BreastonKC0260045072
Damian WilliamsTEN0450040172
Jason AvantPHI0352540070.5
Brian HartlineMIA0257540069.5
Danario AlexanderSTL0445030069
Mark ClaytonSTL0350040068
Donald DriverGB0350040068
Harry DouglasATL0347540065.5
Emmanuel SandersPIT0345040063
Brian RobiskieCLE0345035063
Jabar GaffneyWAS0242530060.5
Brandon TateNE0342525060.5
Jarett DillardJAX0340030058
Ben ObomanuSEA0340025058
Tandon DossBAL0340025058
Devery HendersonNO0242530054.5
Jeremy KerleyNYJ0335030053
Eric DeckerDEN0240035052
Dezmon BriscoeTB0240033052
Torrey SmithBAL0240030052
Greg CamarilloMIA0240030052
Kevin OgletreeDAL0240030052
Michael JenkinsMIN0237520049.5
Vincent BrownSD0235040047
Dane SanzenbacherCHI0235040047
Jerricho CotcheryPIT0235035047
Jonathan BaldwinKC0235025047
Early DoucetARI0135025041
Darrius Heyward-BeyOAK0135020041
Jerheme UrbanARI0227520039.5
Deon ButlerSEA0225020037
Patrick CraytonSD0127520033.5
David NelsonBUF0127520033.5

updated 8/25

  1. Brian Di Rosario says:

    I think you need another Johnson up there around 4 or 5. Didn’t you hear Ochocinco has changed his name for Bill.

  2. Josh says:

    Are you going to be posting these with any analysis? Just pure rankings with no analysis doesn’t do me that much good. You don’t need to write it for all of the players, but the top 20-40 at each position would be nice to hear the logic behind your rankings.

    Also are more sleeper posts coming? Last year I owned Nicks everywhere thanks to you guys, but this year I’m not feeling that much love for anyone in later rounds, save maybe Rashad Jennings or Roy Helu…

    • Doc

      Doc says:

      Patience is a virtue my friend!

  3. @Doc: …but I don’t have the time, to quote the Talking Heads. Since free agency is just getting underway, I should think it would take another week or so before we can accurately comment on player situations, at least with any authority. Unfortunately.

  4. trick dad says:

    hey doc, why are you so low on boldin? now he doesnt have to compete with mason for targets.

  5. ernie says:

    How many years you expect that Brady will be in top QBs group for fantasy?

  6. farcus says:

    @trick dad: all indications are that he will have to compete with mason for targets.

  7. The talented Mr. Dope man says:

    @Doc: Whatsup Doc??

    Question: I have Vincent Jackson and Josh Freeman as keepers this year (15 and 16 round pick). I’m contemplating rolling with Freeman as my starter and using my first 4 picks on RB, WR, RB, RB. (I have the 7th pick). Based on your projections, it seems that unless i were to get a top 4 quarterback, i’m really only missing out on about 40 points by keeping freeman as my starter… Thoughts?

  8. Doc

    Doc says:

    @The talented Mr. Dope man: I think you can get away with Freeman. His ceiling is lower than the other QBs in his tier, but he should be consistent.

    @trick dad: I like Torrey Smith as well. Boldin should have played much better last season and what numbers he did have were mainly in one big game.

    @ernie: I don’t see him slowing down.

  9. Charles says:

    I’m a little lost with projected auction prices this season. What do you think of these potential keepers in a 12-teamer with RB/RB/WR/WR/Flex and $200 budget:

    J Freeman – $10
    D Bowe – $28
    S Rice – $17
    M Williams (TB) – $12


  10. Shmorgie S. Board says:

    What’s the free site people recommend to use for leagues — Yahoo, ESPN, or NFL.com? Thanks!

  11. Trick dad says:

    Yahoo is the worst. Espn is the best in my opinion and fantrax is good if you want total customization.

  12. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Charles: I think Bowe may be a bit expensive. otherwise I like them.

  13. DDT says:

    Thoughts on Benn (TB) as a deep sleeper?

  14. Cole says:

    @Doc: Would you move Fitz ahead of Wallace and Hakeem in a 1pt PPR league?

  15. Doc

    Doc says:

    @DDT: I like his ability and think he will be decent this season, but the TB passing game is capped due to their style of play. His upside isn’t great with Winslow and Williams there.

    @Cole: Yes I would.

  16. Joe says:

    Any chance of adding Receptions to the projections for us PPRers?

  17. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Joe: Yep, should be up this week.

  18. Joe says:


  19. robert wishart says:

    make a printable version please not with all the dreary comments please. Ink is expensive

  20. uncle mowglie says:

    doc, keeper league. I’m looking at takin Wallace first pick after 5 keeps. u built the hype on him I believe. he’s had a boring pre season. and a. brown was huge tonight week 3. any concern? should I be leanin’ Jennings?

  21. Doc

    Doc says:

    @uncle mowglie: It’s preseason. Wallace is the man.

  22. dhaab says:

    I think Mike Sims-Walker scores 9 or 10 TD’s this year. Great mid to late round pick that is flying under the radar.

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