As the title says, this week is the time to add that RB depth for the rest of the season. There will be some more injuries, I just don’t have that clear of a crystal ball.

What I do know is you have a guy on your bench who you know isn’t any good, and you need to cut that dead weight. Better to take a chance with a last roster spot than a vet who hasn’t shown anything. You know the guys I’m speaking of. Cut them loose; you’ll feel better (or you won’t and you arch-enemy will add them and beat you with them in the playoffs…that’s already happened to me once in my life, and I don’t know if I can take it if it happens again).

This is Free Agent Auction Bidding, and we started the season with $100. If you have money left, I’d spend it and if you’ve been reading week to week (thanks!) you know that I have no money left. Most of it I spent weeks 1 and 2. But I didn’t get every guy I wanted, so at this point, I have a little cash left to spend. If you have more, add on a few dollars.

Jamaal Williams ($11) Looks like Aaron Jones may be hurt for a couple weeks and Ty Montgomery seems to be banged up weekly this season. Williams may be the guy this week, at worst.

Latavius Murray ($9) Fantasy footballers are a fickle community, and I saw Latavius available in a few leagues. If he’s been dropped, add him up.

Rex Burkhead ($6) Too many guys in New England, though now he has a chance to shine; this add is recommended if you have the extra cash, not if you don’t.

Danny Woodhead ($5) Fantasy playoffs goodness: week 15 @Cleveland and 16 home versus Indy.

Austin Ekeler ($5) Here again as Melvin Gordon’s backup, and he scored a couple times on Sunday.

Samaje Perine ($3) He hasn’t shown much, but neither has oft injured Rob Kelley.

Elijah McGuire ($2) some more depth.

James Conner ($2) I like Le’Veon Bell to stay healthy, but you never know…


Corey Davis ($6) His ownership climbs every week, as do his targets. The last time to add him methinks before he blows up.

Jeremy Maclin ($6) I saw his ownership numbers down, so take a look and see if he’s out there in your league. He has a good week 11 matchup at Green Bay and week 12 home against Houston.

Dontrelle Inman ($3) Last week he was free, this week he costs, and I don’t see why he isn’t going to be the #1 guy in Chicago the rest of the way, for what that’s worth.

Corey Coleman ($3) He’ll come back as the best Browns receiver although he has a rough couple matchups the next few weeks. He’s a great talent, and worth a shot.

Kenny Golladay ($2) If you wanted him, he would’ve been on your team weeks ago, but maybe you forgot about him, and now here’s a reminder.


Blake Bortles ($4) Didn’t have great numbers in week 9 or 10, but 11 is a trip to Cleveland and then Arizona. Could do much worse.

Ryan Fitzpatrick ($2) Miami stinks, and he’s starting this week.

Teddy Bridgewater ($2) Once he’s ready he has the weapons and if Keenum can utilize them Teddy B can.

$2 Defenses Houston versus Cardinals, Bills at Chargers (if Rivers is out), Bengals at Broncos. (Note: If you don’t have much $$ left, I don’t advise spending the money here, but you know your league; I’m in one where every team has two D’s, not that you can start two, it’s just how the league goes; one of these D’s should be available after waivers). That’s it for me, good luck out there this week!

  1. fudgemybudge says:

    Evans or Thielen ros ppr?

    • Phil B.

      Phil B. says:

      @fudgemybudge: that’s a good one, and to even have to think about it is a testimony to Thielen. They both have pretty rough schedules RoS, so I’ll go talent and pick Evans. He also faces the falcons twice and in his career hes done well against them.

  2. Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

    20 team dynasty. need the WAS minimum players, have 5 IR slots and room thus farly for hopkins, added nugent in the meantime. with this DAL OT guy out making their offense worse than CHI’s probably, add rose WAS from FA or trade nugent to DAL owner for JAX’s kicker? i have my WAS minimums already of course.

    2. if i have tyrod and about to drop winston in a 12 teamer, gotta be bridgewater first, then like the keenum/flacco guys right? of course tyrod has to start if i do that at least for this week, till last week had been doing fine (still barely lost, which is sick)

    • Phil B.

      Phil B. says:

      @Aubrey Plaza’s Pillow:1. I like the trade for Jax kicker best.

      2.agreed Bridgewater above those crap options, sucks about Winston, though they say he might be back, doesn’t help you now.

      • Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

        @Phil B.: we’ve heard that luck garbage too though for what 7-8 weeks plus 6 or so weeks of preseason. and TB has no reason at all to risk him getting like what luck is into right now

        • Phil B.

          Phil B. says:

          @Aubrey Plaza’s Pillow: agree, I wasnt a fan of luck at all unless late or for a buck in drafts. jamies is done agreed, time to move on

  3. For an Armenianless Vacation come to Akron says:

    standard 12 team dynasty.
    my WR (start 3, no flex) are both thomas’, a.brown, hilton, lockett, drop lockett for what order of d.adams/maclin/crowder?

    2. same league, start 2 RB. have melgor/zeke/morris/darkwing duck/j.white, drop white for any of: ekeler (handcuff value), perine, j.will, woodhead.

    3. 12 team PPR. drop which of forte/riddick (or maybe both, but i doubt i’ll be able to get 2) for j.will/perine/j.allen? also have howard/hunt/darwking (start 2 and have good WR for the flex) duck so could wait for forte to get back (he looked really good lately before hurt 2nd time)

    4. in general i know everybody has j.will higher than perine, but if you don’t need to use either this week would perine be higher (montgomery i doubt misses more than this week, if even that one)?

  4. For an Armenianless Vacation come to Akron says:

    5. 12 team PPR have melgor/hunt/white/gore/mack. hold mack over perine or no? mack would probably have big value if gore went out.

  5. Nightpandas says:

    16 team std

    1. Give Tyrod and Morris and get A Smith and Gio

    2. Give Funchess and get Ekeler and T Williams

    Currently in 2nd but shaky with Zeke and Kelley out, have 4th waiver so may have a shot at J Williams or Perine. Also little concerned with Tyrod, wire has Trubinsky, Flacco and Hundley

    Qb. Tyrod
    Rb: Gurley, Morris, Zeke, R Smith, Kelley
    Wr: Diggs, Funchess, Sanu, Maclin, M Williams, C Coleman
    Te: Graham
    We start 2 rb, 3 wr, 1 flex

    • nightpandas says:

      @Nightpandas: for number 2 maybe I go back and ask for Ekeler and Olson

      • Phil B.

        Phil B. says:

        @nightpandas: 1. Mos def. 2.nah,the second option is better, but funchess looked great Monday night… Tough cause Olsen is the best receiver on the panthers, but I’d hold

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