Some big-name free agent QBs were floating around as the 2022 season ended, which saw rumors abound. Teams like the Saints and Buccaneers were $50M+ over the salary cap. At the same time, both needed to somehow address the QB position after the failed Andy Dalton experiment and the retirement of Tom Brady. Other teams, like the Giants, had to deal with their current QB, Daniel Jones, and decide if he was the best option or if they should go onto the true free agent market for a replacement. What would the Dolphins do with the concussion issues surrounding Tua? Would they go out and make a splash or simply shore up their QB2-3 positions? All those discussions, rumors, etc., took place while fans had to deal with what has turned into a real shit show in Green Bay, formerly known as 4-time MVP Aaron Rodgers. What would ARod do after coming out of his hobbit retreat? All of that and more are addressed below.

@BobbyLaMarco and other analysts will chat about these teams/names and the implications of free agent signings throughout the offseason on the Razzball YouTube channel. Tune in and be a part of the discussion with your questions and comments. What do you think of the signings? Did your team do enough or too much? As always, if you want to discuss anything in this article, feel free to drop notes at the bottom of this thread.

Let’s start with a few names signed early in the process and discuss how their signing will affect their new squad.

Derek Carr – New Orleans Saints: Somehow, some way, the Saints, though $50M+ over the cap, found a way to sign Carr for $150M. I am not “A Beautiful Mind” over here, but the math does not work for me. Guess that is why I am not an NFL front-office finance guy, right? Anywho….the Saints shelled out the most money paid to any free agent QB in this year’s crop, and it’s not even close. Apparently, the Andy Dalton (to CAR) and Jameis Winston tandem were not the way ahead for New Orleans. So, now it will be the Carr/Winston duo to march the Saints into the 2023 season. I am not confident Carr will conjure memories of Drew Brees, and I am a little concerned that Carr may not be the QB the Saints coveted coming into free agency. Carr could not really get it done with his best bro Davante Adams and will now have to deal with injury-prone, prima donna, otherwise, WR malcontent Michael Thomas as his #1. Sure, Thomas can put up immense numbers and make an offense elite, but he has not done so in three-plus seasons. Time will tell how this signing works out, along with the addition of Jamaal Williams to the backfield. For now, I am agnostic on the Carr signing and will wait to pass final judgment.

Jimmy Garoppolo – Las Vegas Raiders: Not a fan of the way Las Vegas handled the Derek Carr release only to bring in another middle-of-the-road starting QB with a price of almost $73M. Sure, Jimmy G won football games in San Fran and was, for the most part, underappreciated. With that, is he really the guy you want going up against Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert for the near term? I didn’t think so. I am curious to see how Jimmy will work with Davante and if Josh Jacobs can get back close to leading the league in rushing. If the QB-WR combo can mesh and Jacobs does something similar in 2023, then maybe Jimmy can get by. Either way, those Raiders will be watching the Chiefs from behind.

Baker Mayfield – Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Insert throw-up emoji here. Also, someone in the know, please explain how the Saints and Bucs were in the same negative cap situation, yet the Saints pay Carr $150M, and the best the Bucs can do is bring in Baker at $4M to ‘compete’ with Kyle Trask. Never mind. Do not waste your time. Tampa Bay should be in full rebuild mode with the GOAT retirement. Even in this terrible division, the Buccaneers will not compete with Baker at the helm. Hard pass for me.

Geno Smith – Seattle Seahawks: I love this signing by Seattle. Smith, the perceived stopgap QB to start the 2022 season, absolutely lit it up on his way to the Pro Bowl. This signing speaks to Smith’s true abilities, those lauded headed into his draft class that somehow were ignored until the Jets selected him on Day 2. Couple his less-than-positive draft slot with the fact the Jets did little to nothing to set him up for success, and Smith is a positive reclamation project story, and I am here for it. Smith has two solid WR, though Lockett’s age will need to be address at some point, a young stud RB in Kenneth Walker III, and a serviceable TE in Noah Fant to support Smith moving into 2023. With an addition to replace R Penny at RB and some O-Line help, Smith should be in line for another fine season in a winnable division.

Daniel Jones – New York Giants: Though not a true free agent signing like those above, I think the Giants bringing Jones back is a good move as I think HC Brian Dabol thinks he has something in Jones that he can work with. I say let’s give the two a shot at making this a positive signing! Are the Giants ready to usurp the Eagles for the NFC East title? I do not think so, but stranger things have happened in the division. I can see the Giants jumping the Cowboys, especially with HC Mike McCarthy still at the helm. I like this signing, and I think the money is good, not great. Best of luck to Jones.

Other notable signings I can get behind:

Mike White – Miami Dolphins

Jacoby Brissett – Washington Commanders

Gardner Minshew – Indianapolis Colts

Some signings I am not a fan of or that make me scratch my head:

Taylor Heinicke – Atlanta Falcons

Andy Dalton – Carolina Panthers

Sam Darnold – San Francisco 49ers

Moving onto some QBs who are still being discussed in league and fantasy circles….

Lamar Jackson – Baltimore Ravens: When will it end for Lamar? When will the Ravens brass step up and pay the guy or trade him away for a fresh start? Maybe Lamar’s plan to represent himself is not the best idea, but I am not judging as much as thinking out loud that an agent would have helped to move the ball forward (I think). All Jackson does is win…in the regular season…not so much in the playoffs. With Mark Andrews locked up and a decent, albeit injury-prone RB group on board, the Ravens just need to give Jackson a little more help on offense to take the leap. The Bengals lead the division, but the Ravens could certainly make a run if they would put aside the pettiness and get a long-term deal done with their star QB.

Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers: I am exhausted by this subject with this name, but I get paid big money to discuss all the pertinent, relevant names. OK, so I barely get paid enough to cover my internet costs, but you know what I meant. I thought a deal to the Jets would get done shortly after Rodgers’s appearance on the punter’s talk show. But, alas, that has not happened, and here we are, waiting for something to happen. I feel like the gif with the cartoon guy with the stick poking the *insert NYJ logo here*. For Rodgers, Zach Wilson, the Packers, the Jets, and all of fantasy football, something needs to get done and SOON! 

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