There was some more preseason football to be played this past Saturday, including news that Philip Rivers will be having at least eight more children in the San Diego area spread out over the next four years. That is, of course, based on his average of having five kids per month, but I should note that my math has a history of being a tad off. But, hey, remember when he was getting traded to the Titans for sure? While the signing itself is, well, a good sign for the Chargers on the field, I’m not sure if this has any bearing on impending the stadium situation that is falling wayside, straight into the dumpster (and I mean the actual deal, not them moving to Carson, which I know can be confusing as both are pretty much dumpster fires) Other than that, we had the debut of Jameis Winston, some quality trolling by Chip Kelly on which quarterback is starting in Week 1, and other football happenings. So let’s get started…

Quick Note: The Official Razzball Commenter Leagues are opening tomorrow, and our auction values and projections will be coming out later in the week! Stay tuned!

Sam Bradford QB, PHI – There’s a lot of roster drama going on at the quarterback position for the Eagles… but really, this is nothing new, and has been finely tuned since the days of Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid. Obviously Chip Kelly has no problem starting Mark Sanchez Week 1, but Chip Kelly would probably have no problem starting me Week 1, just all part of the innovation process. Honestly though, it just comes down to health. I don’t think it’s any question that Sam Bradford is your Week 1 starter if he’s healthy, but that’s your big if at this point. We’ll just have to monitor this and see where it goes.

Jameis Winston QB, TB – He completed 9 passes out of 19 attempts for 131 yards and an interception. I would say his debut was a bit lackluster, but he had a nice looking 40-yard throw to Vincent Jackson five plays into the game. To be fair, the Buc’s offensive line looked atrocious and lost their RT, Demar Dotson to a year-ending knee injury, so it’ll be interesting to see how he rebounds the next game. Maybe it’ll involve crab legs

Nelson Agholor WR, PHI – Caught three passes for 57 yards and touchdown. His first (unofficial) game as a pro was iffy at best. He had a nice 30+ yard touchdown, but had a few drops. To be fair, they seemed uncharacteristic (he’s never had drop issues before), and honestly, I’d be more prepared to catch high school girls than footballs if Mark Sanchez is throwing to me.



Tyler Lockett WR, SEA – Lockett earned some fine praise from Pete Carroll, probable cementing nothing really nothing concrete. Construction metaphors people. Honestly, I’m still waiting for some kind of wide receiver to become fantasy viable out of this group, but there’s just nothing there right now.

Robert Griffin III QB, WAS – Don’t read too much into his mediocre stats (4-for-8, 60 yards), as Pierre Garcon dropped what would have been a for sure 60-yard touchdown. That being said, he’s still on schedule for his Week 4 time table of tearing his ACL, and I don’t see anything here that would stop him from achieving his season goal.

Robert Herron WR, TB – While I’m not big on preseason stats, I find it interesting that Herron led all Buc’s receivers with 44 snaps. I also find it interesting that the Buc’s offense was able to produce 44 snaps.

Breshad Perriman WR, BAL – I’m getting  a bit worried from what appears to be a “strained tendon” in Perriman’s knee. The Ravens remain optimistic that he’ll be able to play in a preseason game at this point, but in NFL lingo, that means he’ll be out for two months. OR he’ll start next week.

Cordarrelle Patterson WR, MIN – He caught two passes for 29 yards, doubling the production he put up in all of last season’s games. Alright, you got me there. He was close to doubling the production he put up in all of last season’s games.

Charles Sims RB, TB – Just had two rushes for 11 yards, but the real story is that Doug Martin and Bobby Rainey all got reps with the first team, telegraphing that this could be a true three-headed rotation. In Greek lore, the three-headed rotation beast was a scary half-lamb, half-dragon monstrosity that destroyed all the hopes and dreams of men that needed top tier running backs on their fantasy squads. Totally true.

Andre Ellington RB, ARI – Looked good after recovering from a strained hamstring in training camp. Then again, I feel like Ellington is in perpetual recovery of a hamstring injury since the beginning of time. Which was 20 billion years ago if you were counting. Listen, if there was such a thing as a 20 billion year hamstring strain, Ellington would have it, trust me. Him and Danny Amendola.



  1. mcBlunty says:

    ppr keeper league, keeping Cam Newton and Calvin Johnson, need to 2 of these 3 to go with them

    Victor Cruz
    Martavis Bryant
    Jordan Mattews

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      Probably Matthews and Bryant. I’m not sure what to expect from Cruz yet.

  2. todd dunn says:

    ppr league-would you trade joseph randle for lamar miller,both going around same time,but dallas o-line is so good.thanks jay

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      Yeah, that’s a tough one. I’m leaning Miller here, but I think the gap is close enough to where it’s a lateral move for you. It’s okay to hold here.

  3. Jensen says:

    Startup dynasty team:

    QB -M. Ryan
    WR -OBJ
    RB -T. Gurley
    FLEX -A. Cooper
    FLEX -D. Hopkins
    FLEX -K. Allen
    TE -J. Cameron

    BE -Charles Johnson
    BE -John Brown
    BE -Donte Moncrief
    BE -Devante Parker
    BE -Josh Gordon
    BE -Eli Manning
    BE -Piere Garcon
    BE -Shane Vereen
    BE – Andre Williams
    BE -Darren Sproles
    BE -Jordan Reed

    As you can see in the lineup, we only use 1 starting RB and 3 flex. However, Gurley is really my only viable starting RB and he might not be getting to many carries this year. I have a few trade offers for A. Cooper. The best I think is Yeldon and Denard. I like Cooper better than Yeldon but I am really thin at RB, do you think I need to make this trade? Or should I try to get R. Jennings or A. Ellington type and hold onto Cooper.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Jensen: I’d aim for a Jennings or Ellington type. I think Gurley is okay, but you need backup. Moving Cooper though, I’d rather have you wait on that.

      • Jensen says:

        @Jay: I’ve been offered Abdullah and Joique for Allen and Johnson. I think thats pretty much a no brainer for me. My top 3 WR are locks and Allen and Johnson are just depth pieces for me so locking down DET’s backfield is nice. I lose a little youth but my team is so young already and that still leaves me with Moncrief and Parker as a 4th and 5th WR.

        • Jay

          Jay says:

          @Jensen: yeah, because 9f the circumstances, I agree totally.

          • Jensen says:

            @Jay: Rather have Yeldon and Robinson or Joique and Abdullah in dynasty?

            I just got an offer to acquire Yeldon and I think I like him more than Abdullah. Basically giving up the same thing as I would to acquire Abdullah and Joique.

            • Jay

              Jay says:

              Yeah, I agree. I’m starting to get on the Abdullah train because of Bell’s question marks so far, but I do like Yeldon slightly more overall.

  4. Good to hear about the RCL leagues starting up. I reactivated mine, and we have 10 of 12 teams returning. Once we get the system up and running, will look to fill the league.

  5. Never played fantasy football says:

    Here’s the result of my keep-3, 10 team $160 league auction. I had a strategy and a spreadsheet, but I didn’t adequately account for salary inflation as a result of keepers, so I wasn’t aggressive enough going for a #2 running back. Also, at the draft I quickly came to regret keeping Rodgers. I was nuisance bidding on Gronk and got caught holding the bag there.

    You see anything you like? Anything you hate? Am I doomed? Thanks for your time.

    Green Bay Packers QB $32
    Giovani Bernard RB $8
    Isaiah Crowell RB $17
    DeAngelo Williams RB $1
    Antonio Brown WR $30
    Brandin Cooks WR $17
    Rob Gronkowski TE $29
    Green Bay Packers K $1
    Buffalo Bills D/ST $2
    San Diego Chargers QB $2
    Tennessee Titans QB $1
    Le’Veon Bell RB $9
    Michael Floyd WR $3
    Charles Johnson WR $1
    Kevin White WR $1
    Kendall Wright WR $1
    Coby Fleener TE $1

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Never played fantasy football: I like how you don’t even want to say Rodgers name in that roster breakdown, heh.

      Yeah, I think your running backs are weak here. I do really like your receiving though (including Gronk), but I think Bell should pull you through in Week 3. You should be fine.

  6. Big League Choo says:

    12 team full ppr keep 3

    My lacy(33$), Josh hill, Winston for

    CJ Anderson(3$), Montee Ball, Jimmy Graham(42$)

    Rbs Forte, Lacy, Gurley, Mathews
    TE ASJ, Hill

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