As alluded to last week when talking about father-of-the-year Adrian Peterson, I mentioned a fondness of Teddy Bridgewater for the upcoming season. Part of the fondness could be the amount of puns that could be used in his name, but that feels more like a Chris Berman wet dream than anything entertaining beyond a dad joke, but in terms of fantasy football, there’s a lot to like here.

2014 Passing

G GS Comp Att Pct Yds TD Int Rate
13 12 259 402 64.4 2,919 14 12 85.2

2014 Rushing

Att Yds Avg TD FUM Lost
47 209 4.4 1 3 0

2014 Fantasy Scoring

Points Avg
179 13.8

Well, as you can see, it was quite the pedestrian season. There were some caveats to think about however… First and foremost, he was a rookie. Second, the running game, even with Jerick McKinnon and Matt Asiata showing flashes, was in total, a seesaw affair. (Only the sexiest of affairs are allowed here.) And to add insult to injury, the receiving corps was essentially a disaster. Probably perfectly summed up in Cordarrelle Patterson‘s seemingly egregious need to destroy everything that is good in the world. To be honest, calling the year pedestrian might be giving too much credit before you realize what Bridgewater had working against him. He ranked 22nd in quarterback fantasy scoring, finding himself just ahead of Kyle Orton, who was probably drunk for 190% of his games. Which was also his BAC. And yes, that number doesn’t make sense, probably because I’m drunk too.

But… there are some more caveats entering into the 2015 season that makes him underrated, and in my opinion, a strong streaming option, and even possibly 12-team viable if you squint really hard. CAVEATS EVERYWHERE I SAY. This one was easy for me to figure out, but he is no longer a rookie. Say it ain’t so! But just to add to that point, I’m still a huge fan of Norv Turner and what he can do with quarterbacks. There is definitely a growth factor to think about, and no matter what you think the potential is for Bridgewater (I admit, I was skeptical for a while), the numbers don’t lie. Take a look at his 2014 season split in half:


Sun 9/21 @NO 12 20 150 60 7.5 41 0 0 83.3
Sun 9/28 vsATL 19 30 317 63.3 10.57 52 0 0 98.9
Sun 10/12 vsDET 23 37 188 62.2 5.08 18 0 3 41.3
Sun 10/19 @BUF 15 26 157 57.7 6.04 38 1 2 56.1
Sun 10/26 @TB 24 42 241 57.1 5.74 28 1 0 81.5
Sun 11/2 vsWSH 26 42 268 61.9 6.38 22 1 0 88.2
AVG   19.83 32.83 220.17 60.37 6.89 33.17 0.50 0.83 74.88


Sun 11/16 @CHI 18 28 158 64.3 5.64 24 1 1 76.2
Sun 11/23 vsGB 21 37 210 56.8 5.68 23 2 1 79.8
Sun 11/30 vsCAR 15 21 138 71.4 6.57 35 2 0 120.7
Sun 12/7 vsNYJ 19 27 309 70.4 11.44 87 2 1 117.7
Sun 12/14 @DET 31 41 315 75.6 7.68 40 1 2 84.9
Sun 12/21 @MIA 19 26 259 73.1 9.96 40 2 1 114.1
Sun 12/28 vsCHI 17 25 209 68 8.36 44 1 1 90.3
AVG   20.00 29.29 228.29 68.51 7.90 41.86 1.57 1.00 97.67

There’s clear improvement across the board, and I especially like that his long (LNG) average raised substantially as the season went on, and the touchdowns and rating followed suit.

I can’t say I’m a huge fan of Mike Wallace, but there’s little doubt that the deep ball was not one of Ryan Tannehill’s strengths. Adding Wallace also moves Charles Johnson, Greg Jennings and Jarius Wright into better match-ups, while probably moving Cordarrelle Patterson to another state (okay, he’s still young, and while Mike Zimmer and company has had positive things to say about him lately, I’m not sure they are actually fans…) The draft is still coming up, which could bring some changes as well.

And then there’s the return of Adrian Peterson. Obviously, I’m not a fan of his human qualities, but as a running back, he’s certainly an upgrade over both McKinnon (for now) and Asiata (forever). It’s currently up in the air if he’ll remain with the team, but as I stated last week, I think at this point, it’s very unlikely Peterson is not a Vikings player come the 2015 season opener. And that alone should boost all of the offensive principle’s value.

It’s usually folly to cherry pick stats and then pro-rate them into a full season, but no one said I was perfect. Except my mother. If you were to take Bridgewater’s second half and pretend it was a full season, he’d have 3,648 yards, 26/16 TD/INT. That was essentially Jay Cutler, who finished with 256.3 Points and the 14th ranked quarterback last year. You add in all the other points made previously…yeah, he might just be viable as your starting quarterback in 2015, or, at the very least, a very underrated one.



  1. booya says:

    What are your thoughts on Crabtree for dynasty? What pick do you think he should be worth in terms of a pick in this year’s rookie draft?

    I’ve been offered crabtree and pick 26 for pick 15 but I’m getting pretty concerned about the lack of nfl interest in crabtree.

    Thanks for any input

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @booya: Eh, yeah, I’d pull the trigger. I don’t like Crabtree at all.

      • booya says:

        @Jay: So you don’t like him but you’d still take him in that deal? Or you mean you’d want pick 15?

        • Jay

          Jay says:

          @booya: Ah, yeah, I’d want the picks.

          • booya says:

            @Jay: Haha sorry. To clarify, the offer is:
            Crabtree + pick 26
            pick 15

            I was leaning towards keeping pick 15…chance I could hit on a future stud there. Agreed?

            • Jay

              Jay says:

              @booya: oh yeah. In deep leagues, I don’t think he’s incredibly useful.

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