Injuries on the last drive of a football game can be one of the most frustrating parts about fantasy football. You’re at home rolling your eyes with your victory already in the bag wondering why James Conner is still out there with a two touchdown lead over the winless Dolphins. Then it actually happens and your jaw drops and you go numb. James Conner gets up grimacing and holding his slumped shoulder.

It’s hard to get upset from an actual football perspective. The Steelers are 1 first down away from the victory formation and Conner had been running all over the Dolphins all night. Conner just ran into some bad luck. Conner also seems to always be banged up in one way or another. He’s had an ankle issue, a quad issue, and now an AC joint issue and we are only about halfway through the season. I’m not sure what the recovery timetable is for AC joint injuries is, or if he’ll miss any time at all. It’s definitely something we’re going to have to monitor as the week goes along.

If James Conner misses any time, the Steelers are already pretty thin at the running back position. Jaylen Samuels is recovering from surgery and Benny Snell didn’t return to the game last night after getting injured. At the moment, Trey Edmunds is the only healthy running back for the Steelers. Here is what else I saw Monday night in Pittsburgh.

Performance Checks

Mason Rudolph was throwing ducks in the first half. His velocity reminded me of Peyton Manning’s final season. But Peyton Manning was like 15 years older than Mason Rudolph is now. Rudolph was able to connect with receivers finding space to the tune of 251 yards and 2 touchdowns. 

Diontae Johnson had a long gain called back because of a touchy offensive pass interference call, but it ended up benefitting him because on the same drive, he took a dump off 45 yards in for a score. Johnson ended the night by catching 5 balls for 84 yards on 7 targets.

– It’s good to see Mason Rudolph and JuJu Smith-Schuster have a good game together. J2S2 led the Steelers with 9 targets and caught 5 of them for 103 yards and a touchdown. If there is any sort of sell window on J2S2, which I’m sure that there is, it’s time to end your JuJu ownership on a high note.

Vance McDonald just isn’t the breakout tight end that myself and many others thought that he would be. The Roethlisberger injury in week 1 didn’t help, but you’d think McDonald would be able to find more space than he did against the Dolphins

Mark Walton was in firm control of the carry workload vs. Kalen Ballage. Walton will be a nice waiver wire stab because the best you can do on the wire or your faab budget is to invest in opportunity. 3.2 ypc last night wasn’t super encouraging, but it certainly seems like the is Walton’s backfield to lose.

Preston Williams and DeVante Parker combined for 101 yards on 15 targets. Neither found paydirt. I still prefer Williams over Parker with Fitzpatrick under center. That’s weird to say about an undrafted rookie compared to a former first rounder, but Williams is probably better and better for fantasy. 

– Let’s close out by checking in with Mike Gesicki. Wow! 2 catches for 10 yards. One of these days, he’s going to make it happen and I’ll be right here at Razzball dot com to cheer him on



  1. Nick says:

    Hey bud, couple quick questions in my 12 team standard, I’m in a good place (2nd) and have $57 FAAB $ left. Here is what I’m working with for week 9 starters;

    QB-L Jax
    RB-M Sanders/D Montgomery
    WR- Thielan/Godwin/Scantling
    TE-M Andrews
    K-Lutz (bye)
    bench: Kamara/L Murray/ K Murray/Shepard/Fuller/J Smith

    1) You fine with dumping Lutz to waivers in 12 team to stream replacement? He has missed a few FGs so I feel he is expendable

    2) Let go of J Smith (was just TE filler) for a bid on Penny, Mostert or D Henderson?

    3) You still holding Fuller & Shepard since i’m not in dire need of a fill-in or cut ties & pickup some waiver fodder at WR? Conley, Desean Jackson, P Williams are available among others…

    • MB

      MB says:

      Hey man!

      Yup, I never hold a kicker.

      Yeah you can dump Jonnu

      Yeah you can hold Shepard and fuller

      • Nick says:

        Didnt realize Samuels is available, do you waste any FAAB $ on speculative add in case Connor is really hurt? Pitt has excellent schedule to round out season

        • MB

          MB says:

          Yes! Either way he is flex worthy a lot of the time

  2. Mantis Tobaggan MD says:

    12 team PPR, trying to see who the drop is for j.sam here (probably gore, but he certainly has a better floor than a DET RB)

    QB (1) goff, aj.allen
    RB (2) barkley, edmonds, gore, ty johnson, mack,
    WR (2) fitz (good lord this guy got old right around week 3 or so), c.samuel, mclaurin, edelman, green, stills (used to have marv jones here but he had no upside yet this year when i dropped him),
    TE (1) henry
    1 flex
    kicker NE kicker
    DEF: streamer (NO last week)
    IR (1) guice

    • MB

      MB says:

      Either Ty Johnson or Edmonds.

      • Mantis Toboggan says:

        same league, hold stills or nab one of these: dola (as pointed out by somebody round here since carry-on’s been out it’s HIM that’s gaining all the usage), hardman (we get same points from return yards here as scrimmage), d.johnson (PIT), pascal (returns also).

  3. Chad Bowling says:

    Do I consider this or just hold? Im undefeated and have just been making moves to upgrade…not sure if this helps for Weeks 15/16 or not.

    Trade Zeke, Davante and Coleman for Kamara, Tyreek and Henry?

    My Team:
    QB- Lamar, Kyler
    RB – Zeke, Fournette, Carson, Coleman, Sanders
    WR- Thomas, Evans, Davante, Hilton, Watkins
    TE-Andrews, Herndon

    • MB

      MB says:

      Eh, just hold

  4. Snacks Zillions says:

    Great point on Conner, have him all over and feel like knee-capping Tomlin for leaving him in there. Ridiculous.

    • MB

      MB says:

      Knee-capping lmao

  5. Derrick says:

    PPR league.

    Courtland Sutton for Calvin Ridley.

    Which side.

    • MB

      MB says:


  6. Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo says:

    2 QB dynasty, have rosen, hoskins (my super late 1st rounders the last 2 years, between 10th and 12th overall, albeit i DID luck into kamara in round 3 out of 3 his rookie year when he wasn’t ranked all that high at all for prospects), rodgers, tannehill, mahomes (2 IR slots here). drop rosen for finley here and if so bid how much (most QB’s that aren’t short term types go for say 18-29 or so out of 100 so far). here people WILL assume he’s a long term play. now the thing is rosen was drafted FAR higher than him of course, certainly looked bad so far, but to be fair has probably been on the worst o-lines in the entire league and in his seasons he’s been coached badly too. only reason i have mahomes here is that i drafted him 3 years ago with my 1st rounder that year (knowing it was very likely he’d not play at all that year)

    • Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo says:

      12 teamer here and the rest of my team is quite good (well except for PHI deciding to stop throwing to ertz, i was a LOT better back when they realized doing that tended to cause more winning than they do when NOT doing that)

  7. The Harrow says:

    12 teamer redraft PPR have:
    AAron, j-will, jacobs, guice (in lone IR slot), ty-jo (DET), RJ2. drop any/which of RJ2 or ty-jo for samuels here?

    • The Harrow says:

      also have BOTH of dak attack and ryan (the prior i traded dissly for basically the minute before he went out, didn’t need him since i have kittle, the latter just stupidly dropped last week by an idiot team so full of hubris and lack of patience that he thought dropping ryan when he’d miss 2 weeks total was smart), in case dropping ryan for samuels might be doable. had big ben to start year. now am the best team in the league with a 4-4 record. if d.adams comes back i’ll likely remain there.

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