I was overseas last week in London and noticed there was an overabundance of barber shops though a severe lack of dentists; good hair is important, mind you, but why not have good teeth, too? Speaking of Barber’s (look at that segue) we have one in Tampa coming off a two TD game though he’s not the man of the week; but before we get to that, let’s recap the game we’re playing here:

You and I all know this is Free Agent Auction Bidding, and we started with $100 FAAB dollars. I don’t have any left, so if you do I’ve broken this week down into 3 categories: 1. Spend all the monies, 2. For a buck and 3. If they clear. Understood? Good, let’s get to it.

Spend all the Monies:

Rod Smith: Jerry Jones must have lost it cutting his favorite player ever Darren McFadden. I figured McFadden would be the next Running Backs coach at worst, right? Sad days.

Rex Burkhead: Oh New England, which running back should I own this week?

Eddie Lacy: See Burkhead, then replace New England with Seattle.

For a Buck:

Ricky Seals-Jones: He’s scoring TDs and who else do you have at tight end? Oh, you have better? Then don’t spend your moolah.

Josh Gordon: he should already be owned in competitive leagues so if he isn’t a buck should do it.

Cooper Kupp: I’d rather have Cooper than Gordon. and the Rams favorable schedule rest of the way.

Devontae Booker: For the playoffs if needed.

Case Keenum: I don’t like his upcoming schedule; if you need him.

$1 Defenses: Tennessee‘s upcoming schedule looks like this: HOU, @ARI, @SF. That’s three weeks of set it and forget it. Chargers versus Cleveland; Chicago home against the 49ers.

If they Clear:

Jacquizz Rodgers or Peyton Barber: one will get points this week. Good luck picking, so I’ll take Barber.

Jimmy Garoppolo: If you must, but can he go by Jim or James, please?

Marquise Goodwin: Jimmy G is here to help, please, please.

Zay Jones: Caught 3 of 10 targets, but one was a TD, so there.

Lastly: We stayed in the Fulham neighborhood in London (and their slogan could definitely be misinterpreted), right down the street from the stadium, and were eating breakfast at a hip breakfast place in the neighborhood (by hip I mean not a stained dark-wood pub) that we overheard the waitress say that on game days they could only serve supporters and neutral supporters. Made me wonder if the other team would really fight over french toast and granola and yogurt and mimosas? And, this is a second division club, not a Premier League one, so you know it’s serious. England was fun, but I missed football last week, so I’ll just say it’s good to be back home in the US of A!