Doesn’t that title sound ominous? Be very afraid of Week Zero. Actually week zero is the best week. We can still look at the teams we drafted with upside and hope and furious excitement; I don’t know how many times since my drafts were completed I’ve just looked at my team and thought how awesome I did. Well, not all my teams; there are of course the ones where I felt I didn’t draft the best team I could, and those teams I look at and wonder how I screwed up the draft so bad. But even those teams may very well out perform the teams I loved post draft because, remember kids, managing your team is (more than) half the battle of a fantasy football season.

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Anyway this is supposed to be an intro to FAAB, or Free Agent Acquisition Budget. If you read me last week (read me doesn’t sound right, does it?) you know I love auctions, and possibly why is the dollar sign ($$$) enters the fantasy football landscape and with FAAB we get even more $$$ signs.

I’ve tried to make sure every league I’m in uses FAAB as opposed to the antiquated waiver wire system. I’ve never liked the “normal” waiver wire system for free agents and found this style comes in two forms: some leagues use worst record to determine waiver priority, while others establish a waiver order (usually based on reverse draft order) and once the waiver priority is used they go back to the end of the queue. Both of these strategies can work to one’s advantage (in one league a guy actively plans to lose Week One, and most seasons that has allowed him to add a top guy).

Well me, I don’t think that’s fair. Same as with auction drafting, everyone should have a chance at every player, if they want them. So FAAB does just that. We are each given a certain dollar amount and for this column’s purposes we’ll use the standard $100. That $100 is for us to spend for the WHOLE season so you don’t want to shoot your proverbial wad too early. At quick glance guys we COULD be looking at after Week one that I show as free agents as of today in many leagues include: Brandon Oliver, Kerwynn Williams, Matt Jones, Devin Funchess, JJ Nelson, and Marquise Lee (who I like a lot). Now all of these guys may crap the bed, or not play at all but I just wanted to throw out a few guys to let you have an idea of who should be available after week one (just a little taste, don’t go doing anything crazy like adding these guys immediately).

The Zero week means there aren’t any guys to bid on yet but don’t worry; I’ll be with you every Tuesday with the guys you should be looking to add and at what price. So welcome to FAAB Razzball-style, I think you’ll like it here. Good luck Week One Razzballers and Razzballettes!

  1. Dom says:

    Hey I’m doing a special kind of league where I pick 1 QB 3 RB 3 WR and 1 TE each week from any player in the NFL. I also get bonus points if I set a range of points I think each player will score and then they score in that range. The narrower the range the more points I get. So I was wondering if you could give me your lineup based on these positions for week 1? And maybe give me a scoring range for each. THANKS!!!

  2. Phil B.

    Phil B. says:

    @Dom: uh, that’s a crazy tall order for someone with a full time job my friend. Do like me and get the Razzball Toolkit for all your weekly point needs:

  3. tranterkw says:

    Demaryius Thomas and CJ Anderson are both available in the free agent pool of my league. (we had an auction draft “malfunction” in which two lucky owners were awarded them for $1 each- so we agreed to remove them from their respective teams)

    Both are clearly worth more than those who normally reside on the waiver wire. I know its just week one but How much of the a $100 FAAB budget should I use on either of them?

    • Phil B.

      Phil B. says:

      @tranterkw: lm a much bigger fan of Thomas than Anderson. Depending on if you need RB or WR more and who u might drop, but for me I’d bid 45 on Thomas, since #1 WR almost never become available in season. For Anderson I’d go 15, though if u need RB help 25 would be fine.

  4. Nick says:

    you like K Williams over Cohen as a replacement? I was thinking of bidding closer to $30 on Tarik and more like $18 on Williams just in-case…in both scenarios, the RB will be sharing the ball in mediocre offenses…

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