Tired of clicking multiple links just to look up where one of our writers ranked Gerald Everett? Wondering who Gerald Everett is? Good, because I’m with you on both counts! With MB and Zach providing the Razzball readers with their own rankings (a contrarian consensus, as I like to say, to pretend I’m clever), we’re going to provide our 2017 Fantasy Football Staff Rankings for the first time ever, a place where you can find all of our weekly rankings in one spot! The players will be sorted by our average ranking, providing you a great way to see how the Razzball Staff feels (questions posted in our comment section will be answered by all ranking writers!), and it’ll also provide our specific rankings so you know how each of us feel about a player. So many feels, so little time. Follow us after the jump for your Official 2017 Razzball Staff Rankings for Week 15!

Note: As a mini-holiday gift, our next Staff Consensus for Championship Week will include Rudy’s Rankings, which are in the Top-10 right now. Happy Holidays, and good luck!

  1. Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo says:

    darkwing duck and his laments across 2 dynasty leagues.

    1. 2 QB half PPR dynasty:
    QB rodgers/foles/tyrod/brissett
    RB (2) ingram/kamara/burkhead/perine/darkwa
    WR (3) jordy (back to staring)/k.allen/m.lee/thielen/d-jax
    TE (1) ertz
    2 flexes
    IR edleman/p.lynch
    IDP (4 flexes) burfict/r.jones/trevathan/ogletree/t.smith (have an extra with burfict out)
    drop darkwa for any of ivory/gallman. i know this would be an ivory handle for THIS week, but i’m not starting whoever this roster spot is, and dynasty-wise if gallman ends up being longer term guy it’d probably be a better grab.

    3. different league, 12 team standard dynasty with rushing yards being worth 50% more than receiving yards. i have these RB’s: howard, drake, mckinnon, mack, darkwa, barber
    options: gallman, ekeler, m.davis, ivory

    • MB

      Unbreakable_mb says:

      @Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo: Rodgers, Ingram, kamara, Jordy,Allen, Thielen, Burkhead, Lee.

      I’d grab Gallman

      Drake and McKinnon

  2. Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

    14 team PPR. is it worth dropping somebody to nab ivory here?
    QB RW3
    RB (2) hunt/crowell/the butler/m.davis
    WR (3) fitz/AB/goodwin/wright/fuller/lockett/parker
    TE (1) ebron (MAN i love this guy when he’s not being a water head, which has been true for about 5 weeks or so now, i just added him this week)/olsen
    1 flex
    i clearly have more WR than i need, and it’s never a bad thing to have RB depth, and take away a guy somebody else can use.

        • Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

          @Unbreakable_mb: wait, start ivory over which two RB’s? i already started hunt of course, still have RB 2 and flex slot for 2 out of morris/davis/crowell. and if i add ivory him too.

  3. Bobby's world says:

    Greetings Jay! Regardless of what happens this week I want to thank you for the advice all season!

    I’m fretting big time & I will need a Christmas miracle in order to pull this one my opponent has won 9 straight- yikes!

    How do you like the matchup be my opponent?

    Here’s my team:

    QB Dak @ OAK

    RB1: Melvin Gordon @ KC
    RB2: Kareem hunt vs chargers

    WR1: Keenan allen @ KC
    WR2: Baldwin vs Rams, I heard it may rain in Seattle if so would you bench Baldwin for chris hogan or martavis Bryant? Martavis Bryant only if juju is out
    WR3: josh Gordon vs Ravens

    Flex: either Rod smith @ OAK , Peyton barber vs Falcons.

    TE: hooper at TB

    D/ST: Falcons at TB

    Kicker matt Bryant at TB

    IDP thinking devondre Campbell LB on the Falcons


    My opponent

    QB: Brees vs jets yikes

    RB1: Ingram vs jets big yikes
    RB2: Burkhead @ Pittsburgh

    WR1: cooks @ Pittsburgh
    WR2: theilen home vs bengals
    WR3: slot open on his bench is juju, mike Wallace , Cobb, woods, amendola, Stills

    His flex: slot open but Any of the above mentioned WR or Jon Stewart, Darkwa, buck Allen

    TE: slot open he has Rudolph on his bench he may be out his other TE plays on MNF is OJ Howard

    D/ST: Ravens @ Cleveland

    Kicker: gostkowski @ Pittsburgh

    Thanks man! This is it all need all of the good luck this week!

    • Bobby's world says:

      @Bobby’s world:

      Opponent also has alex smith just looked Brees is on his bench QB slot open

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Bobby’s world: Sup Bobby!

      Thanks for tuning in! I like the Gordon matchup a lot, and so I think Keenan has a chance to have a good game as well. I think you got a good chance here.

      I’d so Hogan if the weather is nasty, otherwise, I’d probably go with Baldwin. And I like Smith there.

  4. cheese says:


    Need 1x RB
    – Duke, Ivory, and R. Smith

    Need 1x Flex
    – whoever isn’t chosen from above, Robby Anderson, Woods, and Bryant

    Leaning Duke for the RB and Ivory for the flex, but Robby intrigues me.


    • MB

      Unbreakable_mb says:

      @cheese: ivory and Woods for me

  5. Christian herman says:

    Ivory or Kerwyn in standard

  6. In a pickle says:

    Thanks for all the content. Hope to be back next week, but down big due to KC and the gang (projected to score 50 less points now).

    Need to take biggest upside for RB2 and Flex in 0.5ppr:
    K. Williams – rb
    Crowell – rb
    Barber – rb
    Hogan – wr
    R. Anderson – wr

    Who ya got?

  7. James says:

    For week 15 who should I start in my flex:

    Lamar miller
    Isaiah Crowell
    Mike Davis

    • James says:

      @James: standard league sorry!

  8. Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

    man it’s hard to be
    1.playing against khunt and only gonna lose from that (3 leagues)
    while also…
    2. having khunt in 3 leagues and about to either lose (in 2) or already be out (in 1, also the most important one monetarily due to hunt/howard’s week 13)

  9. Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

    holy jebus ref b.s. just gave PIT’s win away.

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