Running back is arguably the most talked-about position in our fantasy football universe, and well… this offseason is really shakin’ things up at such a pivotal position. Let’s dive right in and see how key running back transactions are reshaping the landscape of the game we love so much. 

Miles Sanders, Carolina Panthers: He did it for the money! Haha, well, that’s for sure when you go from the Super Bowl-contending Eagles to the rebuilding Panthers within the same conference. But hey… running backs have to get their money while they can (most injury-prone position, short career lifespan). Fantasy-wise, this takes Sanders off the board for me. The Panthers will be figuring things out with a new quarterback and coaching staff, and they might be tempted to over-work Sanders as their big-time offseason acquisition. Obviously, I much prefer the offensive balance Sanders had around him in Philly

David Montgomery, Detroit Lions: Carry for carry, I think David Montgomery is better than Jamaal Williams at this point in their respective NFL careers. Sure, Jamaal is coming off a fantastic season in the redzone, but Monty looks a bit stronger and bouncier play to play. This acquisition means I will have more shares of D’Andre Swift because his market price is becoming more and more affordable. I don’t think I will have many shares of Montgomery, but I still think he’s a (slight) upgrade over Williams for Detroit. 

Jamaal Williams, New Orleans Saints: Like the aforementioned Miles Sanders, I probably won’t have any shares this season. Williams can’t possibly duplicate his off-the-charts redzone success, and I think I like the low-risk asking price I’ll be getting on Alvin Kamara (just gotta keep track of possible suspensions and off-the-field drama). As far as Saints’ running backs go, it’ll be Kamara or no one for me. 

James Robinson, New England Patriots: I’m sorry, Bill Belichick and the Patriots are simply out of touch with the rest of the league at this point. They are dinosaurs. James Robinson was an absolutely terrible acquisition for my Jets last season, and I expect little-to-nothing from him in New England. 

Samaje Perine, Denver Broncos: Gonna be a good sleeper and handcuff with Javonte Williams coming off major injury. I like what Sean Payton is doing thus far in Denver. 

Travis Homer, Chicago Bears: Sometimes we just gotta be honest in this game… I’ve never been impressed by this kid. This transaction seems like wasted money to me. 

Mike Boone, Houston Texans: Maybe new, energetic head coach DeMeco Ryans can help Booney reach the potential we know he has. Another good handcuff with Dameon Pierce going into his second season of action with heavy usage. 

D’Onta Foreman, Chicago Bears: Now, here is a Chicago Bears running back transaction I can support. As I’ve written about Foreman on Twitter, here’s a young man who has completely redefined himself in recent seasons. He simply could not stay healthy in his early years with the Texans. Then, well… he must’ve learned a thing or two from Derrick Henry during his time with the Tennessee Titans. Now? Foreman is a brute. A real bruiser who will grind in between the tackles for you. If the Bears wanted the David Montgomery role replaced, this certainly wasn’t a bad place to turn. 

Rashaad Penny, Philadelphia Eagles: EVERYBODY is talkin’ about Rashaad Penny in our fantasy sphere right now. Maybe it’s just a little too much? Like all the other pundits, I love the fit in theory – especially with Kenneth Gainwell and Boston Scott both back for Philadelphia. Penny shouldn’t have to carry the load, right? Still, everyone is SO hot on Penny right now. He’s definitely getting over-drafted in early drafts. I’ll probably have a share or two, but less than others in my field of analysis. Maybe he’ll just get hurt again and won’t be worth the reach. 

Chase Edmonds, Tampa Bay Bucs: The Bucs are going nowhere fast. Edmonds — a former favorite of mine in his early days with the Arizona Cardinals — is stepping right into fantasy football hell. If you have any shares of Edmonds this season, there better be 100 teams in your league. 

I’ll see ya right back here next week! 

John Frascella is a published sports author who has been covering the NFL for 19 years. Follow him on Twitter @LegendSports7 for all things fantasy football, baseball and basketball.