Here’s hoping you made the playoffs in all your leagues; of course the one league I didn’t make it was the one that cost the most paperclips; that’s what we call it in my work league, at least we do until the Supreme Court decides gambling is legal everywhere. So let’s thank Chris Christie (sitting front row) and the wonderful state of New Jersey for bringing this case to the Supreme Court (under the guise of State’s Rights, no less) because gambling should be legal in America. Then I thought about trips to casinos, the race track and OTBs and realize if there was one thing we need is not more places to make bets in America. I can absolutely wait on sports gambling at 7-11, McDonalds, Target, Starbucks, and everywhere in between. I’m sticking to Fantasy thank you very much.

Anyway the season has progressed rather quickly it seems, and I’m not ready for the fantasy season to be over in three weeks. So let’s do what we can to enjoy them. You guys that have been with me through the weeks know we are talking Free Agent Auction Bidding. Back in week one we started with $100; now I’m going to try something different, giving us $25 to play with. So let’s get spending!

Spend that Money!:

Mike Davis ($23) he should already have been on your team after last week’s post, but if he’s still there make the move with all your dollars.

Peyton Barber ($18) He looked real good on Sunday. However Doug Martin may be back, so that leads to questions: are the Bucs ready to let Barber get the full load? Does he start in your lineup versus a weak Detroit Run D? Do you need to spend all your remaining budget on him? Who cares this much about the Bucs run game?

Marquise Goodwin ($17) He has a great matchup at Houston followed by a home game against Tennessee. The 49ers are going to pass, and if you need a WR3 (with low-WR2 upside) then Goodwin is it.

Tight Ends:

Cameron Brate ($9) I dropped Brate like a dummy before this week for Ricky Seals-Jones ($7) who I also like. Either guy is a good spot start for Gronk or Ertz this week, as is the next guy.

Trey Burton ($5) If Ertz is out, you know what to do.


Theo Riddick ($5) If Abdullah is out, which is iffy cause he has a stiffy neck.

Mike Wallace ($3) Less @ Pittsburgh this week, more for week 15 @ Cleveland and Week 16 home versus Indy.

Tion Green ($3) Detroit Rock City upside yo head!

$2 Defenses: Buffalo home against Indy (then Miami in Week 15), Cincinnati at home against Chicago, Tennessee at Arizona (then at SF in Week 15)

Finally: As the playoffs are underway you need to spend any and all the money you may have left to get the guys you need. If you need a tight end or a defense, spend on it. Don’t be as worried about depth because you have three weeks to go. Spend it if you have it, alright?, and take home a win this weekend!

  1. sdub88 says:

    Which Defense for this week?


    • Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

      @sdub88: CIN, TEN, DAL, GB, NYJ, BUF, and LAR must have some kinda shitty ass matchup the way they’re ranked.

  2. Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

    how is nearly everybody fading s.anderson (12 targets with fiedor out, now for year on that). 20 team PPR anderson or burton for this week (own ertz). i have this:
    QB (1) staff/bortles
    RB (2) gurley/collins/drake/forte/b.marshall/m.davis
    WR (3) crabtree/hill/parker/roberts/k.wright
    TE (1) ertz
    1 flex
    clearly i need a backup TE again (had dropped watson), and t.taylor SF seems better than wright.

    1. anderson or burton?
    2. i’m getting worried about starting parker, and don’t need roberts anymore with crabtree back. what’s best order of adding taylor SF and the TE’s? (dropping wright 1st, roberts 2nd)

    3. different league, 14 team PPR, have ASJ and olsen. dropping ASJ for what’s best order of
    -d.allen (only 1 week value): @ MIA (28th vs TE’s through week 12)
    -njoku (on the rise here, and gordon has to open up middle of the field) vs GB (22nd vs TE’s)
    – s.anderson vs SF (who is good at TE’s, but i’m guessing is since they are 25 or worse against EVERY other kind of receiver, and this guy’ll get targets for sure)
    – ASJ @ DEN (28th vs TE’s, but i don’t like the way kearse/anderson’s usage has taken him out of the offense)
    burton @ LAR (4th vs TE’s and no guarantee ertz is even out)

    • Phil B.

      Phil B. says:

      @Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey: Sorry for the delay, Anderson is a good call, especially with no CJ, and Burton isn’t necessarily starting at this moment, so I go Anderson.
      2. I’d add the TE’s before Taylor, and would drop Roberts first, then Wright. And I could definitely see starting Taylor over Parker; in fact this week I would.
      3. Over ASJ, I’d stick with him over those others except Anderson. No reason DEN doesn’t give up a TD to him, they have stunk lately regardless.

      • Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

        @Phil B.: yeah fiedor/ellington both out ROS. fuller has no indication he’s back. they probably don’t want ellington being a WR each week, although he’s probably a better WR than RB (maybe he’s a good blocker but i don’t know). just noticed b.miller isn’t owned in that 20 teamer above, i’ll go after him if i don’t get taylor. he’s either a WR 2 or 3 depending on fuller’s usage. although his floor could still be lower than wright if fuller comes back.

        • Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

          @Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey: i mean a HOU WR 2 or 3, not a fantasy 2 or 3 of course, even for 20 teamers.

  3. Dave says:

    Snuck into the playoffs….I’m streaming QB’s….best option of the bunch?


    Opponent has AJ Green
    I have Theilen, R. Anderson and Cooper….Goodwin is available.

    I’m leaning Garropolo, but that’s also because of my anti-Winston bias. I think Keenum or McCown having good days bodes well for my WR as well, and having Dalton takes away my opponent’s best player. I’m favored by 18 points this week as he lost Gronk.

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