Sorry Razzballers everywhere, I’ve been on hiatus due to the NFL being a clustereff. But you can’t stop the NFL, no matter how hard you try! Bastards. So I thought I’d give you an update on some of the goings ons and what nots. The what nots are especially intriguing.

Reggie Bush: He regrets what he tweeted after Mark Ingram was picked by the Saints in the draft.  I’m not sure, but I think he tweeted, “Mother Effer!” He now says he and Ingram could help each other out a lot, something about Kardashian sloppy seventy sevenths.  If Bush stays they would have Ingram, Thomas, Ivory and Bush. That may be one too many.  PT and Ingram are staying so it looks like Bush vs. Ivory and as long as they can restructure his contract to a lot less than the 11.8 million he is supposed to make this season, I see Bush sticking around just because of his versatility. As long as Ingram grasps the offense/blitz pickups he still has the inside track on the bulk of the carries/scoring opportunities, but it’s still no lock.

Steve Smith: Mighty Mouse is looking more and more likely to leave the receiving dunes of the Carolinas. I’ve invested my fake picks in him so far this mock draft season, but I’m afraid he is going to start rising in ADP as rumors of him going to teams with good quarterbacks swirl. Right now the rumors are flying about him leaving for Baltimore or San Diego. Both would be an upgrade, but the Chargers and he would be a nice fit. Rivers is elite and would actually get him the ball.  It can be argued that Gates and Jackson would hurt him too much, but that offense is potent and in favorable passing weather often. I am drafting Mr. Smiff whenever I can.

Brandon Marshall: Well, the good thing about Brandon Marshall’s legal/getting stabbed troubles, is that he can be had at value in drafts.  He is supposed to start working out again in the next 2 weeks and unless he is gutted again, should be ready to go for the season. Will he screw up again? Dunno, but that’s why you can get an elite PPR receiver in the third round or later.

Kevin Kolb: Don’t pass on Kolb this off season if you can get him in dynasty.  I’m not over the moon about his skill set, but he is good enough and it looks like he could end up having Larry Fitzgerald to pass to next season. The Cardinals have shown interest in Kyle Orton as well, but it looks like they are willing to (over) pay for Kolb at this point.

Marques Colston: The surgery he had was microfracture surgery, which in layman’s terms is, ah hell, I don’t know. I’m only a gun-toting, lunger dentist. But this is the fifth surgery on his knees and with Jimmy Graham and Robert Meachem in the mix more this season I am worried about his production. I am wary of picking a Saints offensive player this season, except Brees.

Arian Foster: There are all types of good reports coming out about Foster lately. For some reason a NFL coach just watched everyone of his games, twice and told Texans’ beat reporter John McClain that Foster is no fluke and that he works too hard to fail and then the offensive coordinator said there would be no committee with Ben Tate and then there was some more good news that I’m too tired to write about. Suffice it to say, there is no reason to doubt Foster’s 2010. Repeating his 2010 will be difficult, but as long as he’s healthy a top 5 finish is very doable.

Santana Moss: It looks like Mr. Moss will be on the move this off season if there ever is one. Our pal Evan Silva over at Rotoworld liked what he did last season in the slot with his career high 93 receptions and speculates that he would be a great fit in New England if they are willing to pay him. I tend to agree and could see him being a steal in PPR leagues this season.

Chad Ochocinco: Complete and unmitigated ass clown.

Felix Jones: Jason Garrett says that he will rotate his running backs “a lot” this season. That makes sense with two complimentary type backs in Jones and Murray at the forefront of this committee. If Tashard Choice sticks around he will also be in the mix. In PPR I can see grabbing Jones at value, but I’m staying away from Dallas RBs and stocking up on Dallas QB’s. Well, there’s just that one.

  1. Lubey says:

    Hahahaha ass clown. Good to see you back Chet!

  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Lubey: Good to be back!

  3. KVC

    cleaver596 says:

    If Bush leaves town, any thoughts on where he might land?

  4. Doc

    Doc says:

    @cleaver596: Wherever he goes it will be as a complimentary RB/returner. He could help about any team, but nobody is going to pay him big bucks at this point. The Rams could have interest as there have been rumors about Sproles going there. The RB market really isn’t that good for him right now. If the Saints want him I think they can keep him.

  5. Maybe that could be Ocho’s fallback job, rodeo ass clown. Sure as heck can’t be planning on riding bulls for a living.

  6. KeeblerMN says:

    just thought about the NFL for the first time since MLB started. Good stuff here. Yes, Ochocinco is an ass clown! Love that comment!

  7. dentist says:

    why for you not write anything since this article

  8. Doc

    Doc says:


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